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Ultimate Ride
List Price: $9.99

Our Price: $3.50

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Product Description

For Windows 98 and up

  • It's up to you to build the most impressive & scariest roller-coaster you possibly can
  • Design & construct your dream coaster in real-time 3D
  • Try out Mission Mode, where you must design coasters that meet special requirements, and get rated on how good they are
  • The more successful you are the more your reputation builds
  • In free-form mode, you can add props -- anything from spaceships to dragon lairs

Customer Reviews:

  • ultimate ride
    I got ultimate ride for christmas, but I wasn't able to use it because I didn't have enough graphic memory to support the game. I called the manufacture but he told me to upgrade my video card, or return the game because my computer is not compatable. I was surprised because I have a new computer, oh well back to the store for a refund....more info
  • Great for all ages!
    I bought this for my (almost) 5 year old son, who is a roller coaster fanatic. The software is straightforward enough that, after a few times with adult help, he is now able to design and ride simple coasters by himself. In trying to make a coaster that will work, his cognitive thinking is being developed and all he knows is he is having a blast! And, best of all, there is enough complexity to keep the grown-ups amused as well, so I know that my son will use this for years to come. A great product, worth every penny....more info
  • Totally Awsome!!!
    Ultimate Ride is totally awsome! The graphics, sounds, and animations are fantastic. You can build whatever type of coaster you want, from realistic to physically impossible fantasy coasters. ...There are a lot of props, landscapes, tracks, and other options to choose from when building a coaster. This game makes all the other wannabe sim coaster games look [bad]. Ultimate Ride is the ONLY true roller coaster simulation game on the market. And the price is very good. ...

    I would like to dispell some ignorant comments made in some of the previous posts...

    Regarding the game not being realistic: the game allows you to create your own coasters. You can create realistic ones, or fantasy ones. It is up to your own imagination.

    Regarding any technical issues with the game: there is a technical support message board on their website. If you read through or search the posts, you will find answers to almost anything. A few people said they had trouble getting the game to work. ...

    Playing the gameon a laptop: the game clearly states the minimum system requirements on the bottom of the box (just like all other software products). The minimum system requirements for the game are right at par with all the other new software programs on the market. By the way, the game requires at least an 8MB 3D video card. Don't complain that you expect more from a software developer just because your system doesn't meet the minimum system requirements.

    Kellogg's cereal box: yes, there is a demo of the game in cereal boxes throughout the US. The demo offers the ability to view a few of the coasters that are in the retail game. You cannot build coasters in the demo. ...the game is really awsome. ...Ultiamte Ride is well worth buying....more info

  • tHE cOOLEST game i ever playd
    Ithink this game is cool becuse i get to creat and rid my owen roler coster thin see what others think. and it has some cool props....more info
  • Hose Job - on "The Ultimate Ride"
    Kellog's put this CD on the front of cereals trying to get kids to buy their Frosted Flakes. The front of the CD said that it is a Preview. Not Even. What a waste of my time, plastic for the CD, the wrapping ect. Hey Tony, you have truly given us "The Ultimate Ride." I will not be buying Kellog's products for awhile just to return the insult factor.
    P.S. Your scale of 1 - 5 needs to have a big zero added.
    Chris Moran...more info
  • It's fun, but the graphics are not fun
    I loved this game, but it would be hard for 5-7 year olds. I love adding spins, and loops, but the graphics are...... ok. If you add to manty spins, loops, and turns, you have no idea where your going. I love building high roller coasters, but there's a limit to how high you can go. I love building them on the island. I love this game, but if you could find it for a lower price, that would be better....more info
  • Probably one of the best coaster sims out there
    Just like Coaster Works for Dreamcast but 10x better....more info
  • Fun!!!!!!
    I think Ultimate ride was fun to play but is a little bit hard for younger kids . I would recomend this game for ages 10-16 . Anyone younger might not enjoy this game because you need a little bit of patience . But the graphics are pretty good . And the installation process was easy . It might take some time getting used to all the buttons but overall it is a great game . Have fun !...more info
  • hip music and surreal graphics
    The music is rock-n-rollish, and the graphics are surreal. The software is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/XP. I was impressed with the game's 3-D imaging....more info
  • Create your own ultimate ride!
    If you've ever been to a theme park and thought to yourself, "I could design a better coaster than that!" now's your chance. Less of a game and more of a toy, Ultimate Ride allows you to design your own coaster (steel, wooden or suspended), and ride it -- in 3D!

