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Heidi (1937) [VHS]
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One thing Shirley Temple did extremely well (besides sing, dance, and act) was turn the cranky cuddly. She'd done it effectively, two years prior, in 1935's The Little Colonel with grandfather Lionel Barrymore. Now in Heidi she turns her reclusive grumpy grandfather, Adolf (Jean Hersholt), into the loving sort she knows he really is. Heidi is an orphan, dumped into the Swiss Alps by self-centered Aunt Dete (Mady Christians) onto a grandfather she's never known, but they soon learn to love each other. Heidi's mercenary aunt returns and sells (!) Heidi to a cruel woman, appropriately named Fraulein Rottenmeier (Mary Nash). Adolf sets out on a quest to find his granddaughter. Meanwhile, Heidi charms Klara Sesemann (Marcia Mae Jones), the wealthy handicapped girl in Fraulein Rottenmeier's care. Look for a delightful Arthur Treacher as the Sesemann butler. There's a cute fantasy production number, "In Our Little Wooden Shoes," featuring Temple in various period costumes. Throughout Heidi, Temple is, as always, wonderfully joyful. This is perhaps the best-known rendering of the popular children's story by Johanna Spyri (it's been filmed some 10 times). --N.F. Mendoza

Customer Reviews:

  • "The Story of a Grandfather and Grandaughter"
    Heidi is an excellent film, of course starring Shirley Temple as the witty Heidi, about a young orphaned girl who is sent away by her mean aunt to live with her strict and stern, but loveable, grandfather in the Alps. The film consists of many hilarious moments, like when Heidi is learning to milk a goat and when she tries to yodel in the village. My favorite scene is when Heidi asks her Grandfather to tell her a story. He reads her a story about a little Dutch girl with a pair of wooden shoes. The story comes alive and Shirley plays the little Dutch girl. The movie is excellent for young children and for people who loved the novel, to me, the picture is much better. The scenery is spectacular for being a 1937 film and the costume designs bring you into the time of Heidi. No Shirley Temple collection is complete without Heidi!...more info
  • A wonderful movie
    When eight-year-old Heidi (played by Shirley Temple) is orphaned, her maternal Aunt Dete (Mady Christians) takes her to live with her gruff and unsociable paternal grandfather, Adolph Kramer (Jean Hersholt). Through her sweetness and love, she brings the Grandfather out of his shell, and back into the company of men. Disaster strikes when Aunt Dete steals Heidi away to be the companion of a rich man's invalid daughter (Marcia Mae Jones). Showing nothing but kindness to all around her, she holds out hope that somehow she will be reunited with her grandfather and all of her friends. [Black-and-white, created in 1937, with a running time of 1 hour, 28 minutes.]

    Perhaps a little saccharin compared to today's movies (thank God!), Heidi still has a powerful storyline. Combining rich dialogue with beautiful scenery, this movie even includes a sleigh-chase scene! I must also mention that this movie includes Arthur Treacher (playing Andrews the Butler), one of my personal favorites.

    This movie is such a wonderful echo from another time. I must say that I doubt that the Hollywood of today could produce such an uplifting story, full of wonderful values. I have two children (7 and 10), and this was a great movie to watch with them, having nothing objectionable--in fact quite to the contrary. So, if you have children, then I can't recommend this movie enough!...more info

  • Shirley Temple's Version of Heidi
    Shirley Temple's movie career was near its peak when she played the role of Heidi. Heidi has been interpreted in many different ways over the years. Some interpretations are excellent. Other interpretations are poor. This interpretation is relatively weak when compared with the original book, but Shirley Temple is cute and fans of Shirley Temple will forgive the deviations from the book.

    Heidi's aunt takes Heidi to her grandfather after her aunt raised her for six years. Heidi's grandfather is a bitter old man who is angry at the world for the loss of his son. However, charming Heidi soon turns him into a loving grandfather who rejoins the world. All seems well until Heidi's aunt returns and convinces Heidi to join her on a trip.

