Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV)
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Showcasing enhanced versions of the Super Nintendo classics Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Chronicles is a must-have "retro" bundle for the serious role-playing game fan.

Originally released in the U.S. in 1991 as Final Fantasy II, the groundbreaking Final Fantasy IV introduced the "Active Time Battle" combat system that has since become a staple in the series. In addition to new computer animation sequences and minor gameplay enhancements, this reissue sports a new dialogue translation that is more faithful to the Japanese version and fleshes out the previously pared-down story of a conflicted knight and his quest for redemption.

Although not as well known as Final Fantasy IV--and not even part of the Final Fantasy series, for that matter--1995's Chrono Trigger is a nonlinear adventure game where players must travel across time to save a princess (and the world in the process). New Japanese cartoon cutscenes from animator Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragonball Z) grace the updated Chrono Trigger, and an extras mode (filled with game-related goodies that must be unlocked) has been added, increasing the already high replay value of this title with multiple endings.

Admittedly, the games' two-dimensional graphics and simplistic sounds are quite "last generation," which may turn off some younger gamers and recent converts to the genre, but their solid gameplay, deep storyline, and memorable characters are still first-rate by today's standards. --Joe Hon


  • Brings together two classic Super Nintendo role-playing games
  • Retranslated text of Final Fantasy IV more faithful
  • Extras mode increases Chrono Trigger's replay value
  • New animated "movie" sequences
  • In-game graphics and sounds are quite dated

The two classic RPGs in this compilation not only represent hours upon hours of story, character, and action, they also present the background for two recent bestselling, critically hailed games: Final Fantasy IX and Chrono Cross.

With all the different names for the original 1991 release of the first title in this compilation (Final Fantasy IV in Japan, Final Fantasy II in the U.S.), role-players new to the game may get confused. Make no mistake, though: Final Fantasy Chronicles marks the first time this pivotal installment of the cherished game series has ever been available on the PlayStation. In Final Fantasy IV, players take on the role of Cecil, a loyal captain who questions the orders of his king, and for it is sent to slay a mysterious beast in a nearby valley.

In Chrono Trigger, Chrono must follow princess Marle's teleportation through time and locate her before an intergalactic parasite arrives to destroy the world. The original game, also on the PlayStation for the first time, was one of the first nonlinear role-playing games. The decisions that players make during the game will point them toward one of more than a dozen possible endings.

These new versions retain the authentic Japanese SNES stories and characters while updating their graphics and adding new full-motion video sequences and other features.

  • The Final Fantasy Chronicles set includes new opening and closing cinematic sequences for Chrono Trigger and re-creations of memorable sequences
  • New abilities include a "dash" feature, allowing players to move quickly through towns and dungeons
  • 2-player mode allows players to participate in battles together
  • Improved localization of the original unedited story
  • Includes all the original monsters, abilities, items and scenes that were not seen in the SNES version

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Role-Player AND How To Fix the Load Time Problem
    I've noticed a couple people complain about the load times (especially during battles). There's a quick and easy fix for PS2 owners: In the main menu under the PS1 Driver, there's a setup option for "Fast Loading". When you turn that on, the game will load as fast as the original cartridge did. Problem solved.


    And now for the game: Chrono Trigger is one of, perhaps even *the best*, role-playing game ever made. Final Fantasy 6 is my favorite in that series, but Chrono Trigger has a stronger appeal for me, personally, because of the time travel/sci-fi theme. You and your characters travel across several thousand years (from medieval times to a distant, robotic future), in your quest to beat back the bad guys. The battle system allows you to chain your characters together for extra-powerful attacks, which is a unique innovation. Finally, how the game ends is never the same. Like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, the ending varies depending upon how you play the game. Chrono Triggers offers lots of replayability, and is a true masterpiece.

    As for FF4, the game is somewhat weak. Many call FF4 their favorite final fantasy, but I was not too impressed. I'd put it somewhere in the middle. It was originally designed to run on the 1980's 8-bit Nintendo, but at the last minute FF4 was upgraded to run on the just-released 16-bit Super Nintendo, and it comes across as primitive, both in graphics and story. Not as good as what came later (FF anthology).

    Bottom Line: Buy Final Fantasy 4/Chrono Trigger right now... mainly for Chrono Trigger, but also to satisfy your curiosity about FF4. If you're like me, you'll cherish it forever. ...more info
  • A few facts in reviews that aren't right
    Responding to a couple of reviews down below. A lot of people complain that Chrono Trigger is in this package when it is not a Final Fantasy game. Umm... do people even know that "Chronicles" is a reference to Chrono Trigger? And the title for Final Fantasy IV was NOT messed up in translation. It was called FFII because at first we really weren't meant to get FFI and FFII or even some of the ones after.

    And this is my biggest pet peeve. One reviewer mentioned that in Chrono Trigger you can't run away. You CAN run away in the same fashion you run away in Final Fantasy by holding the L1 and R1 buttons.

    One last other pet-peeve is that no one seems to mention that FFII on the SNES in America was the "Easy Version" of FFIV released in Japan. In this Final Fantasy Chronicles package its the "Hard Version" previously unreleased in America.

