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John Wayne heads a group of highly skilled professional game hunters in Africa to capture animals for zoos and circus attractions.
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Media Type: DVD
Title: HATARI!
Street Release Date: 07/24/2001

Howard Hawks's 1962 adventure-comedy is basically the same, loosely plotted movie Hawks made over and over again for decades. A collection of professionals with a common goal--in this case, animal trapping in Tanganyika--forms a pocket community and holds each other to high standards in their work. This is a film about camaraderie, crisp banter, romance, and exciting action (the animal sequences are great). John Wayne played this part in about a thousand ways for Hawks over the years, and he could not be more entertaining as a grizzled pro. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

    I got to rent this movie (for free, thankfully) a few days ago. This has to be the most boring John Wayne movie I've ever seen, and I've seen many! There's no plot, so for over two hours not much happens. Red Buttons is a typically unfunny early 60's comic and just gets worse as the movie drags on. The accents of the international cast are distracting and some are unbelivable. John Wayne was just to old to play the romantic leading man part and it shows in this movie. Half of the scenes in Hatari could've been cut out and nothing would be missed. Watch this on TV if your dying to see it but don't spend any money buying or renting it!...more info
  • Simply Splendid
    Some movies are simply a joy to be in the presence of. Hatari! is one of these. As in practically every other Hawks movie, the characters are cool and subtle in their delivery and interaction with one another, and while a first-time viewer will marvel at the wildlife action shots and the African scenery, the reason one will return to the movie is to see the performances of Hardy Kruger, John Wayne, Elsa Martinelli, and Red Buttons, and how they interact together throughout. A very cute and pleasant and entertaining movie. I've seen it countless times....more info
  • Delightful, Memorable
    A fine combination of action, romance, comedy and the battle of the sexes. Wonderfully scored by Henry Mancini and with the Mancini touch, capturing every mood and lifting the action and suspense....more info
  • action,adventure,friendships and love
    Hitari is one of John Wayne's classic movies. As always he is very gruff and tough with his job and assignment. His movies always show a great deal about his loyality to his job, friends and the love of his country. I've seen everyone of his movies and repeatedly you will see many of the same people over and over again. Hitari was filmed in Africa and the scenery is beautiful. His relationship with each character developes creatively as the movie progresses. I loved the movie. K.M.Smith...more info
  • hitari

    GREAT PICTURE...more info
  • John Wayne, as always, is excellent.
    Hatari shows a romantic side to John Wayne. I really enjoyed the African scenery and the groups exploits. I have always considered it a very entertaining movie. d.a.henderson...more info
  • Typical John Wayne Classic
    John Wayne shined in this Africa Safari. Wayne and his crew of sharp shooters and africa tribe people go and capture animals that are order from zoos in the United States. yet, still Wayne has to put up with a female photgrapher that the Indian gave permission to come to Africa to take photo's of the crew and what they do. Two questions need to be answered in the classic. First can this crew get the animals that are order without getting hurt and the second question is what will the crew do after the season over. I like this movie just for the fact that I will never make it to Africa and this was as close as I would get. I give this movie 5 wessel stars....more info
  • I'm sure that it'll be great
    It is a shame that you don't have this video on PAL system for those who don't use NTSC. This title is not on sale in Europe. Any suggestion?...more info
  • Hatari
    Hatari What a delightful classic comedy. Clean family fun for all ages. This is one you can watch over and over. ...more info
  • Slow-Import?
    Movie arrived slower than expected. It also had a "Made in Mexico" label on it. I am not sure this is a legal copy....more info
    A very nice comedy! John Wayne made one of very best his movie.Red Buttons is memorabile. Great music too, everythink it is wonderful....more info
  • Hillarious.
    I am young and i still enjoyed this movie. The mishaps with the animals make the movie so funny. Pockets antics aren't bad either....more info
  • R.J. from TX
    This movie is my favorite non-western John Wayne. Unlike most of
    what you see today it was shoot on location and uses real animals, instead of the computer generated variety. The story is
    very believable and the action is top notch. I've seen this DVD
    many times and never get tired of watching it. For me It's one of those shows you pull out and watch at least once a year. I've read many books on Africa and this movie does a good job
    of taking you there. If you study this movie there are several
    interesting irregularities through out that do not detract from
    the show but would make for fascinating interviews with the few
    remaining cast and crew. Any time you put big name actors together with so many wild animals there has to be some very
    interesting stories behind all of that. Hatari is a perfect
    candidate for a multi disc special edition set, with the making
    of the movie as well as interviews and bonus material. If you've been interested in Africa or African Animals, after watching Hatari you too may wonder where at in Africa was that
    Compound that John Wayne and his crew worked out of and is it
    still there today? ...more info
  • Upbeat theme and music
    This is not a typical John Wayne movie. Although Wayne plays his typical strong, silent man role, he is served a come-uppance by a woman... and by 3 baby elephants! After watching this film, who could forget Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk?" A. Wallingford...more info
  • At least with the VHS version you can catch a sandwich
    The name of the movie almost sounds "African". This is one of John Wayne's `travelogue movies' as I have come to call them.

    The movies basically stink yet they have several ingredients common to the script which makes them easily identifiable. First they are shot on location, Africa, Hawaii, at the circus or to the backdrop of some unusual profession as in Hellfighters.

    Second, and this never fails, Duke is always much larger than other men in the cast and also much older. In the case of Red Buttons, nicknamed `Pockets' in this movie, and Hardy Krueger, the short German method actor, Duke appears almost menacing with his enormous size compared to the other actors and threatening repartee. The sperm count of the cast must have been microscopic.

