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Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum 34-Ounce Coffee Maker
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Product Description

If you ever thought watching the coffee brew was on a par with watching the paint dry, think again! This innovative and visually stunning brewing method is sure to attract an audience, there as much for the show as they are for a cup of joe. Water is heated in the lower jug on the stovetop or a spirit burner and eventually boils up through a funnel where it mixes with the ground coffee, once the coffee is brewed, the unit is removed from the heat and brewed coffee is released back into the lower jug. Equal parts chemistry, theatre, engineering and sculpture, this coffeemaker from Bodum is made for the spotlight.

As beautiful as sculpture, as fascinating as chemistry, and as entertaining as theater, this coffeemaker from Switzerland converts the ordinary process of brewing coffee into an artful performance. And it makes six 5-ounce cups of full-flavored coffee while it entrances. The coffeemaker fits together like this: water goes into the carafe, a filter fits into the mouth of a tube in the top globe, ground coffee goes into the globe (a scoop is included), the globe fits atop the carafe with the tube extending into the carafe, and the carafe goes onto the stovetop with a trivet or heat diffuser between it and electric or gas heat. (This is all much simpler and quicker than it sounds.)

Water boils up through the tube into the globe and brews the coffee. When brewing is complete and the carafe has been taken off the stovetop and set into its accompanying sculpted trivet, the coffee drains through the filter into the carafe. The globe can then be lifted off the carafe and set on its stand, and coffee can be poured from the carafe, which has a stay-cool handle. A stopper for the carafe keeps second cups warm while the first cups are sipped. Fully assembled, the coffee maker stands 11-1/2 inches high. It's made of heat-resistant glass and durable, gleaming nylon, and all parts are dishwasher-safe. --Fred Brack

  • Theatrical, entertaining method of brewing six 5-ounce cups of coffee
  • Made of heat-resistant glass and durable, gleaming nylon
  • Carafe with stay-cool handle and a stopper keeps coffee warm
  • Dishwasher-safe; includes coffee scoop and resting stand
  • Measures 9-1/4 by 6 by 11-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • This thing rocks
    It makes the cleanest and purest coffee I have ever tasted. I also use a Moka pot, A french press, and a drip and only the press rivals the taste of this vacuum pot. To those who had failures and could not get it apart, I have no idea what you are doing wrong, there is little to go wrong. FIll the lower pot, put on the upper pot with grinds in it, heat it, watch the water infuse the grinds,, remove from heat and let it go back down. What is there to go wrong?
    If it fails to go back to the lower pot there must have been a vacuum leak, pull it apart and let gravity do it, or just stick something in it and dislodge the filter if you are in a hurry. There is no vacuum up top so how the coffee got "stuck" up there defeats all I know about physics, just dump the stuff into the sink if it fails to go back through the filter; it is pretty simple. If it doesn't work for you I'd call it user error, try again, If you can boil water this should pose no problem
    I have used it 100s of times with not one failure....more info
  • Bodum Vacumm Coffee pot
    Excellent Coffee!!!! There are tricks to its use, but who hasn't found that with anything foreign. There little extra effort is something you do for the labor of great tasting cup of coffee. ...more info
  • Bodum Glass Vacuum Coffee Maker
    Product performs as advertised and as expected. Comparable to Starbucks "Barista" coffee maker as to coffee quality; however. the Bodum Stovetop Vacuum coffee maker is 1/3 the cost, is still easily available. The only drawback as compared to the "Barista" is that is must be carefully monitored on the stovetop. Coffee quality is excellent....more info
  • replacement impossible
    I've had my santos for two years, and once the funnel broke, I haven't been able to use it since. It's been impossible to replace, which is a shame. It was fun to work with, although the coffee wasn't particularly exceptional. Still looking for a new funnel. ...more info
  • Bodum coffee rocks
    We love our Bodum coffee - you may never drink StarBucks again. It provides hours of entertainment for friends as well. Our friends are always fascinated by the process, love the quality flavor of the coffee, and end up buying one themselves. The coffee takes a little longer to make, and a little more attention, but the flavor is well worth it! Buy 2 and have replacement parts on hand for when you break something....more info
  • I love this coffee maker!
    I'm not all that picky when it comes to the quality of my coffee, but even I have to admit that this product makes really good coffee. I actually use it more often to make tea, using loose tea leaves instead of coffee grounds - it works perfectly for making either beverage. I love that this coffee maker goes straight onto the stove rather than plugging into a wall, and it's fascinating to watch everything happen through the clear glass. It's very easy to use. It's an elegant piece of kitchen equipment too, so I don't mind having it out on my counter all the time.