    Aside from that the cons are correct. The game takes a horrifically long time to load (especially for Chrono Trigger). The other con is simply that while the extras and such are nice they aren't enough to make you buy this if you've got the originals. ...more info
  • Good title for cRPG fans
    This is a good collection. It's even better if you have a PS1 emulator and a fast PC. This would cut down on the lag. (Of course, if you have such, other options arise.)

    Some have mentioned the lag issue. As one who played through these on the SNES, I can assure you there is horrid lag. The PS2 has a faster CD drive and some form of caching for PS1 titles which helps dramatically, but by no means removes the delay.

    In Chrono Trigger on the console, fights started with no discernable lag. The creatures on the background jump out at you and you're fighting with no visible delay beyond the jumping animation.(or whatever they do) In FF2/4 the screen did fade black, and then faded in, but this took about an eighth to quarter of a second. (estimated)

    Chrono Trigger was a great game. The story is fun, and the characters are great. The story is non-linear and you get a great feeling of control. How many games give you the choice of killing off one of the bosses or accepting their help? (Your choice affects the ending in a reasonable fashion)

    FF2 (4) was also a great story. When I played through it first, I commented how it felt like playing through a book. Much less choice in progression than even in earlier FF's, though. Fun, regardless.

    Finally, he sound quality was lower on the PS version than on the original console. The fade effects on the music and such are gone. I haven't played through sufficiently to notice any other changes, but that one was rather glaring. I really liked the use of fadeing to make it sound like you were getting away from the source. (Such as the Millineal Fair music fading as one wanders away from town.) The PS version rather ungraciously terminates at some distance, and then at some further distance fires up the new music. Jarring.

    The original Chrono Trigger would get 5/5, but these issues particularly hinder it. ...more info
  • Chrono Trigger and FF 4 - excellent old school rpgs
    Chrono Trigger's is a great game albiet the very dated graphics. For me, the story, characters and battles were interesting enough to balance out the uninteresting graphics. If you like old school RPGs, you need chrono trigger! But there are weird 8 second lags before and after battles that I personally could be patient enough for but some may not be.. so beware.
    +No nonsense fluff, just good old school rpg fun
    +Good story
    +good characters
    +interesting time travel concept
    battles that take place directly on the field map, while still being turn based.

    +those 5 second "new" animates scenes are nothing to be excited about, they are short and there are few of them and they dont contribute much, just reiterate stuff..
    +the delays before and after each battle, can get anoying.

    FFIV was a worthwhile game as well, though it requires some serious grinding at times to progress, which I hate....more info
  • "MEMO" save is convienient! Lack of extras in FFIV.
    FFIV (Final Fantasy II in USA) and Chrono Trigger are some of the best that SquareSoft has to offer. I do believe that both are equally good games and do have moving storylines. FFIV have been much more harder than the original that was been released on Super Nintendo. In my opinion, the only loading times is when you "LOAD" the game and saving as well. Now there is an extra "MEMO" save feature included for players' convienience. It saves just as fast as the SNES by using the Playstation hardware as a temporary save if players wish to continue playing. Then on the final save is on the memory card which does take time and assumed that the player will shut the game off. So loading was not such a big deal in FFIV since there are absolutely no loading DURING gameplay. Just saving onto the memory card to save and turn off the game. My main gripe about the game is that there are no CG during certain points of gameplay. Just at the beginning and the end, that's all!

    Chrono Trigger has been remastered very well in the playstation. The CGs are great and the only downfall about this title is the loading times when going to menus. It seems that Chrono Trigger has been the focus on remastering the title rather than FFIV.

    FFIV only has a couple of movies, but overall, great revisted title. Got harder, fixed tranlation on the text, more extra skills for the characters to use than the one on the SNES.
    Chrono Trigger has more movies than FFIV, and seem to be more well looked at by the company than FFIV in my opinion.

    If anyone is complaining about the save waiting and loading times, USE THE MEMO SAVE! Then when you are ready to turn off the game, then that's the time to save onto the memory card and go through that ONE moment of waiting time....more info
  • Immortal
    I played chrono trigger 10 years ago, but never finished the game. A few months ago I found out about the P S re-release. What A time trip I played through the ten years later, and it was like the game had not aged one day! Truly some of the most memroibal characters and story line of any game movie or book for that matter. Today's RPG s don't even come close in terms of game play and story. Final fantasy X is a total piece of crap compared to this gem. Immortal....more info
  • One of my all time favorite games!
    This is a really nice remake of a great classic (FFIV). They improved the dialogue, and added in a lot of great items. The challenge level, however, was bumped up significantly. The game was originally paced so you didn't have to spend nearly as much time leveling up. A few of the bosses surprised me this time through (I've played the SNES version multiple times in my day). The story is unchanged, however. A must have for any FF/Classic RPG fan! As a bonus, I finally got to play Chrono Trigger!...more info
  • Two epic RPG's in one package!
    Two RPG masterpieces, Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger, have been
    re-released in this great package with some nice additions. I'll be reviewing the two games.