    The trip turns out to be a kidnapping. Heidi's aunt takes Heidi to be a companion to Klara Seseman, who is in a wheel chair after suffering an accident. Klara quickly becomes fond of Heidi, to the chagrin of Fraulein Rottenmeier, who is unhappy with Heidi because she thinks Heidi might make it so that Klara no longer needs Rottenmeier. Heidi and Klara get along well, though Heidi remains focused on returning home to her grandfather and the mountains.

    After Fraulein Rottenmeier shows her true colors to Klara's father, he discharges her. Fraulein Rottenmeier plans to kidnap Heidi and sell her to the gypsies. Fortunately, Heidi's grandfather has arrived in town and is looking for Heidi. Will Heidi's grandfather find her in time? Will Heidi return to the mountains? What will happen to Klara without Heidi? You will have to watch the movie and see.

    Shirley was about nine years old when this movie was made, but she appeared to be younger. Shirley is the main attraction of the movie, and because she is so cute I found it easy to forgive the significant deviations from the book. Most movies based on books take liberties with the story, but this movie takes more liberties than is typical and those distractions can be annoying. The best example I can think of is the chase scene near the end of the movie.

    This movie is about average when compared to other Shirley Temple movies. Fans of Shirley Temple will enjoy this film. Fans of the book "Heidi" may dislike this movie because it deviates from the story so much. This version is colorized and the DVD quality could be improved, which could also make some viewers unhappy. Even though this movie has its flaws, I found it interesting to watch and I will watch it again.

    ...more info
    Shirley Temple is perfectly cast as Johanna Spyri's perky Swiss Miss. She receives excellent support from Jean Hersholt as Grandfather, Marcia Mae Jones as Clara, and Mary Nash as the aptly named Miss Rottenmeier. Arthur Treacher is also featured as the Butler Andrews. Treacher played the Butler, or some similar role, in several films with Shirley Temple.
    There is a lot of drama and action packed into the film's 88 minutes. One may wonder if Heidi/Shirley suffers a bit too much. First, her Aunt Dete dumps her on her dour, reclusive Grandfather's doorstep. Then, just as she manages to melt her crusty Grandfather's heart and bond with him, Aunt Dete returns again and kidnaps Heidi(!)
    off to Frankfurt, where she is to be a companion to wheelchair-bound Clara. Leaving Heidi with witchy governess Miss Rottenmeier, Dete says, "Sell her to the gypsies for all I care!"
    Heidi teaches Clara to walk again. This infuriates Miss Rottenmeier, who kidnaps Heidi again (!) and actually does try to sell her to the gypsies. Grandfather has been looking for Heidi, however. He is thrown into the Frankfurt jail on Christmas day, but manages to escape in the nick of time. Heidi and Grandfather are chased by the police across the mountains in the film's frantic climax. I don't know if this has anything to do with Spyri's book. Shirley Temple's fans aren't likely to care. This 1937 version is one of Temple's best films. The "Heidi" formula was repeated most successfully in 1939's "The Little Princess." Here, a particularly determined Shirley is again menaced by witchy Mary Nash. Marcia Mae Jones, in contrast to sweet Clara, plays snobby schoolmate Lavina....more info
  • Shirley is beautiful in color!!

    HEIDI has such beautiful color, it truly looks like it was truly filmed in color!!!! The colors are so vibrant, they jump right off the screen! Shirley has never looked this beautiful on film before, its as if this color has made her features come much more to life!!

    The mountain scenes are beautiful, where when we see The grandfather or Shirley outside of the cabin, the trees and the sky are so beautiful. The tress are beautiful green, and the sky is beautiful deep blue!!

    The clothes that Shirley wears are beautiful with the color and, wait till you see the christmas tree and all its colors!

