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Me You Them
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This unexpected pleasure from Brazil has the feel of a magical fable crossing paths with a contemporary comedy about sexual politics. Regina Cas¨¦ stars as Darlene, a young, unmarried mother who returns to her dusty hometown with a baby in tow. Over the next few years, she is courted and impregnated by one man, then another, and another, and another. Promiscuous? Well, it's more the case that Darlene (and actress Cas¨¦) is a strong-willed force of nature, undeniably aware of her earthy eroticism. Over time, she convinces all her suitors to forge an unusual family with her and the children, and it works. Shot in a bath of natural light by Breno Silveira, with a wonderful score by Gilberto Gil and sophisticated direction (never veering into prurience or mere prettiness) by Andrucha Waddington, Me You Them is a subtle, lovely work about the heart's capacity for invention and acceptance. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Brazilian family values
    This story of a libidinous mother (who has apparently never heard of birth control of any kind) living in the Brazilian backwoods presents some of the best and worst of Brazilian cinema. On the one hand: beautiful cinematography, which is no easy feat for a bleak landscape, and authenticity in sets, dialogue and characters. On the other hand: the seemingly obligatory depiction of squalor both physical and moral, and a storyline that only intermittently entertains. Sinto muito, but the film so merece tres estrelas....more info
  • slow moving and boring
    I've seen quite a few brazilian flicks. To prove the point at hand, it's just obvious and very slow moving. The plot is not very intriguing.. not what I expected. ...more info
  • Funny & Interesting
    This movie is funny and very interesting. It can be a little slow for the "now generation". Each child that is born looks nothing like her husband. The husbands female cousin has smart remarks with each arrival -- priceless. Very real world rural Brazil. I read other reviews focusing on birth control etc., but I found that I was looking forward to the next child to see how the child would look and the reaction around the arrival. If you take life too seriously and trying to look for hidden meanings/agendas -Not for you - Just enjoy it for what it is.....
    Life goes on.............more info
  • Totally Tasteless!!
    Do not waste your time on this loser about an irresponsible woman who has kid after kid & then wonders why she is poor! The only thing you can say is "Please--somebody get her to a birth control clinic fast before she has another one!"...more info
  • Darlene, her men & her children
    The movie tells us more than simply having kids from one man to another.

    It's about Darlene's search for happiness in a dismal place -- where poverty is widespread & the land is barren. It also shows why people create relationships & why they stick to it for various reasons. Initially fooled & disillusioned by 1st love, Darlene wises up to accept a marriage proposal from Osias for security purposes (house & pension fund), in lieu of romance. Being ordered around, she feels further helpless in her seemingly 'impotent' husband & finds love & respect in the arms of Zozhino, Osias' cousin. Things would have been better but passion comes in, in the guise of Ciro, Darlene's co-worker.

    Let us just say this film is not so ordinary despite its almost barren setting. All these characters & their children live under one roof, & how they all get along, is something worth watching & analyzing. The seemingly indifferent Osias brings with him a certain tension & what he does at the end is something to ponder about....more info

  • A fine member of Brazilian cinematic collections
    How often do you watch a movie in which the main character is a not very attractive woman in her thirties AND she has three men in her life? If you answer pretty frequently, this movie is not for you. I have to admit that the premise of the movie is nothing short of incredibly daring. Yet, it is not something extraordinary.

    After watching Central Station and a couple other Brazilian movies, I wonder if poverty is a key ingredient in Brazilian cinema. However, these films are hardly exploitative and pity-inducing. This is especially true with 'Me, You and Them'. Poverty is a strong backdrop to this movie, however, the film does not allow it to overtake the overall tone of the film. Behind the poverty, there is a prevailing sense of life. The richness of life exists whether one is rich or poor. This film does well in presenting this aspect while telling an ordinary story about a life of ordinary woman in perhaps an extraordinary circumstance.

    The movie does not employ fancy plotlines. There are not many peaks and valleys within the story and it is pretty consistent throughout. In fact, a person unwilling to take a peek at somebody else's life, as mundane as it might be, would probably fall asleep before the end of the first half of the film. In its simplicity, though, lies a beauty. Much of the beauty lies with the fact that the film is impartial and holds back its verdicts. Darlene's conduct might be seen as immoral, then again looking at her circumstances, couldn't it be justified? The film is unwilling to pass any judgments. Even the ending does not suggest much, avoiding the cause and effects type of storytelling.

    The cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking. Like every other aspect of the film, it doesn't seek for the grandeurs. As a result, there is a certain raw, stark quality to the images while still capturing the beauty of arid Brazil.

    If you are a lover of international cinema, you do not want to miss this one. You might finish the movie none the wiser, however, you will definitely be 'cinematically richer'....more info

  • Terrific plot and acting, wise and warm - a classic!
    I never write raves. But this is a very underestimated film. The screenplay is spare and polished. The actors - sublime. Regina Case is amazing in this role. Should have won all kinds of awards. Completely absorbing. Best film I've seen in a long time.

    No violence, restrained sex - real life, with somebody you are really rooting for....more info