    INTRO: In 1991, FFIV was originally released in America for the SNES under the name, "Final Fantasy II." But the SNES version was pretty flawed. For one thing, they censored the script and and it was horribly translated. Another thing is that they took out a few things, such as the Developer's Room. Also, they toned down the difficulty. Now the game has been re-released for the PS1 with the complete, uncut script, Developer's Room, and a harder difficulty.

    GAMEPLAY: This was the first FF game to have more than the number of characters in your party. (you can have up to five characters in your party. Sweet!) The game has lots of secrets, spells, weapons, and summons. It's a really addicting RPG with a great challenge.

    GRAPHICS: Meh. It was made in 1991, so of course the graphics look outdated. But they were good for the time.

    SOUND: Not much to say about the sound. It's your standard SNES sound.

    MUSIC: I love the music in this game. Even 14 years later, the music still packs a punch. I especially love the boss music. It's very catchy.

    STORY: This game has a great story. I won't spoil it for you, but the story is very original, filled with plot twists.

    ADDED EXTRAS: Besides having the complete, uncut game, not much. Just an FMV scene.


    INTRO: Ten years ago, CT was released for the SNES. Even now, it's still one of the most loved and popular RPG's ever. Now it's been re-released with a ton of extras.

    GAMEPLAY: CT is an RPG. However, there are things that are special about this game. For one thing the battle system is unique. You can use moves that combine different characters. It's a bit hard to explain.

    Another thing that makes this game unique is the fact that you can time travel. You can alter the past, and have fun. Plus, more eras mean more sidequests.

    GRAPHICS: Very ahead of its time. CT's graphics were beautiful, from the colorful 2D textures, to the forests, the graphics were topnotch.

    MUSIC: Like most RPG's, CT has an epic musical score.

    SOUND: Pretty good for 1995.

    STORY: The story, I believe, is solid. It isn't the best RPG story ever, but it is easy to understand and very entertaining.

    REPLAY VALUE: Most RPG's don't really have a replay value, but this does. Once you beat the game, you can do a New Game+, which allows you to start the game over with everything you had on the first game. Plus, there are many, [and I mean MANY!] endings to unlock.

    ADDED EXTRAS: Awesome anime cutscenes, and much more!

    OVERALL: Two epic RPG's in one package. A must have.
    ...more info
  • The Weak Link of the Re-Releases
    If I had enjoyed Final Fantasy IV a bit more than I did, the review would be 5 stars. There's nothing inherently wrong with the game, it just didn't give me the same feeling as the other classic Final Fantasies have. Along with 6, 4 is an FF that was well made but just inexplicably unable to draw me in (the opposite of FF7, which I got into while I played but seems so shabby when I look back at it). 4 is certainly for someone, but it's not for me, you'll have to compare it against your own tastes.

    Chrono Trigger, on the other hand, is a prime example of a classic RPG. While the protagonist is silent, the other characters develop well along the storyline. The weapon and skill system is set up to nigh-perfection; everyone has a set role, but Square manages to pull it off without making the system too limited. The music, while a bit dated, is still rather pleasant and the graphics are vibrant compared to its contemporaries....more info
  • Will be back in production
    don't pay more than 20 dollars for this. Square is releaseing this title along with 3 others for $20.,4364,1372175,00.asp...more info
  • Final Fantasy + Chrono Trigger = Best games ever
    Yeah!!!!!!! I had these games when i was young and loved them. Chrono Trigger has an incredibly deep plot and fun gameplay. Final Fantasy IV is much the same. get this game...more info
  • Classic games...not so classic load times...
    Both of these games are some of the greatest RPGs ever released. But unfortunately Square/Enix released this game with the same horrendous loading times that killed the psx release of Final Fantasy 6. I know it sounds ridiculous that I'm complaining about petty loading times, but BELIEVE ME, once you play the ps1 version of Chrono Trigger you will be going nuts from impatience with these load times. If you're fast, you might be able to prepare dinner, or even take a shower while the menu loads up. And when you enter the next screen you might as well leave to use the bathroom. Okay maybe I am overemphasizing it a bit. I found myself looking for the SNES version after i got this just so I could take advantage of quick loading time. Which to me was a collosul waste of money since I paid for the Chronicles already. But now that the game is on Greatest Hits, it is worth it just for the ff4 disk alone. This version of FF4 is just as good (probably even better) than the SNES version. As far as I know it has more monsters and items too, since this version is the japanese one translated into American and not the watered down American version. And since it's only 20 bucks now, it's a great deal for these classic games. Final Fantasy 4 has very fast loading time on this and it really makes me wonder why Square couldn't have made Chrono Trigger faster. It seems as though every time Square releases a double-RPG set one of the games always has horrible loading. But truth be told, the loading times on Chrono Trigger are not as horrible as Final Fantasy 6's, which were by all means the worst loading times Ive ever experienced, and I'd rather pay for a Super Nintendo and the game itself so I could avoid them (and the SNES version is much better for that game anyway). I guess after all it is worth it to pay $20 for these two classic games despite the horrendous patience problems you will endure. Unless you can find it on Greatest Hits, I wouldn't buy it though.