    One of the main reasons as to why HEIDI looks so good is because it was remastered and its truly flawless,its so clear and sharp!! Again, Shirley has never looked so good ,and her adorable beauty truly shines strong!The skin tone is done to perfection and, truly this great Shirley movie has never looked as good as this before!!
    ...more info
  • Heidi DVD review
    I purchased this for my grandparents and sent it to them-it was delivered earlier than expected and the product was in perfect condition. Everything worked out better than expected....more info
  • Colourisation Terrible
    This is a wonderful story and a lovely movie for the family. However I would have purchased the b&w version over this. They did a rotten job with the colours. Most of the cast's lips (except the women) are the same colour as their face (flesh-coloured) which makes it look as if they don't have lips at all! This is particularly evident with the Butler & Heidi. If you can deal with this annoyance go ahead and buy the film. Otherwise look for the black & white....more info
  • Wonderful movie!!
    When I first decided to buy Heidi, I read some of the reviews. They were not very good. I purchased it anyway & I was glad I did! This movie is great. Shirley Temple is a wonderful & talented young lady. This movie does her justice in every way. The black & white movie is remastered & it looks really good. The color version is just as good. The way they made the mountains so vibrant & clear is really nice. It makes one feel like they are there. The whole movie is perfect. I have the VHS tape from when it first came out & the color isn't very good. My family will cherish it for a long time to come....more info
  • only one!
    The best part of this film was the scene in which she gets knocked down by a goat! LOL it was funny, that's worth a star...more info
    Temple is wonderful in one of her best-remembered roles as the waif who goes to live with her broken-hearted grandfather (Jean Hersholt) Both bitchy Mady Christians and Mary Nash (as the mean governess) give memorable performances as does the fragile Marcia Mae Jones as the crippled girl Heidi befriends and helps to walk again. This was just what the public wanted in 1937; 63 years later, children continue to be enchanted by this film which is based on the book by Johanna Spyri. Available colorized....more info
    The classic European tale, done up vehicle for Shirley is an excellent choice for Temple, allowing for a couple of musical routines done as dream sequences. Heidi is an orphan who warms the heart of her bitter grandfather (Jean Hersholt) who has not spoken since his son ran away with a girl. Marcia Mae Jones is touching as the invalid whom Heidi befriends,and Mary Nash is the nasty governess. Mady Christians plays Aunt DeDe, the cruel aunt. Children will love this movie and it's available colorized....more info
  • Shirley Temple gave another wonderful performance.
    Shirley Temple plays as Heidi and I love the grandfather. She acts so wonderfully I cry every time I see it. I love the ending, and I would recommend it to anyone. She transforms her grandfather from a cold-hearted man to a caring, loving grandfather figure. This is a great family viedo, and a special bonus to the fans of Shirley Temple....more info
  • An alltime classic
    Heidi is an orphan who gets sent to live with her grandfather-an old mean man.Grandfather gets to know Heidi and becomes nicer. When Heidi is stolen by her aunt,Grandfather wants her back....more info
  • LOL funny and completely charming!
    Shirley Temple movies have never lost their charm. My niece loves them and this is her favorite one. We have a habit of commenting on the characters, discussing the plot, and comparing notes on the Shirley Temple movies. I have to laugh each time I take a movie over to her house. She says: "Will you be reviewing this one?" Well, this movie was so enchanting, I completely forgot to take notes!

    This is the 1937 version, renewed in 1965 and is a colorized version of the original black-and-white classic. It is actually the best-known version of the classic story of Heidi.

    In this movie, Heidi doesn't let anyone deter her from enjoying life. Even her reclusive grandfather turns to butter when Heidi steals her way into his heart. Heidi is a little orphan girl who is left to live in the Swiss Alps. Her cruel aunt not only leaves her with her grandfather, she also returns and kidnaps her to make some money. Poor Heidi is taken to live in Frankfurt with a family she has never met before. Soon she makes friends with the invalid daughter who needs a companion.

    Amidst all this confusion, Heidi endures being bullied by an evil governess and still manages to charm the butler and the rest of the household. This is not a sad movie, while it does have a few sad moments. Shirley doesn't sing or dance in this movie, yet her laughter will be heard throughout this delightful will yours!

    ~The Rebecca Review...more info
  • Not faithful to the book
    When is anything ever faithful these days? I'm quite sure there's a couple of open mouths out there as to why I'm reviewing this. I loved the whole story of Heidi when I was young, and I've collected many different versions over the years. It was my favourite book when I was young, and I used to read it over and over.

