Blink Game
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This game is a clever variation on the classic card game, Spit. As cards are turned face up on the table, you must try to get rid of the cards in your draw pile by matching at least one characteristic on the card (color, shape, or count). These cards are colorfully designed with stars, moons, triangles, and more. You can only have three cards in your hand at one time, but may continue to pick cards from your draw pile as soon as you discard. Includes 60 Symbol cards and instructions. For 2 players.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Blink is FUN
    I plaed this game in school and I loved it. It is very fun to win. You need only two players and you can take it almost anywhere you go. It is kind-of like UNO. You really should buy it!...more info
  • Blink Game
    Great great game -- good for all ages, no reading ability necessary, but child should know colors and how to count. I'm 45 and I love the game....more info
  • Young Adult Room LOVES Blink!!!
    Blink is an awesome game. It's fast and fun. It really is the world's fastest game!...more info
  • Blink Game
    Our whole family, ranging in age from 8 to 88 years, enjoys playing Blink. It has helped our visual perception and reflexes....more info
  • Very fun and addicting
    My husband and I really love this game. We like the fact that its really fast and easy. Its similar to a game I played in school called speed. Trying to match up the colors or shapes or even the number can be a bit tricky. A must game for two players. ...more info
  • We all love it!
    My son got it for his seventh birthday, and everyone, including my four year old daughter, has a great time playing. It's a great matching game--colors, numbers or shapes. My son's gotten really fast finding those matches. I have a tough time beating him!!!...more info
  • Fun, but it's exactly like the card game "Speed"
    This is a fun game, however I wish I knew it was almost exactly like the card game "Speed". You can do a search on instructables (dot) com and read how to play there.

    The point of Blink (and Speed) is to get rid of all your cards first as FAST as you can. Players match color, quantity and design to get rid of their cards. In speed (which is played with a regular deck of cards) can be played the same way. I do like blink, but don't think I needed to spend $$ on a new deck, that can be played with a regular deck of cards. ...more info
  • Great game!!!
    This game was real easy to learn and lots of fun to play. Because of the colors it is easy for young players. My daughter learned it at age 5 and it is lots of fun. Get the game--you won't be sorry!...more info
  • Not just for kids!
    I picked this game up for Christmas this year at our local Wal-Mart (around $[...] but no shipping costs) and it is a blast! The object of the game is easy to learn and the adrenaline really gets pumping as you try to be the first to get rid of all of your cards. Each game lasts under 2 minutes so play as many or as few times as you wish! This is a 2-player game, so perfect for hubby and me since we just became empty nesters!...more info
  • love it!
    I got this for my 3 kids to play, and they love it! They are 10, 8, and 5, and all 3 can play together - my 5 year old has had the most fun with it. He wants to play everyday! It really makes you pay attention to figure out what to play next. Fun game!...more info
  • Blink
    This is a great card game for a child. It is similar to war but more fun. My son is a 6 1/2 year old beginner card player and loves this game. This game allows so many ways to play matching color, number or shape. It has been great for his eye hand coordination. He has a great time playing this game in the car at home. It was recommended to us and we give it 5 stars plus!!!...more info
  • Ignore the age range on the box
    I think that the age range is something like 7 and up but my 5-year-old daughter plays this just fine. However, we deal unequal piles of cards between me and her just to keep the game fun for both. I tried dealing myself 2 cards for every card I dealt her but I absolutely never won. I tried dealing her 2 cards for every 3 I dealt myself and that made for a much closer game....more info
  • BLINK game review
    This is actually a VERY fun game, it goes really fast. Kids and
    adults like it alot. Was delivered on time....more info
  • Great fast card game
    My 8 year old and I have played this over and over. It's great fun, and she's even beat me a couple of times! Requires a quick mind and a quick hand....more info
  • My kids favorite game to play with Grandma!
