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Silver Side Up
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Following Staind's footsteps, Nickelback make the personal public and vent a history of frustration and resentment to melodic hard rock. The band's second album, Silver Side Up, starts with "Never Again," an angry tirade against domestic violence that sheds light on the issue without too much sap or sentiment. The album's catchy radio hit "How You Remind Me" and the song "Woke Up This Morning" tell of rotting relationships, while other tracks touch on damaged hope and lost dreams. The post-grunge, alt-metal combo backing these songs packs as strong a punch as the lyrical material, going hard with lots of hooks. The additional slide guitar on "Hangnail" and sludgy, alt-metal riffs on "Hollywood," "Money Bought," and "Where Do I Hide" add a little meat to the alt-rock bones on Silver, elevating Nickelback above the heap of copycat rockers clogging the airwaves. --Jennifer Maerz

Japanese only SHM-CD (Super High Material CD - playable on all CD players) pressing. Includes one bonus track. Road Runner.

Customer Reviews:

  • really good!
    its really good no matter what ppl say! i guess you have to make your own decision but i have to say this its great! not the full 5 stars because it was played too much but its really worth the money this is a great cd...more info
  • I need more than a nickel back . . .
    I am a teenager, and since this product is marketed almost specifically to the teenage audience, I was immediately attracted to `Silver Side Up', this sophomore album from NICKELBACK. I thought "Never Again" was pretty stupid, liked "Too Bad" and loved, obviously, that massively overplayed "How You Remind Me". I read reviews that shed positive light on the record, and so I bought it. I was impressed. The songs were all well written and really durn cool . . . or, they were at first. But as time passed, I became less impressed and more annoyed. The songs kind of sounded all too much alike, so it was like one song that was written 10 times and was really durn overrated. Then I quit being annoyed, and the only logical step down was complete and utter hatred for this album. Almost all the songs follow the same disgusting formula:

    -Guitar intro
    -Verse 1
    -the Chorus
    -Verse 2
    -the Chorus once again
    -the Bridge
    -Verse 1, sung a second time

    And since EVERY SINGLE SONG follows this EXACT SAME FORMULA EVERY SINGLE TIME WITHOUT EVEN A CHANGE IN DYNAMICS OR SOUND AT ALL, it kinda takes the fun out of the song, the album, rock as a genre, music as an art-form, and just life in general. The only song I can listen to and enjoy is "Too Bad", but then I start thinkin "hey, maybe this album aint so bad after all . . ." and I try listening to more songs, which then leads me to an attempt of slitting my wrists with a thin-toothed comb or a mouse pad. My opinion of this record in a nutshell, is: "I need a heck-of-a-lot more than a nickel back for this atrocity."
    Which leads me to wonder why I feel so differently about their third release, `the Long Road'. Hmmmm . . ....more info