    Some reviewers have commented about the fragility of this product, but I've used it daily for months and haven't had a single problem. I'm very clumsy and the box was mangled when it arrived too, so I can't imagine how you could easily break this coffeepot. I've dropped it in my sink, knocked it against the counter, or dropped it hard onto the burner several times and I have yet to experience a break.

    There is one minor downside to the Bodum Santos coffeemaker: because there is no heating element in the pot itself, it doesn't stay warm as long as an electric coffeepot would. However, you can keep it hot for quite a while if you put the lid on the carafe after it finishes brewing. I think it's a small price to pay for a coffeemaker that works so well and makes such excellent drinks. I haven't used my electric coffeemaker once since my Santos arrived because it just doesn't make coffee as well.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who wants to make a good cup of coffee at home. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I know I'll enjoy this coffeemaker for a long time....more info
  • Excellent coffee for the price.
    If you have never tried vacuum brewed coffee you have probably never had the best coffee. (well, maybe from a french press).

    I own many nice coffee makers including some hand made Japanese glass vacuum brewers. I wanted a less expensive pot for camping or when kids are running about the house.

    This Bodum maker works well. It is a great bargain for a glass vacuum pot. The only reason I don't give it the full 5 stars is that the plastic filter that comes with this pot is mediocre. You will get a little sediment when you brew. Not a huge problem, but less than perfect. I replaced the filter with a Hario reusable cloth filter and now it is perfect....more info

  • Where do I start...
    I purchased this unit a few weeks ago, and it's been trouble ever since. I think I managed to get one decent cup of coffee out of it, but not as good as my old fashioned percolator.

    I read all of the instructions, I read the tips, especially regarding using a coarse grind, but 90% of the times I used this, the coffee would stay in the top vessel for hours. Of course, with the great vacuum created, there was no way to separate the two pieces until the pressure equalized, leaving a top-heavy, unstable vacuum inside cheap, thin glass; a disaster waiting to happen.

    Well, it finally happened. After attempting yet again to get a cup of coffe out of this thing, using the coarsest grind I could find, the liquid again remained "stuck" in the upper vessel. So I left it to cool, thinking it would eventually equalize on its own. After about 1-1/2 hours, all but about 10-15% of the liquid had moved to the bottom vessel. Since I had already used my electric drip machine to get my morning coffe and I did not want to be late for work, I decided to go about my morning rituals.

    While in the shower, I heard a loud noise from the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, I was horrified to see coffee and glass EVERYWHERE. Coffe dripping from the range hood, splattered on walls, ceiling, cabinets, and appliances over 5 feet away, and glass shrapnel in other rooms over 8 feet away. I can only be thankful nobody was in the room when this happened.

    Since not evan I could believe what I was looking at while I was actually looking at it, I decided to take a few pictures. I will be making these available for all to see in the near future. I will attempt to include a link in a future review.

    So now I have to spend most of the day, missing work, cleaning this abominable mess. Oh, by the way, coffee stains so I'll probalby have to re-paint the kitchen.

    If you buy this product, I would highly recommend the following accessories:

    1 - A good HMO (just in case)
    2 - Safety goggles as a minimum precaution
    3 - A "frequent flyer" card from your favorite local coffee house, where you should be able to get a decent cup....more info
  • One More Method for Delicious Coffee
    When done right, this makes a delicious pot of coffee. The coffee is rich with a rounded edge (much softer edge than with a cone drip).

    I love coffee and get my coffee from a special roaster (small batches, only). I have used cone drip and French press in the past and I love the difference in the flavor from the different methods. My grandmother had an old Silex (I think) vacuum pot when I was a kid. I wanted one of my own. The Bodum Santos was just the thing. The coffee is wonderful!

    A few hints:
    - Use a paper disc filter for a percolator slipped underneath the plastic filter and you will be able to use a finer coffee grind.
    - To clean the carafe, put a drop of dishwashing liquid in there, then put about 1/4 cup of hot water in, and then put in two paper towels. Let the towels absorb the water/detergent mixture. Then agitate the carafe in a circular motion to let the paper towels clean the bottom and sides. It works every time!
    - Preheat your water in a tea kettle to just before boiling. Then put the hot water in the carafe and assemble the rest of the maker. It's much faster this way.
    - Use a gas burner on low or medium-low heat. The longer it takes all the water to rise up the tube, the richer your coffee will be.

