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The most elaborate of the features to date, Pok¨Śmon 3: The Movie, Spell of the Unown introduces new Pok¨Śmon that debuted in the fall of 2000 in the Gold- and Silver-edition Gameboy games. En route to the Johto Tournament, Ash, Brock, and Misty visit the mountain village of Greenfield, where they encounter an 8-year-old girl named Molly. Her father, Professor Spencer Hale, disappeared when he set off to study the Unown, a group of 26 Pok¨Śmon that resemble letters. The Unown build a baroque crystalline shell around Molly's palatial home, send the leonine Entei to watch over her, and grant whatever she wishes--except the return of her father. What Molly really wants is a family: she refers to Entei as her father and has him kidnap Ash's mom to be her mother. Ash charges to the rescue with the help of Pikachu, Charizard, and Cyndaquil. In the climactic battle, Ash is joined by Brock and Misty, as well as the usually villainous Team Rocket. ("We figure if we don't help you, we're outta showbiz," Meowth explains.) Molly's father eventually reappears, but the viewer never sees the reunion with his daughter. Ash, Molly, and the other two-dimensional characters simply don't fit into three-dimensional, computer-generated crystal settings, and large sections of Pok¨Śmon 3 look like two movies unsuccessfully spliced together. A short is also included, "Pikachu and Pichu," in which the popular electric Pok¨Śmon wanders through a big city, getting into mischief with the mouselike Pichu brothers. --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome Movie, a must have!!
    If you are an anime fan, you should buy this movie. I'm sure that many of you may think Pokemon is a childish, naive type of anime that's only for kids under age 10... however, Pokemon has more themes than just friendships even though it is not as sophisticated as Spirited Away...

    Let me begin with graphics. I love the graphics in this anime, they are extremely detailed and varied in colours. There are scenes where 3D technologies are combined with 2D animations, they are rendered well, despite the fact that 2D is flat and 3D is more dimensional. Facial expressions are well reflected through characters' moods.

    Next the sound. For North American anime fans, they know very well that almost every single anime is edited in some way so that the lip movements of characters fit the English voice acting. Well, you'd expect the same in Pokemon... As some of the earlier reviews point out, the Japanese version is longer in length and has more stuff to it; however, there is not a significant difference between the Eng and the Jap one. Personally I think the American voice actors and actresses for Pokemon have done a good job! They actually put their feelings and emotions into the anime to make it fit the overall atmosphere. (if you have seen Totoro's English version, that's what I call "bad voice acting"....) Some people hate the BGMs, because they are completely rewritten and recomposed. I love them, even they are miles away from the originals. The songs are cheerful and beautiful, "to know the unknown" for example.

    Finally the story. Out of all 3 movies, this one is my favorite. The reason is because it teaches children and even adults lessons about love, loyalty, dreams, friendship, determination are intermixed in this film to make the story more complicated than most people expect. Every anime is childish in some way (except those blood lust ones), but every anime has its meanings and lessons about life incooperated inside... it's up to you to discover them.

    Overall, Pokemon 3 is one of the best animes out there, it is not as childish as most people think, so get your hands on this great film before it becomes extinct in stores!!!...more info

  • Pokemon The Movie 3 The Spell of the Unknown
    The move starts out with The Movie Pickachu and the Pichu Brothers. Pikachu and Ash come to a building to rest. Sudenly Pickachu runs into a Hounder who would rather chase away Pika chu What hapens next you'll have to find out. Next is the main feature Pokemon Movie 3 The Spell of The Unknown. Molly and her papa are reading about the Entei. Molly realy gets into the story when her Dad growls. Next we see Molly's papa entering the tomb of the Unknown. He moves some tiles and vanishes. Plaged by this molly gets to see the Unknown by playing with the very tiles that made her Dad vanish. When they Unknown apear they relize Molly wants a mother. So the Unknown creates Entei from Molly's imagination. So Entei can get Molly a mom. But Entei gets Ash Ketchums mom Delilah. So Ash goes in search of his Mom. Can he stop the Spell of the Unknown? So Molly can realize what they Unknown has done and get his mom back. I'll there's a happy ending. Get a Unknown J card with the Movie. How cool is that?...more info
  • Better Than The First Two
    Short and sweet.This is the last movie kidswb dubbed 6 years ago.Its a whole lot better than the first movie and the movie 2000.But the werent bad i liked those two too.Huh theres alot of action sences in this see it if you havent yet most people were already detailed so thats why i dont want to say much....more info
    I loved pokemon ever since it first came out and now a 3rd movie!It was actually better then the first two(even though lugia is my favorite pokemon)IT ROCKS.If the rating would go any higher,mine would be:9....thats alot,huh?Well i love pokemon no matter what!...more info
  • I liked it a lot!
    I enjoyed Pokemon 3 a lot. It was good animation, it had pretty good comedy, and basically I just liked it. (I'm a big Pokemon fan. I usually like everything.) I also recommend Pokemon the Movie 2000....more info
  • Disapointed
    I usually love anime (especially pokemon) but that movie was... just sad and I don't mean it was a particullarly sad plot but it was a sad atempt at a movie. I thought that the story exemplified childish ignorance and selfishness in the little girl. I also didn't like that girl didn't care if she had her real parents or not that she would just take Ash's mom and Entie(or however you spell it) as replacements. The fact that Entie was meerly a figment of her imgination was disapointing aslo. The 'Unknowns' I thought were the reasonless part that brought the whole story togather. But as anoying as it was it was slitly entertaining....more info
  • Almost as good as the first
    In the third theatrical release of the Pokemon series, we are introduced to the "Unown" and their powers and abilities. This was almost as good as the first movie.

