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Anne of Green Gables - The Continuing Story [VHS]
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In a departure from L.M. Montgomery's book series, this third TV movie jumps ahead to World War I and puts Anne and her beloved Gilbert smack in the middle of it. Instead of marrying Gilbert after her teaching days--as she does in the books--Anne spends a disillusioning year with him in New York City, and then the couple quickly marries before the good doctor ships out to France. (In the book Rilla of Ingleside, Anne's sons go to war and her youngest daughter is separated from her sweetheart.) Impetuous as ever, Anne joins the Red Cross and crosses the pond to track down her husband when his letters are returned unread. What follows is an adventure that takes her through battle zones--where the bodies pile up faster than you can say Saving Private Ryan--and on to London with a half-orphaned baby, her best friend's injured husband, and a tangle of international intrigue. Fans of the 10-book series may balk at the divergences and the fact that very little time is spent on Prince Edward Island. But the book's unrestrained romanticism and unapologetic sentimentality remain intact, as well as the surviving cast of the prior two movies, most notably Megan Follows as Anne and Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert. This movie, produced in 2000, clocks in at 185 minutes and is suitable for ages 9 and older. --Kimberly Heinrichs

Customer Reviews:

  • Why, why, WHY?!!!
    Why, and I mean WHY do people ruin things like that?! What for? What have we done wrong?

    If you like Anne, don't even think of buying this. Don't watch it if you're given it as a present. Don't give it as a present - not even to your worse enemy, because by doing this you would be supporting the terrible people who killed the idea of Anne like this.

    So you want to buy it because you really liked the first movie? True, it was good, not really perfect maybe, but still a good one.

    You kind of enjoyed the second movie? Yes, it wasn't bad, it had very little to do with the books, but still there was the spirit. Well, some spirit.

    But please, don't even think of buying this one! I mean, Anne following Gilbert to Europe to fight in World War I? What on earth is that supposed to mean? Has any of the authors ever heard of how Maud, Anne's "mother", totally hated war and how she felt about it?

    This movie is absolutely, totally and tragically horrible. It's soppy and nonsensical, its plot is utterly stupid and not even a tiny wee bit close to Anne's spirit.

    Don't support the producers by buying this hopeless thing.

    PS. This is the firest one-star review I've written. Imagine how mad at this movie I must be....more info
  • A Bit of a Let-Down.
    As one whose entire family were enthralled by the visual and literary beauty, charm, and inspirational nature of "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlea," I was notably deflated by this film. The great expectations and anticipation that preceeded the the release of "The Continuing Story" were unfortunately unjustified, and I set myself up for a bit of a let-down. Actually, that may be quite an understatement.

    The first visual impression was that of "age," especially as the term applies to the actors. While I expected great things from the anticipated wedding of Gilbert and Anne, such as the event taking place appropriately soon after the beginning of "The Continuing Story," I did not expect the forthcoming disappointment. What should have been the climactic event of the film was unduly rushed, and it seemed like a mere afterthought as it was presented. But returning to the theme of "age," Anne, Gilbert, and the collection of former classmates that included Anne's "bosom friend" Diana, all appeared to be well into their thirties, not their early twenties. In other words, "The Continuing Story" did a rather poor job of actually accomplishing a seamless continuance.

    The story itself was quite improbable, and it was far too long. I actually found myself squirming, trying to mentally accelerate a story that was mired in continuing intrigues that were definitely far from the thematic peace, love, charm and goodness one would normally associate with Green Gables and Avonlea. ...more info
  • The saddest and most disappointing conclusion to a series ever!!
    I received the triliogy of DVDs for Christmas this year and was so excited to finally see the finale of Anne of Green Gables. I had heard it wasn't as good as the first two but I thought I'd give it a chance. I wish I had that 3 hours of my life back. This has forever tainted my impression of the series- I wish I could erase it from my memory. If you love the first two, just don't watch the last one. It isn't worth your curiosity. I cannot even rate it one star. It is that bad. I don't know what Kevin Sullivan was thinking. ...more info
  • Such a disappointment
    Like many other Anne fans, I was excited to hear that a third Anne movie was in the works, and I watched it on PBS when it first aired. Even my attachment to the characters and interest in the first world war could not make this tripe enjoyable. As many others have already mentioned, there were four more books from which Kevin Sullivan could have drawn, but instead he made this awful mess. If you are a fan of the books, save your money. There is nothing of LMM in this film and not even the charming Follows and Crombie can save it....more info
  • So disppointed
    I was so shocked as I watched Anne of Green Gables - The Continuing Story, This is not Anne and Gilbert's Story.

