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Product Description

Who Reads Lucky?
Lucky magazine is the only magazine devoted exclusively to shopping and style. A pioneer in the fashion magazine field, it provides women who are passionate about shopping with a broad range of the best styles and products out there--but a tight edit of the pieces that are worth a second look. As the voice of a friend in the know, Lucky makes fashion and beauty fun and accessible for everyone, showcasing what to wear and how to wear it.

The magazine features gorgeous photography and an endless array of product shots--and every item comes with how-to-get it-right-now information next to its photo (pricing, website, phone number, store location). Readers don’t have to flip to the back of the book to read the fine print on how much something costs--and they can buy it right then and there. It’s all about instant gratification. Lucky also shows readers a variety of price pointsa??you’ll see a pair of $300 shoes next to a $30 pair.

Lucky’s editors offer real-life women advice on how to wear the latest trends in a way that’s flattering and right for their shape and size: they don’t assume one size or trend fits all. It’s all about accessibility, and remembering that fashion is supposed to be fun, not stressful. There’s also advice on how to "shop your own closet": you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe each seasona??just a few key pieces and styling tricks can turn a summer piece into a fall one.

Since Lucky’s launch in December 2000, circulation has rocketed from 500,000 to over 1.1 million, proving to be one of the most successful launches in Conde Nast history.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
A Month of Outfits

  • What I Want Now!: Editors’ monthly picks.
  • Style Spy: The latest trends, talent, and fashion news
  • Lucky How-to: Smart finds, figure fixes, styling tips and advice.
  • Shoes of the Month: Why we like them, and how to wear them.
  • Basics: An ideal look for right now, from head to toe
  • My Foolproof Outfit: A real-life woman in a cool job tells us the outfit that she comes back to again and again, and why
  • Her Way: Our cover model’s favorite fashion and beauty picks
  • Fashion Babble: Creative Director Andrea Linett’s current cravings.
  • Beauty Spy: New products, great ideas, and easy looks, focusing on making beauty accessible to all readers.
  • Shopping Report: Round up of new stores, incredible finds, secret sources around the country and online.
  • Shopping Trip: Guides to the best boutiques in cities around the world. Recent spots include Atlanta, Melbourne, Sydney, and Portland, OR.
  • Lucky Breaks: Exclusive deals, discounts, and giveaways on clothing, accessories, beauty, and home d??cor from retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue,, Barney’s New York, and Old Navy.
Recent feature articles include:
  • Mammoth Shoe and Bag Guides: twice a year, we show you the best shoe and bag trends, and pages of pages of everyone’s favorite must-have accessories.
  • Under $100 Guide: A summer’s worth of style, all at can’t-beat pricing.
  • 30 Days of Outfits: How to build a month’s worth of foolproof outfits with just a few key pieces.
  • Spring and Fall Fashion and beauty trends.
  • Styling tips and trends from the runway.
  • Girls on the Street: we go to a different city a few times a year, bring a rack of the season’s clothes and accessories, and ask real women to stop and pull their favorite looks.

Magazine Layout:
Every page of Lucky is packed full of gorgeous fashion, beauty and home finds, all shown in an appealing way and with explanations and descriptions of why our editors are loving them. It’s very easy to navigate and friendly, clean design, and not at all off-putting or intimidating. The models look like real people--not scary-thin or scowly. Plus, many of Lucky’s editors are photographed for the magazine every month--to show how the items look like on real people, and to help the readers feel a connection with the staff of Lucky.

Click on any image below to see select pages from Lucky:

"Evening at its Easiest"

"Lucky How-To"

"The Season’s Best Looks for Under $100"

"The Season’s Best Looks for Under $100"

"Metallic Sandals"

"What I Want Now!"

"My Foolproof Outfit"

"Beauty Spy: Cherry-Punch Lips"

Kim France, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky, was Editor-at-Large at Spin when Conde Nast selected her to develop Lucky magazine. Before that, she was a Senior Editor and then Deputy Editor at New York magazine. France began her impressive career at 7 Days and later moved to Sassy as a staff writer. She has also covered entertainment for Elle and contributed to numerous publications, including Rolling Stone, Allure, The New York Times Book Review and Magazine, Mademoiselle, Harper's Bazaar, and The Village Voice.

Andrea Linett, Creative Director of Lucky, worked her way up through the fashion department at Sassy to become the Fashion and Beauty Editor there. She has also worked as a fashion writer at Harper’s Bazaar and as a freelance stylist.

Past Issues:

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Lucky takes the intimidation factor out of dressing! It reminds readers in an accessible, down-to-earth voice that fashion is supposed to be fun. Readers can shop each page of Lucky and feel confident that the editors have combed the fashion and beauty landscape to come up with the perfect finds--in a variety of price points.

The majority of advertisers are fashion and beauty, but categories run the gamut--automotive, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical, entertainment, food & beverage, etc. The ratio of edit to ad is roughly 50-50.

Since its launch, Lucky has won a slew of industry awards, including Adweek’s "Startup of the Year" in 2001, and Ad Age’s "Magazine of the Year" in 2003. Lucky has also been featured three times each on both Adweek’s "Hot List" and Ad Age’s "A List."

Customer Reviews:

  • Be Careful of the "free subscription" BEWARE !!!!!!
    I was offered this magazine as a "free subscription" for being a good Amazon customer.

    In addition to being bombarded with emails for other magazines I was also registered for an Email Discount Networks service that placed a $15 bill on my phone bill. Still not sure how I OK'd that but I got it stopped with a phone call.