    overall....about 3.5...but 4 was too good so i rounded down to 3...more info

  • Finally I can play final fantasy II
    I loved Final Fantasy II when I was younger and used to play it non-stop even though I wasn't very good. I know it's technically final fantasy IV but it will always be FFII to me. I'm still a little ticked about the money I wasted on the REAL FFII but I won't hold it against this game. My favorite of the final fantasy series and I've played just about all of them. I haven't played Chrono Trigger, couldn't tell you how that one is....more info
  • 2 for the price of 1. YEAH BABY! (Long, but worth reading)
    Final Fantasy Chronicles is such a great game, I don't Know where to start.(!Attention!, If you have a Super Nintendo and have Final Fantasy 4 and Chrono Trigger you don't really have to bother buying this game, unless you want to check out the added features).FF4 is just like the SNES version only its been enhanced with new magic, monsters,items, and CG(computer generated)cinemas and more stuff. I might be wrong, but I heard somewhere that the Playstation version is much harder than the SNES version. This game is quite entertaining, and the storyline is was one of the best I've seen. In my opinion, I thought Final Fantasy 7 was better in every way. Even though FF7 is better than 4. 4 is still a pretty good game. that's about it for FF4.
    If you liked Dragonball Z, then your gonna LOVE Chrono Trigger cause it's made by the "Great" Akira Toriyama (you know the guy who made the characters from DBZ).I thought Chrono Trigger was better than FF4 in terms of gamplay,and graphcs. In my opinion, it ties between FF7.(only FF7 has better graphics). Chrono Trigger is the prequel to Chrono Cross. I thought Chrono Trigger was better than Chrono Cross.(Chrono Cross's graphics were much better).Chrono Trigger has VERY little to do with Chrono Cross. Chrono Trigger is about a red haired boy named Crono(NOT CHRONO), that travels through time along with his friends to save the world.
    The only thing bad about these two games is that the graphics are quite dated and that it takes a long time to load in Chrono Trigger when you pull out the menu sceen. I don't think Graphics that are a decade old shouldn't bother most gamers. If it does, then I'll beat you up. This game cost less right now than any of those two games did when they where brand new, especailly now in 2005. Chrono Trigger was a rare, hard to find game at that time that usually sold somewhere around $60. right now, it doesn't cost more than $20. To me, FF4 is like an added bonus to Chrono Trigger in the final fantasy chronicles package. It would take a lot more to fully describe this game. I hope this review was helpful to you

    P.S. Get Final Fantast 7 while you're at it.
    ...more info
  • Chrono trigger is borderline unplayable
    If you're going to purchase this, do it only for FFIV, for whatever reason there are horrible delays during chrono trigger battles. I found myself only able to put up with it for an hour before just downloading an emulator and the snes rom version on my laptop. FFIV on the other hand was fine and very enjoyable....more info
  • A happy day in my gaming life
    I must say how happy i was to receive this package in the mail. Final Fantasy VI (then II) was the first RPG i ever played in my heyday. it's always held a place in my gaming life that no other game can replace (with maybe the exception of FF7) the story, the battle system, the music, i could go on... soon after i was introduced to chrono trigger by a friend from school. he had told me that the same game company that made the Final Fantasy series also create Chrono Trigger. naturally, i was intrigued. as with FF4, everything the game encompassed completely hooked me from the get-go and i couldn't stop playing. both were an amazing experience for me when i was young, and it still is to this day. it's a bit unfortunate that today's crop of gaming youngsters can't appreciate this game simply because it doesn't look nearly as good as todays games do, which is understandable, yet still kinda sad. both are a great starting point for really young gamers that wish to get into this genre, and more power to them for wanting to do so....more info
  • A welcome, but slightly flawed, re-release collection
    I love it when companies re-release classic games on newer systems for those of us who grew up with them and like to walk down memory lane, and FF Chronicles collects 2 great games in one. I have many blissful memories of playing FF 4 (2 at the time) when I was much younger and it was newly released. My obsession with Final Fantasy started with number 1, and was established without doubt after playing 2. It is a phenomenal, albeit very dated game. The characters and storyline are among the best in FF history, and the gameplay (though straightforward) remains very fun. The graphics and sound of the game were top notch when released. The graphics remain very colorful and appealing even now, and the music is good if rather "cheap" sounding compared to modern games. I sometimes wish they would have spiffed these games up a bit (improving the instrumentation of the music, adding some bonus features, etc.), but I can also respect getting the games in their original form without alteration (except for the CG scenes, of course).
    That is one area of major disappointment for me, the CG movies they added to FF 4. They exhibit the worst graphics I have ever seen on the PS1. A big disappointment, especially coming from the masters at Square. It looks like someone with no experience just threw them together at the last minute. I would rather they just not added them. Furthermore, I wish they could have maybe spliced them into the game instead of just having them at the beginning and end. That really misled me.
    Still, a great, faithful remake of a wonderful game from the days of old.