    I recommend this coffee maker to anyone that loves fine coffee.
    ...more info
  • Great Coffee
    First off, there's nothing like coffee made by a vacuum brewer. I also have a French press (which many connoisseurs swear by) and there's absolutely no comparison. Once you drink coffee made by this method, you'll never touch anything else, especially your friend's electric drip. I'm not the only to feel this way either. We entertain a lot of guests, and every coffee lover I've made this for has been absolutely blown away.

    I have to say I absolutely disagree with reviewer who said to buy the electric Santos. I came to this coffee maker after having loved the electic for two years. It finally broke so I came to this one and I wished I had only switched earlier. Being able to control the burner enables you to make a very consistent cup of coffee, something which the electric Santos had problems with.

    My only complaint is in its construction. It's a little flimsly made. The handle is cheap plastic and the glass is not very thick. I actually bought two to make sure I have a replacement handy for when it breaks....more info
  • Brews a pot of coffee in 6 minutes & is the best cup of coffee
    It takes me 6 minutes to make a pot of coffee - much faster than my electric coffee pot. I do not know why so many people have a problem with this coffee pot. I heat the pot on my electric stove burner and I have had no problems. I use regular ground coffee and it does not clog the filter. I rinse the pot daily and put it in the dishwasher once a week. (can you get any easier than that)

    Tips for 6 minute coffee:

    Fill bottom pot with very hot water (I have a hot/cold water dispenser, but hot tap water would also work.) Put on burner. (make sure handle is not over heat source)

    While the water is heating, get the top pot and Clean out any old coffee grinds & Rinse the pot. remove filter and rinse it off. Put filter back on top pot.

    Put top pot on bottom pot (make sure it is straight and forms a good seal) use 1 level scoop (scoop included with coffee pot) of coffee for each cup of coffee you are brewing - 6 cups = 6 level scoops - put coffee in top pot, cover top pot.

    Water should be filling the top pot rapidly, as soon as there is a little water left in the bottom of the pot, slide it off the burner. (I move it 4 inches away to a different part of the stove - it does not need a cool surface, just not a hot surface. )

    As soon as all the water moves to the bottom pot, remove the top pot, pour youself a cup.

    It's that simple ! No gas powered table burners or fancy gadgets necessary.
    ...more info
  • Stop and smell the coffee!
    From the first moment I saw it, the Bodum Santos Coffee Maker called to me. The beauty...the fun...the science...the coffee... All of these things were going for it, but still I resisted. "How practical is it?" I wondered. "Is it easy to use? Will it break?" Well, these questions kept me from buying the thing for years, during which I suffered with acidic, barely palatable coffee from a succession of drip coffee makers. Eventually, I had to give up coffee altogether, since the acid effected (or is that 'affected'? Heck, I can never remember. . . .)my stomach in a very unpleasant way. A chance encounter with a Bodum factory store, however, changed all that. Of course, the big thing they were pushing when I walked in was the electric Santos coffee maker, a fine looking machine with a slightly hefty price tag. As I was wondering whether my kitchen would be better complimented with a unit of orange or teal, I mentioned the manual machine I had remembered seeing years before. They had 'em, and that was the one for me! Certainly, it is somewhat easier to simply hobble into the kitchen and flick a switch at a quarer to five in the morning. It is easier still to set the whole coffee experience up the night before and set a timer. Neither of these actions, however, give me the moment of relaxation I drink coffee for. For me, the point is not to get up and go, faster, faster, faster; I will get enough of that once I hit the office. Rather, I want to take a few moments and greet the day before the mad rush swallows me whole. This machine take about ten minutes to brew, even taking into account the bean grinding time. Put the water in the bottom, put the beans in the top, set the whole contraption on the stove and watch the magic. Once the water reaches a certain temperature, it rushes up a tube to mingle with the beans in the top. After you remove it from the heat, the brewed coffee drops back down into the carafe. Separate the top globe from the bottom (storing the top in the handy stand provided) and pour that first, glorious cup. There is no acid, here, no strange bite or aftertaste, just good, old-fasioned coffee. Yes, this is a manual machine. The device must be watched and supervised during the brewing process, and a certain amount of care must be taken with it, as is the case with all glass items in the house. The carafe's mouth is very narrow, making it impossible to scrub without a bottle brush. Since, however, it won't be sitting on a burner letting the coffee cook to the bottom of the container, you won't have to scrub it often. I rinse mine out and let it air dry, and it stays fresh and clean. Believe me, I now treasure the few extra minutes I spend with my coffee in the morning and I will take advantage of them for as long as my schedule allows. This is the pause that refreshes, the relaxing way to start the day....more info
    Don't get me started! This makes the best coffee I have ever had! The bite that a strong brew seems to always have is gone! The "show" of making a pot is great too! Just a heads up, don't grind real fine, it clogs the sieve. But if i really want to treat myself to a great cup of coffee, this is how I make it....more info
  • Classic Bait & Switch
    This item was listed on the site, as being available from as a 12 cup electric coffee maker. When it arrived, I was dismayed to discover it was only 8 cups (and remember, that's those teeny weeny French cups) and a manual maker.

