Lost and Delirious
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  • Coming of age story
    While some would argue that this is a lesbian movie, I would say that this is simply a story of love. We see a group of teenage girls in the all girls private schoool remotely tucked in somewhere on the east coast. They are all sort of discards from their families. Their parents have fulfilled the social contract of having children (or adopting them in some cases) and now that girls have reached a certain age, they are almost an inconvenience to their own parents. Do not take me wrong, they are not a problem kids - they are sent away so that their blended families can get some breathing space. So this seemingly comfortable arrangement has one drawback. These young women are craving for love and attention. Tucked in school, away from families that care for them enough to pay hefty tuitiion, they bond by forming cliques or in some instances, strong loving relationships amongst each other. Two of them fall in love and have sexual relationship that once discovered brings havoc around the entire school. One of the grils (played by Piper Perabo) is sensitive, caring but unable to let go of her unfaithful lover who does not seem to want to resiprocate the love any longer. It is in those tender moments of our heroine's distress that one can see that she fell in love with a person and the sex of the person is totally irrelevant to her. Our heroine is seeking love pure and unconditional the one that does not seek approval from the rest of the society. I totally loved this movie and I still keep wondering when I am going to see Piper Perabo in her next role. She is beautiful, talented and absolutely irresistible....more info
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Lost and Delirious has some compelling scenes (and some that will please the randy teenager crowd) but it's so maudlin and overdone (e.g. the wise Indian, the suicide, the falcon for God's sake) that I found myself extremely displeased by its finish--unless you like your movies shameless and manipulative, stay away....more info
  • To Stay or to Come OUT!
    Love this movie! Deals with hard issues concerning lesbian relationships and loss. Although young, the pain of losing a love is still heartbreaking.

    Piper gave her life trying to understand abandoment and the price of fear. At the age of 43 I am proud to finally see someone with the guts to deal with the subject of suicide in gay teens. it's way overdue!
    Would buy over again.

    ...more info
  • Well Made, if Cliche Story of Teen Heartbreak
    The symbolism is a bit heavy-handed, the parallel stories of the wounded hawk re-taught to fly and Pauline the damaged teen whose rejection by the girl she desperately loves is too much for her. But the exquisite music, fine acting, sharp photography and editing, and the physical beauty of the three leads combine to give power to this simple story of love and loss. The handling of the setting -- a girl's boarding school -- is not exploitative but sympathetic. Pretty good all around. An English treatment of the theme -- forbidden love at boarding school -- is Karel Reisz' excellent 1982 Another Country with Colin Firth and Rupert Everett....more info

    SUSAN...more info
  • Very Real To Me
    This movie hits really close to home for me being that I was in the same situation a few years ago. The acting is surprisingly genuine. The moment that Tory realizes that she just betrayed the love of her life after telling her younger sister that Paulie has a thing for her and that she is not "like that" and she bursts into tears...it seemed very genuine. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. It's obviously a relevant topic and source of conflict that many people can relate to. I like the movie "Imagine Me & You", but Piper's acting was a lot better in this film. ...more info
  • superb acting, but a mediocre script
    When Mary (Mischa Barton) arrives at boarding school, she quickly finds out that her roommates Paulie (Piper Perabo) and Tori (Jessica Par¨¦) have a lesbian relationship. When Tori's younger sister also finds out, Tori feels forced to end the relationship, because she thinks her parents will never understand. Paulie can't take this and goes mental.

    So far so good. This could actually make a very interesting movie. But unfortunately, the rest of the script kills it. The movie unfolds in dramatic clich¨¦s upon more dramatic clich¨¦s, from the passionate reciting of poetry to a duel between Paulie and Tori's new boyfriend. It all just gets too over the top dramatic, which is a shame, because the entire cast gives out a superb performance and really deserved better. ...more info
  • Beautiful
    This is a beautiful film. I thought this was going to be another lesbian film but it is not. I was very moved by this film and I could understand how Pauli felt. Even straight girls can identify with Pauli. Heck anyone in love can identify with her. Loved the fencing scenes and the interaction between the characters. For me this movie wants there to be a sequal to see what happens to Mouse and Tory afterward....more info
  • An Inspiration
    This film is absolutely delightful and one of my favorites. It has some of the best love scenes featuring two women that I've ever enjoyed. Piper Perabo (Polly) is the more aggressive of the pair, and Jessica Pare (Victoria), with her enchanting deep set eyes and her enrapturing [...] (shown in silhouette during their after-hours trysts), is the essence of loveliness. The story is told through the eyes of Misha Barton (Mary), their roommate, who is innocent and non-judgmental.