    I never played Chrono Trigger on the SNES, so it was a new experience for me, and I did wish once playing it that I had played it in my youth, as it is a phenomenal game that, although I enjoyed it, I would have appreciated much more when I was younger. Great graphics for the time, and about the best music I've ever heard in a video game. The story and game play really pull you in, and the world is one, like any great fictional place, where you find yourself wishing you could just become part of it.
    Also, in contrast to FF 4, I really enjoyed the CG movies they added. They are in the anime style by the guy who did Dragonball Z, are spliced into the game at the appropriate parts, and are really very good.
    I am disappointed however, as many others on here have stated, that this game has painfully long load times that really decreased my enjoyment of the game. Every time you get into a battle or bring up the status screen, there is about a 3-5 second wait, which may not seem like a big deal, but believe me, it gets annoying real fast. Still, if you're patient, it is a good game.

    I find myself wishing that they had released FF 3 on this compilation instead of Chrono Trigger, though. I mean, it is FF Chronicles. If they had put 3 on here, we could have had the entire FF series on the PS. As it is, 3 will likely never be available in a form I'm willing to acquire and play, and thus it will eternally remain a hole in my FF experience. If they had put FF 3 on here, maybe they could have done another 2 disc compilation with Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana. Now that would have been awesome.

    Sadly, I can only give this 4 stars overall, and thats me being realistic as opposed to overly nostalgic. They are both great, classic games, and I'm glad to have them, and I did enjoy them. But, this collection is flawed in several ways that just a little bit more work from Square could have prevented, and made this truly worthy of 5 stars....more info
  • Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV)
    i am a big fan of squear enix what can i say if you like rpg's these to games are a window to the past of great rpgs. if you are a fan then i recamends picking up this tittle....more info
  • 2 great games for a reasonable price
    If your like me and you are tired of the shallow games with little play time and a story line thinner than deli meat pick this up. Both games have a rich story line and excellent game play. Enjoy....more info
  • My second love!
    this game is like that girl you met in highschool, and complained about that other girl who was too good for you to, who you ironically ended up falling in love with.

    In the end, she was better anyways.

    (I will scrawl the name of this game into every tree I see)...more info

  • Crono Cross is worth it
    The ffiv graphic aren't that great, and that makes it a little disappointing, but i did like the story and once you get used to the graphics the small characters seem so kinda cute
    Crono Cross on the other hand is definetly worth it
    They are great games and you will enjoy them...more info
  • Chrono Trigger Yesss
    I remember as a kid (not that long ago) and playing Chrono Trigger on my friends Super NES and how friggin awesome it was. When I found out that it was later released for the playstation I wasted no time in ordering it and popping it into my PS2. (Note you MUST have a PS1 memory card in order to save) Other than this there is no problem in the translation of this game to the Playstaion. Also added to the Playstation version are amazing new cut sequences.

    I have yet to play the FFIV but I will eventually. These games are both classics and a must have for all seriouse RPGers. ...more info
  • Two great games!
    This gem is the re-issue of two old SNES games for the Playstation, Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger. I remember my old FF II SNES cartridge very fondly, though I never had the chance to play Chrono Trigger until this reissue. I enjoyed these classic RPG's very much - now for more detailed reviews of the games:

    Final Fantasy IV was originally released as Final Fantasy II here in the USA, since Square chose not to release the NES games of Final Fantasy II and III here at that time, and they changed the numbering of the game to avoid confusion here. The story follows the adventures of Cecil, commander of the famed Red Wings squadron of airships and a Dark Knight in the service of the King of Baron. The King, formerly a benevolent ruler, has recently begun to exhibit changed and disturbing behavior. When he sends Cecil and the Red Wings on a mission to assault the hapless mages of Mysidia and steal their Crystal, Cecil begins to seriously question his actions. When he brings his concerns to the King, he is rewarded by being stripped of his command and sent to deliver a package to the nearby Village of Mist along with his friend, Kain the Dragoon. And so the adventure begins...

    Those who have mostly played the later Final Fantasies, especially VII, VIII, and X, will find the character creation system in this game to be different. As the game progresses, you will be joined by several different characters who rotate in and out of your party, and each has his or her own unique abilities. For example, Rosa, Cecil's lady love, is strictly a White Magic user, with a small offensive capability, whereas Cecil and Kain are strictly designed around being offensive powerhouses. So, there is not a lot of room for character customization.

    Final Fantasy IV also introduced the Active Time Battle (ATB) system to the series. Basically, in this game, each character has a time bar that fills up according to the character's Speed stat. When the bar fills up, the character is able to take an action. The enemies have ATB bars also, but you can't see them. So you will need to plan your strategies carefully, but yet think fast, because while you are debating on what spell to have Rosa or Rydia cast, the enemies will continue to attack.

    In addition, those who had previously played this game on the SNES will be pleasantly surprised to see that the game has been completely re-translated, resulting in a storyline that makes a little more sense and is a little easier to understand (and the infamous "Spoony Bard" line is still there). Also, there are many more items and abilities in the game that were left out of the original SNES version.

    As to Chrono Trigger, this game is not part of the Final Fantasy series, though it is from the same company that produced those games. Many other reviewers have commented on the long loading times for this game. I found that the load times were on the order of 5 seconds or so for most battles and menu screens. Saving the game takes a little longer. It didin't bother me too much, but I can see how others, particularly those who played the SNES version, could be annoyed.

