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The Simpsons - The Complete First Season
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Product Description

Includes the original thirteen episodes from the first season of The Simpsons including such classic episodes "Krusty Gets Busted" featuring the first appearance by Sideshow Bob "There's No Disgrace Like Home" in which Homer tries to get the family to shape up via electroshock therapy and "Life on the Fast Lane" in which Marge is tempted by a bowling instructor named Jacques. This set also features the original Simpsons shorts seen on The Tracey Ullman show a never-before-seen lost episode and more.System Requirements:Total Running Time 270 MinutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY Rating: NR UPC: 024543009009 Manufacturer No: 2000900

America's first family of dysfunction, the Simpsons, appear in all their depraved glory in this wonderful DVD compilation of their show's premiere season. Fans accustomed to the slick appearance of the later episodes will be delighted by the rougher nature of these earlier episodes, when the characters weren't as well defined (Homer isn't quite as dumb as he is in later seasons) and the animation was still evolving. This only adds to the charm of these 13 episodes, which begin with "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire," the December 1989 Christmas special in which a down-and-out Simpson family adopt Santa's Little Helper. Throughout the season, familiar faces are introduced, as we catch first glimpses of Smithers, Mr. Burns, the Flanderses, and Patty and Selma. Highlights of the season include "The Crepes of Wrath," in which Bart is sent to France as an exchange student ("Don't mess up France the way you messed up your room"); "Bart the Genius," in which Bart ends up in a school for the gifted; and "Krusty Gets Busted," in which Bart's lifelong animosity with Sideshow Bob begins. --Jenny Brown

Customer Reviews:

  • Meh...
    I got it, it was cheap, but every one of the DVDs from CD Warehouse (I assume this was the place that peddled it to me through Amazon because of the sticker on the inside) was scratched. I have not gone through every DVD, but so far have not noticed any skips or loss of quality, but it still is not so great to have a bunch of DVDs that are hazy from light scratches....more info
  • Its the simpsons...
    need I really say anymore?
    Possibly the greatest animated show created?
    Buy it sucka!...more info
  • The Simpsons as they started
    If you're fairly new to The Simpsons, Season 1 will come as a shock.

    Where's the smooth, colorful animation? Where's all my beloved minor characters like Professor Frink? Why is Homer so serious? And why is he talking like Walter Mattheau? And where's the funny jokes????

    So yes, in terms of comedic value, Season 1 is not nearly as funny as later seasons. Yes, the animation is crude. Yes, Homer is completely different (Bart was really the show's "star" back then). Yes, Smithers is black.

    But the writing is strong, even though a few of the shows haven't aged well. "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" (first episode aired) is a great Christmas show, and explains the origin of Santa's Little Helper. The writing is excellent; beginning to end. None of the episodes rely on zany cop-outs to escape plot holes (like a few recent Simpsons shows).

    "There's No Disgrace Like Home" also features a classic scene at the end (shock therapy). There's also a weird scene, in which Marge and the kids make fools of themselves at Mr. Burns' company picnic, and Homer, of all people, is the embarassed normal one. Yet, his idiocy shows in other episodes like "Life on the Fast Lane" (in which he buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday) and others.

    Lisa also develops some complexity in an episode of her own, "Moaning Lisa"; it feels shockingly serious compared to The Simpsons of present. Similiarly, Homer battles a bout of deep depression in "Homer's Odyssey", after Bart accidently gets him fired.

    Other classics include "The Telltale Head" (a fantastic Bart story), "Krusty Gets Busted" (which showcases Homer's cowardice), and "Bart the Genius" (another great Bart story).

    The coup de grace of the extra features is the cast commentary on all 13 episodes. They often point out cool, behind-the-scenes like facts, and hilariously rip on a lot of stuff. The background characters (used to fill scenes with crowds, etc) are so freakishly ugly at times that it's unintentional comedy at its best.

    Thus, in conclusion, this is a must have set..even though you won't be laughing at Homer's zany antics as much as you do now. The stories were very well written; they're not deeply satirical like they are now. Instead, they focus more on the characters themselves. Rarely, nowadays, do you see Bart's emotions like in "The Telltale Head" and "The Crepes of Wrath"; It was a much different show back then, for better or worse. But if you're gonna collect the DVD sets, it would be criminal to not get Season 1.
    ...more info
  • The Simpsons
    I wasn't born when the Simpsons first came out in 1989, but I was around the time of Season 3. I own Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of The Simpsons and I'm hoping to get Season 6 for Christmas.

    Anyway, I got this box set one Christmas and it is the start of something brilliant.

    This Season includes:

    Disc 1
    1. Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire
    2. Bart The Genius
    3. Homer's Odyssey
    4. There's No Disgrace Like Home
    5. Bart The General

    Disc 2
    6. Moaning Lisa
    7. The Call Of The Simpsons
    8. The Telltale Head
    9. Life On The Fast Lane
    10. Homer's Night Out

    Disc 3
    11. The Crepes Of Wrath
    12. Krusty Gets Busted
    13. Some Enchanted Evening
    Special Features

    It includes the oldest Simpsons Episodes to date. The drawings are bad, but are still good. Many voices (espically Homer voiced by Dan Castellantea) sound different. The Special features are also intresting. With interviews with the creator, Matt Groening, short Simpsons cartoons from The Tracey Ullman Show and many more to see.

