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Meg Ryan emerges bloodied but unbowed from this botched comedy by Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill). Ryan plays a woman whose fianc¨¦ (Timothy Hutton) leaves her for a Parisian beauty. She jets over to the City of Lights to fight for her man, but an incapacitating fear of flying forces her to seek help from a fellow passenger, a French thief played by Kevin Kline, who then tutors her in the ways of getting her beau back. Kasdan seems incapable of pacing the story, let alone getting a firm grip on its comic tone and intentions. The production sputters and regroups and stalls repeatedly, forcing Ryan, particularly, to find the boundaries of her own screwball performance. --Tom Keogh

Meg Ryan ("Sleepless in Seattle") and Kevin Kline ("Dave") star in this bouncy romantic comedy about life, love and larceny. When her fianc¨¦ is smitten by a beautiful Frenchwoman, Kate (Ryan) flies to Paris determined to win him back. However, nothing prepares her for Luc (Kline), a cunning sexy Frenchman with a gift for gab and a fondness for thievery. A self-proclaimed expert on affairs of the heart, Luc promises to help Kate win back her man. But one star-crossed misadventure after another sweeps them across France, ultimately changing them in ways they never dreamed possible.

Customer Reviews:

  • go for the soundtrack
    The movie's cute, but the soundtrack is fantastic....more info
  • The Greatest
    I wish there where ten more films like this.One of my favorites Sure its escapist but terrific entertainment.The actors are total masters of the genre and the sound track with the great Toots Theileman's harmonica playing is to die for.( I even liked that one of the songs seemed Italian more than french) A madcap adventure that has the power to lift you out of the daily crap we all have to wade through . My only criticism is that it had to end. Gimme More!!!!:)...more info
  • All Time Favorite Girly Movie!
    My college roommates and I watched the VHS version of this movie so many times we wore the tape out. Bad day at the internship, boyfriend broke up with you, need a good movie to nap to while skipping class...this is your movie! I was so happy to find it on Amazon and even happier that it arrived so quickly and in brand new condition! ...more info
  • One of the best performances by these actors
    Wow, great movie! Keeps you laughing and brings a few tears as well. I think the actors do a great job and give one of their best and most mature performances ever....more info
  • Great
    A love story that is not sappy - fun and worth watching again and again....more info
  • Beautiful Movie
    This movie has made me laugh and cry since i was a little girl watching this with my grandmother. I would sit in her lap until 1 in the morning, metally analyzing this movie for what its worth. even through my child's mind, i appreciated this truly beautiful, carefree, and heartfelt movie....more info
  • just shows the need to have more than one opinion!
    I completely disagree with the above editorial review by Keogh(and hardly because I like everything I see). Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline are both very good, both individually and together. I suggest that the strength of Ryan's performance is due in large part to her working opposite Kline, as well as to her role's calling for her to be more intelligent and sarcastic than when she's opposite Hanks. NOT being a speaker of French, I found Kline's accent a pleasing asset rather than annoying. My wife and I agree that this is one of the better modern romantic comedies....more info
  • Not bad for a rainy afternoon.
    This movie isn't one that I would go to the movies to see, but is worth watching on a rainy afternoon at home. It's cute, and will do in a pinch. I'd buy it again for that purpose....more info
  • Lots of fun
    The more I watch this film, the more I love it. It's funny, well-paced and Meg and Kevin (as always) are great!...more info
  • Typical Meg Ryan chick flick
    Nothing earthshattering here, but a fun romantic comedy with Meg Ryan to lighten up your day. Kevin Kline gives, as always, a brilliant performance. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I love most things French. Kevin Kline is delightful as a Frenchman, Meg Ryan is her usual adorable self. The story is sweet and makes me feel wonderful. Great soundtrack as well....more info
  • Ignore Tom Keogh's Editorial Review!
    I have always really enjoyed a good romantic comedy. I'm choosey about it. The couple must have a good chemistry. They must, for the most part, get along. Some arguing is okay, but it must be lighthearted. Neither of them should come across as wounded or broken people. They should be whole and strong individually, and even better when they are together.