    Chrono Trigger follows the story of Chrono, a young man who is good friends with Lucca, the local inventor. One day during the local town festival, they encounter a mysterious young girl named Marle. While looking at Lucca's latest invention, Marle suddenly disappears, leaving only her pendant behind. Chrono and Lucca follow her...

    CT is different from most RPGs in that instead of traversing a large world to discover new places, this world is much smaller and the new discoveries come in the form of time travel. There are several different eras that you will visit in the course of playing this game, ranging from the mists of prehistory to the far future.

    As in FFIV, each character in the game has his or her own unique abilities, with certain characters being more "Tank" types and others leaning more towards magic use. However, in this game, you have a little more control over who is in your party at one time. Also, each character has certain "Tech" abilities. Different characters can create powerful Double or Triple Tech attacks when working as a team, thus allowing for many different attacking strategies, depending on the party's composition.

    Another cool thing about CT is the fact that, depending on your actions in the game, you will get one of a dozen or so different endings. The different endings enhance the replayability of this game quite a bit. The Chronicles version also contains several new anime cutscenes that were created by the same person who drew the Dragonball anime series. Anyone who has ever watched any episodes of Dragonball Z will see the resemblance immediately.

    Overall, this is a truly excellent game, with a lot of nice surprises and features even for those who own the original SNES cartridges. Although the load times are noticeable, they really aren't that bad and shouldn't turn someone off this game. Highly, highly recommended....more info
  • Pleasently Suprised
    I wasn't expecting too much coming from this FF title, mainly because I never really hear anything about it. People always rave about 6, 7, 10, etc...but you don't hear much about 4. I bought it because I wanted to own every FF game, and just figured I would think the game was okay, or "good" at best.

    Turns out this game was a lot of fun. It's my favorite pre-PS1 FF game. The characters are diverse, the story is interesting, and it's just a very fun game over all. ...more info
  • Final Fantasy Chronicles, Great Compilation Game
    Since this is a compilation game that consists of two games I'll review them separately.

    First, before that, I just want to remark that these two games were perhaps the two of the greatest RPGs to hit the SNES in America. Final Fantasy IV was marketed to the American audience as Final Fantasy 2 and Chrono Trigger is often called the best RPG ever created and has a fan base larger than many of the big hits of today.

    Final Fantasy IV:
    Final Fantasy IV (or 2 American) is definitely one of the more interesting storylines and is as exciting to play now as it was back when it was first created. The general story revolves around one man's quest to understand himself and in the process atone for his sins committed in the past.

    It's different than the usual Final Fantasy's in that characters who are in your party leave and come back throughout the storyline but you never have the ability to select your own party. So one character may run off to do something and you'll quickly have him replaced by another.

    It definitely removes the need to switch around characters to level them all up but when you get stuck with characters you may find goofy (cough Cid, cough) you're stuck with them until the story progresses.

    The most groundbreaking thing about the story, which never really happens in RPGs these days so much was that characters in the story may die at times (as part of the story). It's just something that most stories today shy away from but playing through Final Fantasy IV I never knew if I'd lose someone in my team and it always made me cling to the story hoping for the best even when put into impossible situations in the story.

    The game's major flaw was how slow your character moved. That one tiny enhancement makes a world of a difference playing.
    Same great story.

    It still uses the old four block save system. How does this translate to the playstation saves? You have to save this gigantic file onto your memory card and then inside of that file save on one of the four saves. It just doesn't make sense why they didn't update that. It's a slow process to save as well.

    Chrono Trigger
    Had this game been released without any changes, it likely would have been fine as it was. Still the CG movies added to it are somewhat interesting.

    The game revolves around an interesting story dealing with time travel and brings you to the edge of your morality as you understand the complex interactions between the characters. As you begin to unravel the story you instantly remember pieces of it unveiled earlier and begin to make connections, something most stories in RPGs today lack as well.

    Another fun piece of the game was the multiple endings it had. This isn't like Final Fantasy X-2's good or bad ending style but a unique ending system that involved how you went about beating it and at what point in the game you were at when you beat it.

    For example, one ending, if you beat it before completing one storyline, caused the world to become an imp only world where they lived like humans do. It's just a fun game all around.

    Great game, I don't even need to list these, an amazing piece to add to your collection.

    Nothing I can really speak to....more info
  • Final Fantasy Chronicles Review
    both classic games and EXTREMELY FUN. again if you want more original graphics then go for this one. but Final Fantasy IV will be coming out for the DS really soon. with revamped graphics and some new attributes for the characters. i don't know if they are planning to do the same for Chrono Trigger, but it doesn't matter cause they are both amazing as is....more info
    Chrono Trigger is simply the best RPG ever.


    The storyline draws you in and captivates you (once it gets going). Time travelling and altering events in the future is just cool. The battle system is so unique, with the combo-techs!! I can't get enough of that Dark Eternal attack!

    So, it's an old game, I never reviewed it, but here it is. I am ONLY reviewing Chrono Trigger.

