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Zoo Tycoon
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Product Description

Zoo Tycoon puts your ability to design and market your ideas to the test -- see if you can build a world-famous zoo! If you design & manage well, the lions, tigers and bears will be great performers. Plan poorly, and they'll start attacking humans!

Everybody likes the zoo. And why not? Casual walks, exotic animals, and fried foods are good fun. Managing a zoo of your very own is even better. Zoo Tycoon challenges you to build a zoo one path tile, one iron-reinforced fence, and one animal at a time. Zoo Tycoon bears more than just a title similarity to Roller Coaster Tycoon: it appears to be based on the same basic game engine. Building pens and paths, decorating, locating buildings, managing your staff, even the way your patrons look and how you tweak pricing are all extremely similar to the fun and intuitive Roller Coaster Tycoon. The gameplay consists of a series of inventive scenarios--sometimes building a zoo from scratch, other times taking over a failing or failed zoo and bringing it back from the brink.

Specifically, you've got to build pens and habitats with an eye toward the needs of each animal species. For example, putting bears in a savannah setting results in depressed, possibly sick, bears. You also have to tend to your human animals by locating gift shops, restaurants, drink stands, and bathrooms. Then you've got to adopt animals and hire zookeepers to tend your creatures. All of this costs money, but cutting corners can result in irate customers and unhappy animals. Unhappy animals bore people, and worse they make it difficult to adopt more exotic and finicky creatures, like pandas. Happy and well-fed animals will cavort and play, making your guests very happy. And happy guests results in more money for you to improve your zoo.

It's a balancing act keeping all the animals, keepers, and little wandering people happy, but the game is also a decorator sim. You've got to beautify your park, and it's easy to forget the specific scenario objectives and lose yourself in building the ultimate zoo. If you tire of the objectives entirely, you can delete some of your fences and watch the animals run amok on your guests (sometimes, through negligence, they can break free on their own). The carnivores grab, pin, and fling your guests (no blood, and no killing here), which lowers your zoo rating and dissuades people from visiting for a while. Still, it's great fun to watch. --Bob Andrews


  • Plays like Roller Coaster Tycoon
  • Addictive and fun
  • Plays, maybe, too much like Roller Coaster Tycoon
  • Simple graphics

This place is a real zoo--and you're in charge! Go wild running the most fun and beautiful zoo you can imagine. Care for unpredictable and untamed animals (and those are just the guests!). Plan wisely, because if the animals don't like their food, environment, or handling, they interact poorly with visitors, and unhappy guests means fewer dollars. Play smart and keep everyone and everything happy, and you'll be a zoo tycoon.
  • Start building & managing your zoo right from the start -- plan out your exhibits and design a layout
  • Do your very best to please customers and the animals
  • Inhabit your zoo with the right animals to draw in the big crowds
  • Over 200 animals to exhibit, plus all kinds of new & interesting plant life to help make your zoo more exotic
  • Manage your zoo wisely -- meet the needs of both the people and the animals without losing all your money

Customer Reviews:

  • greatest game ever!!!!
    I have the zoo tycoon complete collection--which is the best version, i think!!!! You have to select the building tool, then select a type of fence, and make your first exhibit. Bravo! Then, choose an animal. If you have the complete collection, you can choose marine animals, dinosaurs, or land animals. For dinosaurs you have to use a shock fence--if you don't want them to get out. For marine animals you need to use some sort of tank fence. And another thing. For marine animals that also go on land, you can combine the two and get a land--water exhibit. Choose an animal. Click on it, then click on..for dinosaurs: scientist's advice. For marine animals: marine specialist's advice. For land animals: Zookeeper's advice. Then follow the animal's red complaints first. Then follow the black ones. The red ones are the most urgent. Then try to shoo all of the complaints away by completing them. Then create another exhibit, and another and another...etc. Then create paths up to your exhibits for visitors, and buy attractions so your zoo will get more money. Zoo tycoon is REALLY fun, and you should DEFINATELY try it out! I do think that it's the greatest game ever!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and you also have to hire zoo staff, to clean up after the animals, and to feed them, and to train them for shows--marine animals. HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!!!...more info
  • Great learning tool.
    I haven't spent much time with this program yet but it has excellent potential for kids and adults who need to see the value of planning ahead.
    The graphics are nice and some of the instructions are funny, tongue in cheek stuff. All in all a good PC game if you have time to fiddle with it....more info
    I downloaded the demo from microsoft and was amazed .Even though the demo gave you only four species of zoo animals ,I found myself hooked on the game and had to get the full version.Usually I play only fps games and had always found simulations ultra boring,but not so with Zoo Tycoon.It's a great game. I haven't tried the expansions and can't wait to eventually try them.I found myself playing the demo for hours....more info
  • It's amazing!
    it' fun entertaining and has a ride variety of intresting animals...more info
    In this game you can actually build and create your own zoo with a certain amount of money! The more you build the more objects become available. You have to provide the proper habitats for each animal and the right fencing. Hire zoo keepers, tour guides and maintenance workers, buy hamburger and drink stands for the guests and you'll have a zoo tycoon!!!!...more info
  • Really fun and addicting game
    This game is about designing a zoo. It's a lot like Roller Coaster Tycoon or Mall Tycoon, only the graphics are better. This is reccomended to people who've played the other games just mentioned and enjoyed them--!

    Like Roller Coaster Tycoon, you need to beat scenarios. You have to complete a zoo, with all the goals completed (it will list the goals before you start your game). Usually, you have to achieve an average animal happiness of whatever, an average park rating of whatever, and sometimes you have to have a certain number of exhibits, if you complete all that, you will get a new scenario. You have to achieve all this with 75,000 or less dollars (it goes down the more scenarios you complete and the harder they get).

    In this game you're really trying to make both the animals and the guests content. To do this, design animals' exhibit well and make sure that their cage is well suited and that they are fed. Guests need places to sit and food to eat.

    The good thing about this game also, is you can play a "Freeform Game", which is a scene, but you do not have to complete any goals or anything, and start and the amount of money you want is optional. (Up to $500,000 is most to start--but here's a cheat-- hold down the Shift button and the $ button BEFORE you make any exhibits and watch your money go SOARING up!!) It's really fun to play this way, but after awhile, it does get boring to not have a challenge.

    This game crashes easily, almost always when you're playing a freeform game. About between 30-60 mins. is when mine usually crashes. Another reason why it crashes is if you're using a cheat on the game like trying to get a Yeti or Unicorn (I listed some cheats for you to try below, so get out your pen and pencil!). I suggest if you want to use a cheat for getting a nonexistent animal, make sure that the exhibit is NOT brand new.

    If you're bored with the game and need something fun to do, or you're going to recieve this game real soon, I suggest trying/writing down one of these fun cheats:

    *Unusual Cheats*
    Start freeform game, and hold down the Shift and $ button and watch your money go way up. The amount of money is unlimited, but eventually you'll get bored of holding down the two buttons. =P Don't do this with existing exhibits, otherwise the exhibit walls will crumble and break!
    Name a guest Steve Serafino and recieve all the endangered animals on your animals list
    Place a lion, tiger and bear all in the same exhibit and recieve the Yellow Brick Road path

    *Rare and Unusual Animals*
    To adopt a Unicorn, name an Exhibit "Xanadu" and check your animals list. You'll have a Unicorn!
    To adopt a Yeti, start out with an exhibit named "Exhibit 1" then rename it "Kathmandu" to adopt a Yeti. Make sure it isn't a new exhibit!
    To adopt a Triceratops, name an exhibit "Cretaceous Corral." Check your animals list and you'll be able to adopt this dinosoar
    Rename a Panda "Blackly" and it will turn into a red panda
    Name a kangaroo Sheila and it will turn into Spyro's friend Sheila
    Name a Yeti Bigfoot and you'll be able to adopt a Bigfoot
    Name a reindeer Rulpoln and it's nose will glow red. Name another reindeer Dancer and it will dance with a female reindeer

