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Mr. Heater 14,000 BTU Propane Tank-Top Radiant Heater #F273100
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Product Description

If you're looking for simplicity and convenience in an outdoor-only heater, the Mr. Heater MH12T 8,000-14,000 Btu single tank-top propane heater may be the answer. As the name implies, this unit mounts directly to the top of a five- to 20-pound propane cylinder (sold separately). To allow you to choose between conserving fuel or kicking out more heat, the MH12T has three settings, Hi (14,000 Btu), Med (12,000 Btu), and Lo (8,000 Btu). The heater shuts off automatically with loss of flame. Do not use in unventilated areas. One-year limited warranty.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Heater (replacement safety shutoff with orifice assembly, thermocouple lead, plenum assembly, grid screen assembly, replacement regulator with soft nose POL, wire faceguard, knurled lock nut, reflector, replacement regulator H-M-L w/S.S., tank union T/C, orifice)

Five Tips for Buying a Heater
Choosing a space heater is a matter of sifting through a bewildering array of types, power ratings, and fuel sources. Let's break it down a little to make the process easier.

What are the different types of space heaters?

  • Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation that directly warms the objects in front of the heaters (rather than the surrounding air). If you only need heat by a desk or in a small section of a room, a radiant heater is quiet and will use very little power.
  • Forced-air heaters use a fan to blow air that has been warmed by metal or ceramic heating elements. A forced-air heater is appropriate for quickly heating up a small- to medium-sized room, but can be noisy.
  • Convection heaters draw cold air from the floor; the air is warmed by heating coils and emitted from the top of the heater. A convection heater is appropriate for quickly heating up a small- to medium-sized room, but also can be noisy.
  • Radiators work by heating oil enclosed in a reservoir, gradually heating the surrounding air. If heating speed isn't an issue, you might want to opt for a radiator. These are extremely quiet and effective--perfect for bedrooms.

Should I buy an electric or a combustion model?
If you want a heater that will be available in emergencies, or that can heat areas larger than a single room, choose a "combustion" model--one that is powered by a gas or fuel like propane, kerosene, natural gas, or diesel. Which fuel type you choose depends largely on convenience and local availability. For example, diesel would be appropriate for a heater you take with you on long car trips.

How powerful a heater do I need?
Heaters are rated by BTU, which stands for British Thermal Unit (the amount of heat needed to heat one pound of water by 1 degree F). To find out how many BTU you need:

  • Calculate the volume of the space to be heated by multiplying square footage by height.
  • Multiply that number by 4 if your insulation is poor, 3 if it's average, or 2 if it's good.
The resulting number is a ballpark figure for how many BTU you'll need.

Do space heaters cost a lot to operate?
As a general rule, electric space heaters are more expensive to use than combustion models. To ensure energy efficiency, a thermostat is a must-have feature for any heater. For radiant heaters, models with a 360 degree heating surface can heat larger spaces. If you need a forced-air heater, models with ceramic elements tend to be more efficient.

Are space heaters a fire hazard?
Space heaters are implicated in about 25,000 residential fires every year. To ensure proper safety, always follow the manufacturer's usage instructions and fill out the warranty card to receive informational updates from the manufacturer. Also, look for extra safety features such as an automatic shutoff switch that can shut down the unit if, for example, it gets upended. In addition, choose a model where the heating element is adequately enclosed within the unit.

  • 8,000-14,000 Btu propane radiant heater
  • For outdoor use; heats up to 400 square feet
  • Variable output; provides up to 30 hours heat at high setting on 20-pound cylinder
  • Mounts directly to 5- to 20-pound propane cylinders (not included)
  • Adequate ventilation must be provided; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great little heater
    This is the 3rd Mr Heater I have purchased over the years, I got this one for my garage it is an excelent heater. Easy to use, no bells or whistles, just heat, its great...more info
  • Best at what it does
    I recently purchased this brand and type after checking several others for the purpose of heating my 2-car, 440 sq ft, insulated garage. After spending literally hours poring over other suitable types, I decided on this radiant heater. It is very conservative on usage of propane, even left on medium and high. I had it in a 1200 sq ft area in below freezing temperatures for about 10 hours and though it wasn't terribly warm while I was working it was enough to keep the chill off and I wasn't even shivering! It heats up fully in a matter of a couple minutes and even when I knocked it over it didn't damage it at all. Most of the other units I looked at were in the $200-$300 range for the area desired and were electric. I am very happy with this little heater and I'm sure you, given similar needs, will find it to be reasonably priced, effective and efficient....more info
  • Great Heater
    This is a great heater. I almost didn't buy it because of another review here on Amazon.

    I live in Utah, and that other review was from someone else in Utah. His review was not favorable, and he complained about odors. I feared the high altitude of Utah may have been causing this reviewer's heater to have incomplete combustion. So I'd decided not to buy it, expecting similar problems. But then I found it on sale for $35 and decided to give it a try. I used teflon tape around the threads and have had no odor problems at all--not from propane or incomplete combustion.

