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Of course, we couldn't expect time to freeze its relentless path and forever preserve the Welsh sensation Charlotte Church in a chrysalis of precocious youth. And yet, at 15 and now taking bolder steps into expanding her repertory on Enchantment, the soprano remains a marvel of a prodigy. Here, she scours a wider range of sources than on her previous albums. Church moves with breathtaking ease from classic Broadway (West Side Story, Show Boat, South Pacific) to traditional Celtic, film ballads, and even a couple of high-operatic numbers. Church's straightforward approach to the melody of "La Habanera" may not exactly be what Bizet had in mind for his Carmen, but fans will get double pleasure out of the singer's exquisite duet with herself on the haunting "Flower Duet" from Delibes's Lakm¨¦. What's more, there's a greater freedom of expression and sense of how to shape a phrase in many of these tracks--notice how much there is to savor, for instance, in "The Water Is Wide" and "Carrickfergus." It all adds up to a widely varied course, demonstrating the continued growth of a singularly gifted young artist. --Sarah Chin

Customer Reviews:

  • Delightful voice but...
    Unquestionably Charlotte Church has a phenomenal voice for her age, however, she is a bit out of her league with many of the selections here. In "If I Loved You," and "Laughing Song," one
    eagerly waits for her to launch into the depths of these wonderful pieces, but she doesn't quite get there. A bit like trying to fly an ultra-light alongside a B52. "Bali Ha'i" has the desired dreamy quality, and the orchestrations are marvelous.
    It would be interesting if Miss Church would re-record these in ten years....more info
  • Enchanting? - In Part
    The songs in "Enchantment" are certainly so, however, the singing does not remind me of the originals. Charlotte needs to stay with songs more in line with her voice. She should stay away from Hollywood and closer to Ireland....more info
  • I love this CD
    This is one of my facorite CDs. The selection of songs is amazing. They are all "classical" songs that appeal to everyone. The flower duet is breath taking. ...more info
  • Oh dear dear me...
    When I first heard Charlotte Church sing she was thirteen and singing "The Last Rose of Summer". I was in awe of her voice, and the fact that she had a voice like that at a young age. However I was a bit concerned about her vocal training. She had a very uneven vibrato, which created a wobble. I kept in mind that she was only thirteen so I let it slide. Almost a year later, "Enchantment" came out. I did notice that her pushing was gone, and I also noticed that much of her shimmer was gone, that sparkle and shine sensation that she gave pieces when she sang.

    Not only that, but since when is "Mien Herr Marquis" (Adele's Laughing Song) or "Habanera" appropriate for a fifteen year old girl? Most twenty year olds don't even sing them! If I went into my vocal instructor's studio and asked her if we could sing "Adele's Laughing Song or Carmen's "Habanera" she would more than likely flip her lid, meaning either die of fright or shock, or just die from the thought of a fifteen year old girl (like myself) singing the arias.

    Many things where wrong about how the arias where sung. First off, you don't take a classic french aria and make it into a 'ropera' (rock opera) song, and then try to pull of shaking your (...) on Jay Leno as dancing. It just does not work.

    Secondly, if you are going to sing "Adele's Laughing Song" you should have technique, lightness, and good german, not half way decent english. Being on key also helps too. I mean, singing a C sharp when the note is a high D? If you can't sing the note then don't sing the aria. Its not rocket science, its simple vocal knowledge.

    The only thing that Church sings in her repertoire for this disc that is even half suited to her voice is "Carrickfergus". That song requires a Enya-like voice, something a bit on the thin (no offense) side, with a more pop tone.

    By now, you are more than likely asking "if this person does not like Charlotte then why is she buying this CD?" Well, it is because of the Target version. I heard Kathleen Battle sing Massenet's "Elegie" and really loved the song and wanted to sing it for a competition, and looked for a recording of it but the only one that I could come across was Church's. I did not really want to buy the CD except maybe so I could sing my own rendition of 'Adele's Laughing Song' (my name is Adele) from hearing her rendition of the aria. I must admit I had quite a laughing fit! Church's rendition of "Elegie" was, well, to put it nicely, not all that great. The last note was pretty good, but other than that, Church pushed out F naturals and Gbs, and those notes are not that high, they are only middle voice!

    There are more pieces on here then arias, there are also Broadway tunes, such as "A Bit of Earth." This song was sung with very thin tone, no phrasing, no any thing. Just a raspy voice, extremely breathy on every single note.

