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Cobra 75 WXST All-in-Handset Mobile 40-Channel CB Radio
List Price: $159.99

Our Price: $86.75

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Product Description

The C75-WXST is an all-in-handset Mobile CB with Soundtracker and weather channels. SoundTracker is the first patented technology that dramatically improves the transmission and reception of CB radio signals. The result is a cleaner, clearer sounding CB with more "powerful" transmissions and less static or noise on reception. The C75-WXST provides complete access to all 40 Citizen Band Radio channels. 10 National Weather Channels (7 NOAA and 3 International) provide full coverage to keep you informed of weather conditions anywhere you go. Remote installation box installs out of sight under your dash and the quick disconnect allows removal of the headpiece for security or use in other vehicles. Dual Watch allows simultaneous monitoring of any two preselected channels. Full Channel Scan allows you to scan all 40 channels. All the information you need is provided from the full-featured LCD display panel. Choose normal CB channel readout or five-digit frequency display.

This sleek, compact mobile CB radio can quickly and accurately scan through all 40 CR channels. The easy-to-read LCD display shows the channel number, incoming signal strength, and RE power output in digital or normal CB channel readout. The radio can pick up 10 NOAA Weather Radio channels so you always have up-to-the-minute weather news. Its Dual Watch function allows simultaneous monitoring of 2 channels. The unique design unifies microphone and radio into one piece, so the entire CB radio can fit easily into your hand or can be nicely tucked away under a dashboard. The Cobra 25 WX ST also provides instant access to emergency channel 9 for emergency announcements.

  • 40 CB channels
  • 10 NOAA Weather Channels
  • Clearer transmissions and less-noisy reception
  • Unified design; CB fits in your hand
  • Channel scan

Customer Reviews:

  • A great little CB!
    After looking at multiple CB systems, I finally decided upon this little number for a few reasons.

    Originally, I wanted a CB that would fit in my dash above my radio (I drive a 4Runner) so the CB would look nice and integrated. I was told by many installers that I didn't have enough depth in my empty slot above the radio. One installer recommended this CB, but I was skeptical about the small, all-inclusive package. One thing I did like about this CB right from the start was that it's easy to hide from view, thus reducing any potential break-in for my CB or my Radio. When I'm not using this CB I slide it under the front seat and it's completely hidden and doesn't bother any passengers. Another HUGE benefit to this radio that I didn't discover until I used it was that everything is on the handset, which means that everything can be adjusted VERY easily while driving. In fact, after a few uses, you'll know all the buttons, so you no longer have to take your eyes of the road or bend over to grab the radio or change channels. I just keep the radio next to my leg and operate it without have to move or look away.

    I use a 6ft magnetic mount/unscrewable whip Wilson antenna. With direct line-of-sight, I can get about 11 miles, significantly farther than I had expected. In actual use, I get about 4 miles or so. Also, I typically only use it on the highway.

    The weather band has been especially nice. I've driven all throughout the south from Arizona to Florida and I've been able to pick up weather stations almost everywhere.

    I had my doubts at first with this unit, but after having used it for two years, I've come to really love it. I would definitely but this CB again.

