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Wild Animal Baby
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Product Description

Wild Animal Baby is for children aged 12 months to 3 years, this new board magazine will delight toddlers and their parents. Wonderful animal photos, short picture stories and fun activities make learning about nature delightfully fun. Non-toxic and safe for toddlers. Published 10 times per year.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun, educational, book that grows with your child
    Our daughter was given a subscription to this magazine at 1 1/2 years old and absolutely loves each issue. The monthly book / magazine is very durable and is the size of a board book which makes them perfect for little hands to hold and also for traveling out and about of your home with. This is also very nice and easy to read for a bedtime story.

    Each book focuses on 1 special animal which is also the animal that is on the front cover. The photos are really absolutely wonderful and very colorful. The cover story is about 9 sentences long and is perfect for the age group. What is also nice is that these books will grow along with my daughter and your child or grnadchild as she or he starts to learn how to read. I believe these short stories will give her the sense of accomplishment in being able to read a story. How often do you find something that is perfect for one age and then also can grow along side your child. The last page also focuses on the featured animal with sometimes a art project, song and tells you how you can also find additional ideas on their website.

    Next after the featured story is a animal search where 1 page shows a claymation style photo or a plate with 1 animal cracker on it and then asks your child to find the a real photo of the same animal on the next page.

    The next 2 pages are either about an animal making a "their" animal sound and then asks your child to do the same. Later on in the book there are 2 pages called ' I can" which show a child doing something... like hanging on bars and then shows you for example an animal doing the same thing like a panda hanging on some bar as well.

    The favorite section in our home is this months finger play. The pages look like they are done with cut out colored paper and features a 4 or 5 lined rhyme with a little photo beside each line that will show you and your child are suppose to do while reading this. My daughter loves act it out and then proudly shows her Da!

    Each issue has a counting page or a opposite page with of course incrediable photos! Followed by a nicely drawn & colored animal search. And last but not least another small 4 page " Out and About" story that can be about a girl from Hawaii, a set of twins and their white terrier dog duffy or a boy named Marco.

    The book end with Sammy Shunk's hide and seek and also 3 other drawn sections of book that they want your child to find. Again, another section of this magazine that grows with your child.

    On the back cover is a picture that focuses on 1 letter of the alphabet & animal as well as illustrated picture and also uses the face of one of their readers which is really well done. Children always like to see photos of other children....more info
  • Adorable magazine for tots
    This is a very cute magazine directed to ages 2 and 3. There are bright pictures of animals, large print, cute pictures and easy activities. It is short and each page is different. This means if your kid has a long attention span you can do the whole book in about ten minutes or a different page for a short attention span. The pages are glossy and easy to clean and the book is durable and hard to rip.

    Money well spent.
    Enjoy. ...more info
  • My children love this magazine
    My 2 year olds and my 4 year olds all like this magazine. The magazine is sturdy and will hold up, even with toddlers handling it. It is more like a soft cover book. You can make a library of these magazines. I'd highly recommend this magazine. ...more info
  • Wild Animal Magazine is an Excellent Learning Tool
    Wild Animal Baby is a magazine publication intended for toddlers between the ages of twelve and forty- eight months. This periodical is one of several that are issued each month by the National Wildlife Federation and, like the others, it is a magazine about animals, with a special focus on the small babies of many different species of animals.

    This magazine makes a special effort to educate youngsters on the different species of animals that exist with plenty of visuals to capture the attention of toddlers and hold their interest. Wild Animal Baby opens up with four pages that feature a specific animal in its natural habitat. It then continues with different features about animals and their young, educating children on the different animals that exist, how they are alike, how they are different, how they find food, etc.

    Wild Animal Baby strives mostly to educate children about animals, but there is more to this short magazine than that. Some of the monthly sections include other educational material as well, such as individual exercises/practice sessions that teach counting, memorization of the alphabet, recognition of opposite traits in specific animals, and more. Wild Animal Baby even includes a game in each issue, for entertainment and amusement, and each issue ends with a section titled Out and About, which includes a brief story, complete with illustrations that are drawn/painted, making them look like those from a typical children's book.