    Finally, I must say that this CD is for die hard fans only. If you are looking to be amazed then buy Ren¨¦e Fleming's new "Bel Canto" CD instead. If you are looking for an average okay CD, then buy Roberto Alagna's "Popular Tenor Arias" CD. If you want an average, not so great CD, then go for this CD. Or, buy this if you want to see what level a beginning vocal student should be singing at. This CD is okay for a choir audition demo for average-okay freshmen in high school, but not to put out on sale....more info

  • prodigy no more
    Though Charlotte Church was indeed something to be impressed with as a child, her credibility as a young woman singing classical repetoire is doubtful. I have no qualms with whether or not material is "age appropriate", I'm merely concerned with whether or not the singer can present the music as the composer envisioned. Unfortunately, Charlotte Church, when singing songs like The Flower Duet from Lakme, cannot.
    I listened to this CD expecting an example of matured talent and technical expertise. Instead I found a girl fighting to preserve the vastly acclaimed sound she produced so easily in her youth. If she took a moment to step back and evaluate, she would realize that such a thing is no longer possible. With age must come credible maturity. ...more info
  • Not Enchanted
    Considering that Charlotte Church received a 20 million dollar contract, I would have expected something better from her for her 4th album. She attempts to sing songs which are the most difficult to date with a voice which is not as good as it once was. So I guess you could say that I am disenchanted. Charlotte needs to get focused and sing songs which her voice will support. With the exception of Carrickfergus, they were not to be found here....more info
  • Perfection
    This album is as close to perfection as is humanly possible.
    No exageration.
    Not kidding....more info
  • Change Course - Please!!!
    There is an old saying that "If It Works, Don't Try To Fix It". Unfortunately, Charlotte strayed from what worked for her with her first 3 CDs and tried songs really not suited to her in Enchantment. She needs to either go back to those successful light classical/traditional folk/religious songs she has been doing or go to some Joni Mitchell type pop. The Enchantment songs are just not her thing....more info
  • good variety, poor versatility
    I've always been awed by Charlotte Church's innate talent, but this CD truly disappointed me. I'm no musical expert, but I felt that her singing severely lacked heart. There was little emotion, little change in sound, despite drastic changes in song style.

    I was thrilled that there was such a variety of genres on this album, however, I think Miss Church demonstrated that she is not quite ready to handle all of them. I am certain that the fault is not entirely the singer's, but a great deal that of her advisors and guides.

    I listen through the CD a few times, but now I can't bring myself to put it back in the player....more info

  • A few gems, but overall, very uneven effort
    I loved Charlotte Church's first album. Absolutely loved it. She had such a pure, crystalline voice, especially for one so young, and she sang with a mature phrasing that was well beyond her years. This album tries to branch into more contemporary territory, and does a decent job, but really, is just a mediocre, very uneven effort.

    There are a few absolute gems on the album. "Carrickfergus" is wonderful, with perfect voice and phrasing. "The Flower Duet" is great, more for her ability to duet with herself, as is "The Prayer", with Josh Groban, arguably the brightest song on the disc.

    There are even some semi-decent, alright renditions. "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" isn't Streisand, of course, but she pulls it over, albeit less emotionally. "If I Loved You" isn't bad, but there wasn't really a reason for her to do it, since it doesn't add anything special to the many renditions already out there. "The Little Horses" and "Habanera" are more personalized renditions, but they both fall rather flat, and there isn't any sparkle to them.

    There are, however, more duds than anything else. "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" isn't suited for her voice and styling at all, as aren't "Somewhere", "From My First Moment", and "A Bit Of Earth". They are all painful to listen to, and shouldn't have even been included on the disc. She obviously does not have a Broadway voice, and why they were included is beyond me.

    Overall, she did a decent job, but really, I would only download those few songs, and if you want "The Prayer", you should buy Josh Groban's self-titled disc with that song, since that disc is a far more even, and high-class, effort than this one. ...more info
  • Forever Album
    I have been listening to this album for many years (since it came out), and I still love every song!

    I am not an "opera" person. I just don't like the real stuff. Charlotte is admitably fudging a bit, but to her advantage. I don't think many people can listen to a recording of a real opera singer. Don't they sing to fill up an entire room. It sounds like screaming to me. However Charlotte has a very soft and very agreeable voice, especially since she ditched her back of the throat voice thing.