    If you're unfamiliar with the basics, Pokemon (short for "POcKEt MONsters") are creatures a little like those from this world, but with strange and unusual powers and abilities that they use for their masters - masters that can be either good or evil. Ash and his friends train their Pokemon to fight battles with their enemies. They travel all over the planet to collect new and unusual types of Pokemon. They trap Pokemon in "Poke Balls" - a small device that hangs from a belt. When Ash's enemies release their Pokemon to do their work, Ash and his friends release their Pokemon, and they have a big battle.

    The story revolves around Molly and her missing father. Molly's father had been involved in an archaeological expedition to find out more about the mysterious "Unown" - Pokemon that look like letters of the English alphabet. Molly's father accidentally falls victim to the Unown and his remaining work is shipped home. Molly finds the Unown blocks that her father unearthed and begins playing with them and accidentally activates their ancient powers. The Unown, sensing Molly's sadness, make Molly's dreams come true - her home becomes a crystal palace and they create a father figure for her - the enigmatic Entei, a lion-like Pokemon. As Molly's fantasy life becomes more real to her, the area that is affected by the conversion process started by the Unown grows. Soon it begins to threaten to engulf populated areas. Of course, Ash and company are nearby to help. Meanwhile, Molly expresses her desire to have a mother. Mysteriously, Entei responds by capturing Ash's mother and bringing her to the fantasy palace. Ash, along with his friends and Team Rocket (again) must stop the Unown and Entei before Molly's dreams become all too real.

    This story is a fine addition to the Pokemon franchise. Its timeless story of what a little girl really wants if separated from her mother and father can foster discussions between parents and children. Molly, of course, finally understands what is important and the world returns to normal. This is possibly the most well done of the movies, although I liked the story and secondary plots of the first movie a little better. The art is top notch Anime at close to greatness, and the story finale with Molly making the final decisions, is not understated nor overstated.

    There's also a Pikachu cartoon that younger fans of the TV show will enjoy.

    Almost as highly recommended as the first Pokemon film, this deserves a place in a lot of home libraries and some school and counselor's (child psychologist's) collections....more info

  • Good movie for all kids!
    The only complaint I have about this movie is that the short was so stupid! The other ones had a plot and were funnier, now this one is lame! The excitement starts 22 minutes into the movie after the short film (titled Pikachu and Pichu), with the actual feature (The Spell of the Unown or Unknown). Great visuals, beautiful colors, an OK soundtrack make this the viewing point. if I were you, I'd get your ticket 22 minutes into the film, skip the stupid and boring mini-movie! Great fun for kids and adults. The other mini movies ("Pikachu's Vacation" from the first movie, and "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure" from Pokemon 2000) were cute and funny!...more info
  • What a great childrens movie!!!!!
    All along I thought the first movie was good! Until the second movie came out,witch was better. But when the third movie came out,it was the best!Those little Unown guys and all.IT'S THE BEST KIDS MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!...more info
  • pokemon 3
    My daughter was so,so excited about receiving this movie! It is one of her favorites. She is 7 years old....more info
  • It's good, but not great
    Pokemon 3 is about the Unknown who feel sorry for a little girl who lost her family and so she instead creates this fantasy world where the legendary pokemon Entei is her best friend. WHen she craves a mother she sends Entei out, ironically enough Entei captures Ash mother. Ash then must go in and stop Entei and save his mother.

    This movie unfortunatly suffered the same curse as the first with the story. Only instead of the story being a little to cutsey it's almost to dark. The little girl loses her family, then kidnaps someone elses parent. The action is good but unfortunatly the story is once again weak....more info

  • please Not Again!!


