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Kramer vs. Kramer
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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 04/22/2008 Run time: 105 minutes Rating: Pg

Winner of five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Actor, and Screenplay, Kramer vs. Kramer remains as powerfully moving today as it was when released in 1979, simply because its drama will remain relevant for couples of any generation. Adapted by director Robert Benton from the novel by Avery Corman, this is perhaps the finest, most evenly balanced film ever made about the failure of marriage and the tumultuous shift of parental roles. It begins when Joanna Kramer (Meryl Streep) bluntly informs her husband Ted (Dustin Hoffman) that she's leaving him, just as his advertising career is advancing and demanding most of his waking hours. Self-involvement is just one of the film's underlying themes, along with the search for identity that prompts Joanna to leave Ted with their first-grade son (Justin Henry), who now finds himself living with a workaholic parent he barely knows. Juggling his domestic challenge with professional deadlines, Ted is further pressured when his wife files for custody of their son. This legal battle forms the dramatic spine of the film, but its power is derived from Benton's flawlessly observant script and the superlative performances of his entire cast. Because Benton refuses to assign blame and deals fairly with both sides of a devastating dilemma, the film arrives at equal levels of pain, growth, and integrity under emotionally stressful circumstances. That gives virtually every scene the unmistakable ring of truth--a quality of dramatic honestly that makes Kramer vs. Kramer not merely a classic tearjerker, but one of the finest American dramas of its decade. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Robert Benton's Kramer vs Kramer is superb !
    Robert Benton's Oscar winning film about a hard working man who has to take care of his son when his wife walks out is a dream come true. Acting is excellent. END...more info
  • Hits Close to Home
    I had always avoided this movie growing up as a child. I don't know why, I guess I assumed it was too "deep". Then I recently decided to watch it, as the story seemed to mirror my own childhood. This movie beautifully captures the truth behind a good relationship between a father and his son. It provides insight into the good times and the bad. The emotions are powerful and very real, and if you have a close relationship with a single parent then this film will touch a raw nerve.

    I felt that Dustin Hoffman's character was played remarkably and his transformation is profound. Meryl's character seemed somewhat believable, certainly her reasons for the performance were there. The little boy in the movie was incredible and really gave life and breath to the soul of his character. It's not a happy story and it's not all bad either, it's a life story. It's worth your time....more info
  • "All Movies Should Be This Good"
    There are movies, then there are movies: "Kramer vs. Kramer is one of those. Originally released to theatres in 1979, "Kramer vs. Kramer is one of the most intelligent films ever, dramitizing the effects of what happens to a child when it's mother walks out on the family. The film explores the means in which the father goes to to gain full custody of his son, and the ultimate outcome when the mother resurfaces to claim the child. Thought provoking and emotional, this film will leave you confused, sad, angry, and happy, which is what most films that are dramas should do.
    A perfect film with a cast that most Hollywood producers would kill for, "Kramer vs. Kramer" stars Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep as the parents who get a divorce and wage a war with each other in their claims for their son. This was one of Meryl's first meaty roles and she would win her first Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. The film would garner 4 other major Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Dustin, Best Director for Robert Benton, Best Screenplay, also for Robert Benton, and Best Picture of the Year!
    Kate Jackson, of "Charlie's Angels's" fame, was offered the role of Joanna, the mother in the film, but the producers of "Charlie's Angels" wouldn't allow her time to do the film. Jackson would later quit "Charlie's" the following year.
    Leonard maltin says of the film, it's "intelligent, beautifully crafted, and is intensely moving".
    The DVD is full of bonuses including interiews with the main cast, trailers, and it comes in beautiful widescreen format and is beautifully restored....more info
  • Beautiful Movie
    Dustin Hoffman, Justine Henry, Merryl Street are great in this movie...more info
  • Awful twaddle
    This won a load of Oscars. Why? This is as bad as "Ordainary People". I don't want to see movies about ordainary people and their rather sad and meaningless lives. I don't want to see "worthy" dramas about divorce. I don't want to see the effect of divorce on "cute" children. Heck I don't want to really see children in movies at all....more info
  • Kramer vs, kramer
    Very please, easy ordering and item received as stated and ship quickly. I wlll always shop thru Amazon....more info
  • Dated, But Lovable
    Sure, Meryl Streep can read a phone book and score, but this movie is so dated, I thought I was gonna die! Not to mention that Mr. and Mrs. Kramer both make about $30,000/year in this film from 1979. What a bummer reminder!

