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29 Minute - Beginners Workout [VHS]
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  • A great start
    I've had this tape for about 5 years but only recently started using it. At first I was huffing and puffing and couldn't keep up with the routines. Now I feel as though my body's conditioning has improved. OK, the music is a bit geeky but after a while you get used to it. A fantastic mix of movements and stretching well suited to the beginner....more info
  • Great for Beginners!
    I love this workout. It is challenging in the fact that she really works your arms in the 1st aerboic segment. But it is do-able and I've noticed an improvement in my body after 2 months of 3x a week. I wonder what Deborah Lee is doing now?...more info
  • Hate 2 workout
    I found this video over 15 years ago in a discount bin at Caldor. I used it in college and loved the results. Over the years it has been my 'go to' workout when dieting (before wedding, after having babies,10 year anniversary) It has a nice pace and you can feel the result. It is dated though (It is at least 20 years old) - music, clothing, hairstyles- don't let that be a deterrent, it works. I have looked high and low over the years to replace my worn out copy and could never find one. I have recently moved and believe my old copy was accidentally thrown out. Thank you, Amazon, for putting a replacement in my hands!...more info
  • Perfect Fitness Video
    This video changed my life as a teen and I am over the moon that I found it again and for such a cheap price. It is the perfect full body, low impact workout. The routines are deceptively simple, but when done properly and coupled with a sensible diet it can and has worked wonders. I wish Deborah Lee had continued making excercise tapes as I would buy every one. I also wish it was available on DVD. ...more info
  • 29 minute workout video
    I had this tape way back in the day and it was one of the only workout videos I could do the whole way thru. I loved that video and I lost mine. Thanks to Amazon I have found an oldie but a goodie.

    Thanks alot....more info
  • hard at first
    I'm a Richard Simmons fan, and have recently tried to explore other tapes. This, for 29 minutes, really works your muscles hard. While Richard's tapes usually work on getting your heart pumping, this one really tones you up. One word of caution, they do ALOT of arm excersizes and since most women are lacking in upper body strength you may have real trouble until you work up to that. I just put my arms down during those movements. Other than that it's a pretty good little workout. Still love Richard's Broadway Sweat 3 tape set though........more info
  • great workout for 30 minutes
    I have had this workout since it first came on the market. The 80's I think. I still do this today. It is a great workout every time. The clothes they are wearing are a little dated. I struggle every time to get through the arm workout, wow it kills me. My sister who is a tri-athelte loves the video. This is labeled for beginners and beginners can do most of it but it's good once you are advanced too....more info