    It went right back to Amazon. Not anywhere near worth the $49.00
    I initially paid for it!...more info
  • Finally, coffee that tastes as good as it smells!
    I went back and forth before I finally ordered a Santos. And since getting to know how to use it, my Kitchen Aid drip maker has been replaced on the counter, and put in storage. (Occasionally needing its 12 cup capacity will spare it from being donated.) I was concerned about the durability of the two glass "globes", but I now see that was unfounded. The ticket is, as with all glass items, be careful. It's dishwasher safe (I remove the small rubber gasket from the upper globe), so clean-up is a snap.
    But I wouldn't be writing this first review of mine if it weren't for the coffee the Santos produces. No other method I've found comes close. But you do have to enjoy being involved while making coffee. There is no "auto-pilot" mode on this. But don't let that scare you. There are excellent instructions and other information that can be found on and
    So, if you are in pursuit of a great cup of coffee that really is not tough to make (I now use it every morning), give this a try. If it works for you, get onto eBay and get yourself an old-fashioned Cory Filter Rod from the Vac-pots of yore, and your drip-maker may also be relegated to a shelf in the garage... Or donated!...more info
  • Bodum Vacuum Coffee Maker
    Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum 34-Ounce Coffee Maker
    I recognized this type of coffee maker from many years ago, when Diner type restaurants in New York used these almost exclusively to brew coffee. Recent literature suggested that this method of brewing was superior to most other brew methods, since it eliminated the "grit" component present, for example, in French Press coffee brewing and presumably, gave the correct brewing temperature for the water. My experience with this particular Bodum Santos product is overall positive. It brews a smooth, grit-free, flavorful cup of coffee in a reasonably quick time and appears to function well, without problems or complications. The water in the reservoir boils, is transported in geyser-like fashion to the top of the coffee maker, mixes with the ground coffee, brews for a few moments and then descends back down through the filter into the bottom reservoir again. You need to follow the sparse, but adequate, directions in the box and after a few tries, you will get the hang of it. One drawback for me is the cleanup. I cannot brew coffee this way in the morning when I am trying to get my commuter train connection, since I don't want to leave the cleanup for later in the day when I come home. So, this is the brewing method on weekends, when I have time for it. As you well know, the quality of the coffee pretty much determines the outcome of any brewing method, so use the best quality coffee beans you can afford and you will have the best chance to enjoy the result. By the way, the filter needs to be carefully cleaned after each use, or it may malfunction. Not a problem if you just take a few moments to rinse it carefully. You do not need paper or cloth filters with this product. Saves money that way, so you can spend more on the coffee.
    ...more info
  • Not for everyone
    Well I had really high hopes when I got this for Christmas... and even before I tried it for the first time I read through all of these ratings and followed what many were saying are the 'tricks'. I have had it now for over half a year and tried to use it probably about 10 times and have yet to get a pot to brew correctly. Every single time to filter clogs, not allowing but only 1/4 or so of the coffee to come back down. I have set my coffee grinder to max coarse all these times, and no I dont store my beans in freezer or refigerator. I make sure the rubber seal is seated good and I have also tried overfilling the lower carafe with water per suggestion here. I have also put it back on the heat momentarily to try to unclog it, but it still will only drain down maybe an inch at most after removing.

