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KitchenAid KFC3100OB Chef Series 3- Cup Food Chopper, Onyx Black
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Product Description

Whether pureeing nuts for homemade pesto or simply chopping onion for tuna salad, this Chef's Chopper by KitchenAid is an essential tool in any kitchen. The large, 3-cup capacity work bowl tackles most recipes while the one-touch pulse control offers precision chopping. The chrome design looks great in retro and modern kitchens alike. Other features include reverse spiral cutting action and an easy-to-clean design. Imported. 10Hx7Wx7D".

With a 3-cup work bowl and 240 watts of power, this chopper is ideal for small jobs and for making sauces, frostings, and dressings. The stainless-steel blade's reverse spiral action pulls food down, minimizing scraping and producing uniform chopped meat, nuts, cheese, vegetables, herbs--all the many foods for which the chopper is intended. For adding ingredients while the chopper is running, the lid has two compartments, one for dry items and the other for wet. For precise control, the chopper's electronic pulse pad responds instantaneously. The heavy power base provides stability and is seamless, making cleanup a simple matter of wiping the base and placing all the parts in the dishwasher. The chopper stands just 9-1/2 inches high and has cord storage inside the base. A stiff spatula is included. Should the chopper fail during its first year, KitchenAid's total replacement warranty guarantees delivery of another machine. --Fred Brack

  • 3-cup work bowl ideal for small jobs and making sauces, dips, frostings
  • Reverse-spiral-action blade pulls food down for uniform chopping
  • Electronic pulse pad provides precise control; 240 watts
  • Wet and dry compartments on domed lid for adding flavorings
  • One-year "total replacement" warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Little Chopper
    KitchenAid KFC3100OB Chef Series 3- Cup Food Chopper, Onyx Black
    I had used this product for nuts, apples, onion, peppers ect and was very pleased. I did not want to get the large food processor out, so decided to try the little one for 5 gallon of tomatoes. WOW Very good, fast and easy to clean. For salads, I think the veggies chop to small, just my opinion. I would buy this again and recommend it to others....more info
  • Cute and easy to use!
    Bought this for my mom before Thanksgiving and she was unconvinced that she would need a machine to do something that she could do by hand. But the small size, ease of use and speed at which the chopper got things done convinced her otherwise. I like that the bowl has a handle - makes it easier to use compared to the old Cuisinart I have at home which does not. ...more info
  • Bought as a gift
    I bought this off my mother's wish list and it looks like a very nice processor. I love my own KitchenAid products and she was very pleased to get it. It arrived quickly and well packed after I ordered it as well....more info
  • this is great when it works
    I bought the KitchenAid food chopper and I must say it works great when you can get it started. Most of the time it will not work when you press the start button. This is very upsetting when you have the food in it to be chopped and nothing happens....more info
  • xmas surprise
    nice looking chopper , it looks and works great. it goes well with my mixer....more info
  • Best Little Chopper in Texas
    For three cups and under, this chopper is everything a person could wish for. It's easy to assemble and to control the pulsing, doesn't take up much space and chops cleanly and evenly. Thanks, Kitchen Aid....more info
  • Perfect for occasional processing
    This is the best little processor if you don't do a lot of processing or do it occasionally.. It
    responds well and is easy to clean. I have to keep it on the kitchen counter, so I appreciate
    the compact size also....more info
  • Great Product
    Received one as a gift and it works great. Does not take up a lot of counter space and has a multitude of uses. Bought this one as a gift and it was very much appreciated. ...more info
  • LooooVe IT!
    My husband and I LOVE this chopper! We didn't own one before but will never go without again! It's a little noisey but then, I never had one before so this one might be quieter. I read the reviews here, a complaint really, about stuff coming out the top. We put our hand on the top like you do a blender and it comes out onto your hand. No biggy! Wipe it off! You need to put your hand on the top of it anyway only so the chopper doesn't fly away! IT'S SO PoWeRfuL!
    My husband makes his wonderful dip in it all the time now! It cuts carrots, peppers, spinach, onions,ect....We tried alot of stuff and couldn't beleive it! If you want it chopped alittle, just pulse it a couple of want it pulverized to tiny little pieces, hold the button down a couple more seconds for long pulses....NICE product here.
    We scoffed at the spatula that comes with it until we tried it. Looked like just a piece of cheap plastic. But it is WONDERFUL to work with! Molded perfectly for the inside of this 'bowl'. It's part of the set and stays with it all the time. Whole item is VERY easy to CLEAN!...more info
  • Love it!!!!!!!!
    I bought this for my wife since she wants to use it for all her cooking goods. I thought of buying a simple $20 one, but I figure it's not worth it since she will use it so much. The first time she used it, she shreaded raw chicken like it's nothing, and she said "I love it!!!". There you go, just buy it, don't think it too much....more info
  • compact, powerful, attractive and useful
    Update: after about a month of using it the chopper all-of-a-sudden died on me! I was rather disappointed, however KitchenAid has a "no-hassle Warranty." I called their toll-free number and as per their warranty, they will mail me a brand-new chopper and send me a pre-paid calltag at their expense. (All I had to do was provide them with my address and the serial number, no credit card was needed and they will send me the new replacement first, without receiving the defective unit first.) I have not received the replacement yet, however I am very pleased with their warranty process so far (although I did have to wait on hold for more than 10 minutes).