    Why did I not give it 5 stars? Well, I would give the SNES 5 stars, but one thing that irritates me about this game, is because I played it on the SNES, I'm not used to these stupid load times. It's ANNOYING!!!! So, that's why it's knocked down to 4 because of those load times that I myself am not used to. If you haven't played the SNES version it probably won't bug you.

    Otherwise, go get this game. It's simply the best RPG ever. If you plan on playing Chrono Cross, and never played the PS version, you should. It makes Chrono Cross more understandable, because I picked up Chrono Cross, and played it and I was just like....HUH???? WHAT IS THIS???

    Then I played the PS version, and one CG event, makes so much difference........more info
  • Awesome!!!
    Chrono Trigger is simply the best game of all time. Nothing else comes close to it in terms of fun, at least for me. Final fantasy IV is also a good game that I enjoyed playing through for the first time....more info
  • astonishing deal that you simply shouldn't pass up
    Even though that most people will overlook this game because it's a PlayStation game that's a re-release of a 16-bit game during a time when we've already moved on to the 128-bit generation, if you're an RPG fan that has yet to play either of these classics, it's a must-have title. With the multiple endings and fantastical game design and lovable characters, Chrono Trigger alone is worth the full price of admission. Add in Final Fantasy IV and you have an astonishing deal that you simply shouldn't pass up. Jody Bissoon...more info
  • Chrono Trigger & Final Fatasy IV in review
    This is a 2 game disc for the sony playstation, also plays in the sony playstation 2. Both games are fun and remind me of when I was young and used to play them on the SNES ( super nintendo entertainment system ) I would suggest this game for anyone that is into RPG's. This game is good for all ages, so there is no need for parents to worry about the content their children are getting into....more info
  • PS1-Final Fantasy Chronicles (Chrono Trigger/FSIV)
    I have not played Chrono Trigger for years. It is quite the game. The controls are easy to use. If you played it once long ago, do it again. I recommend it. Good buy too. Two games for the price of one. I have not started Final Fantasy IV yet. I will give it a go when I finish Chrono Trigger. Have fun. ...more info
  • A release of a Japanese Final Fantasy with some CT extras..
    First off with the Chrono Trigger re-release here some of the songs and sounds on this version are not as "full" as the original SNES version but the anime sequences placed in the game not to mention the added extras make up for this.
    And square also released a FF that was never in the states before. I would recommend for you to buy this however the price of this game is now exorbitant (I got my copy used for 35 bucks at a used store Im guess Im lucky) I have no idea as to why either, maybe it was released only for a short period as it seems to be the same with Anthology. If you cant find it ANYWHERE for a price under 40 bucks then I would buy it but I would NEVER pay one of the idiots in the used section 200 for one game!...more info
  • Big title reissue draws little enthusiasm
    I owned the cartridges for FF4 and CT way back in the day and thought they were excellent. Buying up the new versions to see what had changed ended in disappointment. While the dialogue of FF4 has, thankfully, been improved and flows better, the rest of the game has not improved. What used to be an easy fight for me resulted in several restored games. Having all the deleted items restored to the game only served to muddle it up. Additional abilities were not all that useful. I found myself doing what I have always done: used what was familiar. The game took much longer to complete and I was getting rather bored before I reached the underground. To add to disappointment, there are a multitude of opportunities for new CG scenes to help with the tangled skein of the story and every one of them is wasted.

    As for Chrono, not much has changed about this either. The animated scenes are a nice touch but there are too few of them. Their insertion is rather sloppy as well. They *look* cobbled on and don't really contribute anything. We should see the trio enter the Dome and find Robo and Lucca gets to work on him, not enter the dome, approach Robo and see the scene repeat in a way that we *know* did not happen (because we just saw it not happen that way!). We should see Crono killed by Lavos only once, not twice. We should see Ayla's approach and fighting Reptites only once, not twice. It exists in two different versions and having both options was a bad choice.

    The galleries of both games are a good addition, but I think there's not enough of it. At least it's something to do when the game bores you.

    These games are all right if you've never played them before. To longtime fans like myself, you might get why I feel a little cheated by the set.

    As a sidenote, months before the release of FF3 on Nintendo DS, I wrote to Square and suggested that FF3 be paired up with one of the Game Boy FFs (such as FF Legend), in similar fashion to Chronicles and Anthology. They said no - it was already in production for another platform.
    ...more info
  • Karl's a little off...
    I don't know what Karl is on, but had he known he did not appreciate the genre of RPGs, perhaps he would refrain from using such sheer stupidity in his review. The fact is these are classics for any rpg fan, and not some redneck gun enthusiast.