    Otherwise, it is a well acted, high quality scripted film. Hoffman should have won an Oscar, as well. Although this topic seemed more relevant in the '70's, one can still appreciate the agony all characters went through. Great, great acting!...more info

  • 1979. Oh yeah.
    So divorce and child custody were huge issues in 1979. Hee haw. I think the bigger, more timely issue that plays out in KvK is Hoffman's insensitivity to Streep's wish to live a more fulfilling and well rounded life. At first it's hard to get drawn into Streep's perspective, especially with the Adam Rich clone making cute with Daddy Kramer. You start off thinking, "How could she just up and leave that little muppet? Bad mommy!" Some may question the Streep Best Support Actress deal, but her courtroom performance in the last act fills in the gaps and you can finally empathize with her.

    I don't like the tacked on last scene. It kills it....more info

  • 1 star NOT for the movie
    Is there any chance the movie studio will get a clue and reduce their list price?! DVDs are cheaper now...wake up already. This DVD has been out going on 3 years now. It's time to slash and burn the prices....more info
    A harried husband (Dustin Hoffman) finds out what it's like to raise a child as a single parent after his wife (Meryl Streep) just packs up and walks out on their lives. Today, divorce stories are a dime a dozen but when "Kramer Vs. Kramer" first hit the scene on the cusp of the 1980's it was a genuine revelation. And although we've seen the story told and retold countless times since, nothing quite captures the immediacy and sheer energy of this ground-breaking American classic.
    Columbia TriStar has given us the film in a pretty good looking transfer. Yes, colors are dated but they are incredibly well balanced and, at times, even vibrant. Some minor aliasing in fine details but nothing to distract. The audio has been nicely restored. There's a documentary that's pretty informative, albeit short. BOTTOM LINE: YES - A KEEPER!...more info
  • Fine acting .... BUT
    I had only seen snippets of this movie over the years. I bought it on DVD the other day and the latest version of it includes a 50 min documentary (worth having for that alone). So, I watched the movie, enjoyed the acting, but wondered how it even won a single oscar, let alone five! Ok, this is where it is important to remember that it was made in 1979 where divorce battles were very much highlighted, and women's careers were just starting to take off. The film is also quite short, and I imagine that if it was made today, it would be much longer - particularly the courtroom scenes which are very short in the movie. The title to me indicates a battle between husband and wife, but I found Meryl Streep to be tame and accommodating. I love Dustin Hoffman in any movie, so pleased to own it for that reason - I might add that in parts he reminded me of his role in Tootsie. To finish off, I would have to say that there are some classic scenes in the movie, but I still believe it is a highly over-rated film. People must have been easy to please back in 1979, because this is more of a 'Made-for-TV' movie in my opinion. Only buy it if you see it on sale....more info
  • Simply the most wonderful movie ever
    It's a good DVD. It doesn't have any special features or anything. I rate it 5 star because of the quality of the movie and the fact that I really appreciate the fact that they finally decided to bring it out on DVD.

    I've got about 30-40 movies that I want to own on DVD. But if I had to cut it down to 5, Kramer vs Kramer would still be one of them.

    (...)...more info

  • Kramer vs Kramer
    Although this movie was filmed many years ago, the theme and drama of it is still evident today. All young married couples w/children should and must see this story and learn from it. Acting is outstanding, but Justin Henry's performance has no comparison!...more info