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Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical (Silver)
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Product Description

Reliable optical technology combined with an innovative scroll wheel that acts as a third button sets Logitech's 904353-0403 Trackman Wheel Optical apart from ordinary trackball mice. Patented optical technology provides superior precision, reduced wear, and smooth motion, and eliminates the need for regular cleaning. The scroll wheel provides easy scrolling and the added convenience of an extra mouse button, enabling you to jump easily to your favorite Web sites. The ball is ideally positioned for thumb operation, and the comfortable shape of the mouse allows for strain-free extended use. Its smaller size also saves desk space, reduces hand and wrist movement, and plugs very easily into your system's USB or PS/2 port. Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh systems.

1.With a sleek design and intuitive placement of the ball, scroll wheel, and buttons, the TrackMan Wheel is perfect for long hours of use. It fits comfortably in your right hand and delivers smooth, ultra-precise tracking through Logitechs optical Marble technology. And because it records motion optically instead of with mechanical parts, theres no need for regular cleaning.2.A comfortable, space-saving design for your right hand , Three customizable buttons and a scroll wheel ,WebWheel software to enhance Internet browsing ,Easy to install and set up

  • Bulk/Retail - Retail
  • Connectivity - USB&PS2
  • Color - N/A

Customer Reviews:

  • outstanding trackball
    The side mounted track ball system really makes a difference in using it. The mouse buttons are easier to use this way and the thumb control of the ball is easy (some retraining of my thumb had to be done). This saves some of my realistate on my small desk and allows full use of the system....more info
  • Awesome!
    Well I've had this mouse for a few months now and used it countless hours. I must say that I've had no issues with the trackball, it's precise and tracks very well and the mouse is also very comfortable.

    I highly recommend the Trackman Wheel mouse. The only thing that was difficult was training myself to roll a ball with my thumb instead of using my arms. It only took me a few hours to learn how to use it somewhat effectively but it took a few weeks before it felt natural to use. Your learning experience may differ though. ...more info
  • Logitech Trackman Mouse
    Logitech has good products and love the trackball style. I just wear them out too fast. I'm on my fourth or fifth trackball in four years. The other trackballs were not necessarily from Logitech so don't assume that there are defects in Logitech products....more info
  • Great product, slow delivery
    The title says it all. Great product, expect unusually slow delivery. The trackman wheel is a super mouse for a laptop, since it doesn't require a desk or a flat surface. If you have good digital dexterity, you'll love it....more info
  • Trackman
    The items are terrific, except that I was expecting all silver. Nonetheless,they are great....more info
  • Logitech Trackman
    I received the product promptly. I purchased it to replace my 1995 Marble Mouse. The new one works as great as the old one except it has a wheel in the middle instead of another button. You can program the wheel to do different operations. I use it for scrolling. The nice thing about the new one is that you do not have to remove the ball to clean the circuits. It does it automatically....more info
  • The Logictech trackman wheel - silver
    I just love this version of the Logictech trackball. Your thumb rests on the trackball and there is a wheel and two buttons on the top. There is no wrist fatigue and it is quite concise control with this gadget. I would rate this product a perfect "10."...more info
  • Mac Users Beware!
    Mac users: be careful before buying this product! After installing the software on my Mac (OS 10.4), and after spending much time with Logitech tech support, I was told that the software is not compatible with Mac OS 10. The device will perform basic functions only....more info
  • A comfortable workhorse
    Comfortable under my hand, sensitive and easy to clean (yet not so easy that I need to worry about the ball rolling off) this is my mouse of choice, and I own several. I do wish the wireless version was comparable, but that's no reflection on this version....more info
  • love it
    I have had this mouse for years and years. Mine finally gave out and I purchased a newer model with the ball in the middle. It was not the same. My hand hurt right away. I then purchased a regular mouse that hurt it even more. So I am now going to buy my favorite mouse and am never going to switch again....more info
  • Been using this style mouse for years
    I love this mouse! It cuts down on wrist strain and tendonitis that can often occur for me with heavy computer use. I am a designer working many hours on the computer and have bought several of these over the years to have one ready at each work station that I may use. Non-trackball users have a hard time jumping in and using the device to browse around if they aren't used to the device, but I find it much easier and more comfortable! I've been using the Trackman Mouse since 1997....more info
  • Great Trackball
    This asymmetric trackball mouse is comfortable and easy to use for medium to large right-hands, sorry small-handed lefties! It's programmability allows for operational flexability; like anything else, read the manual first! Great for right-hand dominant people.