    "French Kiss" delivers all of that. It is one of my very favorite romantic comedies, coming in just behind "Roxanne" and, at the top of the heap, "When Harry Met Sally." Kate (Meg Ryan) is a whole person who knows what she wants, as is Luc (Kevin Kline). They share a common problem in that they both misunderstand how to best go about achieving their goals. They come together into a force to be reckoned with. Timothy Hutton and Jean Reno round out the cast with spot-on performances. Laurent Spielvogel as the concierge steals every scene he is in.

    This movie has many splendid romantic moments. The first kiss that Kate and Luc share is one of the finest screen kisses I've ever seen filmed. It just makes you ache to be kissed like that. "French Kiss" also provides some wonderful comedic moments. When Kate describes for Luc a future in which he allows old resentments to fester and spends his days sitting and twitching, it makes me laugh every time. As with most films, there are some low points. I don't care much for broad comedy, so the collision with the dessert tray and the "lactose intolerance" scenes don't do much for me. But for the most part, this is a fun film well worth watching.

    I regret that I can give no insights as to the quality of the DVD or the special features included therein (although the description makes it sound like the special features are a little thin). I enjoyed this film so well that I bought the widescreen edition on laserdisc many years back and have seen it only in that format....more info

  • Perfect. Just what I wanted!
    The DVD arrived very quickly and well packed in perfect condition. Five stars! I'll order again. Thanks!...more info
  • Interminable, artificial, cloying SLOP
    A limp half-hearted attempt at a romantic screwball comedy that just doesn't work on any level. God knows Meg Ryan is cute enough, and she had a slew of other successful romantic comedies under her belt at this point, so she should have been able to waltz her way through "French Kiss". I guess director Laurence Kasdan just really dropped the ball here. Some very bad decisions on Ms. Ryans hair (which looks like someone hacked it up with garden clippers) and oversized, mannish clothes which are headed towards Annie Hall but end up making her look like Ellen DeGeneres, i.e., sexless instead of gamine. You also wonder until the last couple scenes if she was hiding a weight gain, or even pregnant...why cover up an attractive actress to this extreme a degree? But no, it's just bad costumes.

    The usually attractive and funny Kevin Kline is very awkward here. He's working a half-way decent French accent, but it feels like he is straining. The character is poorly developed and not really likeable..."Luc" never reforms ("Kate" has to return his stolen diamond necklace to save him from jail), so we don't see a sea change in his criminal character. When Kate gives Luc her $45,000 life savings, accumulated for her marriage to Tim Hutton, you have to shake your head and wonder if she will ever see any of it again. It just isn't too believable that you would give this amount of money to a near stranger and leave yourself totally broke.

    I couldn't help but wonder when Gerard Depardeiu turned this part down, why they didn't get a genuine French actor like the wonderful Jean Reno (here in a minor part as a police detective) for the part of "Luc"...he would have been far better, genuinely French, and not stereotyped. But he's not Hollywood handsome like Mr. Kline, and this movie goes for the lowest common denominator.

    The comedy is very low-brow with a dopey theme around lactose intolerance and a really terrible scene where Meg Ryan (trying to spy on her ex-fiance) trips clumsily into a cartfull of gooey pastries. Awful, Three Stooges stuff.

    Worst of all is the ending. The least you expect in this type of film is a big romantic pay off at the end, where the characters discover that they love each other after all. Not here. The movie just runs out of gas (or maybe film) feels like Kasdan just had no clear idea of how to end things. Luc appears magically on Kate's return flight to the thing you know, French music is playing and they are hugging in his new (paid for by her) vineyard. (Oh for the days of pre-9/11 when you could even fantasize about barging onto a plane without a ticket.)

    Adding to the general lackluster lameness...several scenes are totally in French with NO subtitles. These scenes appear to have some importance to the plot and while we can roughly guess the subject, it is just plain annoying not to know the actual dialogue.

    I don't know real estate prices in the South of France, but my instinct tells me that $45,000 would not buy a vineyard with a charming old house. Probably not even a decent downpayment. (If it IS enough money, I am packing my bags immediately.)

    To me, movies like "French Kiss" are not romantic at all. You don't feel any connection to the characters, there are no "surprises", you never feel those heart tugs that maybe they will NOT get together and you get no catharctic release when they finally DO get together. This is further proof (as if it were needed) that it's THE SCRIPT, STUPID. You need a great, clever script...even more than the actors. Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline are basically decent performers, but they have zero chemistry here.