    The first half of the movie is like a fairy tale come true as the girls give to one another completely. But after being discovered by her sister, Victoria tries to downplay the significance of the relationship - and instead switches her attention to boys. Polly, however, is not so quick to let go - and she goes down swinging, which gives the movie a predictably tragic (lesbian movie) ending.

    On another level, though, this film contrasts two very different types of woman-to-woman relationships; one that is bisexual and enjoyed by girls before they discover boys; and another that is lesbian which leads to a very different place. For me, this movie's message is that girls can find a measure of happiness with each other - so long as they take the former path. And that the latter route is always more treacherous.

    Making love to another woman today immediately earns one the title of `lesbian.' But, as Victoria's character attempts to demonstrate, girls being affectionate with one another can be a charming and naturally reassuring step towards achieving maturity, and that it needn't lead one to loving women exclusively (which, from my own experiences, I already knew to be true).

    I'm just thrilled that a movie as utterly enchanting as `Lost and Delirious' is the one serving up this alternative reality for women - to everyone. Please don't miss it!
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  • I bought this film as a gift for someone I love..
    And I am glad they know I love them, because this movie was not good.

    I chose it based off of the numerous glowing reviews and I've never been so disappointed by Amazon critics.

    The writing is awful. The music is sappy. There are too many unimportant unfulfilled subplots throughout. The reference to "The Raptor" is never completely explained. And last but not least,wonderful, wonderful Graham Greene is wasted in this film.

    I truly wanted to care about Paulie - but I found her unsympathetic. I didn't care if she was happy - I just wanted her off of my screen! Mouse (Mary) seemed to have a very pointless role - it seemed as if she just wandered into the film, mistook it for realife and got snagged into drama that was too far fetched to be believable.

    I was very disappointed. ...more info
  • Amazingly bad
    I have to say, usually I find Amazon reviews to be a helpful place to find out more information about an item, and I usually find that the reviews are at least relatively on target. This movie is a shocking exception. I'm amazed at the large number of positive reviews for a movie that I nearly couldn't watch all of the way through, it was so painfully overwrought. Add together an overdose of teen angst with some overdone dark symbolism and you wind up with this film.

    I expected so much more. I think the film tried really hard to be artistic, deep, meaningful, and powerful. But it just tried TOO hard, and instead ended up being self-indulgent and irritating.