  • 3 Doors Down, Lifehouse, Evenesance & Skunk Anansie...
    Nickelback's "Silver side up" sounds more or less exactly like 3 Doors Down (with the big hit "Kryptonite"). If you are a big fan of 3 Doors Down, I bet you will go crazy over this one. Personally, I think the material is too much in the same vein and there's no song that really stand out from the rest even if it's alright most of the time. The musical approach reminds a bit of Evanescence and Lifehouse - even Skunk Anansie at times. I don't think Nickelback are that original and there are a lot of other bands playing this kind of music - maybe too many!...more info
  • Silver Side Up
    This is the only Nickleback CD that is a must have.
    It is Great!...more info
  • 5 Stars for Quality Post-Grunge
    One of several newer post-Grunge albums that receives mass denigration for being a complete copycat, but Silver Side Up stands out among its competitors. In reality, Nickelback's sophomore effort contains more consistency than most any post-Grunge classic (Sixteen Stone, 14:59, Third Eye Blind), but it still suffers from the same aliments as many quality albums do nowadays; undisciplined listeners simply download the absolute essentials in the major hits `How You Remind Me' and `Too Bad,' and thus leave the other eight tracks for the dogs. That's ludicrous, considering that these two tracks aren't even SSU's most handsome numbers. The monster riffs of the `Never Again' and `Just For' tragedies both surpass the singles in quality and memorable-ness, at least in my opinion. The acoustic opening and the nostalgic, opera-like tales of the closing `Good Times Gone' make the track one of the best of Nickelback's rollercoaster career, a true deep-cut that will be found by diehard fans in the future. I admit that tracks six through nine sound a little too similar for total praise, but that doesn't mean that the music here drops in quality by any means. All four songs generously offer something a little different while still carrying a thematic presence, eliminating filler allegations. I only hope that Silver Side Up will eventually get the appreciation it deserves; This is Nickelback's best effort, little to no filler, more consistent than both The Long Road and All The Right Reasons, and Chad Kroeger's finest vocal performance. Maybe I'm a little misguided, but I enjoy this listen more than the likes of Enema Of The State, OK Computer, and even later Oasis (my favorite band!). My favorite from a strong '01 class (JEW, Morning View, Toxicity, Break The Cycle, Hoobastank, The Green Album). ...more info
  • Hard Work Lands Silver Side Up
    Nickelback is one of those bands that critics and "real music" fans hate, while their fans lap it up in droves. To me, they are the typical saga of a hard-working road-warrior band that finally grabbed the brass ring. Listening to "Silver Side Up" drives the 'bar band makes good' tag home, with a caveat inserted...I pretty much like this album.

    Granted, Nickelback distills their favorite bands into an easily digestible sound. Soundgarden and Alice In Chains seem likely contributors, but in my heart, this reaches back to all the travelling bands of the 80's like Reo Speedwagon, Head East or BTO from the 70's. Singer Chad Kroeger has a distinctive if not very distinguished voice, the songs are generic grunge-lite, and the band throws in "issues" to make themselves relevant. When the lead song on your album is a chord bashing revenge song about an abused spouse who fights back, well, it ain't your typical party anthem stuff.

    However, that happens to be the best thing here (and when you remind yourself that the followup The Long Road's "Figured You Out" is a song about debasing someone sexually, it seems off-kilter), and the album soon begins to sound like the same song 9 different ways. That's not to say that Nickelback is bad, they stand out from most of the early century grungettes (Staind, Puddle Of Mudd, Incubus, etc) that seem to think sounding heavy substitutes for good songwriting. And if there's one thing this band has a knack for, it is laying down a hook, over and over. Both "How You Remind Me" and "Too Bad" deal in sour topics (a cynical break-up and growing up without a father) while sticking to the roof of your brain.

    So critical and snobs be dammed. "Silver Side Up" matters most to the folks that buy CD's. In a time when hardly anyone, even the heavy hitters, can sell past gold, Nickelback (along with Daughtry) was one of the very few rock acts to go multi-platinum in 2007. From the POV of the jury of purchasing peers, their workmanlike chops and rock-cum-pop sense gets the last laugh....more info
  • are you kidding me?
    this is the worst kind of rock out there. cookie cutter grunge rock made to sell lots of records. I dont think these guys take themselves as serious as some of the fans who gave this album good reviews. they just trying to cash in....more info
  • I prefer this one - against all others!
    This CD makes NICKELBACK famous - worldwide. And i can only agree with other customers. It's still the best! The Real Thing - because of tracks like "HOW YOU REMIND ME" and my all-time favourite "TOO BAD". It hits you like a hammer! That are burners! Because of that 4* - The rest is trash!

    All other albums haven't got a soul - every single repeats itself. In a very few moments Chad can get a hit (for example only in corporation WITH SANTANA "INTO THE NIGHT" 2007). But that's it! I LIKE NICKELBACK VERY MUCH, but every artist had TOP CLASS times - now (in 2008) it's going down... Mainstream - making money as much as you can...

    WHEN YOU LIKE NICKELBACK AT IT'S BEST - TAKE THIS ONE... (from 2001). This album contains the hot stuff.