    Only good point - so little sex or erotic charge that you can happily watch this with smaller children (if they can stand the boredom) or your great grandma....more info

  • Meg Ryan at her BEST
    This is one of my favorite movies, let alone, one of my favorite Meg Ryan Movies. It's a hilarious take on an international Romance, I've watched it over and over, and everytime I laugh and enjoy every second....more info
  • Best fear of flying scene
    Okay, Meg Ryan is en route to Paris to try to win back her straying fianc¨¦, but she's got fly-a-phobia and is a wreck. Her seatmate, played by Kevin Kline, involves her in an argument (which takes up the whole flight) to keep her mind off her fears. Then he tutors her in how to get her lover back - and of course along the way the two of them end up falling in love.
    Predictable from the first scene, but it doesn't detract from the joy of watching this movie one iota. Watch it with a lover....more info
  • I like Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Lawrence Kasdan, but...
    "French Kiss" just didn't do it for me. I was expecting sparks, amusement--what I got didn't do it.

    When the film opens, we see Kate (Ryan) in a plane trying to make herself comfortable. In the middle of takeoff, she loses it and tears what turns out to be a plane simulator apart. She returns home to tell her fiancee Charlie (Timothy Hutton) he's going to have to go to the medical conference in Paris without her. They part with plans to buy a home together from the nest egg Kate has built up. She gets the word a few days later, via phone that Charlie's fallen in love with a French goddess and he's going to get married before he returns.

    So, Kate gathers her courage and actually takes that plane to Paris to get back her man. Her seatmate on the flight is Luc (Kline) a handsome Frenchman who unbeknowst to her swindles a grape plant and a diamond necklace in her luggage. He offers her a ride to Paris from the airport believing that he can recover the goods from her. When they separate and Kate's baggage gets stolen, Luc helps her retrieve it, but he realizes he doesn't have the diamond necklace so he has to chase her across France to get it...

    Writing it, the story sounds a lot better than what I sat through. The humor just wasn't there for me--both Kate and Luc had 'problems' they had to overcome during their trip. Both of those problems felt more like too much information than anything interesting. None of the characters actually 'clicked' to me. While the plot was enough to keep me watching, it wasn't enough to make me actually 'like' the film. I guessed the mystery and was just waiting to be proven right. The soundtrack, sadly, was so many of the same old songs I hear on almost every American made French movie.

    If you love French films, any of the principal actors, romance--you may like this film. I just considered it 'lite' on all of the elements that should have been present.

    Rebecca Kyle, May 2008

    ...more info
  • Comical Romance
    I just love this movie. I have seen it at least 10 times if not more and it is one that i just have not tired of. It's a great blend of comedy and romance. Meg Ryan and Kevin Klien make an interesting couple and the scattering of other French and Euro charters makes this a must have for my little library of romance movies....more info
  • One to fall in love with
    Great chemistry...You'll love the unpredictible situations...One of my favorites...If you've ever been dumped for another "goddess"this one is great to curl up on the couch with the love that you found...A++++++++++++++...more info
  • Favorite Romantic Comedy
    I love this movie !! I've bought multiple copies, told lots of friends about it, and continue to laugh at Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline everytime I watch it. Watch Kevin Kline closely, his humor is constant & subtle. Meg Ryan is at her comedic best. Chick Flick, yes, but when you want a funny romantic bit of time to share with someone special it is perfect. ...more info
  • It's been awhile since I've seen it but...
    From what I recall it deserves a five star rating. I watched this in French class and I remember thinking oh boy another sucktastic school movie and was pleasently suprised.

    At first I doodled, but you can't help but be pulled into the story and the delightful Meg Ryan. I soon was completely involved with storyline and loved every minute of it, and I for once didn't even mind the pretictable ending.

    A movie that is worth renting, watching, and then purchasing. Enjoy....more info

  • Great Chick Flick
    One of my all-time favorite light comedy movies. Great scenes of France. ...more info
  • Almost Five Stars
    I have loved this movie for some time, and just saw it again. It's entertaining, sweet, and plain old fun.

    It maybe isn't the most realistic, but for romantic escapism, it's tops. Kevin Klein is great here, as usual, and believable as a Frenchman thief who finds his heart stolen by a whimsical, befuddled woman (Meg Ryan).