    One of the many great qualities of Wild Animal Baby is that it can be used to make lesson plans for youngsters. I know some individuals who work in the day care business and they rely on Wild Animal Baby to help them create educational lessons each month relating to different species of animals. Parents, too, can utilize Wild Animal Baby to create lessons that focus on the different animals and their characteristics. Kids can learn about a variety of animals, study the alphabet, count the number of animals on a page, play an animal find game, and more.

    I like reading magazines so it was only a matter of time until I introduced my girls to periodicals. Wild Animal Baby is an excellent place to start and toddlers will love receiving a magazine in the mail each month with their own name on the address label. It's a short magazine, yes. But the length is just right for young toddlers between the ages of one and four and it serves as an excellent learning tool that both young people and parents will greatly enjoy.

    ...more info
  • Won't give them up
    My daughter is 6 and I put her stack of these in the "donate" pile.. she pitched a FIT *laugh*. Great little books for all ages.
    I will be ordering them again for my next child....more info
  • Excellent first magazine for your toddler!
    I got this for my daugther at 18 months due to her love of reading and animals and we have been delighted with the three issues we have received so far. Each issue is about 6x7 inches, 23 color pages on heavy duty cardstock (think thick magazine pages, not board book cardboard). The binding seems to hold up to her many readings and re-readings, though it certainly shows wear like everything else she gets her hands on!

    Each issue includes facts about animals, a matching page, a section about animal sounds (What can you say?), a poem/wordplay, a section called "I Can" which my daughter really likes which shows an animal doing something, a child doing the same, and asks the reader to try the same (jump high, touch the top of your head, etc.). There are also "lessons" on opposites, an "I Spy" section (this is a little hard for her at nearly 2, but she still likes it), an "Out and About" Story with recurring characters (stories about the wind, planting flowers with Grandma, etc.), and a Hide and Seek, which she really enjoys (you look back through the magazine to find Sammy the Skunk and other items).

    She loves when the new issue arrives "just for her" in the mailbox and she delights in reading the issues over and over. They are very handy for the car and diaper bag as there is a variety of things for her to look at in each issue, they take up very little space, and frankly - they are less of a projectile than your average picture or board book (let's face it - toddlers like to throw)!

    For $20 for 10 issues ($2/issue) - I think this is a great deal. It provides a fresh "book" for her entertainment and helps her learn basic young preschool concepts (colors, shapes, opposites, words, basic facts about nature).

    I agree with previous posters that this would make an excellent gift for a young child 18 mos to 3. Children would get a lot more mileage out of this over the year than something made of plastic....more info
  • excellent
    great magazine with fun LITTLE stories and daughter has enjoyed it for 2 years(3 1/2 yrs) and my older child really liked that when she was learning to read it was managable. ...more info
  • Wild Animal Baby
    Just perfect for the under 3yrs. crowd. A hardcover (boardbook) "magazine" that is not preachy - has big pictures that are friendly and just enough text. A perfect gift when you know one more toy or game will just be a waste. And even the littlest people love to get something in the mail. ...more info
  • Great Christmas gift
    I purchased National Geographic Kids, Your Big Bad Yard, Animal Baby and Ranger Rick for a family of four children. They fight over each issue and now want renewals.

    How much better is this than a $20 toy for them, their parents and me? How does it feel to have a child remind me in July that he loves his Christmas gift? Immeasurable. There is no down side!...more info
  • Everything is good except the binding
    The magazine is interesting and informative. My toddler can recognize and tell the names of many animals, she learns a lot from the magazine.
    Just one thing is that the binding easily coming off after a few times of flipping.
    We would like to keep the magazines and so the siblings and other kids can have the chance to read them.

    I have been gluing and putting scotch tapes all over the magazines, but they still not holding up.