  • This movie was totally cool!!!
    I thought this movie was great!!! I'm not going to go into the whole summary, since every other reviewer has already done that for you. The only thing that I would change is that we see Molly being reunited with her father (and mother!!! for real!!) During the actual movie rather than during the credits. The only reason I knew it was there is because my sister likes to read the cast lists -_-' And for you people who wrote reviews that were against the movie, well, you shouldn't have watched it if you don't like Pokemon!!!!!! Plus, nobody who doesn't speak Japanese cares about how the Japanese version is. I'm sorry for flaming, but these reviews really tick me off!!!...more info
  • Must see
    After you see this movie your'll find your self starting it over again. With the fun extra's on the menu it makes it a lot more fun and interesting this movie also has a free mini movie in front of it to get you into the right and fun frame of mind. If you liked the first too movies you'll not be disopponted with this, I conclude that if you like the Pokemon series and Movie series this is a must have for any fan....more info
    This movie rocked but it's so edited that it's not even worth to get
    i own both verisons,the japanese and the US dvd, and what i can say is the japanese version is 10 min longer than the US version and you get it in 16.9 1.85.1 widescreen format.
    In the US version they have changed the songs,bgm,names,dialog just simply everithing, without mentioning that in the US version they have removed all soundefect from the rear speakers,and in the japanese version you get also the US dub UNCUT on it,the japanese vesion may cost the double than the US version but it's worth it,that is because i gave just 1 star for this release
    besides that all the movies and the series have been edited this way...more info
  • Sort of boring.....
    The first two movies were okay, but this one was the boringest movie of all..........I wish they would released a subbed version of Pokemon on VHS and DVD....more info
  • The BEST movie they made
    I saw the movie when it came and when I saw the info on it I thought that this had had to have been the best movie they had made and it was. If you have kids that are Pokemon fans I think you should take them to see this movie. It starts with Pikachu and Pichu. Pichu are brothers who meet Pikachu and Pikachu gets in trouble with this Pokemon that I dont know who it was. Then they get onto the movie and that was so cool to show all those new Pokemon that are not in the show. They really showed what this Pokemon are really like when they are in the wild. A MUST SEE MOVIE FOR KIDS ALL AGES!!!...more info
  • the best pokemon movie ever!!
    this by far is the best pokemon movie ever!!!
    it has a very beautiful yet sad story about a girl stuck in her dreams and having her everywish become true.the bad thing is that she doesnt know that the dreams that she dreams are becoming nightmares and fears.
    great effects! :)...more info
  • Pok¨Śmon 3
    I put five stars because i know the movie is going to be great, but i'd really rate it - because it's not out in vhs yet and your not selling it. I hope it comes out in vhs early, thanks!...more info
  • Pretty Faithful, but not as good as Original
    Well, the movie itself is awesome. The art is beautiful, the music in the Japanese version is great, and the plot is superb.

    The dub is the most faithful movie dub so far. However, there were some changes made. Kasumi's (Misty) great line, "I am Kasumi Yawa - the prettiest girl in the world!" was changed (so now we still don't know Misty's last name). Also, Mii's (Molly) mom was originally put in an insame asylum or something. She wasn't a missing researcher. And Mii originally said, "Your hand is so soft," instead of "I want things to be real again."

    So, while at least the dub isn't a total rewrite like the first two movies, it did have a bit changed.

    Nevertheless, I still recommend this movie. But, do me a favor, okay? Get the Japanese version of the movies. You probably won't understand a word unless you get fansubs, but you won't regret it. :)...more info

  • The third theatrical film for the Pokemon franchise
    This release of the film includes the 20 minute short, "Pikachu and Pichu," that aired before the beginning of the film when it was screened in theatres; the short is also includes the introduction of the Pichu Brothers. However, you cannot choose to watch the short by itself; you have to select "Play" on the main menu in order to view it.

    There ended up being six special features included on this DVD release. The first is a documentary called, "Making of 'To Know the Unknown'." It's about the girl group Innosense recording the song for the ending credits of the film. Unfortunately, the audio quality of the interview footage isn't the best.

    You can also choose to watch a verion of the film with an audio commentary from the directors of the English dub. The "Johto Pokerap" is included; however, in my opinion, this Pokerap isn't anywhere near as good as the original Pokerap.

    The theatrical trailer for the English dub of this film is included. There is also a Japanese trailer for the fourth Pokemon film; however, there are no subtitles, so if you don't know Japanese, you won't understand what's being said. Lastly, there is a text-only feature labeled, "Little Known Unown Facts." I thought this feature was a waste, because all of these facts come out during the course of the film.

