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KitchenAid Chef Series Food Chopper
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Product Description

Make short work of small kitchen tasks with simple controls and effortless style. A simple pulse button is all it takes to control the stainless steel multipurpose blade for precise chopping, mincing, blending, emulsifying and more. Model KFC3100.

  • 3 cup workbowl
  • Ingredients can be added without removing domed lid
  • Reverse spiral action stainless steel cutting blade
  • Heavy duty base for stability during use
  • Pulse control for precise chopping and mixing

Customer Reviews:

  • Handy little chopper
    Gave this little chopper to family members as a Christmas gift. They are happy with the way it chops onions, meat pieces and other foods that take so long to do by hand. Recommend....more info
  • Great little chopper
    I got this as a gift and didn't think much of it until I opened it up and used it. It's very nice quality and since I'm usually cooking for myself it's just the right size. If I was cooking for more people then I would want a larger unit....more info
  • Looking for a new one
    I have had my chopper for about a year. I love it for making mayonnaise. Whips it up in about a minute. When my brother visited and had a sandwich with my homemade mayonnaise, he vowed never again to buy store bought mayonnaise. The big negative I have with this one is that when you submerge the container in water, bits of food get inside the handle. I didn't realize that would happen so there are rotting bits of food in the handle. Once it's in there, you can't get it out. That's why I'm looking for a new one. Some liquids will splatter out the top which I don't like either. It works well, just don't submerge the handle in dirty dishwater. Wash it before you wash anything else. ...more info
  • kitchen aid chopper worthless
    I bought this chopper because i had stomach surgery and had to chop food before eating it. I bought it online before the surgery so I didnt use it for about 2 weeks. After the surgery I waited 2 weeks until i was allowed to eat solid type food. The product worked great. next time I used it worked great. next time product failed. I figured out what the problem was. It has to many safety features and all are made of plastic. They are fragile and broke off thus making the product not workable. Cheaply made plastic that is over engineered for safety. I will return this one and not replace it. ...more info
  • Very handy kitchen tool.
    I always hesitate before buying yet another kitchen appliance/tool of any kind: it's hard to know whether I'll use it enough to justify taking up more space. But this is one I highly recommend. It's small enough to keep on the kitchen counter, so it's handy, and I use it every time I cook. It's much easier to clean than the larger food processor and can chop and blend almost anything (in smaller batches, of course) the larger processor can do....more info
  • KitchenAid KFC3100
    After one month of limited use the safety latch or pulse button will not allow the product to operate. I am returning this item. ...more info
  • Great Chopper for Small Jobs
    This is the perfect chopper/mixer for small jobs. I use it to chop onions, garlic, herbs and vegetables for small jobs. Also great for quickly making salad and other types of dressings and rubs. Love this so much I bought it for a friend.

    The only thing you should be aware of is that you have to ensure the top mixing unit is properly aligned or the unit won't chop (for safety?). So, be aware of this when you purchase - if it doesn't work, no it's not broken, just not aligned....more info
  • Great little work horse!
    This mini chopper has all the power of a lare processor. It is light weight and the mini spatula it comes with is perfect. I've read reviews complaining of the loud noise but what do you expect from a powerful processor. I don't mind the noise verses the results I get in seconds! Not many processors come with an operning at the top to add liquids as this one does. I feel I got a good value for the small price. ...more info
  • Too loud
    I bought this item for making baby food. It does a great job making the food but is so loud, I try to avoid using it. The only time I have time to make the food is while my son is sleeping but this machine wakes him up unless I bring it to a far room in the house. I'd much rather be able to use it in the kitchen. I would not buy this again....more info
  • KitchenAid Chopper
    I've only used it a few times, but it works really well. I was able to mix up a shortbread with no fuss at all. I really love the colour too!...more info
  • Review on chopper
    This Kitchen Aid chopper is the greatest. I have one and bought this as a gift and had it shipped to a relative in Nebraska. She loves it as well. It chops things very uniformly, and I would be at a loss without it....more info
  • KitchenAid makes great products
    Had a little problem trying to attach the bowl, but after reading the directions it was easy. Love having this. Looks great and small enough to store or keep on the counter. Will probably purchase more as gifts when they go on sale!...more info
  • Perfect
    I needed a new chopper for a long time and couldn't turn this down when I saw it in the Gold Box Deal. I love it. Makes cooking so much faster when I have a lot of chopping to do. I saw on some of the reviews that it quit working because the locks wouldn't lock in, so it wouldn't start. For that reason, I've been hand washing just to be extra careful. I find it easy to keep clean, tho, and have had no trouble with it at all....more info
  • I hope I made the right choice
    I've had this chopper for about a month now, and I couldn't make up my mind as to which one to buy, this one or the Cuisinart until I read the recommendation on the Cooks Illustrated website. They tested several different mini choppers and this one out shined them all including the Cuisinart. So off I went to the nearest mall to buy it. As soon as I got home, I washed it by hand and proceeded to chop a medium size onion. Now you have to remember that it only has one pulse button, so if you want large chunks, you have to just barely touch it a couple of times and you will have large chunks. I wanted to mince the onion for a recipe that I was trying. I was very pleased that it minced the onion in no time. I then peeled two heads of garlic and through them in the chopper, along with 1/2 tsp. of salt and a little olive oil because I wanted to store it in a jar for future use. Again, it chopped them up on seconds. So far I was very pleased with this little chopper. Then I needed to mince several vegetables all together at one time, so I cut them into pieces and threw them into the chopper. Only this time, I filled the chopper to the top, so I thought being that this chopper was so powerful that it should mince them all with no problem. I added carrots, onion and celery and began to press the pulse button. It whipped right through the ones on the bottom and in the middle, but the ones that were on the top didn't get chopped all the way. It could be that I may have put too many veggies in at once, so I can't complain too much.

    Then I decided to make bread crumbs with some stale garlic bread. When I broke up the bread and put it into the chopper to make the bread crumbs, the bread pieces kept getting stuck to the blades. So I had to keep opening it up and taking the bread pieces off the blades, then starting again. I found it to be al little inconvenient, but I am still happy with this chopper. I haven't done everything I want with it yet, like chopping nuts or crackers, but so far I like it. My meatloaf came out pretty good.

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    ...more info
  • Lasts years, still works great
    My bro. has had one of these for several years now (over 5 at least) and it has worked great. I made the mistake of trying to make a smoothie and added ice cubes which scratched the sides. This is definitely for food and not drink. However, what it does, it does very well. I recently bought one to replace his scratched one (maybe he'll give his old one to me :)...more info
  • An expensive so-so chopper
    I owned a Little Oscar for years and loved it. My friend gave me this Kitchenaid a year ago and it doesn't chop anything in consistant pieces. I've chopped nuts, celery, onions, carrots, etc with every variety of chop produced...from mush to totally unchopped pieces, all in one bowl. This chopper is just not worth the $40. price tag! Not only that, but I put the plastic cup in the microwave and a small metal piec in the handle (I didn't notice), melted the handle so the lid won't lock on the bowl. I have been unable to purchase a replacement bowl, even from Kitchenaide themselves. ...more info
  • Won't puree or blend small amounts of food
    We purchased this product to puree and blend small amounts of food, including meats. The blade is too far above the bottom and will do neither of these jobs....more info