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B¨¦b¨¦Sounds Angelcare Movement Sensor Blister Package
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $79.95

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Product Description

The under-the-mattress Sensor Pad detects your baby's slightest movements / Parent's unit receives a No Movement alarm

  • It includes an under-the-mattress sensor pad, a nursery unit, a parent's unit (sound monitor) and two AC adapters
  • Alarm sounds when no movement detected for 20 seconds
  • You will not be able to use Angelcare for more than two babies at a time because the monitor only has two channels
  • Can only be used to monitor one baby at a time
  • It can also operate with 8 AAA batteries (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful Product
    I purchased the Unisar AngelCare Baby Movement Sensor Monitor while visiting my new granddaughter and my daughter loves it. With all the scares of SID this monitor gives her such peace of mind when the baby is sleeping on her tummy which is wonderful for a new mom. The ticking noise takes a little getting used to but other then that I can't rave enough about how wonderful this product is. I just wish I had one when I had my children!!
    ...more info
  • Couldn't even tell you what I think
    I'd love to tell you what I think of this monitor but I can't. The reason? Our crib has the wire mesh under the mattress, not a flat, solid surface. This device doesn't work unless the mattress sits on a flat, solid surface. To make it work we have to measure the crib and buy a piece of wood to put under there. But, as I am sure you can relate with, being new parents to an infant we haven't had the time, which is why we ordered this on-line as a convenience...yeah, well, some convenience.

    So there it sits, collecting dust.

    I honestly wish someone had warned me ahead of time that it does not work with all cribs...which is why I am warning *you*....more info

  • Great Motion Monitor
    We got the other one and it was aweful. So we took it back and got this one. It is great, it works exactly as advertised. We cranked up the sensitivity to 6 and then took her off and the alarm sounded. It works even when she is barley breathing. Do not get the other one, get this one. You can save yourself a trip because the other one does not work. Now I get good sleep and never have to worry....more info
  • Safety Net for premature babies...
    My great nephew was born 3 months premature and this baby monitor
    hwlped keep our Donovan alive, he is now 26 months old and thriving!...more info
  • Our best gift
    This is simply the best product for new parents. There really isn't a price that I can put on the peace of mind that it gives. It's such a nice feeling to be able to look up and see (or hear, if you want) the flashing light indicating each breath my baby takes.

    I'd like to address a couple of issues that I've seen raised in other reviews.

    First, mortar board. Yes, you do need a mortar board if you are using it on a spring mattress frame. The instrucions say this, so I can't believe that people are surprised by it. You can order one, or just buy any stiff and thin board. I used the back of a clipboard after removing the hinge (cost $5).

    Second, noise interference. Some reviews say that the motion detector is fine, but the receiver is noisy. Some even recommend the Fisher Price sound-only monitor instead. Well, I can tell you that I have both and they both work equally well, or poorly, depending. Here is what my experences have shown: both can be affected by different sources of interference (causing noise). Some sources affect both equally, others affect one more than the other. I have also found that most interference it not reception-based, but power-based. This means that the interference is coming from the power plug and not the air waves. If I hear a funny buzz in the speaker, I have always found the source of the problem to be something else plugged into the same power outlet. Usually, anything with a power adaptor (like a portable CD player) is the culprit. On time it was my electric shaver rechaging that was the source. So, my final advise would be, if you hear some buzzing, look for other sources before getting rid of your baby monitor.

    One other thing I noticed is that all power-based interference goes away if you use the battery mode (don't plug it in!). This applies to both sending and receiving units....more info

