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Mother Jones is a non-profit magazine that does investigative reporting. To borrow a concept from Hemingway, our editors and reporters have well-tuned "B.S. detectors." They share, with a lot of other people, a fundamental crankiness about bad decisions, hypocrisy, and out-and-out crimes committed by people in power. What's fun and different is that they get to do something about it. The result is a colorful magazine packed with reporting and context that helps make sense of the news. Plus hope, compassion, and heart.

For more than 30 years, Mother Jones has never been afraid to ask the tough questions, or print what we find out. Mother Jones is independent. Nonprofit. Dedicated to the highest standards of accuracy and fairness. Obligated only to our readers. Over the years Mother Jones has won virtually every award available to magazines -- including four National Magazine Awards -- while it has ticked off business and government honchos like no other. We're proud of both distinctions.

Intrigued? Subscribe -- for yourself or someone you care about. (Mother Jones makes a great gift.) All Mother Jones subscriptions come with our complete guarantee: if at any time, for any reason, you wish to cancel we'll send you a refund on all unserved issues

Customer Reviews:

  • Order it directly from Mother Jones!
    Great publication, 5 stars. My only comment is this: As is the case with other magazine subscriptions sold here at Amazon, it's cheaper to just order the magazine from the publisher's website. For example, as of yesterday (Dec. 22) the cost is $15/year through Amazon, but visit the Mother Jones website and it costs only $10. Shop around! :)...more info
  • Great Magazine
    It's a perfect magazine for people on the Left side of the aisle. It is a respectable magazine named for a respectable woman. It focuses on one subject though out the magazine and comes out each month....more info
  • Quite the Mother!
    I just got the first issue in the subscription I sent for about a month ago. They were quick to send me my first issue.

    I had never heard of the magazine until they sent me a flyer highlighting what the publication was all about. I was intrigued the minute I opened the flyer, so I subscribed....blindly, I might add. The cost is right [$10] so I figured: *what the heck*!

    To me this is an interesting publication. Yes, it is journalism but it is refreshing and gets away from mainstream, *politically correct* gibberish. It takes a behind the scenes look, but doesn't go along with the *beat it into the ground* mentality that I get so sick of. I think it is honest and unbiased and almost reminds me of NPR [National Public Radio] reporting. You'll find a little of everything here.

    For instance, one of the articles in the issue I just received is another look at *The American Taliban* and his family, etc. I was amazed since we never heard anything more about the guy after they caught him. Very interesting article!

    They also had a story about a group of middle-aged Israeli women who monitor the actions of the soldiers in the West Bank...fascinating, humanistic story.

    I was completely intrigued by the story of William Zantzinger and Hattie Carroll and the song that Bob Dylan wrote about them back in 1963. Zantzinger, a white farmer, murdered Carroll, a black maid....and only served 6 months. He still lives in the same area. Wonderful story!!! Of course I ran to play the Dylan song afterward.

    All in all, the magazine is one I will look forward to every issue. A really pleasant surprise and a reminder to me that *you learn something new every day* is a motto to live by. I'll be subscribing for a long time....more info
  • Time magazine should be ashamed
    Like one commentor said..."The Truth Hurts". It does...If you're happy with your Martha Stewart and Scott Peterson news, do not buy this magazine. If you want the real dirt, left or right wing...this is it. They shoot from the hip.

    If you want the truth and not what you will see on the mainstream media, this is the magazine. They are well known to publish stories that the NY Times is afraid to publish. As a matter of fact, most of the writers on Mother Jones and The Nation used to write for the Times. And I just heard last week two stories written by NY Times writers that they're publishers wouldn't print. So guess who did? If you doubt me, look up the 25 Most Censored Stories of 2004 and 2005....more info
  • Not afraid to tackle the controversal issues!
    This magazine confronts the most controversial and usually most important issues of our time. No mindless dribble through diversionary news (who won American Idol) in here, just the news that needs to be discussed. The issues corporate war mongers want to keep American's deaf to. ...more info
  • should be free--get ready to receive LOTS of junk mail
    I've subscribed to all sorts of magazines over the years including fashion, art, home decor, parenting and even a dog magazine. This is by far the best magazine out there. After I'm done reading it I feel like it was time well spent. Full of excellent writing and information.

