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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Puts the exciting experiences of the digital age at your fingertips. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, you'll enter the digital age with ease and more dependable computing.

Packed with multimedia features, Windows XP Home Edition aims to unlock the full potential of your personal computer. It also looks great, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop.

The best thing about Windows XP is that, because it belongs to the Windows NT/2000 product family, it's designed from the ground up for reliability, security, and networking. XP Home users will soon see the benefits of this. The dreaded Windows crash-and-reboot cycle really is much less common with XP, and, provided the hardware is up to scratch, XP's performance is better, too. The downside is that using a different code base can make compatibility with old applications less assured. Business applications normally run fine, but older games, MIDI software, and system utilities may well cause problems.

Windows XP is more customizable than previous versions, including its visual themes that let you change the whole appearance of Windows in an instant. Fast User Switching is a neat feature for computers used by more than one person--it lets another user log on without killing the previous user's session, and when you switch back, running applications and open documents are as you left them. This is impressive, but what really counts is that XP understands how to deal with multiple users. Each user has their own special folders, such as My Documents, which cannot be seen by other users. And for those with more than one computer, the network setup wizard simplifies setting up a network.

Windows XP Home has many strong multimedia features. New Media Player lets you copy music from CD to hard disk, create your own playlist, and write your own music CDs if you have a CD writer. You can also play back DVD-Video (but only if a hardware or software DVD decoder is already installed) and play MP3 audio files and MPEG videos (but sadly not the popular RealMedia formats). Admittedly, Media Player does nothing that you cannot also do with free alternatives, but it is slick and nicely integrated. There is also Windows Movie Maker, a basic tool for capturing and editing videos that's fun to use, although too limited for serious work.

For Web browsing, XP Home comes with Internet Explorer 6.0 and MSN Explorer. The most significant new feature for Internet users is the built-in firewall. A firewall protects against one of the most disturbing security risks, in which other users unknown to you might connect to your computer while it is online, reading private files or causing other damage. XP's built-in firewall is a simple affair, but it does prevent most types of unauthorized connections.

The XP user interface is not a radical departure from earlier versions of Windows, but there are a number of small changes that together add up to a significant improvement. For example, you can add and remove shortcuts from the Start menu by right-clicking on the icon and selecting Pin or Unpin from the pop-up menu. Windows online help is integrated into a Help and Support Center that works like an internal Web site, with searchable help, tutorials, and walkthroughs. Laptop or other flat-screen users can set Windows to use ClearType for screen fonts, for a more readable display.

There are, of course, some pitfalls. Windows XP Home is demanding on hardware, and it would be a mistake to install it on less than Microsoft's recommended minimum. Business users note: unlike Windows 98 or Me, XP Home Edition cannot join a Windows server domain, so the networking is peer-to-peer only--see Windows XP Professional Edition Upgrade for this functionality. There is also no multiprocessor support, and a mildly annoying anti-piracy measure requires you to obtain a code from Microsoft for full installation and any future system changes. But don't let that put you off: this is Microsoft's best Windows yet. --Tim Anderson

Designed for reliability, security and privacy, high performance, and ease of use, the Windows XP operating system provides a host of benefits forbusiness and home users. A clean and simple desktop, rock-solidreliability, and easy-to-use features that take advantage of the digitalage all contribute to the value of Windows XP.

Enhancements in real-time voice, video, and data communications will allowthe PC to become a center of communications and creativity beyond juste-mail and instant messaging. Windows XP will also allow the user toconnect back to the desktop from any location, and support for new wirelessnetworks will be built in. Windows XP will unify the user's supportexperience by enabling the user to provide temporary and secure control oftheir PC over the Internet to whomever can best help them.

Windows XP takes an end-to-end approach to how people transfer videos andpictures onto their computer, how they use them on their PC and otherdevices, and how they share them, whether in person or through e-mail, over the Web, or through removable media like DVDs and CDs. It extends this experience through applications that help users buy music and videos, mobile devices, services for saving your music on the Internet, and more. Windows XP will make it easier for households to share a single PC and share pictures, music, files,printers, and other resources.

Customer Reviews:

  • Whats on the Inside?
    Although the hype-up that Microsoft has given its operating system windows xp was huge, I think windows ME has so much more to offer.

    For one thing, XP is a control freak - by this I mean it will not let you install drivers for example if they have not been approved by MICROSOFT QUALITY STANDARDS. ...the drivers I tried to install came with the hardware!!