    Anyway whether they are free or discounted, beware of ordering magazines on Amazon. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Fahion and shopping, without the silly articles...
    If you are looking for a magazine full of insightful articles on global affairs, this is not it. Thankfully, I was looking for a magazine full of pictures illustrating what's in fashion at this moment, where to buy it, and how to wear it. "Lucky" did the trick. I do not have a natural talent/eye for fashion. Yet, with the help and inspiration I find in "Lucky", I feel I am able to sustain a reputation as a well dressed person (at the same time staving off that frumpy look that so many women tend to adopt with the onset of middle age...). Two thumbs up and many thanks to the editors!
    (Four stars only, as I would like to see more fashions specifically for the 30's/40's set)...more info
  • Shopshop
    Ok, first of all, to settle the skinny-model debate, truth is that fashions spreads are shot way before they appear in the magazine so only samples of the clothes are available then. Fashion samples come exclusively in sizes 5 to 7 (or used to last time I checked) so it takes a model that is a 5 to 7 to model them. Also, in Lucky's defense I have to say that A LOT of their fashion pictures feature only the clothes laid out with no one wearing them, but anyway...

    As far as the magazine goes, I enjoy it. Since it devotes itself entirely to shopping, it gives great advice on fashion, beauty, and home decorating. To be honest with you, I'd become disillusioned with other magazines as far as fashion went (No Cosmo, sadly I don't wear green satin gym short shorts with stilettos to the office) and the fashion Lucky presents seems far more real. True, I still find the occasional "I'd never wear that" item but mostly I find great tips for dressing either up or down, office or weekend. It's great. More than anything, it works amazingly well as a shopping companion what with some more affordable stores are coming out with great items, Lucky along with its "Yes" and "Maybe?" tags is great to take along and copy a few looks for a lot less. Some people have given some very negative reviews but they should realize that this magazine works as a guide, not a rulebook.

    The Beauty section is good but not great and certainly not that different from Beauty sections found in any other magazine of this type. I'm not gonna remark so much on it except I enjoy the previews of new products.

    The home decorating part I really enjoy. For the most part, the looks they propose are neutral and pretty Still, they find a few looks that are more daring and I'm certain a lot of people are eager to try. No matter the looks you choose, decorating in this manner is way easy to emulate at home.

    With so many areas where to glean useful advice, this is agreat all-around magazine. Obviously if you don't enjoy shopping, this is not the maagzine for you but still fun to look at. Whether you enjoy following its advice or taking it shopping with you or not, Lucky makes for a well-rounded shopping chica!...more info
  • Never showed up
    I placed the order over a month ago and I still haven't received it. I placed another magazine order at the same time, and that one was delivered last week. ...more info
  • Feeling Lucky?
    I would just like to say that you should not listen to the people who rated this great magazine so low. Lucky does an awesome job of showing us what is hot for the current season.
    1) It DOES NOT just show skinny models in the in-style clothes, they have plenty of sections that are products only.
    2) For those who criticise the price of the items they show, you can also use Lucky as a guide when you go shopping so you can see the styles in cheaper brands.
    3) For those of you who want articles and something to read, then obviously a magazine called "the magazine all about shopping" is not for you, so it is not right to rate the magazine so low....more info
  • better than a catalog
    I love catalogs. I could spend hours paging through urban outfitters and jcrew, dogearing pages and assembling imaginary outfits. I know it's sick. But what else do I really have to do. It's like window shopping from the comfort of the couch. And that is exactly what Lucky is.

    There really is no content other than ads for clothes and other girly products, whether they are magazine features or honest-to-god ads. All the better, I say. It just means there aren't any so-called "articles" on 50 ways to please your man to flip past. I want to please me, and those Steve Madden pumps are just the way to do it. This sounds really sad, I know, and somewhere deep in my brain my eighteen-year-old, politically-aware, punk-listening self is screaming in agony. But the twenty-eight-year-old self rules and I admit that I care how I look now. A lot. Ok, so I'm shallow. Whatever.

    I disagree with those who say that Lucky shows only expensive clothes. They regularly show a selection of similar styles ranging from Marc Jacobs on down to the Gap and Ann Taylor Loft. I'm pretty sure I've seen some stuff from Target in there too. I haven't renewed my subscription yet, but I'm sure I will. ...more info
  • Attention Female Shoppers
    This magazine is a product of CondeNet publishing and it is aimed at the younger female market, roughly from ages 18 to 30. This publication is a shopper's paradise, with more advertising than most any other magazine on the market.

    I got a complimentary subscription to this magazine one day and I accepted, not only because it was free, but also because I really didn't know it was a woman's fashion magazine. With a title like "Lucky", there were all sorts of possibilities. It could have been about gambling, sweepstakes, or about getting lucky. I didn't know it was a woman's magazine, so I accepted it. And from what I can see, this magazine is one of average worth to the average person and it will appeal mostly to younger women.

    Fashion covers a good amount of the magazine's 200 plus pages. Beauty tips are another important area of coverage. It is also common to see samples of different products inside the pages of each issue. Things like perfume samples, shampoo, and other things can be found buried somewhere within each copy. The coverage includes casual as well as high- class clothing and beauty products, with most of it falling at the upper end of the cost scale.

    If you can tolerate the clogging of advertisements, this magazine might be a good choice for the younger female crowd that likes to keep in- tune with the latest styles and trends. Outside of that targeted market, however, I don't see much use for Lucky magazine. The photography is very good and the presentation is professional, but the magazine will likely be rated average by a large cross- section of the population.

    ...more info