    HOWEVER, ever since I got a subscription I started receiving TONS of junk mail from all sorts of organizations like the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, other political magazines, and now with the presidential race coming up, political candidates! It's endless. Not a week goes by that I don't receive some sort of solicitation. If Mother Jones is going to sell my name and address to so many organizations then I think my subscription should be free (that's why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars)!...more info
  • Save our jobs - Made in the USA
    Mother Jones is informing us about Trade Agreements and how we can save our jobs in the USA. When unions try to fight the corporations in order to get health benefits for their employees and not have to take cuts in their paychecks the company threatens to leave. Saying: "Like it or you won't have any jobs at all." This isn't Fair Trade, it is going for the "cheap labor" overseas. This magazine is getting the message out and I love it. They are exposing the truth about NAFTA and CAFTA. We all need more information like this so we can save the economic future of our country. If we do not, we the consumer, will not earn enough to pay for the items we buy. This means goods sit in warehouses, the company stock goes down and the stock market crashes like in 1929. We need to fix it now. Read this magazine. ...more info
  • News the way it's suposed to be
    Fantastic news magazine. Look forward to every issue. Have had a subscription for 2 years now. ...more info
  • readable articles, with good research, plus analysis!
    this magazine is usually well received among progressive activists although many of us had a major problem with some coverage in the past. i won't get to it at this time but i must say that the last one i've read (?May/June edition) had a very good coverage in the issue of the prison industrial complex, putting human faces behind all the build up of prisons, the absurd increase in the prison population in the U.S. by far leading in the incarceration of our people, young and old alike, the racist system we still live in, etc. also, the coverage for the issue of foreclosure was very thorough and finally shed some light on my questions regarding the reasons why, and who is responsible for this mess. check it out....more info
  • Good left leaning muckraking magazine
    I lean left politically and was looking for a magizine to inform and get me thinking. I tried several others, including The Nation, and settled on and subscribed to Mother Jones. While the magazine leans left, it does so in a more informed and intellectually honest way, as opposed to a rah rah banner waving way. It mixes in a bit more social commentary and investigation as opposed to political propoganda and endless articles on how to defeat the Republicans. If you're interested in a solid investigative, left leaning magazine, check out Mother Jones. Check out their web site, they have some free content and additional content that is available if you get the magazine....more info
  • Indepedent Research: Neither Dems nor Repubs are spared.
    Excellent independent research! Investigative journalism at its best. It is neither a liberal nor a conservative publication, for neither Republicans nor Democrats are spared. Politicians make a lot of claims, and Mother Jones looks beyond their words to see if they actually put them into action. As you will see when you read Mother Jones, many politicians (both Democrats and Republicans) do not "put their money where their mouth is." Also, ignore the reviews saying that it is biased. Apparently, they consider facts that are inconvenient and run counter to their beliefs to be biased. What is interesting is that if they came across an article in Mother Jones that supported their beliefs, that they agreed with, then they would probably say that the article was impartial and fair. Hey, the truth hurts sometimes. Finally, the reviewers claiming that this is a liberal magazine
    because it talks about Bush so often are misguided. Mother Jones does so many articles on Bush because he makes so many claims and says so many things that are not supported by his actions. He is an easy target. They do articles on Kerry and others too. ...more info
  • Interesting read
    Just got my first issue last week. They'd sent an offer for $10/year. Never heard of MJ before, but based on the reviews here, thought I'd try it. (I'm already on the hit list for all the non profits.) To give some background, I subscribe to Foreign Policy & Wilson Quarterly, and read the NY Times & Economist when I have time. While the writing quality is nowhere near FP/WQ/NYT/E, I recommend this magazine for the interesting topics it covers. In this month's issue for example, they have a general overall theme of torture. There's the standard article on Abu Ghraib. But they also have an interview of a solider back from Iraq and the complex mix of guilt/pride he feels. In another one they write about Fox Network's reality TV show "Solitary" - is it torture if participants are willing? Hmmm.

    RATING: 3 1/2 stars. Good content/topics, but not a fan of the overall writing style. ...more info