    With propane at $3.00 a gallon, I figure it costs me about $0.25 per hour to run the heater on low. I use it in an open area where my family room connects to the dining room and kitchen area. I don't run it all the time, just when we're feeling a little chilly or we're all in this part of the house, and I don't want to heat the rest of the house.

    My thermostat is in the dining area, and this little heater raises the temperature of the entire area by three degrees when it runs on low. That may not sound like much, but it keeps us much warmer and prevents the furnace in the basement from kicking on.

    Now for the disclaimer. I never leave the heater unattended. Also, the product instructions have plenty of warnings telling you not to use this as an indoor heater without ventilation such as an open window. Yeah right, I'm going to open the window and let 20 degree air in so I can run my little heater. I think that would be a net loss in house temperature.

    So I run it without any outside ventilation at all. However, I do have a carbon monoxide monitor in the dining area and have had no problems. I also have a gas meter that will check oxygen and carbon monoxide concentrations.

    I would not recommend using this heater in a single closed in area. I tried it in the room above my garage, probably 20 x 20, and in there, I did get some odors. On the other hand, it heated the space up very quickly and then I turned the heater off.

    If you choose to ignore the ventilation warnings that come with the product, please don't blame me.

    ...more info
  • Not what I hoped...
    I bought this supposing I could use it indoors with an open window for ventillation but it creates a very upleasant odor and I wouldn't recommend it for enclosed areas. Rather I would use it for camping, hunting or out on the deck. It doesn't radiate the heat much out in front but mostly upward so it is nice to just stand over it to get warm. It was rather easy to install and light so I can recommend it for such purposes as described....more info
  • Mr. Heat Tank Top Propane Heater
    This is a great little heater and cost effective for heating a typical Florida Room on chilly mornings. It lights easy and gets up to temperature quickly putting out approximately 11 - 14000 BTU's of heat selectable by on the controls. We use it in a 10-25 room and it will bring the temperature from 47 Degrees to 72 in just under 15 minutes.

    I highly recommend it for well ventilated areas....more info
  • love it-
    This heats up my garage work area MUCH better than I thought it would. I have an insulated garage door, so after this thing fires for about 45 min, I can turn it off and the space stays comfortable....more info
  • Rick
    Great product to help with heating to save on my electricity..but not for a household with small kids..can get burned pretty bad with just an easy bump.....more info
  • One hot piece of equipment
    Purchased the Mr. Heater about a month ago and use it in my shop. I have no insulation in the shop - but this unit keeps it comfortable to work in the shop. Before I had this heater I did not work in the shop during the cold months. Highly recommend it....more info
  • Be careful it gets really hot
    Works great for taking the chill out of the shop. My shop is a Tuff Shed 8' x 20' and this little guy heats it up quick. I use it to take the chill out and then turn it off and use an electric heater to stay nice and warm. I'am to concerned about burning up all the good air to keep it on in the shop. In the open garage it is great for keeping the guys warm when they drop over for a cold beer or cocktail during the winter months. Camping - it is great when you step out before the sun is up to warm the day. Amazon beat all the prices I found for this item. I waited for the price to drop before buying though. It pays to be patient when you are looking for an item that is seasonal....more info
  • keeps you warm
    it is a good item to have but keep away for children weather on or off...more info
  • great product
    this puts out alot of heat! this was purchased for a friend who liked ours. my husband uses this in the boat when he is duck hunting!...more info
  • Tank top propane heater
    Quality construction. Easy to install on tank and gives off decent amount of heat for its size. Good deal when you consider the shipping was free....more info
  • Besurre its outdoors
    I ordered this hurriedly in the middle of a really cold snap when I needed a heater for my workshop. My workshop is in a schoolbus. This heater throws off good heat! No doubt about it. I ran it for about a half hour and it was warm enough to work so I shut it off. Within the hour I was disoriented, had a severe headache, and as my knees began to give out I thought "carbon monoxide poisoning!" I got out and after a few hours I was OK. Be sure not to use this indoors!!! ...more info
  • Great little heater
    Much more efficient than the two Kerosene heaters I have. Heats my shop faster and fuel is much cheaper. Sorry I ever bought the kerosene heaters @ $7.00+ per gallon for K-1 fuel.
    Red Crane...more info
  • Everything I wanted and more
    Great little product. I've had it over a year now, and it's never let me down....more info
  • works just fine
    Used it while staining some wood in my garage during the winter and worked just fine. When we moved it into the house which we are remodeling and had no heat it just did an ok job due to the large amount of space. But it isn't meant to heat that large of a space. But it did enough to enable us to get some work done. Worth the price though and would recommend. ...more info