    ...more info
  • great film - very moving story & performances
    i loved the film, watched it last night and cannot quit thinking about it today. great story & performances, did not at all look like a low budget or made for tv film. steamy love scenes too! I have to disagree w one reviewer who wrote language was unbelievable for characters - i found it very realistic - these are boarding school girls - not exactly monosyllabic grunting as communication style to be expected,no? piper perabo delivered amazing performance - as did the main characters. i highly recommend this film - so glad we chanced upon it....more info
  • Heartbreaking...
    Lost and Delirious initially appears to be a simple coming of age story but is also an in-depth study of relationships and of the effects people have on each other. The story is told from the perspective of Mary, who upon arriving at boarding school, learns that her two roommates, Tori and Paulie, are lovers. The girls become friends, and it becomes apparent that all three of them have significant family issues. Mary had a loving mother but has now been sent to boarding school by her distant and unloving father and stepmother after her mother's death two years before. Paulie is adopted and apparently has never felt loved or accepted by her adoptive family. Tori comes from a family which is loving and affectionate, but her parents' love is conditional and does not give her the freedom to be herself. At one point, Tori admits that she is "addicted" to her mother despite the problems in their relationship. Even then, it is apparent that Paulie doesn't feel that way about anyone but Tori. When she and Paulie are caught in bed together by Tori's younger sister, Tori immediately ends the relationship and denies that it ever existed in order to avoid her family's rejection. Tori goes back to her 'real' life but Paulie has no such life to go back to. Paulie does not have family support or even other close friends. When she does attempt to reach out to her biological mother, she learns that her mother does not desire contact with her. Paulie is the most gripping character in this movie, but it is also easy to sympathize with Tori, who feels that she is doing what she has to do in order to avoid losing her family forever. The movie does a good job of simultaneously presenting both perspectives. Paulie is unwilling or unable to accept the fact that she has lost Tori, and she becomes more and more despondent as her desperate attempts to win Tori back are repeatedly met with failure. Finally, she is pushed over the edge when she realizes that there is nothing she can do to win Tori back. At the end of the movie, Mary realizes that the reason she did not completely lose herself in Paulie's desperation was that her mother's love was, ultimately, enough to help her realize that she was lovable and that life was worthwhile. Paulie, who had never been loved unconditionally by anyone but Tori, was unable to reestablish any sense of wholeness or well being after losing her.

    This was beautifully rendered love story. Although the plot was not necessarily realistic, the characters were. I could relate to all of them. I was drawn in by this story and could identify with Paulie's inability to give up the only relationship in which she was appreciated and loved just for being herself. This movie raises some interesting questions about the role of love in our lives, what happens when we do not get unconditional love from our parents, and what our responsibilities are to others when we begin and end relationships.
    ...more info
  • A Must-See Movie For Anyone With Sensibility
    Lost and delirious is the joking phrase that one of the protagonists uses to describe life in a Canadian girls' boarding school, and the description becomes all too true as the story unfolds. While the script itself is only a B+ effort, the direction and acting is A++ with a strong cast all the way down to minor supporting characters. Above all, Piper Perabo steals the movie as Paulie, carrying off a difficult role with facility and conviction.

    This is a movie about love and the loss of love, centering around a triumvirate comprising one new girl and two who have been at the school for some extended time. All three girls are to differing degrees adrift emotionally, lacking the firm anchor of unconditional love that parents are supposed to provide. Another joking phrase, "the lost girls" comes to describe Paulie perfectly as she descends into despair after being rejected by the only love-object she has ever known in her life: her friend and lover Tori. Lacking the emotional safety-net of a family or even other close friends, Pauli is devastated when Tori abandons their relationship in order to protect her public image as a good little bourgeois father's girl. The delicate balancing-act of the movie is to allow us to feel the full force of Paulie's emotional collapse while also understanding - if not entirely sympathizing with - the motives that drive Tori as she repudiates her one true love in order to save her own future.

    Although the lovers are both female, this is not a lesbian movie (whatever that means). Although there are a couple of love scenes, this is not a soft-porn movie. Although Paulie is cruelly isolated by the nervous homophobia of many of the other schoolgirls, this is not a movie about sexual politics. Transiently fashionable notions of "correctness" fortunately have no place in this movie, which is about personal feelings. Love, loyalty, desperation, fear, embarrassment, weakness all play their parts and we follow with foreboding and infinite sympathy Paulie's descent into total despair. In order to appreciate a movie like this, it is probably necessary to have lived, loved, and lost, and to have thought deeply about the experience(s) afterwards. So this is not an easy movie to watch, but for the emotionally mature viewer it is poignant and ultimately deeply moving, and represents a triumph of directing and acting quite absent from the vast majority of insipid confections that pass for "great movies" in North America.
    ...more info
  • Great acting! Mischa Barton is destined for better things.
    I was engrossed by her character more than any other. She really does a great job portraying the thoughtful, introspective type. Jessica Pare also conjures up some inner workings to put together a great performance.