    I have found XP to be prone to crashes, and being a moderately experienced computer programmer and security expert, I have found many many flaws in its user interface.

    If you want a top-quality product, choose windows ME....more info

  • It's pretty, but that's about it
    My husband and I purchased an XP-equipped HP computer shortly before XP was widely released to the public. At first we were impressed by the smooth, somehow friendlier look that XP offered. Actually, XP worked quite well for some time, although there were several times over the course of the past year and a half where we had to restart the computer due to instability and such, which is frustrating, but expected for a Microsoft product.
    My main problem with XP is the fact that aesthetically it mimics what Apple has been doing for years, only it doesn't have the same stability that Apple has had all along. In order to have proper virus protection, you have to buy third-party virus protection and pay to update it constantly; with Apple this is never a problem.
    The main reason we brought a PC into our home was because of the wider variety of programs available for PCs than for Macs. There were several programs my husband and I both wanted to run, but couldn't on our iMac. This was not our most wise decision. After a year and a half of relatively smooth sailing, our computer became so bogged down with spyware and adware that we had to reformat our hard drive twice in one week. After that our email never did work right; every week Netscape would ask us for information, which we would supply, and then it would delete all of our old emails, even the saved messages. We ran virus scans, and there was none, but still it just had no stability whatsoever after that point.
    Now we have a Mac G4 tower running OS X- Jaguar that works beautifully, just as Mac has been all along. Some people are definitely put off by the higher prices of Macs, but they have none of the problems that Microsoft and XP have to offer and all of the benefits; Apple has made great strides in recent years to increase compatibility of their machines with PC products. And if you simply must have a PC, go for a Mac and partition the hard drive with a section devoted to Virtual PC 6 instead, and run on Windows 98 if possible; most programs written now are still compatible with 98. You may spend more money at first, but the ease of use offered will be far worth it in the long run....more info
  • Am I the only one noticing the 2K version of BSOD?
    I just read through many of the reviews that claim XP doesn't crash and is rock solid reliable. I did this after having just experienced my 2nd crash today. Well, I'm stumped because, while XP performs marvelously for routine, (read: light) usage, I get 9X'ish crashes when I throw some serious processing at it. The new "BSOD", or blue screen of death, is now more of a "grey hiccup of aggravation". After a crash, a little grey box pops up and says "you have chosen to end a non-responsive program. Would you like to send an error report to MS?" I must see this box 2-3 times a day, no kidding. When it really has a processor brain-freeze, it just completely reboots, w/o warning. These things are a normal occurrence for me. This is on a clean install, up-to-date system. I've seen it with other systems as well. Many of my friends hate XP for this reason, but I've learned to live with it, just as I did with all its predecessors. Other than that, I really like a lot of the other features, and pretty much all the new toys and MS add-ins are XP-only, so it's worth the upgrade, (if nothing else), to avoid becoming obsolete. It just gets my goat that many people are constantly touting how stable it is, and I routinely see otherwise. Stability is OK, but not as reliable as many would have you believe....more info
  • Sometimes the hard way is easier
    Now that XP is up and running, I'm ecstatic. It's a nice OS.

    HOWEVER: It took 2-1/2 days and two LONG phone sessions with supportive, knowledgeable tech reps from Microsoft to get to that point. I expected to simply replace my old OS (Win ME) with the new one, and skip on down the road. Didn't happen. So here's what I learned: A clean install from a bare machine, including reinstalling all your drivers and software can be the right answer, even if it seems an awful prospect. I should've bought the full version of the product and started clean in the first place. It would've saved more than a day's time and a ton of frustration.

    Maybe that's how it is for you too. Do consider the full version and a clean install....more info

