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Alta Industries 2533-U Nailers Fall Protection Compliance Kit
List Price: $269.69

Our Price: $161.99

You Save: $107.70 (40%)


Product Description

Universal Fall Arrest Kit, Fits All Body Sizes & Comes Complete With: Body Harness, 50' Rope With Rope Grab, 6' Lanyard, Multi Use Roof Anchor & Zippered Duffel Bag.

Designed for contractors working at heights of six feet, this Nailers professional Fall Protection Compliance Kit provides tradesmen security and comfort, while complying with OSHA regulations. The kit includes a one-size-fits-all harness, six-foot lanyard, 50-foot line with rope grab, multi-use anchor, and a large duffle bag. In the event of a fall, the shock absorber lanyard prevents stress to the body, while a multi-use anchor securely attaches to roofs or in corners when needed. The sturdy duffle bag conveniently stores and protects gear. --Jessica Reuling

What¡¯s in the Box
Harness, six-foot lanyard, 50-foot line with rope grab, multi-use anchor, and duffle bag.

  • Harness with adjustable chest, shoulder, and leg straps fits most sizes
  • Includes storage duffle bag
  • 6-foot shock absorbing web lanyard
  • Reusable and adjustable roof anchor
  • 50-foot lifeline with rope grab

Customer Reviews:

  • Works as expected
    The harness was easy to adjust and set up. It feels safe but I'm not looking at testing anytime soon....more info
  • Very good
    That is very good. We had bought one set at Home Depot but it is NOT strong like this one.
    We would recmendation for someone need it should buy the set like this, and it is very good price.
    ...more info
  • Hard to figure out
    This product is the most difficult thing I have ever tried to put together... the directions suck!...more info
  • Worth the price for peace of mind
    Fortunately, I did not find out how well this product does its job. Once you get it adjusted properly you almost don't notice it anymore. Having everything you need to get started arrive in one reusable bag is very convenient. It's worth the price to know that if you do have an accident it's likely to hurt rather than kill....more info
  • Alta Industries Fall Protection Kit
    It seems to be an excellent product - very well made and very heavy duty. The harness was a bit of a problem figuring out, but once you do, it seems obvious. All in all I would recommend it for the peace of mind it affords in high working situations....more info
  • Effective Fall Protection
    This kit provided everything I needed to protect myself from a fall. It has a sturdy harness and rope. You are given an anchor which may or may not be attached in the "recommeded" manner but I found it quite sturdy when attaching it to solid lumber wherever I could find it.

    I've also attached it to a Man Lift. It does have a large amount of play between point A and point B of your fall. Which I imagine would be quite a jolt when the slack is taken, but would be far better than slamming into the ground.

    I believe the superior retractable type lines are far more expensive than this system so I found it a good comprimise between price and function. I also felt a whole lot more secure and comfortable attached to something. The harness takes getting used to because there are so many straps. Once I got it down though I can slip into it in about a minute....more info
  • Fall protection kit
    excellent quality, quick to setup and will hold over 210 lbs. easy to use after initial setup. Recommended for people who do roofing projects and or maintenance on roof with steep angles....more info