SWAT 3 Game of The Year Edition
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Takes you deeper behind the scenes of a real life SWAT officer than ever before. The Advanced Tactics CD in this two-CD set includes educational videos shot on location at the famous Blackwater Training Center with commentary provided by actual SWAT officers.

Customer Reviews:

  • awsome for all gamers
    i've only played the demo and just ordered the game but from what i've seen from the demo this game is totally awsome....more info
  • Masterpiece
    The realism of this game is unmatched and for all I know will continue to be so. The game put you at the head of four swat team members split up into two group red team and blue team. It is your teams job to go into different situations and tatically take down terrorists and save hostages by using as little force as neccesary. So if a bad buy isn't pointing his gun at your character then you should try to get him to drop it but as soon as he lifts his gun drop him. I've had the game for probably two years maybe less but it still hasn't gotten old. It's fun and always will be....more info
  • Can you say WOW!
    Holy cow! This game has everything! It gets your adrenaline pumping. AND ITS A VIDEO GAME! How many video games can do that! It even makes you uneasy turning corners. The graphics are superb also! The one downside is that the careers are to easy to beat. Other than that 5 stars doesn't begin to describe This Game Of the Year!...more info
  • Very Intriguing....
    From start to end, this game has non-stop, heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping action, through the downtown high rises and the suburbs of Los Angeles.

    This game is very real, and that's why I mention that it's basically nerve-racking and somewhat horrifying if you don't know where and when your "tango" will kill you out of nowhere. I have had some very memorable moments on the 50th floor of the LA City Hall mission, midnight, where the office room was pitch black with the dim lights in the background. Tangos just erupt with gunfire and scare the daylights out of ya, that's how real this tactical game is, especially when they scream and laugh with a devilish tone, really.

    The weapons are totally realistic with that Swat force type sound to it. You know, I was ordering myself to order my enemy to get down to the ground, very loudly, and had to kill my enemy with the AK47 while my team brought him down! What I'm saying is that this type of action just doesn't occur in any other games I've played!

    I absolutely love the missions/levels. This one level, an underground sewer storm drain mission, where you had to disarm 6 bombs or so, it was pitch black, but I could see well with my flashlight. With my team members behind me, they caught an enemy down the tunnel with full force, yelling, and bone-crushing resistance! What a scene though!

    You shouldn't be worried about graphics--they have been fine for me for the last three years or so, and I have had graphics cards down to 16 BIT, 64 MB memory, and it still worked very satisfyingly.

    Planning is a cinch, provided you hit the right commands at the right time (keyboard-wise), while PLAYING. The developers of this game make those commands worthwhile, I tell you. Recently, on a mission where I was to detain a suspect that was part of a domestic crime, I ordered two of the five of my team members to each throw a flashbang and a frag grenade. What a scene! Total action, enemies eliminated in the bathroom with the use of these nifty commands. You can also direct your team members to other locations, ask them for a lightstick, all kinds of stuff.

    Nothing is more intensifying and chilling as SWAT 3. I've played a lot of Rainbow Six games. But this game is much more than that. In Swat 3, planning is very realistic with the specific orders it provides, graphics are excellent and show eye-candy on the details, gameplay is so real, sound is terrifyingly real but is so very REAL!!!--like I said before, ADRENALINE-PUMPING!! ...more info
  • Looks Awesome
    Hey, I have been playing ghost recon for awhile, I hear its like this game, so if you've played GR, you should do well at this, but don't get me wrong Swat 3 is much more unique, ... I'm recomending this to everyone who enjoys FPS's I have done a lot of study on this game and they don't rate it Game of the year for nothing... *** BUY THIS GAME ***...more info
  • Really good game
    The best strategy based fps, IMHO. I really love the command interface. Super-[inexpensive] because it's not new, with really good graphics (actually, I was surprised at the amount of proc/graphic power that it demanded given the age of the game). Plus it takes place in LA -- which automatically makes it good 8^P. All around good buy of a great game....more info
  • Fun and entertaining
    Before playing this game I'd never played a game beyond a Teen rating and never had an interest to, generally turned off by violent games, but this one was certainly surprisingly interesting.

    In the game you play a SWAT leader (except in different modes) and you have to capture or take down the criminals across the city, and sometimes save airplanes.

    The game is violent, but is entertaining and will offer hours of gameplay. It's the first, and best action-shooter I've ever played and highly recommend it....more info

  • System Requirement
    I've played SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle for a long time on my friend computer. I want my own game and my computer system is a Windows XP. I would like to know if you have the SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle game for Windows XP. If you do, please send me some information on how I can purchase that game for my computer. I really like that game and I want to play it on my own computer.
    Thank you
    Trask....more info
  • very good game
    installs on every os, even vista, plays good or better on vista thanks to direct x enhancements, great game!...more info
  • tactical fps,Love IT
    This game is quite fun, once you grasp the idea of the mechanics of the game. The game is all about teamplay/teamwork. You command a small group of tactical officers, and take down terrorist groups in multiple levels of maps. What I love most about this game is the command system: you issue your orders to your team on the spot, with the number pad, telling your team to open the door for you, and mirror for suspects(etc...) adds instant realism to the game. It's a Police S.W.A.T Simulation. And I love every minute that I play it....more info