    PS: Nickelback is a very good live-band too! I can only say watch on YouTube NICKELBACK "TOO BAD" or "HOW YOU REMIND ME" LIVE AT >>ROCK AM RING<< 2004 - Eifel, Nuerburgring - (FESTIVAL IN GERMANY) and you know what i mean......more info
  • Look At The Silver Side First
    Yeah, yeah, those of you who know me(if not check my profile) you know I am a big tme Heavy Metal fan, but i really loe this album, infact, some of the music could actually be described as Heavy Metal, the rest is mostly hard rock. I really reccomend this to anyone, this is definitely NickelBack's best cd, the hardest i've ever heard by them. Please, don't overlook this album just because it's rock man, any [Hard] Rock or Heavy Metal fan is gobba love this album....more info
  • You get what you pay for--it's only a nickel
    Once,when I was working,I had only this album&a couple of others to listen to.For some reason,I didn't go for Nickelback.It's just a lot of groaning&whining.This isn't worth anyone's time or money.I'm happy with my world music collection,and I'm glad I haven't spent a cent on Nickelback.Every song SOUNDS THE SAME!!!!!...more info
  • the best hard rock I ever heard!
    When I saw Nickelback's add for this on TV, I thought they were one of those soft bands, judging by their choice of album art. I judged the book by its cover, or in this case, the CD cover. Boy, was I wrong! This is great stuff man! I sang how you remind me at school and everyone just loved it. It is such a great song. It is my favourite song on the album. The reason why I'm only giving it four stars is because they aren't as good as Green Day and I gave Green Day five stars. No band or single artist is as good as Green Day.

    So you should check this out. They write great songs, and I haven't heard a single song by them I don't like so far.

    And as for mullet "guess im wasting my time writing a review :)", what are you on about? If you do not think fans of this band have been exposed to very much music, then you're wrong. I watch a musical every week, and I listen to loads of music. I take the subject at school. So maybe you wanna think about that statement again....more info
  • No rhythm no melody just noise
    This is nothing but head banging noise. There is no rhythm
    and no melody to this music at all and yet you yahoos
    like it. It is just loud and noisy and that's all. There is
    not one tune you can hum to or even sing along to.
    No wonder the music business is losing money....more info
  • Good or Bad?
    You've gotta love how you remind me and never again. They rock. But it's songs like Just for and Too Bad that make it worse. You may have a totally different oppinion. I mean I like the cd and all, it's just a few songs that are kinda bad. They really rock it out on how you remind me and Never Again, which is my favorite. I still say you wouldn't be wasting money if you bought this cd. Oh yeah! Check out number 6 on this cd, called Hollywood. Great song. See more of my reviews on Linkin Park's Meteora and Hybrid Theory. See ya later rock fans!...more info
  • Solid rocker with a message
    Recently started listening to Nickelback. Great songs with messages behind each song about the problems affecting our society today. From drug and alcohol abuse to domestic voilence to cheating these songs cover issues that matter and are sung with emotion and feeling. Two of the best songs are "Too Bad" about a father and son relationship that goes sour and "Hangnail" about a breakup between a couple. "How You Remind Me" and the song "Woke Up This Morning" tell about other bad relationships. Other songs talk about broken hope and lost dreams. ...more info
  • Ugh
    I came here specifically to vent. If I hear "How You Remind Me" on the radio one more time, I might throw the radio out the window. This is the most mediocre, overplayed band I have heard since...since...well, since the crapfest known as The Gin Blossoms....more info
  • Rock and a hard place
    Most of the time I listen to a singer or group a few times, buy an album, and then can form my opinions right there. Nickelback took me a while. They have a lot of great radio hits, they're as vanilla-mainstream as Microsoft and Blockbuster Video (maybe even more so given how much BV is struggling), and they're both loved and hated to a ridiculous extent. I couldn't see any reason not to get one of their albums, so I got one. (Don't remember why I chose Silver Side Up in particular; all I know was that it sounded more promising than their debut.)

    It wasn't until listening all the way through (several times, mainly because I kept tuning flag right there) that I realized the problem. You ready? Here it is:

    They're just not an album band.

    They have the creativity and talent for big, even huge singles (Someday and If Everyone Cared are fantastic), but that's about it, and as a result each album has a *lot* of filler. There is some merit to the frequent complaint that "everything they do sounds the same", as they're not capable of much more than making slight tweaks to what worked.

