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GQ (1-year)
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Product Description

The "GQ look" is synonymous with classic cool and sophistication, and despite a recent outburst of trendy magazines (think Maxim and FHM) vying for the attention of young professional males, the steeped-in-tradition monthly GQ carries on without missing a beat. Yes, there's more d¨¦colletage gracing the cover than there used to be, but GQ continues to supply enough cultural commentary, celebrity profiles, features, and style guides to keep the modern man in touch with what's going on in the world from month to month.

GQ's ideal reader is probably one who actually might be able to afford any of the high-end suits, shoes, and watches featured among the countless ads packed between the covers. Though the average reader might enjoy scanning a fashion spread about steakhouses entitled "How to Dress for a Porterhouse" and reading articles like "50 Ways to Blow Your Bonus," it's unlikely that such folly holds much practical advice. Literary editor Walter Kirn keeps short fiction on display, and Alan Richman's writing on food and dining out is always entertaining, even when he comes across as borderline cranky. Two regular Q&A features, "The Style Guy" and "Dr. Sooth," run the gamut from when it's appropriate to wear a straw hat to problems in the bedroom.
--Brad Thomas Parsons

GQ helps you look sharp and live smart. Each issue brings you revealing sports profiles, intimate photos of today's hottest up & coming actresses and models, tips on fine food & drink, sex, politics, fashion and grooming advice, The Style Guy's answers to your questions and so much more!

Customer Reviews:

  • Neither Quarterly nor Gentlemanly
    Instead, monthly and vulgar. Don't waste your time. What was once a respectable magazine now aspires to be Maxim....more info
  • GQ Magazine
    My husband was somewhat happy with this magazine, but not as happy as he was with popular science. I, however, picked it up and loved the political articles!...more info
  • Damn good magazine
    I have read GQ Magazine for almost 9 years now. This is by far my favorite magazine to resubscibe to over and over again. ...more info
  • GQ stands for....?
    I never bought GQ back in my 20s because for one thing, I never thought of myself as a clothes-horse. Also, I actually took the G in GQ to mean that it was actually for Gentlemen, ie, sipping Champagne on a Yacht pass me the the Caviar type Gentlemen.

    Well, after now having reached a "certain age" I find myself going back and forth between Esquire and GQ and find that in many cases, neither are exactly right for me. However, I think I've bought my last episode of GQ. The 2006 "interview" with Will Ferrel was interesting for the first three paragraphs, and then it became an excercise in self referentialism, disguised as an attempt at wit.

    Also, the Political views of the editors of the magazine are omnipresent, which would be OK except for the fact that I'm not reading GQ for Political content. There are plenty of magazines out there make this their specialty, and when I find it in GQ, its just tiresome. Frequently, swipes at politicians just come out of nowhere in an article, as if the Editor decided that a jab at whomever he didn't like might help the piece, regardless of its content.

    Not to mention - does anyone actually wear the clothing they put on display? $800 tennis shoes? I fear that I will be an Esquire reader - I can't bear to become a "Men's Best Life" subscriber just yet....more info
  • good, but not great
    I am a fan of Maxim, but ordered GQ for a change of pace. I would have to say, it seems that GQ is trying to copy Maxim. It's not as good reading as it used to be.
    Takes several minutes to rip out all the flyers and perfume ads. If you cut out all the ads, you would be left with a brochure.
    ...more info
  • Another great read
    Magazine was fast to ship, with all of the timeless great advice you would expect from GQ....more info
  • Funny!
    I'm a girl and I keep getting this magazine I don't know why cuase I never signed up for it.. but then i read it and it is so funny! I know it's a guy's magazine but still it has a comedy in it....more info
  • month old magazines delivered late
    I am receiving a magazine that gets delivered on the 26th of the month and is an old issue each month. I am trying to find out why this is happening but haven't yet. Also the first issue was Feb. and I bought the subscription on Feb 25th, when the March issue was out and on the selves. So now they say my subscription will end in Jan. 2010. Received March issue on March 25, not right. ...more info
  • GQ is a life saver
    My girlfriend detected a whiff of perfume on my clothes one night in bed after I had gone to a local strip club. She was very upset. I told her that I had been reading GQ earlier and must've accidentally rubbed one of the 500 cologne ads in the magazine against my clothes. She totally bought it. Now if there were only a way to explain the herpes using GQ....more info
  • Picture Books For Big Boys............
    I do not have a subscription, and am a female. I have bought this product for interviews with Justin Timberlake in it. It floored me seeing all these advertisements. I understand it is a magazine primarily about latest hip clothes, but it could have articles on why it's cool, price ranges, or comparison buying, and how to get these advertised items.
    I have a good selection of various periodicals, and note GQ has a greater number of ads than "Teen People,","YM," and other similiar publications. ...more info
  • Do not get magazines through Amazon
    Buy a magazine, mail in the subscription card. The magazines are faster to first issue and if you use Amazon it is IMPOSSIBLE to change the mailing address. I got one issue, moved and tried 4 times to change address. Pretty expensive issue....more info
  • legendary means 'takes potshots without flinching'
    GQ is a publication that merits the adjective 'legendary'. As a frontrunner in its genre, it takes potshots from many angles but - one thinks of Mercedes-Benz or Oxford University - keeps on doing well what it does well. (This reviewer drives a Ford and attended Cambridge, so I'm trying to be generous here ...)