    Plot: we have three boarding school roommates. One of them has recently just arrived at school(Barton). She soon discovers that her two new friends have a fondness for one another that involves much more than sharing clothes and late night girl talk - well, there is something happening late at night but it's not exactly girl-talk.

    I would have rated this film higher if not for these scenes. I've grown weary of sex-scenes that could just as easily been cut out. If you disagree, ask yourself why you enjoy those scenes.

    As the drama unfolds, Piper Perabo's character is forced into a heavy decision after her little sister finds the two young ladies in bed together: act as if it was nothing, or stay committed to her friend.

    It's clear that all three girls have deep reasons for doing what they do in this film, and it all stems from a disconnected relationship with their mothers. They find reason and harmony in each other. This is the part of the film I believed spoke truer than any other.

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  • Absolutely Wonderful!!!
    This movie touched me so much!! It is about so much more than just lesbian sex. The story and the acting was excellent. Piper Perabo's acting was superb. I absolutely felt her pain and rage in this movie. Anyone who has been in love will feel her pain. This tearjerker is definitely a welcome addition to my movie collection....more info
  • Beautiful and Tragic Love Story
    I had a lot of expectations when I picked up this movie. I expected it to be a silly little love story, poorly written and mostly just wanting to show off teenage bodies. I was very wrong. I could feel Pauline's pain and her love for this Tory. I could understand Tory's actions. We have all been in a situation where our hearts wanted one thing but our minds and society (whether it be family, friends, or society at large) have dictated that we go another way. I could understand Mouse (Brave) who was in the middle of all it. This movie brought up emotions in me and reminded me of the first time I fell in love and how beautiful and how painful it was for me. I will definitely add this movie to my collection....more info
  • realistic depiction of problematic relationships
    among adolescents these are not simple or easy relationships. Social stigmas and taboos are aptly represented in this touching movie with tragic outcome....more info
  • Amazing, beautiful, powerful
    The best movie I've ever seen. It's simply amazing, beautiful..so powerful. It doesn't seem at all like a low-budget film. It's made brilliantly. Great acting. Very powerful movie..very powerful metaphors.

    I rented it at Blockbuster, but now I am definitely going to buy it.

    I recommend this to everyone... you'll have to see it to believe it....more info
  • Captures angst/spontaneity of relationship
    One of my favorite lesbian love stories. I saw this film years and years ago when I was first coming to terms with my own sexuality. The characters are relatable and genuine,and the angst between the two lead characters is palpable and sexy throughout. Though the film delivers a tragic end, it develops into a metaphor with many of the familiar themes faced by young (and even older) gay couples. The film runs the gamut of emotion and is a must see given its poingnant themes. It still is relevant, and is of the contemporary films that still connects with its audience....more info
  • Lost and Delirious
    An incredible, very moving and believable, love story between two young girls. Extremely well acted with a somewhat over melodramatic ending. A must see that will leave your heart broken and teary-eyed....more info
  • inpirational tragedy
    I bought this DVD because i'd previously seen the movie and loved it. It has comedy, romance, poetry... all of this in an environment that contains peer pressure and all of those other great things about high school. I've seen Lost and Delirious many times and still haven't gotten bored with it......more info
  • Do you want to cry?
    This film is unique and very very beautiful! It portrays a different way of love, love between two women. It is wonderful. You will cry!!! ...more info
  • Angst-filled Love Story Tinged with Tragedy
    "shall I abide in this dull world, which in thy absence is no better than a sty?" -Antony and Cleopatra, Act IV, scene XV

    Take a touch of Shakespeare, a dash of drama, and the passion of first loves, and you'll have "Lost and Delirious," the stunning film by Canadian filmmaker, L¨¦a Pool. Based on the novel, "The Wives of Bath" by Susan Swan, the film follows the lives of three very different boarding school roommates: shy and unassuming Mary "Mouse" Bradford (Mischa Barton, The Sixth Sense, TV's The O.C.), the striking and rakish rebel, Paulie (Piper Perabo, Coyote Ugly), and beautiful, but privileged Tory (Jessica Par¨¦).