  • Horrible Monitor...Would Not Recommend
    This is a horrible monitor and a waste of money. I've never even used the sensor pad because, like others mentioned, you have to put a piece of plywood or something under the mattress to keep it steady. Not convenient if you don't have a piece of plywood laying around. Another frustrating thing with this monitor is that if you don't put it on the right setting, it clicks, so I've never even used any other setting than the noise setting. The biggest frustration of all for us has been the horrible static and buzzing that comes through on the receiver! We have to put our electric fan on at night so we can sleep and not hear the monitor buzzing. It seems every other night we're jiggling and playing with it to get the transmitter in the exact spot where it doesn't have static. ...more info
  • Peace of mind!
    I love this thing. I was terrified (still am) of SIDS, but I can actually let my baby sleep now that I have this. I used to go in to check if she was breathing - now I can relax, because I can see the light blink every time she breathes. Now our little one is rolling all over the place, and often ends up facedown - I don't know what I'd do without this. ...more info
  • Thank GOD for this product - I can sleep!!!
    We purchased this when our son was born. He had some issues at birth and to say the least, I was worried about putting him in a room by himself in his crib at night. This is the greatest invention for new, worried parents. Both my husband and I sleep peacefully because of it. We tested it thoroughly and love it. We have given one to all of our expecting family members and they love theirs too. We did discover that you have to have the masonite board to prevent false alarms. After we bought our on Amazon, we found another site - saved quite a bit on the second and third ones we bought as gifts. Go to info
  • Works ok but build quality is questionable
    We got this unit primarily cause of the motion sensor. The motion sensor works as advertised for us but I can see why some people have issues with it.
    What I like:
    - it has a motion sensor

    What I don't like
    - consistent interference problems - the monitor does not have a "activate only on sound" option so it's always transmitting and the receiver is always receiving - this is rather annoying at any volume above "quiet" since you'll always hear some sort of hum from it

    - shoddy build quality - the switches and the plastic feel kinda cheap and any drop higher than 2-3 feet will most likely destroy the device. We had a transmitter fail after a 3 foot drop - it still transmitted audio but sensor no longer worked - had to replace it...more info
  • excellent
    I love this!! No false alarms unless I pick her up and forget to turn it off. I sleep so soundly at night now. Excellent product! Highly reccommend it!...more info
  • The best baby product out there!
    I can't say enough good things about this monitor! I wish it was around when my 6 year old was a baby. It gives me total peace of mind, and I'm not checking on my 3 month old and bothering him every couple of minutes to see if he's ok. It's great at night... I just look up and I see a little green light flashing and I know he's fine. No more getting out of bed to check if he's still breathing! (He's a very shallow breather and I often can't hear or see him breathe even when I'm right on top of him looking!) This monitor is super-sensitive! I was so impressed with this monitor I even bought a second one for his daycare provider to use. She also loves it and can't imagine how she ever got along without one. I highly recommend it, it'll be the best purchase you ever made!...more info
    I was hestitant about buying this monitor. It's pricey and does it really work? This is my 2nd child and for some reason was very afraid of SIDS. I purchased it along with the wood board that goes under the monitor to make sure it's flat. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I feel safe that if for some reason my baby stops breathing I am alarmed immediately. I had 1 false alarm and that was because she moved completely off of the board. I have been using this for 3 months and love it. Now if I can get my baby to sleep through the night I'd be set! ...more info
    This product is worth its weight in gold. Just for the peace of mind and the ability to sleep without having to get up and check on my daughter is worth any amount of money. At first I was a little leary, but it worked beautifully. We bought this when we put our daughter into her crib at 3 months old and now that she is almost 10 months it is still working like a charm. It doesn't seem to matter that she moves around in the crib and not directly over the board. It works anywhere in the crib. Money well spent. I even bought it for a friend as a shower gift....more info
  • a must for new, nervous parents!!!
    This monitor truly is a must have for all new, nervous parents!!! My husband and I had our first son in Nov. and were not sure what monitor to register for prior to our shower. A friend who had recently become a mother highly recommended this product, and are we glad she did! If no motion is detected in 15 sec., then an alarm goes off (it's loud!!). The first night our son slept in the crib at 3 weeks old, he squirmed his way off of the sensor pad, thus causing the alarm to go off. We ran into the nursery only to find him at the opposite end of the crib! What a relief that he was o.k., but also a relief to find out that this product truly does what it advertises! The sensor pad is so sensitive that it is almost hard to believe that it could pick up a baby's breathing, but it does. Although that was the first and only time so far that he's gotten off of the sensor pad. I'm sure it'll happen again as he get's bigger and older, and b/c the sensor pad isn't that large. But, that is ok as the peace of mind it brings now is worth it. It also has a nice feature, that you can have the 'tic' sound on or off. The sound part is very sensitive also. Every little sound our son makes,no matter how faint get's picked up, so we know he's o.k. when we hear him. This product is higher priced than some other monitors, but for the peace of mind it brings, I would highly recommend it!!!...more info
  • Best thing I've ever bought
    I cannot rate this product highly enough. My eight month old daughter had a cold and could not breathe through her nose, she was sleeping in her crib but somehow got her great grandmother's crotcheted blanket stuck in her mouth (we never use this blanket normally because her fingers can get caught up in it), suddenly she could not breathe through her mouth as well. The 15 second warning beep went off when there was no movement, my wife and I rushed to her room as the alarm went off, I pulled the blanket off from her face and out of her mouth, moved her limbs and gently pushed down on her chest and thankfully she started breathing again, everything was fine and she was normal.
    The full impact of what happened did not hit me until the following morning when I cried bitterly about what might have been. I truly believe this product saved my daughter's life, and now I realize that I never need to buy another lottery ticket.....because I "won" the biggest jackpot ever that night when she started breathing again. We never used this monitor for our first child, but I am so glad that we bought it for our second.
    ...more info
  • Peace of Mind for Tummy Sleeper
    This product has provided us so much peace of mind. My newborn absolutely HATED to be on his back in his bassinet or crib. He would howl non-stop. However, if I rolled him to his tummy, he would fall right to sleep. But I didn't want him to sleep on his tummy when he didn't have very good neck control. So, he slept a lot in his car seat, bouncy seat and swing for the first 3-1/2 months of his life. At about four months, I thought it was time for him to sleep in his crib. He still howled on his back. I thought it would be OK to let him sleep on his tummy, but not without additional monitoring. That's where this product came in. It monitors every breath he takes, and we don't have to constantly check on him. We test it all the time by taking him out of the crib without turning it off. The alarm goes off every time. And we haven't had any false alarms. You do need the extra board if your mattress rests on springs.