    I purchased the KitchenAid chef series mini chopper in onyx black and it's proven to be one of the most useful small appliances I've gotten for my kitchen in ages. It's the perfect size because 3 cups can hold a lot (much more than you may think) but it's not big and bulky like one of those outdated food processors (that are a monster to try to get inside the dishwasher).

    I got this mainly for 2 tasks that are otherwise time consuming, chopping onions and making fresh bread crumbs and it does the jobs to the letter. I cannot believe how quick and powerful it minces the onions because within a blink of a eye it pulverizes them and before you know it you're done. I can't begin to tell you how much time this has saved me. I've also used the mini chopper for parsley, peppercorns and garlic and it also chops all of these ingredients precisely and evenly (and there's never any big or uneven chunks).

    Before I got this I made the awful mistake of buying a very expensive and incredibly useless chopper from Bamburger's. I barely got 1 use out of it before it just conked out. That is not the case with the KitchenAid. You will have it for years and years because it is incredibly powerful and made of high quality parts that know how to take a beating.

    As I mentioned, I really like this chopper because it dices and chops everything so evenly. That is because it has 2 blades of altering sizes that grabs the ingredients from all directions and angles inside the bowl. And, this truly is a kitchen appliance that will save you time because you'll get the job done and you won't have to worry about cleanup nor will you have to worry about any residual mess from the actual task, either.

    Besides the power base, this includes the clear bowl, the lid, the blade, a detailed instructional booklet and even a rubber spatula (that's useful for other tasks as well). And everything (besides the base, of course) is dishwasher safe. Don't you hate it when those dimwits say in commercials, "but it's so easy to wash by hand..." Yeah, and so is a Donna Karen sweater. This is not 1885, I'll be damned if I'm gonna wash anything by hand.

    This item is also incredibly easy to use. I've had many choppers and food processors that are a huge pain to line up and close. This has little indentations on the base, on the lid and on the bowl to let you know where to line everything up and it all clicks into place easily with a slight locking sound.

    I purchased mine in onyx black (for some reason this review is defaulting to the chrome colored item, that is not the one that I got). Onyx black is actually a color that some distributors came up with, it is not a color that KithenAid uses. The true color is black. It is a shiny metallic black that will look great in any kitchen.

    Keep in mind not to ever fill up the entire bowl because it could cause the unit to stop (remember this is not a blender or a mixer). If you have a large batch, simply fill it up to the blades and pour into a separate bowl when finished. At times the blades will lock (or shut down) this is a safety mechanism which happens when the unit is overused or overloaded. When this happens generally you're going to need to empty everything out of the mixing bowl, wash all parts and give it some time to rest (at least 10 minutes) and it should be fine again. (I took off 1 star because of this.)

    If you're interested in getting this I strongly recommend getting it from Amazon. You can find it for a few bucks less (on QVC) however with the shipping and sales tax you'll pay more. Also I do not know of any other e-commerce site that is as quick or accommodating as far as returns are concerned besides Amazon (although QVC is pretty close). (BTW, speaking of QVC, don't you just love that KitchenAid lady that comes on every couple of weeks for on-air demonstrations? She's so cute, she reminds me of my granny.) Also if the Amazon Web site states that it's out-of-stock, don't worry because they're constantly updating their inventory so I'd still order from them.

