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Midland 75-785 Handheld CB Radio
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $31.75

You Save: $38.24 (55%)


Product Description

Midland is a world leader in wireless two-way and weather/hazard alert radios, with an extensive line of land mobile radios, CB, GMRS and FRS radios, MURS radios, weather-monitor alert radios, itinerant radios and a line of quality antennas and accessories.

This handheld CB radio comes with seven watts of input and four watts of output (the FCC maximum allowable.) This model is 33% smaller than its predecessor. Other highlights include: automatic noise control, automatic gain control, a bright LED display, high/low power switch and a flexible antenna. This mobile radio operates on nine AA batteries. Battery saver circuitry helps saves energy; there is also a 12V DC lighter socket adaptor included to help save batteries.

What's in the Box
One 75-785 CB radio and a user's manual.

  • 40 channels
  • 7 watts input/4 watts output
  • Automatic noise/gain control
  • High/low power switch
  • Lighter socket adaptor

Customer Reviews:

  • Pleasantly surprised
    I bought this for very occasional use when my fellow MG sports car club memebers are travelling together through the rural countryside, and one of us gets separated or has a mechanical problem. I didn't feel the use justified a significant investment, including having to buy an antennae that would require additional expense and be a hassle to install.

    This CB worked fine using the cigarette lighter plug in, thus eliminating the need to buy 9 AAA batteries. (If I'd known that requirement, I probably would not have bought this unit--but as I said, it works without them--at least for me!)...more info
  • Midland 75-785 Handheld CB Radio Review
    CB radios are out of style with the FRS/GMRS radio popularity.

    However, they have their place. On the road, in emergencies and for general communications. I'm going back to Alaska in 2008 via the AlCan highway. CBs are still needed up there and this handheld supplements an older CB handheld that I bought from Midland years ago.

    Today, the 40 CB channels are fairly quiet compared to a few decades ago. This is good for communications.

    This Midland CB handheld uses AA batteries and is more energy efficent than the ones I had years ago. Not much else has changed in the overall design and function either over the years. This is good, since you have a proven, solid product.

    John R. Carpenter
    ...more info
  • midland 75-785
    i was looking for a good cheap handheld cb and i found the midland 75-785. the radio works really good. i have a cb in my truck but wanted one for the house. the reception of the handhedl isnt as good as the cb in my truck but it works pretty good. the antenna it came with is good but i wanted to get better reception so i went to radioshack and bought a telescoping antenna for about $20. the midland radio is a good radio for a great price. i reccommend the handheld cb even just to keep in the car for emergancies. but if your going to use it on a road trip i reccommend buying a window mount antenna....more info
  • Midland 75-785 cb radio
    Reception is not that great with the stock rubber duck antenna and also the press to talk button and the channel changing buttons are way to close together making it awkward to use,would not buy again. ...more info
  • ok
    I seem to receive ok in the car, but other drivers tell me to get my radio fixed anytime I transmit something. My transmission actually comes over my radio speakers and squeals. Maybe if I get an external antenna, it will improve. It is nice and compact. Odd that the channel display disappears when you adjust the squelch. It says it's supposed to do that in the manual, so it's a proper function, just odd. It gets me the info I need, but if you want to transmit in a car, get an external antenna....more info
  • Underpowered
    The reception on this unit works fine. Transmission however is a problem, no one seems to be able to hear me....more info
  • A CB Lover's Dream
    This Little Radio Roks!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Has Everything it says it has. If You buy a speaker mic for it, it works alot better in transmitting and reciving. this radio roks...more info
  • Weak at best
    Tried this product for about a week. My roommate has a mobile unit mounted in his car. On transmit, he could hear me about about 1/4 mile, no further. On receive, I could hear him for maybe 1/2 mile or so. Tried it out on the highway, could only get snippits as I went by. Go with a mobile unit with a big antenna if you actually want to have something that works. Better yet, get your HAM ticket and get 50 watts of transmit!...more info
  • Won't work in the rain
    Used this radio one time on my motorcycle. It rained that day and the radio quit working...more info
  • good
    I love the 785 midland cb it is a good radio it is loud and clear i love it i go to channel 19 or 6 or 20 for good sound it is clear in the car good for trips good for kids like 11 or 10 i love it.Midland 75-785 Handheld CB Radio]]...more info
  • works as I suspected
    To me this radio works better than the small two way radios, thats why I bought it. Yes it's a little bigger than the 2 way radios, but what I really wanted was more clearly transmission and a longer range which is what I got....more info
  • Pilot Car Operators
    Pilot Car Operators know this is not intended as a substitute for a real dash mount CB. It is however, the most ecomomically priced hand-held in the business. Great for flagging traffic around stalled loads, etc..,...more info
  • Cheap
    The first time i tried it within 3 hours it over heated and melted something inside,blew a fuse in the cigerette lighter adapter and quit working. Got it working but it only recieves (does not transmit)poor cheap quality, I recomend not buying this product!!!!...more info
  • for those complaining of poor transmission power
    I think you're missing a fundamental fact about handheld radios. They don't work well inside of a car. For people who are used to mobile CB's with an external antenna, of much greater length, sitting out on top of the car and using the body of the car as a ground plane... you just can't compare that to a handheld. You're going to hate it. If you're inside of the car, the metal body of the car is destroying most of your transmission. You need to get the antenna outside of the car. If that means getting the necessary adapters and wiring your handheld to a magnetic mount antenna on your roof, then so be it. You will find you radio is getting out MUCH farther with that external antenna....more info
  • good radio would have preferred........
    A rechargeable radio would have been a better choice for me , the radio is fine I like everything about it other than the fact that you need 9 "AA" batteries to operate, I never thought about inquiring about power source....buying rechargeable batteries does not do it for me.....other than that it is a good radio....more info
  • Midland 75-785
    I bought this as a replacement for my fullsize cobra unit that was "borrowed" from my car without my knowledge. Overall I really like this unit. It is small, compact and can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. The best part about it is that you can either have it wired in the car or run it as a handheld. The only downside to the unit is the fairly small speaker, but if you turn down the radio there really is no problem. In terms of performance, I think this little radio works better than any I have had before. I am able to pick up the NOAA weather stations much clearer than I was before. Overall a great product for the price....more info
  • Great Radio
    So I Didntbuy this item from amazon my finace accually got it off ebay "NEW" and it works great my self i hate cbs but when you going somwhere for a long distance it is great to have for one just to pass the time two to check the road conditions and for those of you who complain about reception in the car well um......"DUH" your in a metal box you dummy of course your not gona get reception my finace has 3 stations one here at the house on in the car and his portable that he just got and they are great for comunication and they dont run up a cell phone bill so its great to have them i would deffinatly recommend this item to any one who does not have anything to do in the car on the way to or from work or just in general to pass time in the car its a great item that works great and gives great information!!!!!!...more info