    I suggest going to a cheat site for more cheats. =)...more info

  • my zoo rules...
    I got zoo tycoon for christmas. It is an awesome game!!!!As a tip for the game you need to put lots of restraunts and restrooms
    to keep the people happy. The lions get cranky a lot but I like the rest of the animals. This game is based on a real zoo like if the animals are happy and there are at least 2 of a different gender they will have babies. Sometimes they die of old age. My favorite animal the monkey. In the begining there are about 25-50
    different zoos to chose from....more info
  • A Variety of Animals
    Zoo Tycoon is a lot of fun. I like the challenge of making the animals happy. It was hard to learn at first, but now I've got the hang of it. Leveling the ground is hard. The zoom function is limited. But overall I like it!...more info
  • Kind of Fun
    Zoo Tycoon is a ok game. You control a zoo and try to make it a good zoo. It is a lot like rollercoaster tycoon. The bad thing about it is it gets boring, It takes a long time to build up a zoo with a lot of animals. The grafics are ok but not the best. It is worth 15 dollars not 20. If you like rollercoaster tycoon you should maybe get it. ...more info
  • I love this game!!
    ... This is a really, really neat game and it is so much fun building the zoo, putting the animals in it and trying to keep them happy by putting in trees and rocks and water and other animals. I put a tiger in with a monkey and the tiger ate the monkey. That wasn't a good thing. You also have to keep the people who visit your zoo happy by having bathrooms and benches and food and drinks and stuff like that. And if the people notice that the animals aren't happy then the people aren't happy and your zoo starts to lose money and some organization won't let you adopt any more pets until they are all happy. You can also run out of money. It's different from Roller Coaster Tycoon where on RCT you can close a ride, close the park and stuff like that and you can't do that with this game. I wish you could and that is the only thing that I don't like about this game but other than that it really rocks!!! You should buy it. ......more info
  • Very Cool
    This game is a lot of fun, but I recommend getting the Zoo Tycoon Complete. You get more options with it....more info
  • Typical Game
    The graphics are good but the guests aimlessly walk of the paths. If you put a maintenance worker on garbage he doesn't even sweep it up. Not very many animals. But a bunch of senaros. Really good cheats too....more info
  • This game ROCKS!!!
    I got this game about a year ago and I LOVE it! You get to pick from over 50 different animals and then you get to personalize the exhibits. You can breed them if you want, too. Plus you can put different kinds of animals together like the zebras and the gazzelles. I LOVE this game!!! Buy it!!!!...more info
  • screech goes the wild bob cat
    I only have the demo version of this I use it every day. there isn't a whole lot to say about this exept it is the greatest game in the world....more info
  • This game is hard but fun.
    I got this game yesterday and it is fun but hard.It is hard to keep your animals happy.If your animals are so unhappy,you can't buy them for a while.If you're looking for a fun game or fun and challenging game I recommend this one....more info
  • Zoo Tycoon is soooo fun
    it is tons of fun andn therer is so many great special effects it is just amazing...more info
  • Hours of fun!
    I got this for my daughter ...and she has thoroughly enjoyed it more than the roller coast game! It's fun and exciting to build your own zoo and with expansion games it's evn more fun! The game is great as you have to keep all the animals and guests happy. And if they are not happy you lose your previlages to purchase new animals, you don't get funding, people stop coming to the zoo and you slowly but surely (and in some cases very rapidly) lose money. It's a great game to teach children about responibility as far as caring for animals, managing money, etc. It's not as if they can just build a cage, stick an animal in it and that's it. You have to provide shelter, foliage, rocks, grass, water, snow, toys, food, animal trainers, etc. And you need maintenance workers to repair fences, clean the grounds, etc. It's a lot of fun and you can spend hours on this game. I can honestly say that I've enjoyed it just as much as my daughter. I started playing it about 10 at night and it only seem like 30 minutes went by but it was already 1:30 in the morning! So time really does fly when you are playing this very enjoyable and what I believe to be a good educational tool for both children and adults!......more info
  • Zoo Tycoon - original version
    This is a great game , a bit on the boring side after a while (5 days straight). You have a huge area of land and you need to transform it into a zoo. First you have to build some cages , bring in the right terrain for whichever animals you choose to put in the cages , bring in toys for the animals , asign a zoo keeper (optional) , asign a Tour guide (optional) , bring in some handymen , add some food and restroom stuff , build some entertainment houses for the guests and decorate of course. You have such a great variety of animals to choose from , lions from the savannah , tigers from the rain forests , bears from forests , crocs from saltwater territory , camels from the desert and so much more! Hope you choose to buy this game and have fun!...more info
  • Pretty good game!
    I bought roller coaster tycoon and loved it, but this is just as good. It's pretty expensive, but it's totally worth it. Plus, it runs on tons of different computers. It has great graphics, never slow, tons of scenarios(but you can play a free game too), instrution manual and helpful tutorial. Based on reviews for the other tycoons (besides RCT+RCT2)there is not many good ones; and even if the reviews are good, then it won't run on your computer. So, this is one of the best "tycoon" games....more info
  • Best of the Best
    this game is so fun and i can do what ever i want in the zoo!!!...more info
  • One of the more popular games my daughter plays
    When i first bought this game i was unsure that my daughter was even going to like this. However, i was quite wrong. She plays this game non-stop all the time. And because she loved it so much she had me buy Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania. I recommend any simulation game lover to try this game, IT'S WORTH THE MONEY!!!!...more info
  • Entertaining and educating game for all ages!
    Zoo Tycoon is a simulation game that enables you to build your own zoo, hire zookeepers, buy animals, build and design their exhibits, and provide scenic and entertaining park for your guests. Although there are many Tycoon games out there, this is one of the best.

