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Xbox Wireless Network Adapter MN740
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Product Description

Now you can add your Microsoft Xbox video game console to your high-speed wireless network. Wirelessly play on the Xbox Live service with anyone anywhere, with the assurance of the leading wireless security.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Works like a champ on the 360!!!
    Hooked it up to my XBOX 360's ethernet port, went into setup, put in my WAP password, and it works perfectly!
    It even sees it as a wireless bridge and shows signal strength!
    It's not as fancy looking as the official USB one from Microsoft, but it works great and is much cheaper. The biggest difference? You need a separate outlet to plug the wall-wart adapter into.
    Works great going from my 360, to Airport Express to cable modem.

    A piece of cake, HIGHLY recommended!!!!...more info
  • Great Buy
    I recently purchased this for my son's 360 and after reading other reviews saying don't use the install disc, I had him just plug it in and presto-chango he was connected after only entering the security key. Much cheaper than the other model and works just as well. Great Buy...more info
  • great but...
    It works with XBox 360 but you need to switch to WEP security which is kind of dated and you need to know your code for it. Otherwise you have to reset your router and get a new code, which is probably simple to some people but took me forever and I messed up my laptop in the process which now cannot connect to the network. Plus it has an additional power adapter which is also unfortunate. Other than that though it works great and costs less than the regular one....more info
  • A Decent Cheap Alternative
    This wireless adapter was made for the original Xbox to connect to Xbox LIVE, though it is compatible with the Xbox 360. The main problem with it that I was not initially aware of is the fact that it only supports WEP encryption. If your wireless router uses WPA, it will not work.

    Also, unlike the Xbox 360 wireless adapter, you need an AC adapter to supply power to it and a CAT-5 cable which plugs into the 360's Ethernet port. The Xbox 360 wireless adapter, on the other hand, just pops right into any of your 360's USB ports, and then you're good to go after typing in your router's SSID and password.

    The Xbox wireless adapter is a bit bulkier and less aesthetically pleasing, though most people don't care about the appearance of a product like this. The 360 wireless adapter is considerably smaller and more streamlined, though, making it far more visually attractive and better for fitting into smaller spaces (especially when taking into account that it doesn't need a bulky external power supply).

    If your router supports WEP encryption, you don't mind needing an AC adapter to power it and you're not willing to spend more than about $40-$50 for a wireless bridge, then this product may be for you. However, the Xbox 360 wireless adapter is superior in every way besides the cost. I actually managed to snag a used 360 adapter for about $70 which was a great deal in the end after previously struggling with the original Xbox adapter. The decision of which to get is your choice, but make sure your setup will allow you to use the original before purchasing it. On the other hand, if money isn't an issue then a used Xbox 360 adapter is the better option.

    Bottom line: Only get if you don't mind or aren't fazed by the issues with the original that I mentioned. 3 stars....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    This adapter works perfect with the 360 at half the price of the 360 adapter....more info
  • Works Great With Xbox 360
    This thing works great with the Xbox 360. I just plugged it in, entered my 26 digit encryption code, and it worked flawlessly. The funny thing is that I couldn't get it to work with my original Xbox.

    This thing is much cheaper than the 360 version of the wireless adapter, and it works just as well. So save yourself a few bucks and get this version....more info
    This works 100% with Xbox 360 save your self 50[..] and get this old school marvel !!!...more info
  • Excellent 360 adapter!!!
    Just like some of the other reviewers are saying this works perfectly fine with a 360. I tried using a 3rd party adapter and that was a huge mistake. Kept dropping me off my network. It has been about 30 days since I hooked this adapter up and have not had one problem. Do not use the included disc and just config the adapter for your network, you will be online playing your favorite game in no time. ...more info
  • Works Great
    Did exactly what it was made to do. No issues. Very easy set up....more info
  • xbox adaptor
    other than being a pain to set up, this works great and is cheaper than the newer version...more info
  • Absolutly works for 360!
    I read the reviews and decided to take a chance and ordered one. Glad I did. It works just great witht the 360. The only drawback is I had to change my router to WEP becuase it's old enough that it doesn't support new WKP settings. I also had to run the xbox's test connection twice before it found my network. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THEN INCLUDED SOFTWARE either. This device just saved me like $50.00!...more info
  • Very poor shipping experience.
    Xbox Wireless Network Adapter MN740
    I ordered this unit as advertized for $39.99 + super saver shipping and tax. The unit was never delivered as USPS claimed it was undeliverable due to insufficient address info. Well I know the USPS people in my city and found out that they never did attempt to deliver it and my address info was 100% correct and deliverable!!! It was returned to Amazon and they told me that I would be credited for the item and if I still want it then I would need to reorder it again. Well when I checked it again it was now $49.99!!! What a rip!!!! Hard lesseon learned I guess. Forget Amazon - no more.Xbox Wireless Network Adapter MN740...more info
  • Xbox Wireless Network working at 54G using WPA
    I bought this item without reading the reviews. When the item got here I found out that it would only let me connect with a WEP connection. That is when I decided to come back and read the reviews. I was bummed at first because my network is WPA but then I read about a software upgrade that basically replaced the firmware and gave me the WPA functionality. Device runs great and I couldn't be happier!...more info
  • Xbox Wireless Network Adapter
    Awesome product, a little expensive, but there's very little alternatives to this product. Works flawlessly, perfect if you have a modded xbox and want use it with Xbox Media Center to watch movies/tv but don't want to deal with the hassle of running wires, which come out to about the same cost. This is used on an xbox that is on the opposite end of the house where our wireless router is located at, a good 75 feet away on the first floor and it works flawlessly. Only complaint is that transferring big files takes some time but it would be the same across any wireless adapter, it's perfect for streaming stuff however....more info
  • XBox Live on a budget
    As long as you have an original xbox to configure it, this is a far more cost-effective means of connecting to XBox Live....more info
  • Piece of CAKE!! 360 approved...
    purchased INSTEAD OF xbox360 specific wireless adapter

    Pros SAME SPEED = 'G', $50! - Cons PowerAdapter (who cares!)

    easy setup - plug it in, connect ethernet cable, select your wireless network (WEP only i believe) enter your code (either 13 or 26 digit if using security) and play. do not use provided CD for install, or booklet - NO NEED. Plug and play....more info
  • Best price out there & works on the ORIGINAL Xbox too!
    First off I would like to say that this wireless adapter is compatible with the ORIGINAL Xbox. I was skeptical until I found the model number on Microsoft's website and it matched the one listed here. I also looked at several vendors both online and local to compare prices, noting that they all charged around $100 I was very happy to find Amazon selling at a reasonable price. My son was anxious to get set up online so we ordered on Thursday using our Prime account and it arrive on Saturday. I think the most difficult part was removing it from the packaging, otherwise he was set up within minutes. Overall a good deal and easy purchase. I would recommend this item to others looking to go Live....more info