    We had waited so long, and were over the moon when we hear that Part 3 was on its way.

    To be honesty, Mr Sullivan you should NOT have bothered and got our hopes up so. Rilla,s story yes, difference characters a whole new story great, but this was not Anne of Green Gables. It is so out of sync.

    Buying it was a waste of money, watching it a waste of time for LMM lovers and any one who loved and cherished the First two parts. If you just HAVE to watch it borrow it from the Library....more info
  • good
    this was nice to add since i had the other two movies. but the actors had really aged in this move and you could tell. on the back of the case it says that they are in their 20's but they look like they are in their 50's with dyed hair....more info
  • My darling Anne
    I never want to give up a chance to be with Anne and Gil. I want more....more info
  • Love it
    I love Amazon and they did a good job. The Shipment was in good condition. Thanks Amazon. Guys, if ur thinking of purchasing some of the old stuffs like movies or drama which you can hardly find it nowadays, Amazon can help....more info
  • Glad to Get...
    This movie came in perfect shape, also....tapes ran fine and the cover was gorgeous. I was very happy that I could get these movies to complete my set. Thanks....more info
  • My kids and I loved it!!!!!
    It kept me and my kids on the edge of our seats! I don't let my kids watch war movies but this one was very clean and very realistic. It was able to show the horror of the war without being all graphic and gory. I would have to say it's almost my favorite installment of the three.
    It's not exactly like the first two but I think it's a great movie. I don't know what fans expected, a ray of sunshine during the first world war? Anne had to grow up and I loved her character in this one more then in the second one for sure. She is a woman now and defiantly acts like one. I thought the acting and directing was great too. My 14 year old son is a real movie critic and he was riveted. My 10 year old girl is a diehard fan of Anne and she loved it to.
    ...more info
  • What's with the inappropriate flirting?
    This movie was easier to watch than I had anticipated given the horrible reviews. I found everything to be okay, however what was with the inappropriate flirting?

    There was a hint of promiscuity going on in this DVD, which certainly is NOT like L.M. Montgomery's chaste writing. This movie clearly degrades Anne, who almost has an affair with another man. In addition, in the Special Features section, it shows a scene of similar discomfort between Mrs. Rachel Lynde and Mr. Harrison. It was repulsive.

    I do plan on buying this so I can flip to my favorite scenes of Anne talking with Diana. However, I'm going to have to go back and watch the first 2 Anne of Green Gables and read the continuing books in the series to get this movie out of my head....more info
  • Soooooo disappointed
    I was so happy when I borrowed this movie from our local library. Now I'm only happy that I borrowed it instead of purchasing it. The books were , basically, thrown out when this movie was made. I was so disappointed. I will not watch this sequel again. If you really liked the first two movies, I would not bother to watch the 3rd. It left me feeling sick to my stomach at such a gross departure from the books and story line. ...more info
  • Crappy sequel
    This movie is so crappy, I don't even know where to begin. While Kevin Sullivan's first two movies did deviate somewhat from the books, the spirit and charm were maintained. None of that was there. In this movie, Anne is turned into a whiny alcoholic who seems to have no control of her own life. She certainly isn't LM Montgomery's Anne. And why do they have Marilla die of some stupid disease?! In the books, Marilla lived into her 80s and got to spoil her adopted grandchildren. Honestly, if Sullivan wasn't going to follow the books, he shouldn't have made this atrocity....more info
  • Anne of Green Gables,"The Continuing Years"
    It was a wonderful movie, It was so life like. It had scenes where Diana and Anne both get married at seperate times. Anne's was a hurried wedding as Gil has to hurry off to war. The war scences are full of anguish and suspence, real life like. Diana's husband is off to war too and Anne is on the field looking for Gil when she finds Diana's husband wounded,he has to lose his arm.Anne gets them both to safety and works a job while Diana's husband adjusts,then Anne finds him safe passage home. During Anne's continued search to find Gil,who has been taken as a prisioner to doctor the enemies wounded,Anne runs into this famous author she had worked for in New York. He has taken on a French wife and they have a little boy together. He is trying to get them back to the states safe. He has to seperate from the woman and his child to later meet them. While Anne is trying to get the woman and child to safety the woman is fatally wounded, leaving Anne with the child. Anne stuggles to keep she and the child safe and alive until she is contacted by the father. She finds Gil and the father/author close together. While the four of them are on a train headed for home the father is shot and killed leaving the little boy for Anne and Gil to raise as their own. Of course there is much more, this is just some of the high points. It was a wonderful movie. And my movies came in great shape and the delivery was very fast! Very satisfied customer!...more info
  • The Best Part is When It's Over
    I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables ever since my mom recorded it on our VCR when it first aired on TV. I know it like the back of my hand and I always have enjoyed going back to it over the years. Those of you who identify with me, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE!