    The gameplay and the control panel is easy to learn, intuitive, and complete. It takes a few minutes for you to understand the buttons on the control panel. There is some tutorials available for you to learn the gameplay. The tutorial is interactive, it waits your action before going to the next step. This is to ensure you are doing the right thing. The objectives of each mission are clearly stated at the beginning of each game and you can review them at anytime during the gameplay to check your progress. When you click on one of the animal on your exhibit, an information panel will pop up. Click on Information button to show more information about the animal such as their habitats, their preference of exhibits, their habit, etc. This is a good thing to educate younger people about animals.

    The graphics and sounds for this game is good. You can see your animals interacting with guests and their exhibits. You can also see your guest walking around your zoo and doing their things. Eating, taking photographs, and so on. You can hear the lion roars, wolf howl, etc.

    Overall this is an entertaining and educating game not only for kids, but also for adults. Animal lovers will also love this game....more info
  • An Oldie But a Goodie
    So I was playing this game the other day, and it prompted me to write a review for those who might not have been fortunate enough to play it yet. Basically, the game is exactly what you'd expect... it's a sim/strategy type game where you take the role of a zoo keeper, and build your ideal zoo. With dozens of animals, from African hunting dogs to saltwater crocodiles to Asian black bears, this game should appeal to any wildlife enthusiast. The whole goal of the game is to make sure your animals, and guests, are happy. The former is achieved by placing them in a suitable environment, the later by building animal house (like 'reptile houses,' 'primate houses,' etc), resturants, gift stores and other attractions. You can choose several scenarios, from free form games to pre-made games that require you to achieve certain, increasingly challenging, goals. Over all, a very cool game, and one you can get cheaply too. But it will still provide hours of enjoyment. Go for it!...more info
  • Zoo Tycoon is a must!
    I have had intrests in animlas since I was about six years old.I went to ToysRUs at around nine and bought this games because I would get the chance to raise my own zoo.When I first bought it,I coulnt put it down!The amimals all have special needs,like some need a specific type of rock or tree.The scenerios are challenging,because sometimes they expect you to make 7-10 exibits and only give you 30,000.The graphics are amazing,everything is it 3D.I was kinda dissipointed though when I saw that there were barely any marine animals,only about three.I soon found out a month after buying and playing the game how to get unlimited amounts of money.If you press Shift and 4 and the same time,your money rises quickley.IN a matter of seconds,you can get a million dollars.But,do this before you put up and cages,because if you do the water in the exibits will become green and the fence will become all moldy,which can allow the animlas to escape.

