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All Creatures Great and Small - Series 4 [VHS]
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The fascinating tales of James Herriot, a veteranarian in 1940's Yorkshire England. When James joins the successful practice of Siegfried Farnon, the adventures begin. Whether it's Siegfried, his brother Tristan, or the mischevious characters and animals of the county, each day brings on a new set of adventures.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Bridge Too Far
    The setting and most of the characters are the same as the 5-star first three years, but the character development and dramatic tension are missing from these adaptations (no drama of being a new vet; no improbable, amazing romance; no Tristan out at all hours--will he ever pass his exams?; no Siegfried visiting "mother"; no war looming). The actors and directors seem to be going through the motions without much zest, most lamentably the previously full-of-life Robert Hardy.
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  • What happened during the war?
    At the end of Series 3, James & Siegfried had signed up and were off to war. I thought that might be the end of the show, but was happy to see Series 4 and looked forward to finding out how it would handle the war years. It handled them by skipping over them entirely, and the first episode drops the viewer, with no transition, into a post-war Yorkshire in which there's a new Helen and a new housekeeper, everyone is older, James & Helen have a couple kids, Tristan is almost respectable, and you still can't understand a word the locals say. And I was hoping for fewer scenes of James sticking his arm into cattles' orifices, but no such luck. However, after the shock of all the changes sinks in the series is still enjoyable, although getting a bit predictable; and Tricki Woo is still here! ...more info
  • product service
    very pleased with the dvd content, but disappointed that i had to pay 9.70 customs fee upon delivery and the dvd will not play on my multi-region player, although supposed to be a region 1 item.

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  • Great Series, But Beware Amazon!
    Wonderful series, of course. Worked in the Dales, raised various creatures, and been knocked off a milking stool several times. These books and DVD portrayal are timeless.

    Ordered a new DVD, but received an opened, used, banged-up box instead. More quality control in Amazon's inventory & shipping needed. These guys usually do a wonderful job. ...more info
  • All Creatures Great and Small
    This is the 4th in the series that I have ordered from Amazon. All have been purchased as gifts for a family member. They are all wonderful. I intend to continue ordering the collections until I have the complete set. ...more info
  • More Bloopers and extras
    I still enjoy All Creatures Great and Small after all these years. Can someone tell me why the Overseas Dvds have different extras. I bought my series 4 in Australia we didn't get that joke with Robert Hardy. Bit disappointing. Also they should have more commentaries as they are quite good.

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  • You Will love this one
    I gave this as a Christmas gift and the person I gave it to loves the series. If you are a fan of the show or an animal lover you will enjoy season 4...more info
  • Great as usual!
    Set after the end of WWII, this series was taped about eight years after the previous series. As one would expect, there are a lot of changes - but the show is still as wonderful as ever. In this series, Carol Drinkwater (Helen) has been replaced by Lynda Bellingham, and although "The Changing of the Helens" (as I think of it) takes some getting used to, Lynda Bellingham is very good. Also, Helen and James have two children now.

    Of course, all of the actors look older than before (with the possible exception of Siegfried, who seems not to have aged in 8 years), but it doesn't matter at all. They are just as much fun to watch as ever. (And Tristan is still very, very cute.)

    Although all the episodes are great, my personal favorite is called "The Bull With The Bowler Hat". It's wonderful, but I'm not going to spoil it for you - you'll have to buy the series and watch it! :-)...more info

  • All Creatures Great & Mix
    If you loved the other videos in this series you're in for a BIG disapointment. Helen has been replaced by a rather drab and pale copy. Some of the stories that you heard are repeated in this one such as Seigfried telling James (not) to answer calls in the night. Callum is a welcome distration, but he alone can not salvage what is missing. The vibrant energy and enthusiasm is missing. Has the director lost his direction ? To rent not buy....more info
  • All Creatures Great and Small series 4 DVD
    I have the first three series and am anxious to preview the 4th. I received my shipment in first class condition, and in a record 5 days. I am most pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • The 4 series
    Since I ordered all The Creatures Great & Small it was a while before I veiwed the 4th series. This series of DVD's are unwatchable. I think the first DVD is OK but from there on they are bad, very bad. I am not sure what can be done about the problem, but would like to have it resloved. Janette info
  • Equally enjoyable!
    Having read the reviews here prior to purchasing this series, I wasn't quite sure what to expect---but was delighted to see the series had more than retained its entrancing charm.

    No, Lynda Bellamy is not Carol Drinkwater, but she holds her own very well indeed. She has a gentleness and a mature, quiet charm that suit the character of a lady who has seen her husband and friends off to a world war, been fortunate enough to have them back again, and is now raising a family in a changed and changing world (though in the Dales change may be slower, it is just as ineveitable).

    I enjoyed the character of Calum, and Tris is still full of high-jinks, made even more entertaining by his advancement to the Ministry of Agriculture. The local farmers and their families (including their animals) are the real stars of the show, and they seem even better than in the first three series. Robert Hardy is only slightly less explosive but no less lovable. The beauty of the scenery is even more breath-taking; on this DVD it seems even sharper, perhaps because these are later episodes and may have been filmed with more up-to-date equipment.

