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Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp II Pocket Knife
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Product Description

Mini Champ II Swiss Army Knife, Contains Small Blade, Scissors, Key Ring, Toothpick, Tweezers, Nail File With Nail Cleaner, Emergency Blade, Cut & Picker Blade With Scraper, Screwdriver With Ruler, Cuticle Pusher, Measures 2-1/4" Closed, Gift Box Packaging.

From the renowned company that created the Swiss Army knife a century ago comes this complete set of tools for men and women to tuck into pocket, purse, glove compartment, fishing-tackle box, or anyplace else where it can be found in a hurry. Measuring just 2-1/4 inches long--smaller than a pack of gum--and sheathed in the famous Swiss Army red plastic, the MiniChamp II pocket knife is a toolbox and manicure kit small enough to fit into a pocket or clip onto a key ring. A valued companion, this pocket knife consists of 11 separate tools and carries a lifetime warranty against defects.

The tools folded inside the pocket knife include a small knife blade, scissors, a nail file, a nail cleaner, a cuticle pusher, tweezers, a cap lifter with a magnetic Phillips head screwdriver, a scraper, a ball point pen, an emergency blade, and a screwdriver with ruler. --Fred Brack

  • Ideal for pocket, purse, glove compartment, or fishing-tackle box
  • Tools include small knife blade, scissors, nail file, nail cleaner, cuticle pusher
  • Also includes tweezers, cap lifter with magnetic Phillips head screwdriver, scraper
  • Plus ball point pen, emergency blade, screwdriver with ruler, key ring
  • Pocket knife measures 2-1/4 inches long

Customer Reviews:

  • Pocket Knife
    This knife goes with me everywhere I go, except when I fly. I carry it on my key chain and use it for different things.I cut coupons for my wife when we shop and if i forget a writing pen I have one in the knife. One of my grandson's asked me about my MiniChamp and just had to have one. We wen online and ordered it from Amazon. He now carries his with him everywhere he goes. Except to school. ...more info
  • A great keychain accessory
    This little jewel is small enough to fit on your keychain and yet packed with all sorts of goodies. I'm not quite sure what the "cut & picker blade" is used for, but it sure looks cool. Knowing Victorinox's durability, I'm sure this knife will be on my keychain for a long time....more info
  • Good but there's a better alternative in the Rambler
    I had this knife until I donated it to security at the airport. When went to replace it I found the Rambler. Very similar knife but without some of the tools I rarely used. It has the blad, nail file, phillips/bottle cap operner, scissors, and toothpick and tweezers. Ends up being a little thinner too. Also was a bit cheaper. I recomend the victorinox knives in general, very well made and last a long time. I've got my rambler on my keychain with a maglite solitaire as well and find that very convenient....more info
  • Excellent Key Chain Accessory
    I'm not sure what else you can say about Victorinox Swiss Army Knives other than they're excellent. Pick your size, pick your desired accessories - you can't go wrong. Like for many other people, my life's different when this handy gadget is attached to my key chain - you're ready to tackle an array of situations.
    The quality of the product is exceptional.

    With this knife, you're never without a pen, you're ready to open an assortment of difficult packaging, you're ready to drive or remove a screw, and...of course, most're ready to open that brew. (I get a kick out of reviews complaining that the knives have TOO many accessories - 'unclear on the concept' comes to mind.)

    Guess all I'd recommend is carefully going over what each knife includes, so you're getting what you want. I failed to order the flashlight version of this knife and I miss that.

    Otherwise, you simply can't go wrong....more info
  • Four years and counting with almost daily use
    I have had this knife for four years and it has yet to fail me. When I first got the knife, I was VERY careful with it so as to prevent it from being scratched - since then I realized something - IT'S A POCKET KNIFE! USE IT LIKE ONE! I can and have used it for almost anything. The features I use most often in order are: the scissor, screwdriver (with a magnetic tip), pen, tweezers and knife. I have at one time or another used EVERY feature for its intended use or otherwise and LOVE this little knife. Its size also makes it really easy to keep around - in a pocket, on a belt (with the little leather case - not included), etc.... I take it everywhere I go and am always saddened when I have to leave it at home when flying. This knife is of the smaller of the two sizes Victorinox makes but includes the most and best features within this category. This is one of the best investments one can make....more info
  • Cheap, the Plastic Piece came off
    This was a bad choice, they don't make this as they use to be. The pen never worked, the red plastic came off after a few weeks, I had to use crazy glue.

    Swiss Army Knife now a day, probably worth 5 bucks....more info