    First of all, yeah it's nice that they got the same actors to play Anne and Gil, but you feel so horrid seeing them literally 20 years older than when we last saw them, even though it's only supposed to be 5 years since they got engaged, so it's really hard to buy. You FEEL like they've had a 20 year engagement, and it feels sad. I got all nostalgic seeing Green Gables again, but then they have to go ruin it again with showing it inhabited by trash people and run down and neglected. No, no, no!

    I didn't feel a connection with Anne's character, either. I saw nothing of the girl that I knew. The things that she does doesn't feel or sound like what Anne would do. She seems kind of...glum.

    This movie is an empty husk of former brilliance, and I say shame on Sullivan for trampling over our memories of Anne.

    I literally had to watch both Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea to wash this out of my mind. ...more info
  • Has its faults, but not a bad film
    I enjoy the Anne of Green Gables films series, however this third installment to the film series, was somewhat disappointing. It was not a bad film, but I thought the plotting was bad. There was to many tragedies in this film, but I glad the film had a happy ending. Megan Follows was great as Anne Shirley. The first two films of the Anne of Green Gables film series were a lot better. but this third film had a lot of faults and poor plotting to the story. ...more info
  • Love the original actors, but the movie was AWFUL
    All the wonderful actors come back for this movie, and it's a terrible shame they were given this script and story line. It's just awful. If you were going to put the actors together, and have a budget for a movie of this size, why would you waste their time and your money to produce this sad thing? It doesn't follow a hint of the Anne story line, the dialog is really bad, and the story completely breaks apart in the second half of the film with spy plots, kidnapping threats, Anne almost choosing to make a life with another man, and back-stage WWI intrigue as the armistice was signed. I sat there going "WHAT??? Where did THAT come from?"

    The first half of the movie isn't horrible, and if you're a huge fan of the first movies, or the original actors, or the books...then it's probably worth it to see it, if only for the happy feelings of seeing Anne and Gilbert again. Yes, they're a lot older than they should be, but it's still great to see them. Just make sure you can sit down and suspect any expectations you have of what this movie "should" be like...because in the second half, it's all downhill.

    Mr. Sullivan, this movie is just sad. How awful that you wasted the chance to put these wonderful actors together again....and why would you choose to skip over the original storyline of Anne and Gilbert's first years together as a married couple? That story line, especially in "Anne's House of Dreams" has more genuine intrigue and emotion in one chapter than your screenplay did in the entire 3+ hours.

    ...more info
    It's been several years since I watched this movie on PBS for the first time. I can't tell you how excited I was to hear that the final part of the AGG Trilogy was finally here! I even convinced my husband to watch as he knew how much I loved the first two movies. Til this day, I still cringe at the memory of that first viewing. WHAT A TERRIBLE MOVIE!!! For some strange reason, Kevin Sulliven chose to completely abandon the books and concocted this cheap melodrama that has the most random and ridiculous story line. How completely tragic. My husband was also in complete disbelief at how bad this final movie was; he felt very sorry for me....more info
  • Anne Series
    Have always enjoyed this series as a child growing up with it. When I discovered that there was more to the series I just had to get my hands on it. The Actress Megan Follow I felt did a fantastic job maintainning her charter Anne. I was a bit confused about story line. But over all it was great to see the gang together again one last time. Even if it were ten years after they made the first series. ...more info
    this movie is TOTALLY OFF! and it skips a huge amount of time. the great world war (WWI) doesn't take place until Anne's kids are old enough to fight in tha war and get married. not when she and Gilbert are. so this story has nothing to do with that of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. if you've never read teh books, it's a pretty good story. b ut if you have, don't bother. i wont even let anyone in my family buy it for me even though they know it will complete my set. don't bother with it if you are a true L.M. Montgomery fan....more info
  • Just doesn't make sense
    An interesting observation I made, being a big fan of the "Avonlea" series, was that Kevin Sullivan addressed Anne and Gilbert's relationship when the Gilbert character appeared on the episode to attend Marilla Cuthberts funeral. There was mention that Anne was unable to attend because she and some of their brood was ill. So why would Kevin Sullivan write a totally different and unbelievable story in this third installment, in which the characters don't even fit into the time period? I'm sure he must asked himself that question as well. The fact he flunked on "Anne of Green Gables, The Continuing Story" production doesn't take away from the fact he produced two wonderful Anne of Green Gables productions and a great family friendly TV series based on Avonlea. "Wind at my Back" based on the Depression is also a great series. ...more info