  • Easy
    Easy to install even if it was a bit time consuming (over 90 minutes) only problem was with my isp (comcast) their help desk was no help. I clicked on setup help and did it all myself fixing the problems........more info
  • Use Caution Upgrading!
    This upgrade does NOT include the security hotfixes that have accumulated since the August 2003 Blaster Worm! Make sure you have all the critical Microsoft security hotfixes FIRST, upgrade without connecting to the Internet (i.e. don't select to update the Update Manager from Microsoft's website), and manually apply the critical fixes before connecting to the Internet for the first time. Also, enable the built-in firewall before connecting to the Internet. I learned the hard way and got the Blaster Worm while connected to Microsoft's website trying to download the critical hotfixes. Thereafter, I couldn't stay connected long enough to complete the download. Don't get caught in this "Catch 22" like I did!...more info
  • Avoid upgrade
    I tried this as an upgrade to ME. Was a big mess that I had to undo. But you can use the upgrade disk to do a clean install, and reformat your drive to NTSF and install it as a clean OS for XP home, if you have a previous Windows OS version. WindowsXP is the most stable Microsoft OS since the 95 nightmares began. I built PCs for friends occasionally and some of them as "idiots" crash other windows versions quickly playing around or over accessorising with no real OS knowledge, but they don't bother me constantly with problems on XP built computers.
    As for myself, I used to mirror a clean windows install and generally refreshed it almost monthly, when prior Win OS programs developed inevitable problems, and bogged down or crashed frequently. I've only done one reinstall of XP (pro), and it is tough to really mess it up bad. XP home was used on friends PCs I built. XP is far beyond previous versions for stability. System restore works more the 50% of the time if you do have a bad install issue. For some reason winXPPro seems to be a bit more stable, even without server or private networking needs....more info
  • How long will it live?
    Microsoft is trying to kill off Windows XP, but with the non-acceptance of Vista, it will live on for some time. Eventually MS will cut the cord on support, but until then, this is s fine operating system....more info
  • Should have upgraded a long time ago!
    Wow! Those are the only words I can use to describe my new Windows XP Home Upgrade. My computer is about 2.5 years old and originally came installed with Windows ME. It was always locking up and becoming unstable and I would have to reboot it quite often. I actually reinstalled ME twice and when it was a fresh install it worked pretty well. I read all the reviews about how great XP was etc so I decided to give it a try. Since installing it my system works so much better. It's almost like I have a new computer. I've had very little problems with programs becoming unstable and locked up and the very few that I've had I just close them down and they don't affect the rest of the computer system. Installation was easy. It took about 2 hours for my computer to install this program. I had to go to HP's web site to get a couple of drivers for an old HP scanner that I had but that was no problem. Overall I wish I would have gotten this upgrade a long time ago. Definitly worth the price of the upgrade!!!!...more info
  • This is crazy kewl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    My friend wanted me to get this to show me how kewl it was and i bought it and tried it out. IT's the best thing ever, I see why windows made this. I's the best thing in the world. I seriously recomend buying it cuz it's the shiznit!!!!!!!!!!! I can never stop using it cuz my PC is m ylife i live on it....more info
  • Windows XP--Hearts
    There are many people that enjoy a game of hearts--I'm one.

    I don't know how Microsoft let this heart game out.

    The game plays like the cards are marked, the other players have signals and the dealer is dealing from the bottom of the deck.

    If Microsoft had any type of quality control, they too, may have asked, "isn't this rather unfair?"

    I'm giving it one star because the person that put it together knew there were four suits in the deck, although he forgot it was supposed to be fair....more info

  • Revgoose
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition UPGRADE with SP2 I'm very pleased with the quality of this product and the speedy response to my order. I'm updating an older laptop from Windows 98SE and a desktop computer with the same version to Windows XP Home Edition UPGRADE....more info
  • An issue of trust
    Disgusted with my recent experience with running MS Combat Flight Simulator 3, I hoped to improve my experience with an "UPGRADE". I wrongly imagined that Microsoft had seen the light and improved it's attitude toward the ("customer")... offering a real product for a change , I know ... it was silly of me.
    My first step was to read customer reviews, my next step is to forget it.
    Recently, I wrote a customer review in which I stated that after many years of experience with Windows I have learned to distrust MS; I repair that statement here by stating that MS has taught me to distrust them.
    Hard work is noble, unless that hard work is against the customer then it is not noble.
    The customer in this computer industry is called a "USER", I believe it would be more honest to call him/her the used.
    Disgruntled, but sincere.
    John King AKA info
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade
    This is the best! It's so easy to install and use!...more info
  • The Best Windows Yet!
    I actually survived the living hell that was Windows ME!

    Windows XP,the latest Microsoft OS,is by far the best Windows yet.There is a lot of new features,but the most noticable new feature is the OS's new facelift.The windows are curved,and you can actually set the overall look of the OS to look like a Mac!

    Windows XP has made networking much easyer.It is also better at multimedia.Though a few programs I had did not work with Windows XP,you can configure the computer to treat an older program as if the OS were ME or earlyer.

    The new Windows Activation is a good idea,as Microsoft is having problems with software pirates,ect.