    I purchased my movement monitor separately from the sound monitor. And I got it on sale! But I would've paid a lot more for the peace of mind it provides. It's a must-have for any new parent, especially if your baby hates sleeping on his/her back as much as mine does!...more info

    Couldn't ask for better. Had some false alarms recently after 4 & 1/2 months, but I just realized the sensitivity was turned all the way down, and seems all better since I adjusted it. I'd recommend this monitor to anyone who loves their child & has enough money to buy it. We feel much safer with it on. :)...more info
  • My "real" Guardian Angel
    The Angel Care Monitor has been my true "Guardian Angel" and I highly recommend it to everyone! Our baby had Sleep Apnea when he was first born. The Health Nurse pointed it out to us by showing us the blue ring around his mouth caused by "lack of circulation", that would go away when he would finally took a breath of air. We had "LUCKILY" already had the Angel Care monitor, thanks to my best friend. The alarm did infact go off a few times in the first 2 weeks we were home, but we were not surprised because of his Sleep Apnea. I can honestly say, I could never sleep without it! I actually took it on vacation with me and although I wanted the baby to sleep with me, I wanted him even more to sleep with the Angel Care monitor. At 7 weeks old, it went off again in the middle of the night and I grabbed my son immediately from what seems to have been a "very deep" sleep...but, who knows really! He is now 4 months and he has been in his own room for just 2 nights... well it went off again this evening!...I ran into his room and he was visibly not breathing or like before in a "very deep" sleep...but again who really knows! I gave him a little shack and he started to move around and finally took a breath. I am one of the few people who love to hear my baby cry at 3AM and I am always happy to go to his side and snuggle him!

    My husband and I were talking minutes before about what if we won the lottery and he was being selfish by saying,"I would get a plane and a boat and and and" was second later that the Alarm had went off. I try to be humble and see our world as a whole. I try to "live simply, so that other may simply live".

    After I knew my son was okay, I lectured my husband to just be thankful for what we have: a happy secure and safe home and a beautiful healthy son! I cried tonight because I love my son so much and even though it scares me when the Alarm goes off, it always make me put life in perspective and cherish every second I have with him. I think we all need that once in a while.

    Some people get annoyed when they forget to turn off the monitor, but I often pick up my baby and wait to hear the beep from the alarm, just to know it is working...and it always does!

    Angel Care has never failed us and I can honestly say it is my "real" Guardian Angel that sends me sweet dreams every night! It is well worth the value and it is an excellent product! Everyone deserves an Angel in their lives!