    The first of many great Simpsons Seasons. Well done Matt Groening.

    Jake Potts...more info
  • "Newbie" Review
    I rarely watched Simpsons a while back, but after the disappointment of finding that South Park sucks, I went to this as a last resort, and it was one of the best dvd purchases I've ever made! It is fresh and original, unlike some of the crap we have these days. I bought the first season because I knew it would be something I wouldn't expect, but I love what I got!...more info
  • He's a Simpson.
    From the Tracy Ullman Show to a t.v. series The Simpsons From Stanta Little Helper joins the family to The Babysitter Bandit baby sitting The Simpson Kids This pack of DVDS For the Simpsons is One of All Greatest Season of the Series!...more info
  • Excellent package lacking in features
    As an avid Simpsons fan I was prepared for the crudely drawn adventure that is Season 1. Looking back now it is unbelievable that the show's creators managed to get most of the essential aspects that were critical to the show's future success together.

    The 13 episodes contain simple plots that are generally revolving around one story (in comparison to later seasons). The picture is relatively sharp (although close inspection will throw up some surprises) and the sound could be better but that's just the master tapes showing their age.

    Audio commentaries are included on all episodes with Matt Groening and James L. Brooks sitting in on nearly all of them. They are a neat touch and are well worth checking out.

    A variety of extra features seem to be sadly lacking however. The four minute 'featurette' is in reality a four minute slice of a half hour BBC documentry. The inclusion of a number of scripts sounds like a great idea but trying to read through them on a TV screen is a different story.

    One feature of note is the deleted scenes from 'Some Enchanted Evening'. I recommend viewing this out if you ever thought the broadcast animation was sketchy.

    Overall, the Simpsons Season 1 is a must-have for fans, but if you're just starting to wet your beak, I would go for one of the later seasons, which offer a better introduction to The Simpsons....more info
  • Simpsons Season One
    The first of 17 (so far) glorious seasons of what is arguably the best show to ever be on television. This is where it all began......more info
  • Pretty good for a debut season
    Cartoonist Matt Groening who did the Life is Hell comics decided to make a show which started as 1 minute shorts on the Tracey Ullman Show. There Fox expanded the shorts into actual episodes making the Simpsons a spin-off of sorts. And here we have Season 1's first 13 episodes that while not greatly animated(it was their first season after all) it still started a great show and even a phenomenon.

    The season starts with the holiday episode Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, which finds Homer without a christmas bonus and Marge having to spend all their money on removing Bart's tattoo which he thought would be cool. In the end, they adopt Santa's Little Helper, a racehound dog.

    In Homer's Odyssey, Homer gets fired and he ends up becoming a big safety guy and gets re-hired at the plant as a safety technician. In the Call of the Simpsons, Homer buys a cheap RV and the family get stranded in the woods with Homer being an unlikely Bigfoot sighting.

    Life on the Fast Lane as Marge getting a bit too close to her bowling instructor, who utters the famous(maybe) line about brunch("you don't completely get what you get at breakfast but you get a good meal!"). The Crepes of Wrath has Bart becoming part of a foreign exchange student to France while an Albanian spy is sent to live with the Simpsons.

    Krusty Gets Busted is exactly that and Bart and Lisa try to find ways to clear his name. Probably the first real introduction of the ever-popular Sideshow Bob. The finale Some Enchanted Evening as Homer and Marge getting a babysitter only it's a notorious Babysitter Bandit. This was actually the first to be made but had to be re-sent to Korea(where they finish up the animation) so it became the finale.

    It's funny looking at this set as it's probably one of the only seasons of the show that you can rightly say it's the first season. Half the time with reruns I can't tell what season it is but still it's a very good start to what would become a 16 season series.