    It's no coincidence that this mini chopper is a top-rated America's Test Kitchen pick. If you're familiar with ATK then I don't need to tell you how picky and quality-conscience they are. So for this item to be among the small selection of other kitchen appliances that they use is very reassuring for a little at-home cook like me.
    ...more info
  • Short - Too High?
    The MAJOR problem with this processor is the fact that the blade (that does all the work) is completely useless, as it "spins" nearly a full inch above the bottom of the cup! Small batches cannot be blended....more info
  • Food Processor
    Exactly what I thought it would be. I love the idea of a little food processor for the small amounts of chopping that I do! Thank you very much....more info
  • Top Chopper
    Bought this for my wife. She loves it. I used it to chop onions and garlic. It is amazing. Fast, thorough (no big chunks left), easy to clean and small for its power. Recommend it highly. ...more info
  • powerful chopper
    I've been wanting a small processor like this for a long time.
    I saw this for a great price and made the purchase. I am very happy with the performance of this unit and ease of use. It cleans up nice and stores under the cabinet too. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    Chops perfectly every time. Holds a lot more than the small Black & Decker that I had been using. Looks nice on the kitchen counter. ...more info
  • Very useful
    I haven't used it enough to give it five stars, but I can definitely give it four. I got this as a wedding gift and it works great. After reading others reviews, I've realized that some people are not too smart. This is a FOOD chopper, it is not made for liquids. Thats what a blender is for. I used this little chopper for my holiday baking. It is great for chopping cranberries, they are just way too hard to chop by hand. All in all I would say its a great buy. ...more info
  • Good chopper but...
    I purchased this chopper to make baby food. It is small and very easy to accomodate in your kitchen. It has a storage space in the bottom to place the cord once you are done using it, although I don't use it because it is pretty tight and the cord ends up bent at unnatural angles. It gives me the impression that it would end up ruining the cord, but the again, maybe it's just me. My baby is over 8 months now and she's able to eat food with more consistency, which is good because this chopper will NOT make smooth puree for younger matter how much you try!.
    I give it only three stars because it is pretty tricky to get it started. You have to have every single piece E-X-A-C-T-L-Y in place or it won't start. The jar's handle has to be facing the start button and the top has to click exactly in place and the blades have to be adjusted in place or it will simply not start. It is also a bit difficult to get all the food out without the spatula, which I do realize that is the reason why they included it, but for a busy mother with a hungry-screaming baby in the background that is trying to get things done could be a little frustrating.
    The top also has a couple of features to add liquids to the food while chopping, which sounds handy except for the fact that it also allows the food to go flying through there if you are not careful.
    You get what you pay for. Not bad but it is certainly not the best I've had either.
    ...more info
  • Grind Baby Grind
    Works well, chops, grinds, mixes, etc well...4 star only because there is only one setting i.e. pulse - KA could have added different speeds in this price..but is good for basic stuff....more info
  • Excellent Food Processor
    This food processor does exactly as it is described with easy cleanup in the dishwasher. I would highly recommend this food processor to anyone looking for an inexpensive addition to the kitchen....more info
  • Bad switch design
    Unfortunately our unit stopped working soon after purchase. The safety switch relies on several pieces of plastic levering properly to depress a small recessed button in the base. When they don't, you're out-of-luck. I've read other reviews with the same issue. If you decide to buy one, make sure you can return it. ...more info
  • invaluable, perfect for a gift
    I've had this product since 2003 and it's still working great. I use it all the time for onions, basil, peppers, making stuffing, vegan lasagna cream cheese.. I consider this a MUST HAVE in any kitchen and think it's a great gift to give newly weds, new homeowners, fresh out of high school or college or to beginning cooks. When I moved in with my boyfriend we actually had two of these (one the same size in the cuisinart brand - he was convinced his was better but I thought they were both equal - although his was a hand-me-edown and about 15 years old) anyway, I would use them both at once to prep for the same meal and it made things super faster and more efficient. I bought the red, I wish I'd gotten stainless steal. Would buy again. ...more info
  • Great chopper
    This little chopper is great. i use it for so many things and it's strong and durable. I've had cheaper brands and they don't do as good of a job. Well worth it....more info
  • Quality KitchenAid.. just beware of size
    For some reason, I thought this was a larger unit. It's rather small, but it wasn't a tragedy.. as I prefer having a small unit for small jobs.. and a larger one for larger jobs. As always, high quality from KitchenAid!...more info
  • Excellent little chopper
    The reviewers at Cooks Illustrated recommended this food processor and it's every bit as good as they said it was. I like this for small jobs because it cleans up more quickly and takes up less space than my big chopper....more info
  • Mincing Machine
    If you want to mince onion this machine is just fine, however, chopping is outside of its range.

    Nice little machine but it needs some more blades and a slicer to be useful....more info
  • Love it
    This is specially good for making chinese food such as dumpling, wanton and Baozi. Save me a lot of time cutting. ...more info