Secret Agent Barbie
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Your Mission: go undercover and help Barbie pursue a thief from city to city. Decode clues, solve puzzles and use high-tech gadgets like pink-vision glasses and a robot spy puppy to uncover the plot and courageously save the day!

Barbie is finally a woman of action. Taking up international espionage in Secret Agent Barbie, she travels the world in pursuit of justice. A thief has stolen valuable clothing from a friend of hers, a fashion designer who is just setting up for a big show.

In order to bring the thieves to justice, Barbie has a full team of helpers and a complement of gadgetry. To get past a guard who won't let her through a door, she uses her compact to blow foundation in his face. To investigate areas too tiny for her to access, she has a robotic spy puppy. Her Pinkvision goggles can seek out the combinations to otherwise secured doors. Finally, Barbie has two gymnastic skills: dive rolls that carry her past guarded areas, and jumps to get over obstacles and laser alarms.

By virtue of its emphasis on gizmos, this game makes itself a distant relative of pop-culture heroes like James Bond or the Mission Impossible teams. However, Secret Agent Barbie lacks the defining characteristic of this milieu: violence. Barbie has a stealth mode for sneaking around game scenery, an adventure mode for calmer moments, and an action mode for running and jumping. (Each of these modes comes with its own costume options.) What Barbie doesn't have is a fight mode. Whether this is a good or bad thing may be entirely a matter of parental and player opinion.

Regardless of your position on mayhem, Secret Agent Barbie has a few definite weaknesses. Gameplay is really just a process of moving from one animated sequence to the next--and the quality of these sometimes lengthy movies is only so-so. The game is highly inflexible, pursuing a straight path to the stolen fashions. As a result, its replay factor is almost zero. As for the mystery-solving element, players don't find clues so much as stumble over them.

That said, Secret Agent Barbie does move the widely beloved doll into a distinctly macho career path, allowing girls to tag along with their heroine on a globetrotting adventure. (Ages 6 and older) --Alyx Dellamonica

Secret Agent Barbie lets kids join Barbie and her friends in an exciting new adventure as she travels the world as a secret agent. Her mission is to investigate and stop the creation of an invisibility suit. Kids travel tofive locations--Paris, New York, Egypt, Tokyo, and Rio--and complete amission in each, bringing them closer to breaking the case. Secret agentshave access to special powers like running, jumping, tumbling, and blendinginto the background. There are special gadgets like pink-vision glasses anda remote-control puppy, and a selection of cool secret agent outfits.

  • Join Barbie and her team on an exciting 3D spy adventure
  • Reveal clues, sneak past guards and more using spy gadgets
  • Stay hot on the trail of the culprit
  • Meet friends and foes in every location!
  • Solve puzzles with the clues you find! Play Benefits:

Customer Reviews:

  • Super CD-Rom
    Secret Agent Barbie was awesome! I love it! It is the best. Using your mind is really fun, unlike some other games. It is the coolest. I really like the game!...more info
  • Wow!
    When I first got this I thought it would be like the disappointing Race and Ride games and the Detective Barbie game or Super Sports. But this game actually turned out to be fun. And it is a challenge in a lot of ways (avoid cameras and bandits and things of that nature).It is quite interesting to travel to exotic places in ALL the continents of the earth. I felt that this game would be a challenge for young girls and it takes longer than a day to beat! Thats saying something about a Barbie game. I recommend this game to all young girls and other ages as well. It is fun unlike other Barbie games that I have played....more info
  • "Secret Agent Barbie is so really cool and also colourful!"
    I loved Secret Agent Barbie. Usually I think of Barbie doll as something for younger girls because some older girls seem to think of Barbie as lame or dumb or something, but not always because I do like her. Anyway, this game was so cool! Barbie is a secret agent, and the game is so fun from the start! It starts out on a plane, where Barbie goes in training to learn all these different moves like rolling and jumping. Barbie, being Barbie, uses cool gizmos and gadgets that look a lot like makeup. For example, to sneak past guards without them catching her or not letting her by, she takes out some powder that's like foundation or blush and blows it in the person's face to where he can't see for a moment but cough. She records private conversations using a lipstick I think it is, and she wears these pink sunglasses type things that enable her to see secret codes and combinations. She travels to exotic places like Paris, France and somewhere in Japan, also New York; she always goes by plane and lands by parachute! She chooses different clothes and outfits to wear and there are different modes to play-action is one. She has a robotic puppy, too. She also has a friend who talks to her a lot by a certain spy gagdet thing, who just happens to be in a wheelchair! It's funny, all the guard dudes look and sound the same. Sometimes Barbie can get a little annoying by saying the same things over and over, and the stuff can be frustrating by being challenging. Barbie's mission includes finding some thief who's making a invisible suit which Barbie gets to put on! The theif steals special dye from some plant and clothes I think from a designer friend of Barbie's, (who I think is Theresea). Anyhow, this game is soooo really cool and a must-buy for girls this product would interest! I haven't played it in a while though....more info
  • Secret Agent rox!
    Hi,this is BARBIE LOVER. As other reviewers have said,the soundtrack is AWESOME!There is also music for each location,and it really fits in! My fave training is Action training;I spent like 10 minutes listening to the great music!The graphics are great too! When I was in Tokyo I saw 2 billboards.One advertised "Gigapop"(does Gigapop even exist?) and showed Japanese writing with a photo of a real lady holding a green can.Okay...sort of weird.The other billboard was white with the Gigawatt logo and some more Japanese writing. I wonder what it says...Anyway,the ads aren't headache-causing for me,and they're cool.This game again ROX,#1!!!! BARBIE LOVER PS See my other more detailed review on Barbie Secret Agent (Jewel Case)! ...more info
  • This came is the best one barbie has
    you should get this game its a lot harder than the other barbie games the graphis aren't to great but don't listen to people who give it 1 star they are probably a teenager and their little sister got it and they said it was stupid but it's not its a lot of fun if you like girly games you might like this but if you'll like brats that steel fashion and trick into getting last ingredients like one of the girls one this game you will also like this game....more info
    This game is the bom! I got it when I was 6 for a christmas present and it looked really fun. I was a little stressed out about it when I first started playing it. I would get scared of the lasers! It was hard at first so I got my sister to play it with me. Well, it took almost two years to finish it! And we were so proud but sad that the adventure was over. Since then (I am 12!) I have been playing it more often and got so good at it that I can finish playing it in two hours. I really love this game....I really hope they make another great game just like this but please buy it at the recommended age,8 because I cryed every time I missed a lazer when I was six and I would get very very stressed!!!!!!!! Everyone should have this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love how she gets to go around the world and use awsome gadgets! the plot is also very interesting and the suspects are very unxpected! I never could tell that the person who did it did!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A good game that could be longer
    I purchased this for my daughter's 7th birthday, she really really wanted it! Installing it was a breeze, the controls were easy, and every move and puzzle was intuitive. There were some moments in the game where she became frustrated, especially the ending sequence which involved jumping onto moving pads. The only shortcoming is that it was not long enough. She finished the entire game in a weekend. It is pretty graphics intensive, so make sure your computer is up to snuff....more info
  • great but too easy game
    I got the barbie secret agent game for christmas about 2 years ago when i was 8 years and was not able to play it.Now i am 10 i am not really in to barbie and the game starts to work. I got half way through the game in about 2 hours and i finished the game the next day.It was a great game even though i don't like barbie.Also it was very easy and the gards don't notice you. I think this is a pretty good adventure game for younger kids....more info
  • Wolfmother Rocks teh Socks
    Ok, so I first played this game when I was around 7, and I loved it! Just this year I was helping clean out the basement and I stumbled upon this game again. I popped it into the CD drive and was buffeted by some amazing graphics and sound. This game only took me a couple hours to beat, but it. Was. Epic. The only thing I didn't like is that once you beat the game, that's it. No new missions, no new enemies, nothing. I would highly recommend this game to little girls and their mothers, but also crazy 14 year olds that love adventure. (Heh like me.) =P...more info
  • Cool Game!
    I have had this game for two years, and I'm still playing it almost everyday! This game let you play as Barbie, walk around, chase shadowy figures, talk to people, and more! Go to Japan, and more places!...more info