    The deal for it wasn't too bad either!

    ...more info
  • perfect for a small (or untidy!) space
    I first bought one of these years ago for my desktop pc, in large part because I had little room on the desk top for a regular mouse and mouse pad. I loved it immediately. When I bought a lap top, I discovered I disliked the pad meant for moving the cursor, and thought about this. I considered a wireless version but practicality steered me toward a second wired version, as the price difference is considerable. I'm very happy with my choice. It's easy to learn how to manipulate the ball, easy to clean it. I'll never go back to a traditional mouse....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I could not live without my Trackman. I have one for home and one for the office....more info
  • An excellent pointing device
    The Logitech Trackman Wheel is an excellent pointing device. I have owned several, both wired and wireless, over the past nine years or so and have been well satisfied. Using one's thumb to move the ball is very precise and having the pointing device stationary reduces the space needed on the desk....more info
  • Trackman Wheeled trackball Mouse (wired)
    I have a Microsoft trackball wheeled mouse of the same design on my other computer, and I love it. I have become spoiled to not having to move the mouse around and re-adjusting it back onto the pad. Logitech has always had great products, and I felt confident in choosing them for my replacement mousing needs. I have not been disappointed! The product arrived on time, and in perfect order. ...more info
  • The Best - Will NEVER use a mouse again
    I've been using this trackball for several years now and am completely satisfied with it. In fact, I've gotten them for my sister, my mother and two friends of mine who were looking for an alternative to the standard 'rat'. In each and every case my friends have told me this trackball is far superior to any mouse they've ever used. It doesn't require a pad, doesn't move around (much) and so doesn't get it's cord tangled up, and can be used in either a PS2 mouse port (comes with a USB-PS2 adaptor) or a USB port. It's completely configurable via the included driver and works absolutely great. Since the cursor movement system is optical there are no little wheels to break or wear out, and I've yet to have any sort of failure out of the microswitches or the center scroll wheel (and I use mine several hours every day)....more info
  • Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical Mouse
    The product works great and was delivered on time. It was suggested by her chiropractor to avoid the shoulder and neck pain she got from using a regular mouse for extended periods of time....more info
  • Fantastic Trackball
    I've used several Logitech trackballs over the years, and this is the best one I've ever used.

    My main complaint with trackballs is the buildup of gunk and oil on the ball degrading performance. Having used this one on a regular basis for a few months now that has not been a problem. The trackball is as responsive as the day I got it without ever having to clean the ball.

    My family has one desktop PC and two laptops, and they all have a Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical....more info
  • As close to a Perfect Trackball as you get
    I have been using this model since it was originally released and have never found any other trackball type mouse easier or better to use. It is also extremly durable, standing up to 4 years of constant use before the buttons began to start slipping a little, requiring you to simply hold them down tighter. Double thumbs up for this little forgotten gem....more info
  • why this one is better than the wireless Trackman...
    most people who buy the Trackman already know the comfort and accuracy of the wheel versus a traditional mouse, so, usually the debate is should I get the wireless or the corded? I've used the wireless for maybe 4 or 5 years now, and although it works, I finally got sick of connection issues and the impending feeling of when is the battery going to die?? whenever the mouse movement got jittery, it was always, "o.k., is it the computer, do I have to reconnect? is it the battery??"...and it becomes this cycle of checking the connection, inserting and re-inserting the battery, connecting and reconnection, putting a new battery in and reconnecting, and after years and years, it will drive you crazy!

    and the bottom often are you truly that far away from your computer? how good is your long distance vision? whether you're using a laptop or desktop, you're usually never that far away from the actual USB connection to the computer and definitely not that far if you're using it on a laptop. the cord on this is plenty long for most people's computer setup, and really, how many people have a monitor cord that will exceed the length of a typical mouse cord? save yourself the hassle, quit polluting the planet with dead batteries, and buy the corded mouse....more info
  • Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical (Silver)
    This is the only mouse I will use. I'm a heavy computer user and the Trackman provides the most comfort I've found. Easy to maintain, durable and long lasting. Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical (Silver)...more info
  • No more shoulder pain!!!
    I am an IT guy and a devoted gamer. Use to stay in front of a computer more than 12 hours per day (avg.)