    --------------- 6 years of use update ----------------

    This CB still works great and I've had absolutely no problems with it. It's very much a quality product. Like I said years ago, I keep the CB under the passenger seat when not in use, so it does slide around a bit and gets knocked around from time-to-time. But still, with 6 years of that kind of abuse, it still works flawlessly....more info
  • Outstanding radio
    Cobra has always produce excellent equipment. This one eliminated the need to mount the typical radio under the dash or eat up alot of other space....more info
  • Good for an RV
    I selected the unit for its ease of installation. Actually there was no convenient spot to mount in the 32' Class C RV. All controls at my fingertips and being able to monitor Ch 19 and the RV channel 13....more info
  • Nice basic starter unit. Easy hookup.
    This is definately NOT a professional unit. Its great for the occasional CB'er. We noticed about a 1 mile range on our whip antenna which is mounted on top of our motorhome. Probably could get better range with better antenna. Dont need more than that. Easy to hookup and VERY CLEAN look - that is my favorite part. Internal speaker is "ok" but not for the hard of hearing....more info
  • New Cobra
    After years away from using a C.B. Decided to once again give it a try.
    The 75 is a very good well designed compact unit offering all the features without the clutter. Only thing missing is a P.A. jack if you are so inclined.
    Easy install.Great if space is limited....more info
  • Citizen's Band
    Easy to install, convenient to use. Not as powerful as I expected; but, it is adequate....more info
  • Worked for two weeks
    Handset is bulky and not comfortable to use. Speaker in handset sounded terrible while it worked. After two weeks the radio no longer produces any sound. Everything lights up like it thinks it's working but there is no sound at all.
    I hope I can just return this item for a refund...more info
  • Great purchase
    I drive a Jeep Liberty and lets just say they aren't known for their extra leg room or any other kind of room. I really wanted to have a CB because of the nature of my work but felt limited due to space. I didn't want to stick a radio on the passenger side like everyone suggests because I knew it would be in my wife's way when she rides with me. I got the 75 and it has been great. I mounted the connection box between the passenger seat and the center console. From there i have plenty of cable with the radio to hang it just under the passenger side air vent. I got an external speaker but really don't need it. The Jeep is a little noisy but I can hear the radio just fine, even better than the external speaker. I have a cheap mag mount antenna on the roof and I'm pulling in conversations around ten miles away.
    Great, great, great purchase.
    The weather channel is handy too.
    I really like the "dual watch" capability which allows me to monitor two channels or I can scann through all 40.
    Buy this one. It may not be fancy but it gets the job done.
    I work with the Highway Patrol and they often put this unit in their cars....more info
  • A MUST HAVE CB Radio - GET ONE!!!!
    After researching CB radios to put in my 4x4 for an extended 3 week road trip/off road trip, I purchased this CB radio 1 1/2 years ago because it takes up very little space and it has all of the controls conveniently integerated into the handset/speaker. (perfect for manual transmission drivers like me) Also, it has a weather radio (which picks up transmissions from the National Weather Service around the US), which some other models I considered did not have. If you travel around the country, you will use the weather radio function occasionally. The CB itself also works great, of course - I traveled with a large group and was on the CB all day long and the speaker is clear and loud in my noisy vehicle. Gadget lovers, there is not a CB radio out there as cool, completely functional, and space saving as this one - perfect for those who do not want to drill into their vehicle to mount a large cb unit, the "box" for this unit is about double the size of a box of matches, tiny enough to easily fit under any dashboard or in a glovebox, out of sight from thieves and out of your way. And because all of the controls are on the handset you will be a safer driver as you do not have to take your eyes off the road to adjust the cb controls. The quality and finish and value of the unit is excellent - this CB is a total winner - I wish I could give it higher than a 5 star rating - if you need a CB, get this one!...more info
  • Great bang for the buck!
    I picked this up to put in my Grand Cherokee, and it works perfectly. I think the speaker volume is plenty loud, although if you drove something not as quiet (say a Wrangler, or something with big mud tires/loud exhaust), I would say go for an external speaker. Reception is great and people have no problem hearing me. Great CB for the ocasional CB'er!...more info
  • "Breaker one-nine. . ."
    Yeah, 10-4, good buddy, I've got a Cobra by the head. That's right: the Cobra Weatherband CB Radio.

    By the way, what's your twenty? I just passed a hungry bear with a radar gun over by the 299 marker, and it's not Krispy Kremes he's cravin'.

    Say, this Cobra radio's got 40 channels. Let's drop down to channel one-five, 10-4? It's easy for me to do, good buddy, 'cause all of the controls are right here on my handset. Why, this radio's as sweet as the pickled pig's feet you can order at Paul's Pork Palace on the state line.

    What's that? Come back, good buddy, you say you want to know what the weather's gonna do? You're in luck, 'cause my Cobra CB radio has access to 10 weather channels. Looks like we got a squall line formin' right on our backside; you'd best put the petal to the metal and catch up with us or you're gonna get wet. And don't worry about that pesky bear: I'm westbound in my Freightliner, along with two bullhaulers and Krazy Ken, who's drivin' a tankard full of diesel. We got us a little convoy, 10-4, so you bring your little Chevy in here with us and we'll be your rockin' chair!

    So come on up, good buddy, and I'll tell you more about my Cobra Weatherband CB Radio. Remember to keep the bugs off your grill and the lot lizards off your tail, and let's roll this truckin' convoy!...more info

  • Quite a Handful
    The Cobra 75 WX ST Weatherband CB provides an incredible amount of functionality in a very small package. Installation is fast and easy - with a couple tools, your antenna mounted, and little skill, you can have this radio up and running in an hour or two.

    CB radios are limited to low-power broadcasting at 4 watts or less. This radio provides maximum power allowed by law and is capable of some pretty incredible range under the right conditions. With a properly tuned, high-quality antenna, I have had coversations with others using the same radio up to 9 miles away. Under normal circumstances, 1-2 miles is more realistic.

    As for features, this one has several:

    - Scan (all 40 channels in sequence)
    - Dual Scan (two channels of your choice)
    - Memory
    - Lock (so the hand controls don't get reset by accident)
    - Weatherband (10 NOAA frequencies)
    - Last 3 channels
    - SoundTracker (like Dolby noise reduction)

    I use mine in a 1999 Jeep Wrangler where there is little extra space for another device. It fits perfectly on my console with the small box hidden away inside.

    I can listen to truckers while I am on the highway, talk to my friends when we go off-highway, or scan the channels for both when driving to and from the trails. In the two years I have used mine, it has never given me any problems. It is very sturdy and should stand up to hard use.

    I purchased the optional external speaker so that it would be easier to hear but many people find the unit works well right out of the box!

    There might be bigger, badder CB's out there, but this one is a peach!...more info