    ...more info
  • Where it all began...
    Ok, so this isn't actually where the Simpsons had their beginning. Anyone who really knows about them will know that they were first introduced to America on the Tracy Ulman show. They were so successful however, that they soon had their own cartoon.
    For the record I'll say that I never saw the Tracy Ulman shorts. But I was there from the very first season to now, and while I'll freely admit that much of the clasic humor is gone from the series I still very much enjoy watching it. That said I will probably collect Simpsons seasons until they're no longer produced.
    The first season, though the quality isn't nearly as good as in later seasons, still has some classic gems. The very first episode that I remember watching with my family was Bart the General, where Bart leads a group of downtrodden kids in a war against local bully Nelson Munts. Other notables include Moaning Lisa, which saw the first appearance of Bleeding Gums Murphy, Bart the Genius, wherein Bart fakes his way through an aptitude test and finds himself in the gifted class, and of course Call of the Simpsons, which is probably one of my favorite episodes of this season. And of course we must not forget Babysitter Bandit, Crepes of Wrath (Bart's infamous trip to France), and Krusty gets Busted, first appearance of Sideshow Bob.
    All in all this is an excellent season despite its shortcomings. It wasn't the first season I saw on DVD but it was the first one I ever bought. And I'll probably continue to buy each season as it becomes available....more info
  • This is where it all began (before the Tracy Ulman show anyway)
    All I can say is this is a must have for any Simpsons fan. I especially enjoy seeing the changes in the way the show has taken shape from then until now, including better artwork in the show and the myriad of special guests and guest voices. It's just great to see such an awesome show in it's infancy like this! ...more info
  • Simpsons sure have changed
    Bought this for a kick of nostalgia. It's funny to look at the first season and see the change in the looks of all the characters and the evolution of the show. A classic TV staple that helped turn Fox into a viable network against what was once the big 3 networks....more info
  • Just to clear things up......
    Okay first of all this does NOT have all the Tracey ullman shorts it has ONE! The Tracey ullman short they have is the first one "Goodnight Simpsons". And so Will Mcburnett you where WRONG! and disc 3 is the disc that has most of the specal features! You must be reading something! although this season is very good! This is worth buying! ( even though it only has 13 episodes!) So this is only 1 season! not the 3 tracey ullman seasons! but maby sometime they will make a tracey ullman seasons 1 to 3!...more info
  • The first step of television's greatest masterpiece
    In 1989, not a single person on earth suspected that the face of television, a bland medium that existed primarily to sell hideous products, was about to be changed forever. Matt Groening, the creator of the brilliant comic strip, "Life in Hell", with the help of James L. Brooks and Sam Simon, created an animated television show that was so funny, true-to-life, and bitingly satirical, as well as so littered with detail it became a masterpiece and a true work of art. Every single animated show since its first airing has been inspired by it, and indeed, popular culture was altered to make way for it. In the 13 episodes of the first season of "The Simpsons", we see a masterwork being formed. The season began with the Christmas episode, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", and gave us such classics as "Bart the General", "Moaning Lisa", "Krusty Gets Busted", and the beautiful "Life on the Fast Lane". These words just don't do the show justice. It is incredibly hilarious and sometimes heart-wrenchingly sad. Although the first season is only an omen of great things to come, it must be purchased by every single human being on this planet. Do yourself a favor and do just that. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • A great addition
    The episodes are not that great, but they are not horrible is still entertaining and astonishing to see how the show had evolved since 1989. there isnt a lot of humor really, and the animation/voices are comepletely different then it is now...but what do you expect, even mat groening admitted that they didnt really know what they were doing...more info
  • Classic Simpsons
    I start my review this way because The Simpsons is approching Season 20 as I write this review. And only in the last several years has the show started to show serious signs of age!I am 28 now and this is a Simpson season I fondly remember one of my fathers' co-workers dubbing off of cable for us because we didn't have it;it was on right before "Married With Children" at the time if I recall. I cannot watch this season without images of "Don't Have A Cow Man" T-Shirts and even McDonalds offering a line of Simpson dolls;for a time they were as big a marketing item as The Beatles were in the 60's. It's funny how irreverant,witty,anti-authoritarian figures such as The Beatles and The Simpsons could have any capitalist angles but they did. But these 13 shows have a lot of special meaning to me. In this season Bart cheats on a test and ends up branded a genious,Marge has a near affair with a hursuit bowling teacher,Lisa jams her blues away with local jazzman Bleeding Gums Murphy (am I the only Simpson fan out there who liked this character?) and the entire family give each other electroshock treatment. Of course being when this is this season sometimes seems like the Bart Simpson show;Bart goes to France,Bart fights a bully,Bart outsmarts the babysitter bandit,Bart reveals Sideshow Bob had framed Krusty The Clown,etc. But before Homer became the breakout character Bart was the star vehicle. But that doesn't matter.Neither does the difference in the animation;the main characters have very rubbery movements,a lot of the backround characters are either horrible mutants or just look like blobs with faces in the crowd scenes. Not only that but Bart isn't as full of clever quips as he would be later,Homer talks more like Walter Matheau then he would later on and Ned Flanders hasn't yet become a religious fanatic;he was just the Simpsons yuppie neighbor at this point. But as a later Simpsons episode pointed out sometimes TV show change after a pilot or first season;some characters are baught upfront or pushed into the backround and sometimes you can change them almost entirely. Interestingly enough this would be the last of The Simpsons I'd see for another five years;I caught seasons 2 and on through network syndication. I have since diligantly purchased the DVD sets and will continue to do so but still this stands out as really one of my favorite Simpson seasons....more info
  • Season one of the simpsons.
    I love this dvd. The shows are great.The animation might look wierd. But remeber this is when drawlers did't no how to draw the characters.My fav. show on the dvd is moaning Lisa.Go get this dvd NOW!...more info