    Leaving behind a life filled with sadness since the death of her mother, Mouse is quickly embraced by her new roommates and discovers a sense of belonging for the first time in her life. Dubbed one of the "lost girls" by Paulie, she is mesmerized by Paulie's bold and rebellious nature. She also finds her roommates to be more than friends, as Paulie and Tory's late-night rendezvous and moments of whispered passion become part of her daily existence.

    Alas, nothing is forever, and the newfound peace Mouse has come to enjoy is soon shattered when Tory and Paulie are discovered, their relationship exposed. Faced with the possibility of her family finding out, Tory panics and abruptly ends the relationship, going to the extreme of fabricating lies and embracing a relationship with a boy from a neighboring school. All the while, Tory professes to Paulie she will never love anyone like she loves her, but it's time they "grew out of it."

    Tory's betrayal is nothing short of devastating to Paulie, who loves with all her heart and sees Tory as the only person who has ever loved her. Abandoned by her birth mother, Paulie had an almost desperate need to be loved and she found that in Tory. Faced with the loss of their love, she embarks on a mission to get her back and enlists Mouse as her partner in crime.

    Torn between the two, Mouse is overwhelmed. Her attempts to console Paulie are shunned after she tells Paulie that Tory's simply not a lesbian. "Lesbian?" Paulie responds, outraged. "Are you f***ing kidding me? You think I'm a lesbian?! I am Paulie in love with Tory..." At first glance, some lesbians may find that sort of response disturbing in a lesbian film. But if you reflect for a moment, you see the brilliance of L¨¦a Pool's vision with that statement. For Paulie, she simply loves Tory. Period. End of story. It's not about being a lesbian and all the trappings of the word. It is simply about love from the heart. What Pool does is make you look beyond labels, beyond societal mandates, beyond the guilt placed on those who love outside society's approval, and allows you to see love in its purest form. She lets you see how we all could love if there were no rules.

    The character of Paulie is simply fantastic! Reminiscent of Angelina Jolie during her Oscar-winning portrayal of the sociopath, Lisa, in "Girl, Interrupted," Perabo's performance is stunning as she embodies Paulie's eroding mental instability. For Paulie, life is all or nothing. "Love is...it just is...," she says, and if you don't have it, you have nothing. Although young love is typically cast as desperate and angst-ridden, you actually feel Paulie's heartbreak and desperation over the loss of the only person who has ever loved her. The rollercoaster of Paulie's emotions increase when, after making love for the last time, Tory tells her that she will never love anyone as she does Paulie, kisses her, then leaves. Paulie's fragile state of mind is simply shattered after that and the consequences of her ensuing actions bring about an ending of Shakespearean proportion.

    The supporting cast is not to be forgotten. Jackie Burroughs as caring head mistress, Ms. Vaughn, and Mimi Kuzyk as tough professor, Ms. Bannet, are superb in their roles. Vaughn casts the sympathetic role, attempting to help Paulie as she spirals out of control, while Bannet plays the tough, but caring, partner who sees danger ahead. Although their relationship is never defined, it is questioned by the girls and often the topic of speculation. Graham Greene shines in his role as the school's gardener, and newfound friend and confidant, of Mouse. Insights into Mouse's life and her growing concern for what's happening and Paulie's deteriorating condition are played out during her moments with Greene in the most delightful manner.

    Brilliant directing, superb acting, and love's ultimate sacrifice - this film has it all. "Lost and Delirious" is a timeless tale about mad, passionate love that crosses all boundaries, and the tragic consequences we sometimes face when that love goes awry. It is truly destined to be a classic....more info
  • Absolutely beautiful
    I bought this movie without ever seeing it. As I started to watch it I got caught up in the story line, this movie is a beautiful story about first love and true love. The actors, script and overall feel of the movie are amazing. The two main characters Tori and Paulie do such a wonderful job that it is hard to remember that it is only a movie and that they are not truly in love. But if you are looking for a movie with a happy ending this is not one to see. I of course had no idea what the movie was about and when I got to the end I was very upset about the ending. This movie is a amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone....more info