    Sweet Dreams...more info

  • helpful product during the night
    This is a great product. During our child birth classes at the hospital, the instructor said that these aren't proven to work. I am a healthceare professional and my baby choked quite a bit in the first few months and at times had shallow breathing. I had comfort knowing that during the night while we were sleeping, the alarm would go off if the baby didn't breathe. It only went off a few times and I was able to check the baby just as he was taking a breath. It allowed us to rest better in the night....more info
  • We REALLY Love it!
    Our beautiful first daughter is now 8 weeks old now, and we use it every night so we can sleep easy. Some people may think its a waste of money because they don't worry about SIDS, but it has happened to someone very close to me, so I do think about it. When my husband first hooked up the monitor, we were using the bassinett in the 'play-yard' so we had to buy a wood board. I didn't understand how to turn it on and off, an being slightly groggy with drugs from a c-section, I got a little frustrated at first, but then one day, I 'got it'. I guess it just had to click in my head. We absolutly love it. At night, I can rest easy knowing I don't have to listen out for her every breath while I sleep. I still of course listen out for her when I'm awake, but knowing I don't have to sleep with one eye open is a life-saver. Buy it, its worth the money, and its crystal clear if you just need a monitor for sound!...more info
  • It saved my baby's life
    My baby stopped breathing while he was sleepig and if it wasnt for this product I wouldn't havent even know. I dont want to even think what wouldve happened if i wouldnt have this but I am just happy that i did and I just hope that all of you have one too if this were to happen to you. Def a must have for anyone who worries like I do it is def worth the money. Hope this helps. ...more info
  • GREAT PRODUCT...Please read my thorough review!
    I, like many other nervous new mommies, lost ALOT of sleep before purchasing this product. The threat of SIDS scared me to death - I could barely sleep and I always feared waking up to a non-breathing baby...I bought this monitor when my son was almost 3 months old ( I wish I had known about it sooner! ), and have found it to be a big sanity saver! It is so reassuring to hear the "tic" noise, as well as see the blinking light to indicate movement being sensed.

    FIRST - YES, you *do* need to have a hard, flat surface under the mattress for this to work properly. Luckily, our crib was the perfect setup, so we didn't need to insert any board to use this monitor. Prior to moving him into the crib, it worked wonderfully in his bassinette as well!

    SECONDLY, *TEST* the monitor's sensitivity to determine what in your house MAY interfere with the sensor pad! Think of the variables in your home. Yes, ceiling fans might, but also think about your washing machine ( some aren't balanced well on wash/spin cycles, and may cause vibration in your home ), stereo systems ( some have loud bass which also causes vibration when volume is up ), etc. We have a ceiling fan in our living room, which is directly under our son's room, so I won't even run that ceiling fan when he is in his crib. Test it out thoroughly to be sure that you have it on the most effective sensitivity setting...test *with* and *without* the baby in the crib...test it with weighted pillows, the family pet or a sack of pototoes in the crib...whatever! Just put it to the test to ensure that it is working properly for *your* individual set up! Test it frequently, just for extra assuredness. We have only had two false alarms - the first, we were using it in a travel bassinette ( not the proper set up for this product ) and knew that a false alarm would likely happen due to that circumstance and the second, last night - when my son scooted WAY down to the foot of the crib, out of the sensor pad's range. I'd rather have a false alarm, then the REAL thing anyday!

    Some reviewers have reported that when they *forget* to turn it off after lifting the baby from the crib, the alarm sounds...well, DUH! It just goes to show that the product works! I have yet to forget to turn it off...I do that BEFORE picking my son up from his crib. And besides, think of the accidental alarm as a drill...and so what if your spouse is in the room with the parent monitor and you forgot to turn it off...being awoken in the middle of the night JUST COMES WITH BEING A NEW PARENT! Consider it practice ( or revenge! ) for the spouse who gets to stay in bed while YOU tend to baby! You'll learn by habit to turn the alarm off when the baby is not in the crib. I just turn the switch in the back to "sound only" so that it doesn't affect the parent monitor! Problem solved!

    If I could improve the product, I would do the following:

    *Increase the size of the sensor pad - make it longer to allow for the length of the standard crib mattress - although then it would be too long to use in a bassinette.

    *Make the parent monitor with a rechargeable battery.

    *Add a second light to the parent monitor to allow parents to see the blinking light when "tic" feature is silenced. Seeing that blinking light *IS* very reassuring!