    The third ingredient is that Duke had lung cancer and was diagnosed in 1963 during the filming of The Sons of Katie Elder. So in movies like Hitari, and Donovan's Reef, he was still turning the girls on with cigarette breath and using Camels as sexual paraphernalia.

    The fourth ingredient is what I call `zany nonsense'. There is always some kind of idiotic chase scene comic relief thing going. In the case of Hitari, Duke loads a baby elephant in the back of a jeep and then rides off like a maniac terrifying the animal all in the attempt to chase down an Italian model turned actress named `Dallas' as she was trying to get the heck away from Duke and his absurd missed love cues. If Duke was the prize bull amongst all of the midget male actors, he sure came off as brain damaged. His shaving cream kiss with Dallas looked more like State's evidence than affection.

    The last ingredient is the `show you how it's done' thing. Some portion of these movies is always dedicated to some mandatory action footage about how to do whatever it is that Duke is supposed to be an expert doing. It is just filler to hide the lack of plot. For example in Hellfighters, it was putting out oil fires, in Hatari there is the usual obligatory action scene featuring Duke wrestling what could only be a drug induced Rhino into submission with the help of friendly African Natives and lots of rope. Animal rights activists might find these scenes appalling however movie critics would find the entire film appalling. One star is quite generous...more info

  • Rhinos and Other Horny Beasts in Africa
    There's not much this movie doesn't have. Action? Got it. Romance? Yep. Comedy? Check. Wild animals? Naturally. Punching, gunplay, explosions, and rocket blasts? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Hyena bathing and slapstick elephant chases? But of course. Shape-shifting space aliens? Okay, it doesn't have that, but it has everything else and a cast that works well together and isn't overscripted.

    The story follows a season in the lives of a team of big game hunters (a catch-and-release group that works for zoos and circuses). A couple outsiders come in and the group dynamic changes; the young girl of the group is suddenly all grown up and a love triangle (later a quadrangle) forms and resolves itself; the group's leader has to choose between letting go of the past or missing the relationship of a lifetime; and then there's the horrible rhino curse that must be broken. In lesser hands, it would all be a "very special episode" of Little House on the Savanna, but Howard Hawks masterfully directs his cast and winds up with some incredible footage of the African plains and its wildlife as well. Add in an excellent score by Henry Mancini, and you are really drawn into the action; the whimsical "Baby Elephant Walk" provides a nice break from the tension - you know nothing bad can happen once the calliope starts up, so just sit back and enjoy the fun.

    John Wayne keeps his swagger and drawl mostly in check, but Buttons' physical comedy is a little overeager. Still, the remaining 98% of the film is on target in tone and balance. The scenes between lovelorn Martinelli and Buttons feel genuine, the animal herding and capture scenes feel dangerous, the rhino goring and dislocated shoulder repair feel painful, and your arteries begin to clog at the mention of codfish cakes deep-fried in antelope fat.

    This is a great movie to lose yourself in. Just make sure you have a full two-and-a-half hours to spend; once you begin you won't want the action, romance, and comedy to stop for even a minute....more info

  • Love it!
    I have watched this movie over and over again! I think it is one of the best movies John Wayne made....more info
  • A great action film
    If you are a John Wayne fan and want a break from his usual western, this is the video to buy. You can tell he loves Africa and being around African big shows in his face and his manner. And he's surrounded by a very capable supporting cast...Red Buttons and Elsa Martinelli are fantastic. The scenery is breathtaking and the action shots are superb....especially chasing the rhinos and the cape buffalo who give the game hunters quite a fight. I also think Howard Hawks used some interesting techniques to get honest reactions from the actors....some of the scenes had to been a surprise to Wayne and Martinelli! The movie has something for everyone....more info
  • Fun,Funny and Exciting.
    I first saw this movie when I was a little kid and enjoyed it immensely.Now that I am an adult,if anything I enjoy it more.It is the story of a group of adventurers who capture animals for zoos,a job desription that is pretty much extinct in the 21st century.John Wayne does his usual bang-up job as the leader with the delicious Elsa Martinelli(the reason why I enjoy the movie even more now)as his love interest.The co-stars include Hardy Krueger,Red Buttons and Wayne's often used friend,Bruce Cabot.The story is very episodic,but,laced with humor and action and a bit of romance,it never lags and holds your interest from the opening scene to the last.This is quite simply one of the most fun movies the Duke ever filmed.If you are looking for some fun time spent in front of the TV,this is a great way to spend a couple of hours or so....more info
    HATARI is another one of the Hawks/John Wayne collaborations that filled cinemas in the fifties and sixties. Set in the gorgeous land of Tanganyika, HATARI has little plot but several action sequences combined with the "will the hero get the girl" subplots so popular in those days. Buoyed by an impeccable Henry Mancini score, the movie seems a little long in the tooth, but one can't deny the impact of the wild animal chases especially the now classic rhino attack. Wayne is John Wayne, so he's just what you expect; Red Buttons does his usual sidekick comic relief shtick; Elsa Martinelli and Michele Girardon add European spice; Hardy Kruger as the German hunk and Gerard Blain as the French fellow are appropriately antagonistic/buddy roles; and Bruce Cabot is a sturdy support as the "Indian". By today's action movie standards, HATARI is rather tame, but again, the animal sequences elevate it to one of Wayne's last classics....more info
  • Hatari! Howard Hawks
    This is a very enjoyable movie with a lot of action and humor....more info
  • hatari
    Wonderful movie, fun, and very exciting. John Wayne at his best. I enjoyed the animals, Africa and the movie in all its entity....more info