    Obviously, this album was meticulously made. The first time I heard it, it had an "environment". It was a very relaxing place, especially Bali Hai. I really liked the way they arranged all of the pieces. Charlotte's voice sounds flawless, hitting the notes clear and high. It is an extremely accomplished album; a definate classic, and in my opinion, perfection....more info
  • Charlotte's Singing
    I think a lot of people don't give charlotte enough credit for her talent. The fact that she was only 15 when she created this album makes no difference so I would suggest to potential buyers to not let other's doubts about her age to turn you off. She is incredibly talented and can sing difficult pieces that many people her age can't. The fact that she has been highly successful and internationally acclaimed for it already is testimony to that. And not to just young people really. Her demographic covers people mostly in the 5-12 or 30 and up range. So just because she is young does not mean she is not qualified to sing. She can and she does. Anyone with half an ear for music can tell by her music. This CD happens to be my favorite because of the song selections but any of them are pretty good as well....more info
  • Charlotte Church Continues to Amaze Me
    I understand that some have rated this CD rather poorly. And I understand the reasonings. However, I have to disagree. I was a voice major in college, and while I am not an absolute authority on vocal teachnique, I find Charlotte Church amazing. Certainly, she does not have the voice of one who is 25 or 30, but she sings far beyond her years. Her voice is right on pitch and absolutely flawless in its tone. Her voice has matured since her first recording, and I am confident that she will continue to do so. I did not sing some of these songs until I was in college, and I would not have attempted them as a teenager. While she could come back in ten years time and bring a depth to them that she does not have now, I am amazed at the voice she has now. And what's more, she is receiving classical training. This assures that she will be singing for her entire life. If only all children would see the benefits of this kind of training. I highly recommend this CD, and I love each song!...more info
  • Delightful voice but...
    Unquestionably Charlotte Church has a phenomenal voice for her age, however, she is a bit out of her league with many of the selections here. In "If I Loved You," and "Laughing Song," one
    eagerly waits for her to launch into the depths of these wonderful pieces, but she doesn't quite get there. A bit like trying to fly an ultra-light along side a B52. "Bali Hai" has the desired dreamy quality, and the orchestrations are marvelous.
    It would be interesting if Miss Church would re-record these in ten years....more info
  • I Didnt listen 2 the Album...
    But she gets 5 stars for being so damn fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's like Lindsey Lohan without the annoying "acting career" to get in the way. GO CHARLOTTE!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Get this girl some REAL voice lessons...
    This album is anything BUT 'enchanting'. The only good song on this entire CD is "The Prayer" and it's only saved by the amazing Josh Groban, who knows what he's doing with his voice.

    I admit I was amazed when Charlotte first came out with "Voice of an Angel" only because 13-year-olds usually do not have that type of range. I was also anticipating what was to come as her voice developped. Now that she's older, she trying to sound like she's a 30-year-old opera singer, which she is definately not. She sings from the very back of her throat instead of her diaphram so there is a definate lack of support and her vibrato is so forced it makes me gag.

    Charlotte's version of "Can't Help Lovin' That Man" was probably the final blow before I had to rip this CD from my CD player.

    Save your money and if you want an amazing classical singer, go for Renee Flemming or Sumi Jo. If you want popera, go with Josh Groban....more info

  • Voice sounds strained
    She remade songs that have been remade a thousand times before. She will never be Barbara Streisand. Get some new material. This cd annoys me more than her derogatory comments about September 11th and the firefighters....more info
  • Decent....
    This was decent.. and from a regular 15 year old, it would be called fantastic. Unfortentaly, Mis. Church has set high standards for herself, a reason why this c.d.'s a bit of a dissapointment. True, "The Water is Wide" "Carrifurgus", "A Bit of Earth", and "The Prayer" were all lovely, as well as other of her songs, though her range is slowly dimishing at the point when she's trying to show it off. Notes that she was able to hit easily before, are sounding now as if she is shreaking... "Can't Help Loving that Man" was a unqualifed diaster... her voice is to high and fairy like for it. Nice try, but she should stick with folk songs, and church songs, I mean, her first c.d. brought tears to my eyes, at this one I was finding myself groaning... she's still lovely though, in both voice and apperience, but she has to be careful what she sings... I think the reason this c.d. was such a big flob was because she's overtasking herself....more info
  • Enchanted??? - I Don't Think So
    It is difficult to get enchanted, even with classic songs, when they are sung by someone who doesn't have a classic voice. In fact, the voice of Charlotte Church is downright juvenile. This album should have been sung by Lara Fabian. Then you would have been able to have heard some real singing. Some of these song writers must be rolling over in their graves....more info
  • Enchantment indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From the musical west side story comes tonight...her first song.
    The ending strain "tonaaiiight" is brilliant! The way charlotte enunciates her words in carrickfergus, the little horses and the water is wide is very emotional. Her voice obviously has matured.Her gypsy version of Haba?era is very straightforward.
    Now comes the best yet..The FLOWER DUET. This is the best song on the album.. the way she flows seamlessly to give a delightful,delectable,ubiquitous duet...The laughing song is beautifully done. A bit of earth if also good....more info
  • Ick
    Charlotte Church has neither the voice nor the depth needed for much of this material. She has no buisness trying to sing opera at age 15-- not only does it sound unpleasant, she's going to ruin her voice.