    I bought ages ago the TV series from 1978, and finally got round to watching it today. And it was really, really bad. I couldn't even sit through the first episode. After switching it off, my mum suggested watching Shirley Temple in Heidi. Since it's only 84 minutes in length, I gave it a go.

    I sat through it, but I just don't understand the appeal of Shirley Temple, she looked like a precocious little brat. And she does everything. Sings, dances, talks in this whiny little voice.

    What disappointed me was that the film was nothing like the book. It brought some things to life, but Peter did not feature enough, I always imagined Heidi as being dark haired, not a dirty blonde, there's not one, but TWO song & dance sequences in it. Which totally detract from the film. Some of the stuff about Klara was good, as I didn't remember what happened straight away, but the chase between the police & the grandfather was just stupid.

    This was originally filmed in black & white, and the DVD version is "colourised" for some reason. So some of the colours can be quite dodgy, particularly the greens I noticed (and everyone's lips & tongue are the same colour as their skin!) Frankly, I don't understand why they did this, people are gonna watch it whether it's black & white, or colour.

    There are a few funny moments in the film, Heidi desperately trying to yodel, people falling over, and her little sulky face when she tries to get back to her beloved grandfather.

    There's a lot of sickly sweetness injected into the story at regular intervals, and it does get a bit too much. Great if you're a fan of Shirley Temple (like my mum), average if you're not (like me!)...more info
  • Just Too Cute!
    Heidi (Shirley Temples) has spent the first few years of her life with her black-hearted and bossy aunt Dete, for her parents died when she was an infant. The story begins when Dete finds a job in Frankfurt, and dumps Heide off on Adolf Cramer's doorstep. Though he is her granfather, she has never known him, and it takes a while for the cranky old man to get used to her. But once Heide - with her charming ways - has won a place in his heart, she is there to stay. And wether she is exploring the mountains with Peter - the "goat general" - helping to milk the goats, gather fire wood, or learning to read, she exhibits uniform cheerfulness, for the mountains, and her grandfather's hut, have become her home. Heidi's love for the Lord even bring her grandfather to ask forgiveness - and to forgive those who in the past he had been at emnity with. I love the part where they are at Church and the congregation sings "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord" together. It sent chills down my spine the first time I heard it. Just when things are getting too good to be true, the worst happens:the miserly, manipulative Aunt Dete comes to call, and snatches Heide away. Arriving in Frankfurt, Dete leaves Heide to be the companion of the rich and sickly Klara Sesemaan, whose governess happens to be none other than Frauline Rottenmiar, who becomes convinced that Heidi is bad news as she sees Klara getting well because of her. Meanwhile, Adolf Cramer has come in search of his little grandaughter, little knowing that Klara's father has determined to adopt her when he finds that Klara can walk again for the first time since her fall. As for Frauline Rottenmire, well . . . A must see video for everyone who has read and loved the book, or for those just finding out about this big-hearted, facinating little girl....more info
  • The Best Shirley Temple Movies
    Good story. Shirley was mature and great in acting. Once could actually cry seeing this movie....more info
  • wonderful classic
    This is one of the best of the Shirley Temple films. Remarkable is the fact that she did not overact and that all the supporting cast is supberb.
    For those not familiar with the story it is easy to follow and is a pleasure for young ones who have never seen this, and for the older ones who remember seeing it as children...more info
  • Heidi
    I am an old holiday movie buff and this is a classic. It beats the junk that is produced today. ...more info
  • Miserable mis-rendering!
    As one who finds Johanna Spyri's "Heidi" to be one of the best children's books, I find this transition to melodrama dreadful, and totally untrue to the book's text. The independent Heidi, whose warmth and faith are such that she is fearless and completely kind, is reduced to a picture book moppet. Worse yet, characters such as Dete and Fraulein Rottenmeir, who, in the book, are respectively rather self-centred and puzzled at the lower class child, are depicted as totally wicked - ready to sell Heidi to the gypsies! Clara, who in the original is disabled more because of her elders' fear and over-protectiveness than because of her unnamed illness, now is the target of a wicked governess who has a financial interest in keeping her ill and weak.