    It was just matter of time and I start having heavy pain in my shoulder, upper arm, neck and the back of head.

    My physician told me that was a "muscle stress" and we found out that the pain increases proportionally to the mouse usage.

    I was reading a lot about this trackball due to the gaming and healthy part and guess what? After having it for a couple of weeks, my shoulder and upper arm pain is practically gone, no more headaches!

    Very nice and functional (very effective) product.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Logitech Trackman Wheel Option
    Fantastic product. I was fit to be tied with my spastic optical mouse. The cursor would fly off in any direction w no warning. The Logitech mouse is easy to use, quick to learn, and works like a charm!!!...more info
  • Pretty Good for the money
    I dont do any CAD just regular mousing.

    Pros: A good design. I find it comfortable and the button locations feel natural. Rolling the ball with my thumb is very comfortable too.

    Cons. The construction is adequate but not high quality. The buttons have a rather cheap feel and the supports for the ball are nylon which will wear out perhaps in a year, in my case. But the trackball doesnt cost much and replacing it once a year is not bad. The ball had a gritty feel when it rolled and was hard to place accurately with the cursor speed set to high. A squirt of silicon lube cured that. This device is NOT programmable under Vista and Logitech does not supply any software to allow this either. However, there is plenty of freeware available that will do the job....more info
  • Best track ball mouse
    I have had other mice with the track ball on top which quickly proved difficult to use for long periods of time. This is my second Logitech trackman with the roller ball for the thumb. I will buy another one when this one dies. Great product for those who are on the computer for long periods of time.
    ...more info
  • Better than a mouse!
    I see that I'm hardly unique here. Like others who've posted reviews already, I bought my Logitech Trackman Marble back in 1995 or so when I bought my first Windows PC.

    So when I went GUI, like many of you, it seemed to me like a totally dumb idea to move a mouse around a desktop. It made much more sense to me to keep your hand on a stationary peripheral.

    At the time, the Logitech Trackman Marble was the only game in town if you wanted a trackball. This simple inexpensive little peripheral has outlived countless computers and has served me well for over ten years! Wow!

    So I was beside myself when some books on the shelf above my computer slipped and knocked a cup of Pepsi over my keyboard and Trackman last week. The keyboard? Eh! Keyboards are the proverbial dime a dozen these days. Big whoop. But my Trackman! I was frozen in terror. Do they still make trackballs? Or have mice totally won over? Or are they all ambidextrous now with the ball in the middle to appease lefties? I'm so used to using my thumb to roll the ball that I don't think I could get used to an ambidextrous trackball (and contrary to what others have said, I'm so comfortable using this type of trackball that I can frag in Unreal with the best of 'em using my thumb to aim with)! to the rescue! Much to my relief, Logitech still sells a Trackman trackball. The styling is a little more modern and "swoopy," but the design is essentially unchanged in 10+ years--and that's a GOOD thing! I ordered it from Amazon last week and find it fits me as well as my prior Trackman Marble. The Trackman Wheel is a wee bit smaller than the Marble and the mouse buttons are a little closer together--not enough to see, but my hand feels the difference. But that's no big deal, I got used to it after just a few minutes. Also, it comes with a driver CD, but Windows recognized it out of the box without having to install the CD--even the wheel. That's a good thing too because I don't like installing unnecessary software onto my PC if I don't have to. I can't praise Logitech enough! Highly recommended for anyone addicted to a thumb type trackball!

    Incidentally, after my new Trackman arrived and I breathed a sigh of relief that it is essentially the same design, I performed a little "surgery" on my dead Trackman. Removing the four little screws from underneath it, I disassembled it. Before you read on, don't try this on any working device--this was a shot in the dark on a device that I had given up for dead anyway. With the ball out and the screws removed, the shell pops apart easily and the tiny circuit board lifts right out--no prying necessary or risking snapping little prongs off to lift it out. Being careful not to break any of the delicate wire jumpers, I wiped the circuit board down with a damp cloth to get all the Pepsi gunk off. Then after it dried, I wiped it down again with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove any residual moisture. The top and bottom plastic shell, as well as the ball, I ran under the hot water faucet for a few minutes (there's no metal parts). Letting it all dry out overnight (the slightest moisture on any electronic circuit will totally fry it upon giving it power), I reassembled it the next morning. Guess what? I plugged it back into the USB port, and it works perfectly! Better, actually, than it had worked for a long time. Being optical, the Trackman Marble never lost its precision over the years the way ordinary mice do after a year or so, but I was never really able to clean those little metal prongs in the ball socket very well, and the ball sometimes felt "sticky" even after cleaning the ball socket out. Picking the gunk off those little metal prongs in the ball socket with my fingernails never got it as clean as the "overhaul" it just received. So now I have two working Trackmans, both seemingly in brand new condition!