    GQ is actually several magazines bound into one.

    First, it is a high-end fashion catalogue. Unless you work your way through a *lot* of advertising pages to the material that follows, you may think you've picked up a catalogue rather than a 'quarterly'.

    Second, GQ consistently presents excellent short and medium-length fiction and non-fiction writing. If the juxtaposition of preening male style with superb writing surprises you, well, welcome to the club. They're both undeniably here between the same covers.

    Finally, GQ offers great tips on style in a whimsical, always interesting way. Simply put, you can get edumacated on style by working through this third magazine bound into the GQ format.

    As an avid reader and founder of an executive coaching company that includes guidance on how to look the part without spending the kind of money that shows up in 'Magazine A", I read Magazines B and C with gusto.

    GQ is not everything. You may want to evade the whiff of pretension that comes from being seen with GQ tucked under your arm. But if Magazine A, B, or C is what you're seeking, you may want to subscribe to this venerable legend....more info
  • Horrible subscription service
    I would not subscribe to this magazine if you actually want to get it. I got a gift subscription in December...the January issue arrived mid-February...and today (March 10) I got the February issue. Didn't get a response from customer service. I also agree with other reviewers who say it is sort of watered down. If you really want it, don't subscribe, just buy one every 4 or 5 months. You won't be missing much....more info
    I love this magazine, the images are crisp, the writing consistantly to quality and the photography is always fabulous. Let's face it when a magazine coins a phrase, you know it's good. I have read GQ for several years and have found it consistantly good, though I must confess the only part that I consider must read every month is Style Guy, I don't always agree with him, but I love the questions, you really wonder if these people have ever picked up the magazine the are writing never knows. The clothes they feature are usually top shelf, uh with top shelf prices as well..I mean a $2000 pair of alligator gotta love it. If you have any interest in the latest styles and some great writing as well, then I highly recommend this book to you, though frankly I can't imagine anyone reading this that does not already have an opinion of this iconic magazine..but if you don't then by all means pick it up and form your own's worth the effort....more info
  • GQ script without hitch
    The GQ subscription I bought for my son-in-law went without hitch from Amazon. The magazine is actually quite good. The articles are extremely readable and entertaining and the subject matter up to date. Wonderful purchase....more info
  • Forced subscription !!
    I have never subscribed to GQ, but yesterday I got a statement from them charging me $19.97 in due amounts for 12 issues (that i never asked for and never got either !)
    And it comes with a harrasment note indicating that "Defaulting on your account could lead to outside collection"
    They are trying to force me into paying for a subscription I never asked for. !!
    Anybody know where to complaint for these kind of annoying threats ??...more info
  • good value
    I ordered this subscription from Amazon and in 3 weeks I got my first issue. Very fast processing.

    GQ has been around forever. It has now become more a mainstream book competing with more in the likes of Maxim but still with some of the elegance that it always had.

    I look to this magazine for the latest trends in fashion, and tech. It's not the best book, but it is a good read. ...more info