    This dreadful film is suited only to those who are die hard fans of Shirley Temple....more info

  • One Of Shirley's Most Touching Films
    Some people have said this is Shirley Temple's best film. It's not my favorite but I admit it is very good....and it has some of the most touching, wonderful moments of any of her films.

    The mean old lady, "Fraulein Rottenmeier," played by Mary Nash, has too big a role in the second half of the movie making for a number of unpleasant scenes. I had gotten so involved with the story that I couldn't stand to see this mean woman so nasty to "Heidi" (Temple). Also, there was only one song-and-dance number and that's not enough for a Shirley Temple movie, in which we come to expect songs-and-dances.

    The other characters were fine. Arthur Treacher provides good humor; Jean Hersholt is great as the gruff-then-loving grandfather and Marcia Mae Jones is nice as the young invalid.

    This is a true classic story and ends with perhaps the most gorgeous and sweetest smile I've ever seen on Shirley's face. ...more info
  • Hiedi
    I realy enjoy that movie
    Ann Marie Pengra...more info
  • Perfect!
    No real kid could be like Heidi was in this movie,it was too perfect. She made everyone (almost everyone) happy throughtout the movie with her intelligance and charm. It seems as if in everyone of her movies she has a n animal such as a dog,horse,etc. in this movie she lived on a farm with many animals and many funny moments . when she finally sets out to charm her grandfather she once again is taken away. she is now to help clara who is crippled. clara is very happy with heidi and heidi helps her learn to walk! such as every temple movie it turns out great and they unit again and her last wish is to have every children in the world to be just as happy as her!...more info
  • Plucky Shirley Helps Everyone Find Happiness
    Well, almost everyone--that Frau Rottenmeier doesn't seem too thrilled with the curative effect Heidi is having on crippled Clara, whom Frau Rottenmeier would like to depend solely on her. And why, you may ask? Well, that might make Clara's rich widowed father think the housekeeper should be upgraded to second wife, of course. Now you may wonder, what's Heidi the Alpine Miss doing here in Frankfort anyway? Our film opens with Heidi's being deposited on her paternal grandfather by her shrewish Aunt Dete, who's tired of taking care of her sister's orphan. In time, Heidi works her charm on the curmudgeonly grandfather and they grow to love each other. Then Aunt Dete resurfaces and uses a ruse to transport Heidi to Frankfort as a companion to a sickly crippled girl. But true soulmates can never be separated, and as Heidi longs to return to her alpine home, so her grandfather sets off to find his granddaughter, even if it's on foot. Lots of excitement before our happy ending is concluded. Like all Shirley Temple vehicles, "Heidi" provides an excellent role model for young children, a resourceful cheerful girl who makes friends quickly and acts the peacemaker. Shirley turns in a good performance and even reunites with her previous co-star, butler Arthur Treacher. Marcia Mae Jones gets to play Clara, a nice girl here, instead of the jealous girl she was in "The Little Princess"; Mary Nash, another veteran of "The Little Princess", is just as mean in both movies . Share "Heidi" with some young children you know for an entertaining and edifying time....more info
  • Heidi heads home
    I purchased this video for my mother who will be giving it as a Christmas gift. We were blessed with getting to know a young lady from Germany who spent the year with my brother as a foreign exchange student. While here, she and another student from Austria watched our video of Heidi so they could compare it to their version. They enjoyed it so much that my mother decided to get her a copy. We are very happy with our purchase - the quick shipment and great packaging got it to us in A-1 condition. Thank you....more info
  • Heidi, starring Shirley Temple
    I rented this 88 min. long DVD. Very disappointed that it did not tell the same story I remember seeing as a child. It seems that Paramount has cut the original so that much of the character building scenes are no longer present. That is what really made the story of Heidi have an impact. If I had never seen it before I would be sorely disappointed in the story. As it is now, I am only disappointed in what has been done to the movie. If anyone knows of a full length version that is available, I am there! Could it be the one referred to by your other reviewer (Jake Marsico) that Fox has done?...more info