    I count no less than four filler tracks in Silver Side Up: Hangnail, Hollywood, Money Bought, Too Bad. Additionally, Where Do I Hide and Woke Up This Morning are virtually interchanagable. And Never Again deserves special mention for being about a very serious subject (domestic) that sounds like it was composed by a 5th grader. Seriously, haphazardly jumping between two incredibly repetitive stanzas does *not* belong in a commercially released album.

    Get How You Remind Me and ditch the rest of this joyless exercise....more info
  • nickelback...silver side up
    this is a great product. received in great condition. received in a timely manner....more info
  • A simple comment
    Commenter "Weak and Weary" obviously hasn't listened to ANY music if he thinks Nickelback is a boring "verse, chorus, verse" band. Ever hear the Beatles??? What about Nirvana?! What about ANY band you hear?! I'm not saying they're boring, I'm saying they all use the verse-chorus-verse style. And geez, are THEY boring?? No. The Beatles will be remembered forever as one of the greatest bands of all time. As will Nirvana. If nothing else, Nickelback will be known for the most played song ("How You Remind Me") of, I believe, 2002. :)...more info
  • just terrible
    I looked like the guy on the album cover while listening to this cd. I cried because it was way too painful to listen to this crap. People, go listen to some good music... and no that doesn't mean radiohead. Radiohead sucks. a lot. So if you like radiohead AND nickelback, you're a total dipshi?....more info
  • Nirvana Rip Offs
    when i look at these guys all i can think of is Nirvana "is that such a bad thing" no it isnt............but the difference between Nirvana and Nikelback is Nikelback sucks major ass they are just mainstream rockers that want to be famous allt he time.......i hate bands like that i mean being on mainstream is cool but to sell out and hear your song on the radio 30 million times is hella annoying i mean damn enough is enough.look at it this way Tool is mainstream rock sorta not really but they dont outplay tool songs because Tool kicks ass thats why yeah thats right Nikelback you loser poser whining pieces of crap learn your lesson and back off that mic you cant sing worth crap and the guitars are just lame the drums are stupid everything about Nikelback sucks and for people who like this are retarded i mean it just sucks there might be like 4 seconds worth of something that is atcually good one one song and thats not saying much crappy band trsut me...more info
  • lukey2be_free
    Nickel Back has done it again, with their album Silver Side Up, another great hit. Their song "How You Remind Me" was nominated for record of the yearat the 2003 Grammy Awards. "Never Again" is a discription of demestic violence. Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake(vocals, guitar); Mike Kroeger (bass); Ryan "Nik" Vikedal (drums)make this band ROCK!!! Silver Side Up is an awesome follow up to The State ending with the taken acustic-meets-electric track of "Good Times Gone"...more info
  • Go Nickelback
    Amazing this is the best Nickelback cd ever the song How you Remaind me is the i'm so glad they are on the top chart uh won of the best chart toppers I love this band I love the songs I love the muic videos I love the Alblum's Ilove the music Please support this cd thank uou...more info
  • Impressive!
    Usually, you can't get me to touch any kind of hard rock. After seeing all these kids driving around with their radio volume set on seismic boom, let's just say it really put me off. However, after listening to this CD, I found myself not only liking the music, but the some of the lyrics too. I especially like "Never Again" and "How You Remind Me." In "Never Again" I applaud them. The line "Father is a name you haven't earned yet/ You're just a child with a temper" is completely correct! In "How You Remind Me," I enjoy both lyrics and tune. Believe me, check it out. Like I said, I usually NEVER touch any hard rock. (though please keep the volume down. You should be able to hear it well enough without causing a 6.5 earthquake)...more info
  • Excellent CD
    I've listened to this CD over and over again. Every song is excellent! It is rare to find a CD where every song is great. This CD is a rare find!...more info
  • So Bad It Makes my ears Bleed
    Where to start...ok, these guys are obviously pearl jam wannabes who are bad at what they do. pearl jam isn't even good to begin with so why they copy them i dont know. all these songs sound the exact same! they are also all about pretty much the same thing. why they have fans, i dont know. i actually went out and bought this cd, i brought it home and listened to it, then burnt it.