    My only problem with Windows XP was that it would refuse to run some of Norton SystemWorks utilities.Also,uninstalling Systemworks was a pain and I eventually had to use System Restore to return to the day I got XP.But that wasn't that long ago,so it didn't really matter.Oh,that's another improvement!In this version of Windows,System Restore actually works!In ME,no matter how many times you try,the System Restore will not work.

    I know this is a bit off subject,but installing a new OS over Windows ME is nearly impossible.I hade to try a few times in order to install XP over (ME).It kept complaining about Norton,and the disk drive,and open applications...

    Overall,Windows XP is a must have for anyone with a crappy OS such as ME.Buy it now!...more info

  • Additional Licenses Cleverly Hidden
    Hopefully this review prompts Amazon to unhide their links to purchasing additional licenses to Windows XP Home Edition Upgrades. I have 4 computers and am faily pissed to find Bill Gates picking my pocket on licenses for each but then when my favorite retailer has no clue how to sell them to me.... Welcome to the world run by microsoft!!!! NAH they're not a monopoly!!!!...more info
  • better advised to throw your money down a hole
    Let me first say that XP is more stable than ME. Outside of this, there is little advantage to this new OS. There are, however, a number of drawbacks. First, XP takes up massive amounts of space on your hard drive. Similarly, you'll need to max out your RAM to make your system run properly. Secondly, it seems to be tailored to people who know almost nothing about computers, to the detriment of people who do get them. Finally, XP not only scams you out of the $... for the upgrade, but also to force you to buy new software that is no longer compatible with XP (and believe me, more of your software is incompatible than you'd think). XP reminds me of the old saying about buying a boat: the two happiest days experienced in buying a boat are the day you buy it and the day you get rid of it. If you want to throw your money down a hole, I'll give you directions to my backyard. Buenas Suerte....more info
  • Don't buy the upgrade, buy the complete version
    I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I get terribly impatient when things don't work. After two years of Microsoft's incredibly unstable Windows ME, I was ready for a change. However, I made a mistake--and got ripped off--purchasing the XP home edition upgrade. One of the problems is that not all the ME components get replaced with the upgrade edition, and so this affects XP's reliability. The other problem is that XP is designed for a hard drive formatted for an NTFS file system, as opposed to a FAT32 format, which is what previous versions of Windows use. (I may have expressed that incorrectly, but the point is that XP is designed for a differently configured hard drive.) The upgrade edition doesn't provide the option of reformatting the hard drive, because it's designed to be layered on top of what you already have. To make a long story short, nothing worked very well, even after repeated attempts to install. The advice is to wipe the hard drive, install the full edition of XP from scratch (reformatting the hard drive for NTFS, which the full version will do for you), and then reinstall all software from scratch. It's time consuming, but the system will work much better....more info
  • After a year struggling with MS ME, this was a life saver!
    MICROSOFT XP HOME EDITION UPGRADE saved the life of an innocent notebook computer!!!!

    If you are deciding whether or not to take a sledgehammer to your Microsoft ME system, have heart!!! My husband was ready to incinerate his notebook because he thought he had bought a lemon. Well, he had bought a lemon, alright. It was not the hardware but the Operating System which came with it: THE WORST OPERATING SYSTEM KNOWN TO US COMPUTER GEEKS: MICROSOFT MILLENIUM EDITION.

    Ease your mind... Remove your frustrations... Just do it! Get rid of ME and install this economical upgrade!...more info

  • Be Aware Be Very Aware
    I recently bought this upgrade for my home computer , loaded it up, got the other upgrades I needed for the dvd player and burner , scanner another 100 or so dollars. Then today I decide to put it on my daughters computer but I find out that you can only use it on one computer , I called Microsoft and they actually want you to BUY another XP upgrade, I was livid , lots of screaming but to no avail , so needless to say my daughter is still using ME editon. I refuse to give Gates another dime.


  • Overall operating system is very good
    The operating system is a very good operating system for a home computer. But, obviously, if you want a computer with more security features or networking features, you should go with Windows XP Professional. At the time that I am writing this, which is a long time from when I purchased Windows XP, it is a time where Windows Vista is emerging. If you plan on upgrading a slightly older computer, I recommend Windows XP Home/Professional (based on your requirements). But if you are looking for a safe operating system for your beast, try Windows Vista. But one word of warning about Vista, the User Account Control (UAC) is a pain in the butt....more info