    If there is any drawback, it is the loading times. These games were classic on the SNES, but the transfer to PS always brings the baggage of loading, and allows the games to lose some of their nostalgic flavour. Final Fantasy 4 was the first RPG I ever played, and Chrono Trigger I consider to be the greatest SNES game of all time. The animations are a nice addition (Except for the FF4 one. Bleh!), but play these for what they're based around: Two of the greatest classics available for wide release....more info

  • best RPG ever.
    This game is horribly addictive. I love RPG's but this is one of the best RPGs out there. Storylines, music, multiple endings, they're all awesome and very cute. I love this game, and I'm playing it again after 2 years. This package adds another game to the already renown excellent RPG! Squaresoft is the most amazing RPG makers. Final Fantasy series are good but Chrono Trigger is the best RPG. Recommended for RPGers....more info
  • Yes FF IV was the one with Sir Ceical the "Dark Knight"
    I played this game back in '91 when I was 21 watching 21 Jumpsteet. Even the dumbed american version(of this game) was fun and at the time the only good form of entertainment.(better than 21 junkstreet with Jonny Dork and Hollie Ugglieson and that stupid werewolf show whatever lame coorprate PC bull-- show we Xr's had availible to watch back then.)
    Sir Ceicel the Black Knight turned prettyboy Paladin was the talk of the day back when; even though it is knocked today. Nintendo Power had nothing but good things to say about this game and Ceicilboy(and of course you could change his name). I only wish they would release this on GBA instead of a big consoles so I could play it in bed like the lazy() I am. FFIII is actually a title not released at all in America and instead a faked FFIII(V? II? ???). Altough I like Final Fantasy (I got reinterested when I got the FF Dawn of Souls for the GBA) thier is a lot of grandiosing such as space travel and modern stuff mixed in midevil settings that I think is inappropriate. I think it should only be midevil and mystical as in FF1 and 2(Japanese 1, 2 not US 1/ 2) Why does Cece, Rosa and company have to go to the friggen moon. cartoon Amimea is weird that way but I beveve some of the lameness is replaced with a better plot this time around in the Japanese version for PS. I still rate it Five before and after except for the moon crap and the machines.(which may or may not be there this time around) ...more info
  • Great, but get the originals if you can afford them.
    Please don't take my three-star overall rating as an attack against either game; these classics are two of the greatest RPGs ever released.

    However, keep in mind that these are (obviously) not actually the games in their original forms. There exist minor differences in the games, the controls, and notably in the load times caused by the disc system; on which note, these are also more easily broken than Nintendo's nearly-indestructible cartridges. Also, the fact that they're not originals counts for much on its own.

    The only reason I would suggest buying this item is if you have a PlayStation already /and/ cannot afford the (very expensive) original SNES titles Final Fantasy II and Chrono Trigger. Not having an SNES is no excuse; if you're a serious classic RPG gamer, you have or are looking to obtain an SNES or Super FamiCom anyway. It remains home to some of the greatest RPG titles ever released, including FFII, FFIII, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Mother II (US EarthBound), Illusion of Gaia, Breath of Fire, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Lord of the Rings vol. 1, and more (particularly for the Super FamiCom), most of which do not exist for any other system.

    So, in summary, if you already have a PS1 and want to play these two wonderful classics cheaply, get this. If you have money to spend and want quality, get the originals....more info
  • Excellent & BOTH Are Faithful to the Originals
    Final Fantasy IV Hardtype (which this version of Final Fantasy IV is based off of) was known as one of the most difficult Final Fantasies... and this remake doesn't disappoint either! For better or worse, it's also pretty difficult! Chrono Trigger is much easier by comparison, and definitely a LOT more fun! Both versions are faithful to the originals too, which both the nostalgic gaming crowd AND younger, curious gamers like myself will appreciate. Definitely worth getting... even if you only plan to play Chrono Trigger....more info
  • Masterpieces: Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger
    First some warnings: These games mostly play on the PS II, but there are some glitches, and Crono Trigger slows down at times even on the Playstation.

    Final Fantasy IV was the first Squaresoft game I ever played and all I could think of at the time (1993) was: "This game totally blows away those Enix Actraiser and Soulblazer games!" FF IV still holds up even today with its involved story and multiple worlds. This version includes some nice CGI rendered opening and closing sequences. Some comments on this "real" version and the American (SNES version): Why did Nintendo in 1992 need to change the word "pray" to "wish"? Why did Nintendo need to change the word "Gysahl" to "Carrot?" And why did more than half the items of the game need to be taken away? Now I finally know what the Big Chocobo is for! :) Anyway, this FF IV is one hard game, forcing me to level much farther to finish the game then the SNES game ever did.

    Now for Chrono Trigger: This is a masterpiece of a game that I still haven't seen story or game play surpass since. Being able to fly around in your world is one thing, but being able to fly around in your world in 5 time periods is quite another. Just the ability of changing one thing in the past having an affect on the future is such a cool concept that has never been duplicated. The Square and Enix developers outdid themselves on this game and they truly were the "Dream Team" of RPG developers for their day. I have only gotten two of this games endings but I hear it has over 10! There is no CGI in this game, the opening is done in very nice Anime style of the games characters. It really looks like a real cartoon. That is one cartoon I'd watch if it existed.

    Overall rating: 10/10 !!!...more info
  • No Surprises
    Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of all time. I purchased this set just for the PSX remake of Chrono Trigger with the added animated cut scenes. If you have the SNES version of Chrono Trigger this isn't really necessary unless you really like the game. Fun: 5 stars, Overall: 4 stars (just because FF IV is included and I didn't really want it)....more info