7even Year Itch: Collective Soul Greatest Hits 1994-2001
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  • Collective Soul
    This cd will bring back memories. It has everything I ever liked by Collective Soul. There are a few songs on there that don't really belong, but they only had so many hits. If you're a Collective Soul fan, it's worth buying. ...more info
  • Very satisfied

    This item must have shipped the same I placed the order because it arrived
    within a couple of days and in excellent condition. ...more info
  • Excellent compilation
    A very good start for who don't know Collective Soul and a nice album for who are fan of the group....more info
  • Collective Soul
    I really enjoy that this CD is composed of some of Collective Soul's greatest hits! All of my personal favorites are on this one....more info
  • One of the better greatest hits albums
    I have gotten several "hits" albums that I found less than impressive. This is one of the better ones I have heard and considering I have all of the other CS albums I have to say its a strong collection.
    If you are new to the band or only have 1 or 2 albums this is a strong selection to get you caught up. ...more info
  • Collective Soul Rocks!!
    The CD is great, no doubt. But I recommend that listeners buy all the albums that Collective Soul has put out. It is really hard to compile a greatest hits album from a band that has so many good songs. The self-titled album, "Hints Allegations...", and "Dosage" are all truly great albums. If you are new listener of their music, I highly recommend that you start with these albums to get the true Collective Soul experience....more info
  • Worth owning.
    Since their beginnings in the early nineties, I've always considered ~Collective Soul~ to be the underdogs of popular Rock. Despite their immense popularity overseas, especially in Japan and parts of South America, they have yet to reach the critical and popular acclaim they truly deserve. Having recently signed-on with a new major record label, the pressure is on to write even better songs with an even greater selling value. (This is dangerous territory for the obvious reasons)Considering Roland's talent as a songwriter, this shouldn't be a problem. He writes from the heart. That said, if their 'greatest hits' CD, ~Seven Year Itch~ is any indication of their new music to come, these Georgia boy's will certainly reach that pinnacle of mass appeal which, in a way, might not be a good thing. Call me superstitious, but I'd rather see them productively trudge along, writing great tunes than to, suddenly, after several Grammies and another million CD's sold, fade into Rock oblivion.

    As another reviewer has stated in different terms, as a greatest hits album, the choice of songs, in some instances, is dubious. I know it's a matter of taste, but I would have rather seen 'Smashing Youg Man', for example, than, let's say, 'Heavy'. However this is a minor point.

    A word of advise to 'greatest hits' collectors: ~Seven Year Itch~ will give you a good summary of a predomently excellent body of work. By all means purchase and listen to it. But it is only a tantalizing morsel. Investigate ~Collective Soul~ from their first CD to their last, specifically the self-named album and the more recent production, 'Blender'; for all of them show an evolving sophistication of well written lyrics and guitar work that is hard to surpass.

    ~Seven Year Itch~ is highly recommended....more info

  • Collective Soul is awesome!!
    I would recommend this cd for anyone that enjoys alternative music, and especially the smooth sound that Collective Soul masters. Yes, the songs included on this cd aren't much like their well-known songs, but they are all great and show how much variety Collective Soul has. I was very pleased when I received this cd!...more info
  • Disappointed
    I had only heard one song by CS and really liked it, December. There is nothing even close to the sound and feel of that song on the rest of this boring album. I don't understand what anybody is raving about if this is the best CS can produce. To those expecting adult/progressive/alternative: forget it! This is pure made-for-the-masses commercial junk food. Give me chance to unload this turkey to someone that can appreciate....more info
  • Easier to tote around with you
    At first I thought, 'Oh great, they're breaking up.' I mean, isn't that what bands do when they're "breaking up"...release a greatest hits? But, I was happy to be wrong, they're still together (well, minus 1). This greatest hits is only a breather between great albums. I always like hits collections because, instead of having to carry (in Collective Soul's case) 5 albums aournd, you can carry one and get a lot of the great songs. Of course, there are still those album tracks which never became formal releases that are just as good, but, you can't win everytime. Anyway, this album is a must for a Collective Soul fan, new or old....more info
  • Decent but not great collection...poor production!
    I agree with the other reviewers...some questionable choices of songs. I am wondering if anybody else notices an audible repeating skip/click on track #1, and a wrinkling noise like tissue paper in the background on track #2????...more info
  • 7 years too many
    With this Christmas cash-in greatest hits album Collective Soul prove they have never had any motiviation in songwriting other than to write top 40 pop radio hits. Not to mention that songs like Perfect Day, No More No Less, and Where the River Flows were all conveiniently left off this album so that people truly wanting all the band's hits are also going to have to fork out cash for Blender, Dosage, and the self-titled album. Also, the tracklisting blows, the songs are seemingly just randomly thrown on here, although I suppose if they had put the hits in chronological order it would make it really apparant how the band has continually gotten more overproduced and mainstream with each new release. If you want a good laugh take a hop over to their website and check out the latest pics of the band. As soon as grunge died out the band cut off their hair, dyed it blond and started dressing like Matchbox 20.