    Hope the publisher will look into this matter and have it improved.
    Thank you for your attention....more info
  • Not board book
    I subscribed to this directly, and was extremely disappointed to find that the issues were not in board book format, as described; and the content had very little educational value at all. ...more info
  • Product has arrived!
    I ordered this through Amazon because ordering it through the National Wildlife Federation website was not successful--and I tried twice. The magazine has not yet arrived so I cannot review it. I can review the NWF's website as difficult to negotiate. If it never arrives I'll have an opinion about that too.
    The magazine has now arrived and is very appealing to toddlers who like animals. It is popular with 4 out of four of my grandsons (ages 1 through 5) I could not edit the number of stars on my review. It is now up to 4 stars. ...more info
  • no idea
    Says my magazine was shipped/"started" Jan 1st.... here it's almost March and I don't have it yet.... I'll update if I get it, but for now we're disapointed!...more info
  • Great toddler magazine! Nice size for little hands.
    I started my daughter's subscription on her first birthday. She loves the idea of getting her own magazine, and we spend lots of time looking through each issue. We keep all the issues with her books, and I've often seen her looking at them. We take them with us when we go out to eat so she has something to look at. They're also terrific potty reading material; easy for her to hold and great pictures. ...more info
  • Something to look forward to in the mail!
    My daughter got a subscription as a 1st birthday present, and she's always excited to get "my 'pecial mag'zine" in the mail! She wants to read it again and again, and loves learning about new, different animals. This would be a fabulous gift from a grandparent who lives far away, every month they'll think of you and be happy....more info
  • quick and cute
    Ordered Baby Animal for my grand daughter. We love it, she loves the pictures and hearing us read to her. We got it sooner than we expected it..we love it....more info
  • Enjoying the magazine in France
    As Americans living abroad, it's great to find such a good magazine in english that can be delivered to our home--and at such a reasonable price. The first issue came quickly too. The content is really cute and appropriate and there are no ads. A great gift indeed!...more info
  • Not Really A "Board Magazine"
    I ordered this magazine for my 2 year old grandson. He is constantly trying to take his big sister's magazines and I thought I had found the perfect solution. The magazine does have "wonderful animal photos, short picture stories and fun activities" like the product description said. However, it is NOT a "board magazine" as claimed. The pages are only as thick as cardstock, a big difference from board books you can buy for toddlers. My grandson loves to read but like any boy he plays rough with his things. If the magazine isn't put up and only looked at with an adult, it won't last long. ...more info
  • Well-enjoyed magazine, poorly constructed
    My children, ages 3 and 1, both really enjoy this magazine -- of the three magazines I ordered (this, Click and Babybug), this is the only one they each seek out and / or request. My only gripe is that it's poorly constructed: the pages aren't cut evenly. This matters not at all to my children, but each month I notice it and I don't understand why they can't get their machines aligned .... But that's truly picayune because the pictures are terrific, the stories cute, and the educational games fun and appealing (to my 3 year-old, that is)....more info
  • Nice simple drawings
    We bought this book when my son turned 1 year. This is his first book thats not a board book. He took some time getting used to holding it without tearing it or crumbling it much. Once he learned that, he fell in love with the family in the "Out and About". He is fascinated by the outings they did and keeps us asking to tell him their stories. We are happy that he is showing interest in books and that this book keeps him glued to one place for more than 15 minutes....more info
  • A Great Toddler Magazine For Your Animal Lover!!!
    We ordered this magazine for our son when he was one year old because he loves photographs of animals. This magazine is so cute. Each month they feature a baby animal with real photographs and a short story. The issues also include an animal fingerplay, an animal comparison (Showing your child how a particular animal is similar in one way to him or herself.), a short story about a child and his or her pet, and a picture hunt for a little skunk that is hidden four places in the magazine. Other material changes each month and feature an early childhood concept. Some months you will have counting, other months focus on a beginning sound (and all the animals that start with that sound), opposites, and other skills are introduced. What a great introduction to magazines. A must for every toddler that is an animal lover. My son is now 17 months and will bring his Wild Animal Baby magazine to me and sit in my lap wanted it to be read over and over.

    Another plus to this magazine is that it is small for little hands (about board book size). The corners are rounded and the pages are sturdy (but not as thick as board book pages). The magazine is also glue bound so you don't have to worry about a curious toddler and staples.
    ...more info
  • wonderful for toddlers
    We love this magazine at our house. I subscribed to Animal Baby and Babybug for my daughter when she turned one. She loves to read them both. They are kept in every room of our house, the car and in the bag to take away. Both books are a great idea for any child. The Animal Baby is a great introduction to animals. My daughter is now 18 months and knows so many animals and their sounds (if I know them). I would recommend this one definitely!...more info