    I'm not a big Meg Ryan fan, but she's wonderful in this piece, and makes a remarkable transformation on screen from horrified, squeaky girl to remarkable and capable woman. Klein undergoes a similar softening transformation. It's a subtle and gradual change for both, and the effectiveness and tightness of the screenplay and dialog contribute to a wonderfully-entertaining overall product that I can watch over and over again.

    The pacing is great and the supporting characters (particularly the concierge at the hotel) are wonderful and help contribute to the fun.

    I had a copy, but a friend "borrowed" it indefinitely. Now that's a sincere endorsement....more info
  • Predictably adorable
    In my never ending endeavor to evaluate all the adorable movie stars (I'm sorry, I can't help myself) I've seen yet another Meg Ryan movie and I must say I'm beginning to be smitten. She is just so darn cute. And ageless. And perky. And actually a wee bit sexy when she gets in the right mood. And anyway since the movie takes place mostly in France (the stomping ground of my partially misspent youth) the scenery is nostalgic, the title is cute, and believe me, the food is delicious.

    But what carries this movie is a beguiling performance by Kevin Kline and his very oo, la, la French accent. I also liked the concierge who takes Meg's 100-Franc note (worth about twenty bucks) as his God-given concierge right with nothing more than a belated, merci you vile American touriste.

    Okay, I have to confess. I have a love/hate relationship with Meg. I just want to take her home and tuck her into bed, but all she cares about is being cute on screen and teasing me.

    Director Lawrence Kasdan (Body Heat 1981, Anne Tyler's The Accidental Tourist 1989, writing credits with George Lucas sagas, etc.) has a few jokes with the nearly all female theater audience and their drag-along beaux. (Actually this video is currently being viewed on the couch across the nation by Roseanne Barr and John Goodman look-alikes with Roseanne making sarcastic remarks about Meg's eyeshadow and scrawny physique while Goodman chortles with squinty eyes as he anticipates the action to come apr¨¨s le flick.) I especially liked the vast vineyard (Meg is drooling) that Kevin DOES NOT HAVE due to his wild and crazy ways (he says, but shows it to her anyway). I mean, RESOURCES are what a real woman wants in a man, dodo brain. What are you doing, playing hard to get?

    Anyway, as all romance movie fans know, boy meets girl (cute), boy and girl cannot get it on just yet for 1001 wacky reasons, and finally boy gets girl or actually girl gets boy, and boy turns out to be worth getting as he naturally comes up with beaucoup des ressources of a very special kind. Etc.

    See this for Kevin Kline, an underrated actor who has a lot of fun behind the five o'clock shadows and the French pastry while proving he can Can Can with the best of them....more info