    Oh, and if you can't tell from the audio samples, the two new tracks are some of the worst ever. Play the sample of Energy, its hilarious, especially the turntables at the end, of all things. I wouldn't be surprised if the next piece of garbage these guys turn out has guest rappers all over it or, as if Elton John wasn't bad enough, maybe they'll get Britney Spears to do some guest vocals.

    Pathetic, because if these guys wanted to they could have put out at least a couple great albums in their career if they would have stuck with the World I Know/Where the River Flow vibe. Instead they never really cared about making good albums, just making money. But hey, whats new, so does almost everyone else....more info

  • Simple bu Effective
    When I first heard Shine I thought that Collective Soul would become a one hit only band and that I would hear from them in one of those "Where are they now" shows. Time has proven that this band can deliver some consistent rock records year after year. I had a chance to see the live at the Caracas Pop Festival (Jan. 2001) and I was impressed as they are more powerfull as a live band that as a recording one. They deliver stronger a rawer performances this way.

    As for this CD, this a simple and nice start to their music. Its has a collection of their better known hits plus two new tracks. Collective Soul has built a carreer on singles and this CD cover all the bases in this regard. As for the booklet, its has lyrics, track information and tells you from what record each track was taken from. If you do not have any of their records and are a casual fan you will probably need no more. If you have their work already you have to decide if two new tracks are worth the expense....more info