    The graphics are excellent, and the frame rates are good (even in high resolution), but there aren't enough objects and backdrops to play around with, which does seem rather limiting. Also, being a Disney Imagineering game, you'd expect (or rather, wish) they'd included some of the coasters from the Disney parks. They haven't. Hopefully we'll see some downloadable add-on packs in the future.

    The included sounds are bearable, but fortunately the programmers have included the ability to import your own MP3s. You won't imagine how strange it is to ride a coaster to the theme of 'The Littlest Hobo'!

    Gameplay is good, and the menus are easy to understand, though building the coaster can be a little difficult as you can't delete a section without removing all the sections after it. It's also easy to find yourself rebuilding half the coaster again because the track doesn't quite match up at the other end. 'Ride' mode is great and allows to you ride you creations from diffent seats, or from other camera angles. One niggle is that the g-force ratings seem a little high all the time -- 10Gs on a coaster? Purlease!

    In summary, Ultimate Ride is a fun toy for the Rollercoaster enthusiast. Not really a game, or statistically accurate, but a fun creative pastime!...more info

    This a ride without comparison. You enter this fantasy world and ride the coasters listed. Then the fun begins as you are asked to design your own roller coaster. Straight tracks, loop the loops, inverted, hanging or on the tracks, its all up to you and your design. This is a game for the family to work on together. You control the coaster you design , the terrain you want to set it in, the time of day you want to ride it in, the kind of theme you want your coaster to have, and let's not forget the speed you want it to run at. It's one creative blast. And when your finished, and have selected the car design, you get to ride it. You can sit up front or further back if you are the nervous type. There are endless possibilities. You forget time as you are the engineer, the designer, the creator. I would rate this at the top of anyones "How to, Let's do" list. A game that has the kids inviting mom and dad to climb aboard. A game that invites all the family and friends to be creative and experience great fun together. Amongst the number one's in my collection....more info
  • Ultimate Ride maybe. Ultimate Game... no.
    I bought this game from Kmart in Australia for AUD$10.00 mainly because I absolutely love Theme Park World, I love making Roller Coasters and riding them, however in this game I found I got really bored really quickly. I built 3 roller coasters and rode them, this took me 2 hours (mainly because of the absolutely horrible viewing angles of the game), I rode them, then I got bored. This game only gives u 3 kinds of Roller Coasters to make in 4 different backgrounds, it has plenty of props, but most dont do anything, so they are all boring.

    I tried the Imagineering section of the game, but found it pointless and again boring. It just seems that this game had absolutely no lasting value... Great game if you can get it on special, if not. Try for Theme Park World or maybe even Roller Coaster Tycoon.

    Kizz...more info

  • Why get an un-realistic game?
    After buying this game, I found that it is a waste of money. For any roller coaster crazy person, I would recomend NoLimits, one of the best builders out there. (...)...more info
  • OMG how realistic can you get!!!
    ULTIMATE RIDE GAME is a must for any coaster enthusiast. I didnt realize how realistic this game was going to be. Then with the game you can download your coasters to the (companies) website and be voted on trying to become ROLLERGOD. I just loved making the coasters climb up to the sky and come plunging back down doing death defying tricks. THIS GAME IS RATED A+++++ what fun....more info
  • great idea for a game
    It's almost there. It lacks a friendly interface and game options. Satisfies the desire I have to ride the coasters I build on Roller Coaster Tycoon, but leaves me wanting more after I build a few (then I switch back to Roller Coaster Tycoon)...more info
  • Ultimate Ride RULES
    This game is amazing! there is only one flaw in the game at all, there are no other riders on the coaster with you and the very screaming of terrified riders is absent, so you feel a bit lonely, but still overall it is overall speed record is 267 on the speedometer!
    Secret: Whole ride is made of corkscrews!
    I recommend this to people 7-20 years old!...more info
  • This Sucks!
    I am I Roller Coaster freak...I'd spend $70 on a expansion pck for Roller Coaster Tycoon (my personal favorite). I got this game for Hannukah and I was really excited, but when I started playing it the mouse was so slow....It took me about 7 minutes to quit!...more info