    Other than that, I give this product a five star rating, for the peace of mind it has given me! IT REALLY IS A "MUST HAVE"! I have recommended it to several expecting friends, and they have registered for it or purchased it based on my review of it. We go to such great lengths to ensure that our little ones are safe, that the $100 price tag is irrelevant compared to the performance of this product, and the peace of mind it gives to new parents. I would have paid TEN times more for it if I had to, simply because I value my son's safety and consider it a HIGH priority. When used PROPERLY, this is a great investment! The sound on the monitor is mostly clear, but certain things ( microwaves, cordless phones ) may also cause interference or with ALL monitors on the market. I also have a Fisher Price monitor, and that thing is the WORST - terrible squealing feedback noises and static. I prefer the Angel Sounds monitor over that one, hands down! The big selling point of this product is the motion sensor pad. IT IS WORTH IT!

    Again, I HIGHLY recommend this product to all expecting and new parents!...more info

  • Nervous moms need this!
    I never thought I would be a nervous mom. I breezed through the registry, overlooking this item...."who needs to know their baby is breathing, sheesh??" That is for the paranoid. Little did I know, I would join the ranks as soon as my little guy joined our world. I was terrified to put him in his own crib, constantly checking on his breathing, even when he was in our room. I decided, what the heck, let's get this silly monitor, if it can give me peace of mind it will be worth every penny. And let me tell you, it is, and then some! I would have paid double! (don't let the manufacturer in on this little tidbit, ha ha)

    False alarms - Sure, they exist, but what mother wouldn't want to know if their baby is squished up under the bumper? It's always reassuring to know this product can tell me when my son has moved too far off the center of the bed, in which case, the bumper becomes a hazard. He likes to squish his head into the soft cushiony bumper, so I can't take it out, he hits his head, so knowing when he's gone too far is always welcome. I've also had a similar situation to a few others who have commented earlier. I have had to shake him awake because of either being in a deep state of sleep or possibly experiencing a brief sleep apnea, either way, a Godsend! SIDs is linked to babies who sleep too deeply, so yes, I want to know when this is happening.

    For anyone who is even considering it, GET IT! You will not regret it, I promise! We also take it with us on vacation.

    Jessica...more info
  • Gives peace of mind
    (My model is slightly different, the one in Canada comes with a thermometer)
    I was paranoid about SIDS and would keep checking my baby's breathing. I had bought this monitor but had it installed in his crib, and my baby sleeps in the bassinet till now. After a month, I installed it in his bassinet and it works great. False alarms weren't a problem for me. So I can sleep at peace. The sound monitor doesn't play static - if there's no sound in the room, it doesn't play dead air. The only thing is it doesn't pick up his whimpering, only when he cries loud. So I can't decide if that's a good thing or not. It's good as it lets me sleep, cuz sometimes he fusses but goes back to sleep. But it's bad cuz sometimes, I want to know when he's fussing so I can get over to him before he wakes up. I wish I could adjust the sensitivity of the sound, and not only the movement. But I'd still recommend it. ...more info
  • I love this item.
    When I heard about the Angelcare Monitor I immediately knew it was what I was looking for. My daughter only likes to sleep on her tummy and hates to be swaddled. This product works amazing. My husband and I set it up and used a board under the bassinet mattress as others suggested and it worked great. We tested it dozens of times and it never failed.
    We have had NO false alarms and thankfully no real ones either.

    This is a must have for every parent/grandparent/caregiver of a tummy sleeper. You should always check on your little one but this serves as a great added sense of security.

    Hospitals and pediatricians should recommend this product. There is little information about them out there and it really could be a life saver. Of everything we have purchased or received this is my most valued item for baby....more info
  • Brilliant!
    This monitor is a must. I am so grateful it was invented before we had our baby - it probably saved her life - twice! She has been super squirmy from 3 months on and both times the alarm went off when we found her rolled over face down right into the mattress! I would never have slept soundly without it - I know it seems paranoid, but all new moms are. It's not the best monitor for sound - we'll probably trade it for a normal one when she's a little older. But I think if I could only pick one product to recommend for a newborn, this would be it. It's nice to see the price has come down so much also - lucky new guys!...more info
  • Worth the money
    I debated a long time on whether or not I should buy the product. I decided to get it and I'm 100 percent glad I did. In fact, I wish I would have purchased it sooner. For me, this was worth it....more info