    So I'm going to go back to using my old Trackman Marble and put the new Trackman back in its box and save it for when my old one does eventually wear out....more info
  • Nice product!
    I have had a Logitech Trackman for over 11 years. Lost 1 in a house fire in 1998, and the replacement that I got from my sister began to have issues with the left button recently so I bought this one. Needless to say, an item like this lasting over 10 years is pretty much a miracle.

    This one is a bit different from the old one I had. But I am sure that I will get years of use out of it....more info
  • Very pleased with this trackman Wheel
    We had a bulkier trackball before and this one is much more comfortable.
    You feel like you are resting your hand comfortably.
    It's smaller and extremely easy to use.
    I would buy it again in a minute.
    ...more info
  • Almost as expected
    Almost a 5 but the trackman I received had a red ball instead of the silver marble as pictured. It was a new item just as promised and works fine. Just does not match my desk area with the clashing colors.

    EDIT: The Picture has been changed to a red ball so now the item actually looks like the trackball I received and makes me look like an idiot. However the original picture had a silver marble design ball....more info
  • A Better Mousetrap
    Throw away your mouse pad and give your wrist a rest. Use this Trackman once and you'll never want to touch a mouse again. Right handers only....more info
  • Veyry nice mouse !!!
    I already owned a Logitech Optical Ball / Wheel mouse but it was the other type of mouse that had the roller ball sitting in the middle on the top of the mouse. This mouse is great but I am still trying to get used to the right side function button. I really like the position of the roller ball on this mouse and I was able to get used to just using my thumb on the Optical Ball. I do some CAD Drafting so it takes some time getting used to this design. Excellent product....more info
  • A nice upgrade
    A good replacement for my old trackball. No cleaning required like on the old one. It also fits in my hand better and is easily customized for each user from the software shortcut on the desktop, no more need to use mouse properties on XP....more info
  • Trackball
    Well made. Takes time to get used too! A comfortable break from a mouse!
    Good for browsing, but I cannot recommend it for gaming....more info
  • Great despite the flaws
    First let me say that I love using this device. However, I am in the market for my 4th TrackMan. The first one I purchased wasn't optical and I can't remember how long ago it was, but lets say around 1997. It eventually stopped working and so I bought the 2nd. The problem was that when I plugged in the USB the computer didn't see it. Could be the USB port or cord wasn't making contact. The 2nd stopped working just as the now 3rd did. With the 3rd I would get days of normal use out of it then all of a sudden the computer would say the trackman was disconnected and not work. It would switch back on as mysteriously as it switched off. Now it seems to be permanently off and I suspect it has something to do with the cord or USB connector. I opened up the plastic housing to check if there were loose wires or something that could be fixed but I didn't find anything. I should note that I use this with a laptop only and so I do plug it in, unplug it often. So now I will buy my 4th because I love it but it pains me that this thing hasn't changed in 10 years (save the optical) and I keep having to re-buy it. What I would love to see is a cordless version of this that doesn't have the gigantic receiver the other Amazon reviewers have complained about.
    The only other thing I suggest if Logitech ever reads my review, is to go back to version that had the little red lights next to the trackball so you can see when it is activated. It was nice and good for low light conditions....more info
  • Awesome Mouse!
    My husband and I used a rollerball mouse several years ago and loved it...then they became hard to find in our area, so we went to a more traditional style optical mouse. We have that mouse for almost 3 years now and it was starting to randomly stop working, if we unplugged it from the USB it would work for a while fine, but it was annoying to have to do that in the middle of a game. So, we found a good deal on this Logitec Track Ball mouse, and we just love it. Its very easy to use and we will never go back....more info