    Overall, Pokemon The Movie 3 is an enjoyable film. While there are some issues I have with the special features on this DVD, I would still recommend that this DVD should be in the collection of any Pokemon fan....more info
  • A Really Good Fairy Tale For Lovers of Pokemon
    This is my official Pokemon movie review part 3 of 10. The Spell of the Unown, I don't like titles like that. I would have much rather preferred "Entei and the Mystery of the Unown," but hey, that's not my decision. I think this movie is a good one. I like the whole fairy tale aspect of it. It actually gets me in my creative mode. Entei was the first unreal pokemon, being that he was just a creation of the Unown and not the real Entei. I liked that Mrs. Ketchum had more of a role in this movie. I always thought they could do something more with her away from that horrible Mr. Mime. It's a good movie to watch when you're trying to clear your head....more info
  • Pokemon Rules
    Another great film in the series of films released about the adventures of Ash and his friends....more info
  • No Cover
  • To know the Unown...
    This movie is the best Pokemon movie, after the first that is. I love both the soundtrack and the movie itself. I've watched it plenty of times, and still can't get enough of it!

    Ash and friends arrive at what is supposed to be the most beautiful town anywhere, but are dissapointed to see a huge crystalized formation taking over a large mansion and moving towards the rest of the town. Ash must save a young girl who's unleashed the power of the Pokemon Unown. he must also find his way to where his mom has been taken inside the mansion. He battles a legendary Pokemon named Entei and travels through odd dimensions that are the dreams and wishes of the young girl, made real by the Unwon before he can rescue his mom and save the town.

    I reccomend this movie to anyone, as it's a great family movie. I also think that the soundtrack should be purchased after seeing the movie so that you can hear the pop songs!...more info

  • Pokemon
    I think All four Pokemon movies are so number 1 for I is the the number 1 fan they are so 1 I want all four movies for my DVD-ROM
    And so What I want next is tickits to Japan. And I think all 4 are what I give rating is 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999!99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 stars....more info
  • One of the best Pokemon movies!!
    Each Pokemon movie has something special about that the other ones don't have. I'd have to say that the first 1 is still the best, while Pokemon 2000 has it's really good parts. This movie's special parts are that that compared to the other movies and shows, the plot of this movie is intense, and way more exiting then the others. Also the moviez graphics is so great compared to the other movies itz ridiculous. I think this movie definetly haz its good partz for young audiences, but also older audiences will enjoy this too, and i don't care what other people have to say about the show, because in my opinion, u can be 95 years old, and still like pokemon. It's what we like, and nobody can tell us otherwiz!! Well, back to the subject, u should buy this video the 1st day it comes out if ur a big pokemon fan or not....more info
  • Best Pokemon movie yet!
    Molly Hale lost her papa and mama while they were searching for "unown", a new type of pokemon. The Unown come to Molly and give her a "papa", which is actually a pokemon called Entei.
    Ash and Company come to Springfield (the city where this movie takes place) to look for a pokemon center. But, they see the city of Springfield is covered by crystals and soon learns that pokemon is changing the landscape. Soon, Ash's mom is kidnapped, pokemon battles happen and Molly learns some things.
    This is the best pokemon movie so far....more info
    Okay i suffered a lot with the first Pokemon film, but then, in the second film, i found it enjoyable, but this, this one it's truly very enjoyable,very mature story, great animation, quite very good music, but as many people say here the short stinks!, this film it's way funnier and way better than that digigarbage ot that Monster Rancher, but this is the kind of film that i will go to see to the cheap cinema or to the mall cinema, also let me tell you that the god of animation, Hayao Miyazaki, co directed and co writed the film, believe it or not, it's just that they didn't give him, credit, well, this along with Spy Kids it's one of the best children's films of the year....more info
  • Is there even a point to this movie?!
    HELLO! Pokemon is like, the most annoying thing that's come out since...since...oh, I don't know! All I know is that everything about Pokemon is completely annoying and if you are over 12 years old, then it should be avoided at all costs! This movie makes me barf. And that little "cute" Pikachu is so annoying. Agh! Pokemon makes me scream! I hate all Japaneese animation because while it may look all cute and everything, it is really bad animation. Also, when the characters speak, their mouths move way too fast and they talk way too fast, too. This movie isn't even worth taking your kids to see...you'll be too embarrassed being there to even sit straight up in your seat! All this movie's about is fighting, fighting, fighting. Fighting over what? There really is no point to this movie! Is there even a a real script? Who cares if the little fuzzy furrballs are cute? I think they're horrible-looking creatures from Planet Hell. It is totally unrealistic and is just a way to kill time and to get your kids to shut up for a few hours. So I guess it is good for that. But besides that, please, please, PLEASE don't waste your money on this annoying [stuff]! While the kids may like it, teens and adults will find it rather embarrassing and horrible. If you're over 12 years old and you like Pokemon, then there is something terribly wrong with you! Have you gone for a brain check-up recently? Maybe you should if you're over 12 years old and liked this movie!...more info