    I must say I am somewhere between an average Joe and a coffee connoisseur, but I really dont think this is priced at connoisseur pricing, I mean I have spent about $50 on good auto drippers and electric percs. My favorite is the manual maker right over the mug that was like $5, where I can control all aspects of the brew, and much quicker and less hassle than the Santos (but not a very good show piece). Perhaps I need a new grinder? I am pretty sure mine is a burr mill, it wasnt cheap. Maybe I need more expensive coffee? I am already using stuff that costs about 5X what the cheap stuff is and refuse to pay any more or have to special order it or something. I mostly enjoy the flavor of some organic 'breakfast blend' from a local shop. I am quiet happy with my auto-drip, my electric perc, my manual perk, my manual drip... if only this coffee maker could do what my others could do without all the fuss and ruined pots of coffee. It might be that you need to have the upmost quality of beans and precision grinder... I dont really know since I cant get it to work. But any coffee maker with such requirements I could not recommend to most people or rate very high. Sorry for the 2 stars, I am sure this brewer may work for some people though, just a smaller group of people than you'd think. Either that or mine just doesnt work....more info
  • Great Tasting Coffee!
    Because this coffeemaker was unavailable for a while I was waiting for it with some anticipation. My patience was well rewarded with some fine tasting cups of coffee!

    It does take a little longer to make coffee than my Mr Coffee machine. The cleanup is a little longer, too. But the difference in taste is worth it. There are limits on the advantages of convenience...

    However it is important to use a coarse grind of coffee. If the grind is too fine, or if the grind includes too much "dust" then the filter will clog. The coffee then never makes the trip down the tube and just sort of sits there, betwixt and between. So just remember to use the right grind and you will be very happy with your Bodum Santos.

    I also use a Cory glass filter rod instead of the plastic filter included with the Bodum Santos. The plastic one works just fine but the glass filter looks so cool. (The caveat about coarse grind applies to the glass filter rod as well.)

    Try it! You'll like it!...more info
  • Five months of great coffee
    As most of the other reviews have stated, this could be the best coffee you have ever tasted. After five months of use, I have several tips to make the brewing process even easier.The two most common complaints mentioned in the reviews are the cleaning procedures and the increased time to brew the coffee. I use the Bodum cordless electric water pot (available at Amazon) to first bring the water to a boil which takes about five minutes. Transfer the boiling water to the carafe and attach the upper globe with the ground coffee. Place the coffeemaker on the stove with medium heat, and within a minute the water will move to the upper globe. After two minutes, remove from heat and it will take about two minutes for the coffee to return to the lower carafe. Using this technique, the total time from start to finish is less than ten minutes.
    As for cleaning, if you rinse the carafe with water soon after finishing the coffee, it will not leave stains in the carafe. If stains do accumulate over time, just put a tablespoon of electric dishwasher detergent in the carafe and fill with boiling water. Let it sit for ten minutes and rinse out well with fresh water.
    I hope these tips will let you enjoy your Bodum even more. I think I will brew a pot right now!...more info
  • Best Damned Coffee I've ever tasted!
    I've tried Mr. Coffee (who hasn't), Gevalia (water) and all different types of percolators, but this has to be the one that brews the best coffee closest to the taste of my Grandma's in Ohio that she made for me and her years ago. What simple technology for such a great cup of coffee! And what memories!...more info
  • in defense
    I've been an Amazon customer for quite a few years, but I haven't before felt the need to review a product. This time, I felt like I had to defend this from other reviewers.

    Before I bought this coffeemaker here I read great reviews on But here on Amazon, it's plagued with a few bad reviews. People have said their coffee pot has cracked, other pieces have broken, etc. The instructions included clearly state that some care needs to be taken- you are putting glass on a very hot surface. If you're not careful, it will crack. But that's true of all glass - it's not a design flaw in this product. In fact, the bottom globe was thicker and sturdier than I was expecting. It looks more fragile in the pictures than it actually is. It seems some people can't follow directions, and they want to blame anybody but themselves.

    Yes, when it's ready to be taken off the stove, all the water is in the top globe, so it's a little top heavy. Have some common sense.

    And a couple people seem to be giving this product a bad review because of bad service they've received from Amazon. This isn't the place to complain that Bizrate had items mixed up, or that Amazon sent you a used product. Again, common sense...

    This thing makes GREAT coffee - every bit as good as a french press, and with less sediment. I've used it everyday for two months, and haven't had a single problem. I think it's fantastic, and I haven't regretted buying it for a second....more info
  • USED
    I'm not sure how well this coffeemaker works. I purchased one from Amazon and received one that was obviously in used condition. The glass was water stained and not factory packaged. There wasn't a manual or any instructions. 1 star for Amazon on this one....more info