    Oh, BTW, for the definitive version of "Can't help Lovin' Dat Man," check out Ella Fitzgerald's version on her "Jerome Kern Songbook." FItzgerald had no vocal training at any point during her life, but her voice is superior to almost anyone else's-- many opera singers have admired her perfect pitch and intonation (something that CC certainly does not have. ;-))...more info

  • Enchanting album, from an Enchanting woman.
    I recommend this album for anyone who loves opera, contemporary, pop, and classical music. Although this album was made years ago when Charlotte was just 15, she has since released a hit pop album with a string of hits, had a baby and a hit T.V. variety show, she has recently stated that she's looking into acting again, and getting a role in an opera in the theater, releasing a new classical album, and a new pop album! This record is a great way to get ready for what Charlotte will be hitting us with next! ...more info
  • Simply Beautiful
    I love Charlotte Church. This Album just makes me love her even more. For someone of her age to be singing these songs as amazingly well as she does is phenomonal. Also, her first album was released when she was 12! How many other singers out there can actually release an album at age 12 and have it reach double platinum in about one month? Charlotte Church did, nobody else.

    This album has some incredible songs on it with simply amazing orchestral accompaniments. It isn't like those crossover artists like Sara Brightman that are just annoying. Charlotte Church is one of the best singers I have ever heard. Yeah, she isn't as big as Celine Dion or Whitney Houston, but her voice is above and beyond any of those big names. Incredible!...more info

  • Enchanting
    Hey what's wrong with that guys? R U jealous or what? She was fifteen when she recorded that. That'S why she doesn't sound like Kathleen Battle so far. SO FAR.
    This is classical-pop-crossover at its best. If you like Sarah Brightman, Filippa Giordano... you'll also love this one. The age doesn't matter. She sounds great. And what does that mean she can't reach the high notes? Of course she does. Otherwise she wouldn't sing the songs would she? tzzzsss.
    Tonight: Huge orchestra arrangement in the opener from the West side story.
    Carrickfergus: A sweet celtic ballad. I love it.
    Habanera: I love this one. I guess it's very hard to sing because you have to "feel" the song. Charlotte does a good job but I'd like to hear it again in ten years or so.
    Bali Ha'i: A romantic and slow song. Very nice.
    Papa can you hear me: Very difficult because it's very emotional but she sing it so well. RESPECT!
    The flower duet: I think this song is very famous but I had to get used to it.
    The lottle horses: This is a lullaby but they added drums and guitars. HOT!
    From my first moment: Another slow one. I like the fast songs better.
    The water is wide: Again a nice ballad.
    Can't help lovin' dat man: Cahrlotte sings this jazzy song very well. She tries different styles that's why I think that she's a giftet artist.
    The laughing song: I love it with those high notes. I sounds just great. But why didn't she sing it in German?
    If I loved you: Not bad but none of my favourites.
    A bit of earth: Also not my favourite.
    Somewhere: Another song from the West side story. It's the version without Josh Groban.
    The Prayer: This is with Josh Groban. I really like it. But why doesn't she sing high? It's the same song that Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli sing. (wasn't right was it)...more info
  • A bit on enchantment
    Many of the songs on this recording remind us of the little girl with the "voice of an angel." The unaccompanied beginning of "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" is reminiscent of the natural vocal beauty that first attracted attention. The selections like "Tonight," "Bali Hai," and "Somewhere" are fitting for her voice and remind us of the talent she possesses. And "The Prayer," with Josh Groban, is as delightful as when they first sang it.
    The problems arise in music that is beyond the scope of her early age. The "Habanera" and "The Laughing Song" demand more than she had to offer at the time they were recorded.
    Recent news releases indicate that she is now intending to return to her classical roots. Get those settled, Charlotte; then move into the bigger stuff....more info
  • Charlotte's Worst
    I have all of Charlotte's c.d.s and this is the worst one she produced...
    Don't get me wrong Charlotte is still the little girl with the BIG voice but the material she sings on this c.d. is just un-suitable for her and definately not her style...
    If you want to try a Church c.d buy Charlotte's Voice of An Angel or her self titled album....
    I did however find some favorite tracks the duet that she sung with Josh Groban encouraged me to buy Josh Groban's c.d...
    I have to give her at least one star and I'll give her another for effort...
    Perhaps her label should give her some better material for she still has the voice of an angel....more info