    ...more info
  • Devilishly addictive
    My 8 yr. old son and myself are hooked! Design habitats, zoo layout, organize your staff, and make those donors happy! Keep the customers satisfied...that means the animals! Ornery giraffes and chippy chimps are definitely a no-no! PS - don't let that jaguar eat an antelope either, oh no!...more info
  • Good Stuff...
    Nice package for your kids. Although it can be complicated, it's worth the money. Though you may have to sit at the computer and work with your youngster to help him/her understand the full potential of the product....more info
  • crashes and bugs
    This game had potential.........but they never worked out the bugs! I find myself worrying about whether the stupid game is going to crash more than winning it! Not only that but you have to start the research projects all over again when the game crashes...even if you saved it. The animals also have my penguins who after a few months in zoo time froze. I truly was disappointed next time I hope Microsoft fixes the game b4 they release it
    However despite all this...I mastered the game in a few days. Maybe I became tired with the game because I never got far enough to unlock the secrets, which cannot be done if the game crashes every two seconds....more info
  • THis game.....
    is so much fun. Ive played it so many times. Ice had it for 3 years and i still play it!...more info
  • Microsoft no longer supports this game...DON'T BUY IT!!!
    Microsoft no longer provides telephone support for this game. They only provide support for Zoo Tycoon 2. Since I have a new Service Pack for XP this product won't even run on my PC, They neglected to tell customers this as well. And still they allow suppliers to sell the game to anyone..... Boo Microsoft!! Get your money back now!!!...more info
  • Good game, but not perfect
    I thought that this game was actully pretty good, and it is addicting and fun. however, i have one complaint. the AI of the guests is TERRIBLE! when they are reallly really hungry, thirsty,tired,have to go to the b-room, etc, they walk RIGHT BY the things that would make it all better. this needs to be fixed in a patch or something....more info
  • Favourite Strategy Game
    I have to admit that after experiencing the ups and downs (pun intended) of Roller Coaster Tycoon, I was a bit hesitant to purchase Zoo Tycoon. I figured that it was going to be very similar in that in many respects the game breezed, without there being any way of making money.

    I was wrong, and now I'm glad that I made the investment. I play using both expansion packs, and although I am not sure how happy I am with Dinosaur Digs (the dinos have too much of a tendancy to escape, provided you don't build moats, and they hate those!), but Zoo Tycoon itself has provided me with hours of entertainment. I'm always looking for and finding new ways to build the zoo to make both guests and animals happier, and I'm always thrilled when I find a new trick on my own!

    I did find a few bugs in the game, however, and I've since found out that there are others who experience problems. Some of the animals are literally impossible to please unless you have the expansion packs installed. There is a patch available for Zoo Tycoon on the official website, but I didn't find that it worked by itself. Installing the double expansion pack did the trick though, and now it only takes about five minutes to produce a baby panda.

    I highly recommend this game for anybody who enjoys strategy. It is worth every penny you'll spend on the game and it's expansions. With all of the user-created animals and objects avaiable, there is no end to how far you can go within the game, and the strategy behind winning is spectacular....more info