    Everyone in our family loves this fast paced exciting game. Sometime it gets pretty loud around the table as the younger kids get so excited they start to scream and Grandma gets so flustered she starts to laugh. I rated it educational because I believe, even as an adult, it gives your brain a workout. It is a great and fun way to practice counting, shapes and colors for preK & K. It goes so fast that when the kids ask, "Can we play it again?" We can usually say, "yes!" It's such a great price too. I'd buy it at WalMart or Target though and save the shipping. Another great, fast paced game that's really good for kids is Slamwhich. My 6 year old can "slam" me under the table!Slamwich Collectible Tin...more info
  • Great!
    Very EZ to, fast, need to look at multiple ways to lay down cards. ie. any combo of color/shape....more info
  • Voting for Blink
    Blink comes in an easy to transport and store, tin box.
    I played with my twin great nieces (6), I'm 67--had a ball.
    Played two games--they beat me BOTH times. It teaches
    colors, shapes, numbers to recognize them and act--
    quickly! The problem is that small children have a
    difficult time shuffling the deck of cards, after that
    it's nothing but fun....more info
  • Fun even for younger kids
    I bought this because Amazon recommended it when I was buying Skip-bo. My 5 year old loves this game, and it's fun for the adults, too. If you take 2/3 of the cards and give the rest to the child, you can play as fast as you can -- for once you're not bored waiting for your child to catch up! Definitely a good buy....more info
  • great for any age
    My grandchildren enjoyed playing this game which they learned quickly. When their grandmother couldn't beat them,they really enjoyed the game!...more info
  • Blink
    Fit for all ages, this can become a very fast moving competitive card game. Even for little tykes, it makes for good identification practice of colors, shapes, and numbers. This is a good, good card game. ...more info
  • Great Center Game
    I bought this game to use in a math center for 3rd grade. It is absolutely wonderful to use to show relationships between objects and numbers plus it is FUN. The game is fast paced and can be played over and over in a short period of time. I had to buy 3 copies but it was worth every dime. ...more info
  • Blink..but do it fast!
    Every Christmas we try to select games that the whole family can share in and we try to find new games, that everyone will like. This game is great because it is a fast paced game, that my kids play and then it is always...just one more time....after about 10 can't get enough! I really like it too, because the kids will bring it in to play while I am making dinner. You can stop and play a couple of games, in no time at all! Three games, and back to making dinner! But it keeps you thinking and helps the younger kids with shapes, colors, numbers the whole bit. My daughter and her boyfriend challenge each other all the is a favorite around the house..and I am buying it for my daughter at college too! Something to take the edge of when studying!!
    ...more info
  • Fun for All!
    I personally love this game but what is even better is that the kids love this game. I can beat the kids but my husband can't which is great for the kids.
    My 3 yr old loves to play too. We give him alot less cards than everyone else and we monitor him. He caught on very quickly and refuses to be left out of the fun.
    The 9 yr olds love to play by themselves and often ask to play this game.
    Was a great stocking stuffer. One of the best presents the kids got for Christmas.
    I would recommend that everyone try this game before they judge it. I was hesitant myself but glad we bought it. Can't beat it for the price we paid. Very fun!!! Much better than war or other card games.
    We will be taking this on vacation with us too!...more info
  • Available at KMart
    I wanted to buy this game for our family because reviews of this game were overwhelming positive. I dawdled ordering it because I didn't want to pay for shipping and handling. Glad I did because I found it @ Kmart!
    Same price at Amazon....more info
  • Simple, but FUN
    I got this card game a few months ago when looking for something different to play with the family. I wanted something that would work for different ages. I had no idea what a hit it would be! We've played this game with ages ranging from 4 1/2 to 69 and everyone has loved it. It's very simple to play, so you can get started right away, rather than spending time poring over the instructions. The games are fast, so you can play a few to kill time or several in a row for game night. My 4 1/2-year old nephew is GREAT at this game, and he loves it. I think it helps strengthen his 'matching' abilities, so it's definitely educational for younger kids. The rest of us try to get faster and faster, and we have fun every time. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a simple, fun, quick game to play. ...more info