    horrible, if i could give it negative stars i would....more info
  • This Is Quality Hard Rock...
    A friend gave me this album as a birthday present. I didn't have any Nickelback CDs yet, but I liked the band in songs like 'How You Remind Me'.
    I was totally impressed by this CD's quality. It may not be a masterpiece, but it's real good, totally worth your money, if you're asking yourself if you should buy it or not.
    I don't listen to much rock, but this really caught my attention with songs like 'How You Remind Me', 'Too Bad' (best in the album) and 'Good Times Gone', who finnishes the album with a great message (the song tells about a guy who's trying to find his lost good times).
    Not too heavy, so it's just as I like. I recommend this to any music fan who reads me now at Buy it without worries, you'll enjoy it....more info
  • Pretty good but there are better bands.
    Silver Side Up is one of Nickelback's finest albums. However, I do agree with others that say a lot of their songs are repetitive and sound alike. If you want to hear some truly astounding music, just pick up Master of Puppets by Metallica. ...more info
  • Not good in the long run
    I've owned this cd for a while now, and I haven't listened to it in at least a year. I liked it the first few months I owned it, but I look back and I realized that the whole second half of the album is at best average and forgettable. I still like the first 4 tracks, 3 of which were turned into radio singles. I like the Long Road a lot more right now...I recommend it over this cd if you want more variety. But to each his own....more info
  • Makes me wish I didn't have ears.
    Whenever I hear these singles on the radio, I want to gouge my ears with an ice pick just so I never have to hear another Nickelback song. I flip through 4 stations and sometimes all 4 are playing Nickelback(or someone trying to sound like them). If this is the sound of this generation, then music is dead....more info
  • Stay Away! Look For Better!
    OK, to get one thing straight, I usually don't like music that everybody else does because people like stuff that requires no thinking or creativity. And also, I hate this guitar tone. Overall, this CD really disappointed me. All of the songs had really simple riffs glued together by heavy vocals. Overview:

    Never Again: 7/10 Not bad. The second best on the album. Flows well. Pretty thoughtful with a set of lyrics that actually mean something, even if what they mean isn't really that good of a topic for me.

    How You Remind Me: 8/10 Best on the album. Also flows well, but really simple riffs and very heavy on the vocals. I love the little drum fill he does.

    Woke Up This Morning: 6/10 Not so good. Kinda catchy but very glued.

    Too Bad: 6/10 Not too bad. Seems to be pretty popular.

    Just For: 7/10 Angry. Kinda cool, but could be so much better.

    Hollywood: 5/10 Ooh, the pain. It sucks so bad! So stupidly simple. A ten year old could come up with the main riff in this piece of junk. If the lyrics mean anything, then you must have a great imagination.

    Money Bought: 5/10 Sooo simple. I could play this sleepwalking in a tar pit by accident. Can't they think of anything better? Yes. Find a different album instead. Still, i can't help but liking the "solo" in this song.

    Where Do I Hide: 5/10 Could be worse. (This CD proves that.)

    Hangnail: 6/10 dumb, yet mildly entertaining. He plays a good harmonic in the bridge.

    Good Times Gone: 5/10 What is this? a country band? Definately NOT my style.

    Avoid this album. Amazon is a great place to find all kinds of real good music. Use it to get that music, not this!...more info

  • Dont mind the moron reviews, Theses guys are BAD ASS !!!
    As soon as I popped this CD in the player, I KNEW it was one band that sounded like nothing I have ever heard before. I am a HUGE music fan, I have over 700 CD's and this cd sounds nothing like anything I have in my collection. Strait ahead rock and roll with a great vocal sound. Chad and the boys are tight and very good at what they do. You guys that say they suck probably listen to Morbid Angel and Kind Diamond!!!!!! Get a life, and a new sence or talent while your at it. If you like kick ass, tight, driving, strong music, buy this CD, trust me....more info
  • A good album for Nickelback fans...
    For Nickelback fans, one to have in your collection....more info