  • not enough dosage
    i have all collective soul records, being dosage my favorite. I rated this "best of" album with three stars as dosage was not considered when selecting their list of songs for this compilation. another minus is that their hit shine from their first album was not remastered and it still has a lousy production in terms of sound quality, as their entire first album had. a live performance of "you dropped a bomb on me" would have been nice to motivate people that had their previous albums to buy this. and yes, forgiveness is a great song, one of their best....more info
  • COOL
    This is a real good one,keep on playing....more info
  • Its good, but could have been better
    Before I begin, I must say I am a HUGE CS fan. I love every one of their cds and usually have all of them in my stereos at any given time. I was very excited for the greatest hits cd and, essentially, I am happy with it. I really enjoy the new songs Energy and Homecoming because they go back to the guitar rock CS is so great at. While I am not surprised to see Heavy, Run, Shine, Precious Declaration, The world I know and December, I was very surprised to see Forgiveness and Listen make the cut. I find CS has so many better hits that I think outshine those two songs. The saving grace for this cd is the inclusion of She Said which is my absolute favorite song and I got so sick of having to forward to it as a hidden track on Dosage. I really would like to have the original version, however. Anyhow, I give it 4 stars because afterall it is CS and I couldn't give the band anything less. I just think they overlooked a few other songs that should have been included....more info
  • Amazing
    Collective Soul has put together a great collection of tracks in this greatest hits masterpiece. Like anyone, I have some personel favourites that didn't make the cut but I must say the choices made were very. very good. The only beef I have with this cd is the fact there are only a handful of songs on it but everyone must make sacrifices; no single cd could hold all their
    greatest hits.
    Way to go Collective Soul. Hope to see you live again as soon as possible.
    This cd is a must for any Collective Soul fan!...more info
  • Please do not base reviews on radioplay
    Whoever wrote the review below is not a true listener of Collective Soul. "Heavy" and "Forgiveness" are two of the best songs that Collective Soul has released. "Heavy" has great guitar play and "Forgiveness" is a melody that pacts emotional impact. I personally think "Perfect Day" is one of their weaker efforts and it only got airplay because Elton John helped with the vocals. The only problem with a collective soul greatest hits is that something is going to be left out and that is a travesty. Collective Soul is truly one of the best rock bands of the 90's and any CD you could get of theirs you should buy. Every one of their CD's is packed with great songs. Enjoy!...more info
  • The Best By The Best!
    It doesn't get any better than a Best of rock cd by one of the best rock bands around today! This cd includes ALL their rocking hits! Its wonderful!! Now when are we getting a video compilation?? Im waiting guys!...more info
  • Great Starter CD
    This is an excellent CD for people who don't already have most or all of Collective Soul's previous CDs. I'm like other reviewers in that many of my favorites weren't included on this but all in all its a great CD, especially if you're just getting into CS. If you already have their other CDs I'd suggest looking to purchased the two new trracks online somewhere....more info
  • Awesome Hits
    I am a die-hard Collective Soul fan. I have followed them since their first album and "Shine." This is an excellent greatest hits CD and a great start for someone just discovering them or someone wanting a sample of their music. "Energy" is a great song, too, that can't be found on the other albums.
    There are only about 2 or 3 Collective Soul songs that I don't care for much, so the other CDs are still great even in addition to this one....more info
  • Good classic stuff!
    This music was some of the best when I was in High School. Great stuff!...more info
  • Greatest Hits
    I am very happy with my purchase of this CD. I am a big collector of Greatest Hits and adding this one to my collection is just a bonus especially if you enjoy the 90's alternative rock genre.I highly recommend it....more info
  • Melodious rock
    This music is evokes a deep sense of reflection for me. Besides, the product is beautifully melodiuos....more info
  • Great representation of Collective Soul
    Collective Soul is one of the best soft rock bands in my opinion. They add a good deal of variety into their tracks while maintaining a connection back to their roots and their own particular sound. After hearing several of their songs and loving them, I recently got all of their CDs. At first, I thought I'd only like the songs I knew, but that wasn't the case. All of their CDs are excellent, and almost every song is hit material.

    However, for the Casual collective soul fan, this disk is a great representation of Collective Soul's work. If you want to try out Collective Soul for the first time, or have heard a few of their songs and want a compilation of their best, this is the disk for you. It really is a fantastic representation of their work....more info
  • Great Sound! Very Cohesive Track Selections and Arrangements!
    This is a very good best of compilation because the sound quality is excellent, the track selections are great and the way that they are arranged makes for very cohesive and flowing listening as if this was a normal album and not the collection of hits that it is. Collective Soul may not have received the due recognition it deserves as a great band of musicians and songwriters in this current climate of rap and pop drivel but something tells me they will be back when the next wave comes around. Very good representation of what CS was all about and you can't go wrong if you are looking to discover them with this disc. Highly recommended....more info
  • A must for any Collective Soul Fan
    Having followed Collective Soul from their very first album Hints and Allegations this collection is a great span of the bands hits. Collective Soul are the masters of catchy riffs and each song on this album is great. The two "new tracks" are very infectious and give us an idea of what they offer fans in the 2004 release Youth....more info
  • Great Collection
    I was not a Collective Soul fan until I listened to this CD. I am now a fan and listen to this CD over and over. It is amazing how many hits this band compiled in 7 years....more info
  • awesome album
    Great cd, these is a classic, yo will find almost all the greatest hits of collective soul here, i recommend you to hear the audio samples of energy, heavy, listen, great songs......more info
  • collective soul rocks!
    it is one of their best albums yet! i love the album "dosage" too! (...). my dad has been playing collective soul to me since i was five years old. you must buy the album! it is awsome!...more info