  • Perfect pick-me-up
    Romantic comedies are not typically my favorite movies, but this one saved my sanity when I was separated from my husband for 5 months during a relocation. No matter how bad my day had been, how late it was when I finally returned from work to my lonely rented room, Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline always made me laugh out loud. Having spent a lot of time in France certainly helped the humor resonate with me (especially the scene on the airplane when they first meet). But, I would recommend this movie to those without travel experience, as well. Most of us have had at least one relationship experience that involved chasing someone we thought we couldn't live without, only to find him unappealing in the end (perhaps wearing a God-awful white suit and making a complete fool of himself in public?)....more info
  • The Best Movie to take place in France
    I saw this movie for the first time on a trip, and I have to say it was a greawt movie, It has the same amount of Comedy as it has Romance. There is never a boring moment in this movie, and I recomend it to any male or female in the mood to laugh and Romance....more info
  • Perfectly pleasing!
    Having spent my first 19 years in France, I cannot but marvel at the perfect portrayal given by Kevin Kline. His character, seeming lack of values or purpose are so close to reality in the French culture.
    Meg Ryan of course has only to play the avergae American arriving in Paris, and needs no coaching to appear the perfect rude, self-centered tourist. Even the strange relationships between criminal and cop are displayed and must prove a true part of the romantic French culture.
    A beautiful movie replete with great humour, picturesque panoramas and the most endearing human emotions!...more info
  • Meg Ryan's best performance
    Though I hate Meg's hair this short I have to say that this movie is fantastic! I've watched almost all of her romantic comedies and this is definetly one of the best. She is funny, charming, great.I was amazed at her resemblance with Melanie Griffith. However i didn't like Kevin as her final love interest,I don't know...they had good chemistry but..mmm there's just something there that didn't click for me. I would LOVE to see a re-make of this film and I would have Oliver Martinez playing Luc and possibly Julia Roberts as Kate. I don't know after I watch a movie or read a book I always like to think who I'd cast in the roles to make the movie or book perfect, is that weird???
    :) anyways great movie. 5 stars...more info
  • Meg Ryan's best work ever
    I absolutely loved this movie! Her best work by far as well as Kevin Kline's. He is a very likable jerk who falls for her sweet innocence against his better judgement as he attempts to help her win back her "true love". Their chemistry is inspiring in a world of disposable lovers....more info
  • french kiss
    One of my very very favorite romantic comedys.Have watched it many times. Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline were a delight to see together. Enjoyed the soundtrack a lot and shooting on local in France really enhanced the film.Beside the light comedy I felt another message came thru,How real Love can manifest itself......more info
  • Follow Tom Keogh's Editorial Review
    This movie fails in establishing a story and characters one could warmly relate to. I mean Meg's character behaves too juvenile (to put it mildly) while the other lead character has no charisma even though the screenwriter tries to make him look like an expert in communicating with a flight-shy and awkward-with-men woman....more info
  • One of my favorites
    This is one of the best romantic comedies I've seen. Meg Ryan is fun and quirky as always. Kevin Kline is an amazing actor and his french accent is pretty flawless. After I saw the movie on tv I decided to purchase it. Very funny and entertaining movie. ...more info
    An outstanding romantic comedy, French Kiss, brings to the screen the love story between an American, whose Canadian fianc¨¦ leaves her for a dashing European woman, and a French con artist trying to smuggle a stolen diamond necklace out of the country.
    It is a film about human relations, hope and second chances, but most importantly about trust, love, and inner strength.
    Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno and the rest of the cast, have truly outdone themselves with their performances, which are exceptional to say the least! All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, the movie is without a doubt guaranteed to provide more than just a few laughs, not to mention a few tears. The film is simple enough, but does a great job of describing people's every day lives and the problems they face. It just goes to show that simplicity is often far better than complexity, when trying to present issues of a human nature.
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, the humor (!!!), and the music are all wonderful!
    In short, French Kiss is a movie definitely worth watching and one to seriously consider adding to your movie collection!
    ...more info
  • cfrostco
    While the story is a little weak, I really love Kevin Kline. He's adorable as Luc, and the whole thing just works for me!
    I love the movie, and recommend it to anyone wanting a light
    romanic comedy....more info
  • Love is a Funny Thing
    The movie is so very funny. You will laugh constantly. You never know what is going to happen next. It is one con after another. It reminds you that you can find love when you aren't looking....more info
  • A good solid romantic comedy
    I hate the romantic comedy genre, but I adore French Kiss. I think it has something to do with Kevin Kline. He was so good in this. He comes off as somewhat sleazy at first, but you really do end up liking him towards the end. Meg Ryan is Meg Ryan, nothing new or different there. It has a great storyline and good direction. Its thoroughly enjoyable and doesn't really have any dull moments. Its subtly funny and has just the right amount of romance and intrigue. One of the only romantic comedies I will ever recommend....more info
  • Chick-flick alert!
    I used to really like this movie, French Kiss starring Meg Ryan but it is a little dated and cliched now. Kevin Kline is excellent and Ryan brings hypersensitvity and vulnerablity to this film but the story is just your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. If you want a great Meg Ryan movie, I would watch When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle. ...more info
  • I've seen this story before I've seen this film
    I started watching Bollywood films a few years ago and one of the first movies that I saw from India was called "Pyaar To Hota Hi Tha", which is a Bollywood remake of "French Kiss". It was a great story with beautiful people and nice music. The movie runs almost 3 hours and the two people in this film were Ajay Devgan and Kajol (actual husband and wife) who played the role of Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan.

    If you liked "French Kiss", then rent "Pyaar To Hota Hi Tha" from Netflix or wherever. Since you know the story, check it out with a Bollywood spin. You'll love it.

    By the way, did you know that "Meg Ryan" is an anagram of "Germany"?...more info
  • oh yeah... forgot about this one...
    jus finished watchin this on cable... (& added it to my wish list, too)

    not a bad movie...

    (what more you expeckin me to say? go on and read erbody else's reviews already!)

    kevin kline's accent is HORRIBLE tho... the movie's only flaw.
    ...more info