    If you are thinking of purchasing this set, I shouldn't be put off by some of the less positive reviews---it succeeds very well, even though it is not identical to the earlier productions....more info
  • Great and small
    If you like the series you'll love it. If you are new to it I wonder what you would think if you are a younger person. But it really is precious and captures England at a particular period in time and British television at a certain time. I love it....more info
  • What's all the fuss? This was the best of all the series!
    My husband and I have loved the "All Creatures" series since we first became aware of it a few years ago. Series 4 happens to be my very favorite one. One thing bothers me about all the series, however. I am concerned about the care of the animals in the shooting of the scenes. I remember particularly a horse lying on the ground on her side trembling violently. I wondered at the time what they did to that horse to cause such a physical reaction. There are other instances and they are troubling to watch....more info
  • Continuation of the classic series
    The first three series of All Creatures Great and Small, based on the popular James Herriot books, told the story of how Herriot, (Christopher Timothy) newly qualified, travelled from native Scotland to Yorkshire to join the practice run by Siegfried Farnham (Robert Hardy)

    It was the story not only of the humourous, touching dramas involved in running a vetinery practice, but also the story of Herriots romance and subsequent marriage to local girl Helen, played by Carol Drinkwater in the early years. The series concluded with the partners joining the war in 1940.

    After two Christmas specials, the series began again after the war, starting with this series four. This time with Lynda Bellingham playing the role of Helen, instilling the character with a mumsy charm, as opposed to the more alluring Drinkwater.

    The series was a classic, making much of people love of nostalgia, the cosy fireside chats in evenings, listening to Lamplight on the radio, and following historical events as the story unfolded.

    Some thought the series was not quite the same after the war. One issue was the series was not taken from the books of Herriot, but written by new writers, who perhaps did not understand the characters as well as the splendid cast who had grown into their roles. Some continuity errors came up, for example, the age of the Herriots children, the second born just after the war, was somehow aged 12 around the Queens coronation year, in 1952.

    Nevertheless, there were still some wonderful moments to enjoy, mostly involving the great interplay between Siegfreid, superbly played by Robert Hardy, and his phillerandering Brother, Tristan (Peter Davison). Some slow paying clients, best illustrated by the crusty Biggings making Herriots life a misery, and some hilarious cases, all mingled around the Yorkshire community and their colourful characters.

    This series sees James and Helens struggles to own their first home and the introduction of a new character, Callum Buchannon, a colourful, outgoing Scottish vet, with a fascination for wildlife, among other things, and his subsequent romance with the former girlfreind of Tristan, Diedre.

    Perhaps not the best All Creatures and Small series, but still wonderful. ...more info
  • I'm confused
    Series 4 is every bit as good, if not better than series 1 - 3. I do not understand the negative reviews for this particular series. Yes, the "look" of it is a bit different from the first three seasons, but not, in my opinion, inferior. It is to be expected since there was a several year hiatus between seasons 3 and 4. I don't get it. I think series 4 is great, as are all the other episodes of all the other series I have seen....more info
  • Greatest Gift
    My wife fell in love with this series through an English friend. It evokes feelings of living the simple life by simple means, where relationships and life have meaning. Great family viewing with tradition, manners, and well-spoken English...more info
  • James Harriot Returns
    Volume 4 in the "All Creatures..." series is a wonderful return to James Harriott's adventures, well in the best tradition of the earlier years. Produced in 1987, these stories are rewarding tales of country life, dedication to one's work and the moral values of a world that (only twenty years later) seems lost and gone forever. Series 4 has a higher than average number of detailed veterinary medical procedures (which must have been challenging for the actors), many more outdoor settings, and funnier incidents than in past years. Also, the BBC must have been chartered with preserving the Yorkshire dialect in this series, as a some of the farmers' conversation is next to incomprehensible to someone not from the UK....more info
  • All Creatures Great & Small
    The whole family watches these. Even our 92 year old mom enjoys them and although she doesn't hear well, she can easily follow the story line. Feel good shows about how we KNOW life could be if we tried....more info
  • All Creatures Great & SMall Series 4
    The content if fabulous. The quality of the film itself can be jumpy and hard to follow and the filming sometimes looks downright amateurish but the stories, scenery and most of all, the acting, are so magnificent that nothing else really matters....more info
  • Possibly some of the funniest episodes
    I bought this DVD for my mom for Christmas. She has series 1-3. She told me that this was possibly the best collection. Collum and Jim get stuck in a tree and miss and almost miss their engagements: Collum to meet his girl and Jim to his son's piano recital. One of many good stories related in lovely TV form. Anyone who enjoys his books will find joy in these DVD's....more info
  • Austerity in Post WW 2 All Creatures Great and Small
    I have had the opportunity to review all of the previous "All Creatures Great and Small" series of DVD's and since this is the final group I felt obligated to acquire it despite critical reviews posted by VHS owners. Of course, we as fans love the charm of this series and I hoped for the best. But I must report that there is a strange loss of magic to this particular group. You get the feeling of characters just doing what is necessary and matching the "austerity" of the era that they are trying to convey. I think it is due to a more stern attitude and as one other writer had said "loss of innocence" on behalf of the "James Herriot" character coupled with the unfamiliar nature of the actress assigned to play his wife. The filming also seems a little cheaper, not as colorful and Robert Hardy does not shout about as much probably due to the successful employment of Tristan in the Agriculture industry. In positive light we have a few repeat characters, Biggins, Dr. Granville Bennett, etc. but the episodes definitely reflect the hard times that Britain went through right after the war. We would like the characters to go on eternally, like 'Star Trek' became to Science Fiction fans but in my gut feeling I think we would have been better off if they had ended it with Carol Drinkwater and the Christmas Specials that still complied with Herriot's original book. I still strongly recommend the Reader's Digest 1983 book published in company with St. Martin's press, "The Best of James Herriot: The Favorite Stories of One of the Most Beloved Writers of Our Time" This delves into what you see on screen and says a LOT about gadgets and lifestyles that you see on the Dales. Complete with illustrations and photos. Series 4 recommended for the dedicated among us....more info