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Baby Dolittle - World Animals
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Product Description

Baby Dolittle World Animals takes babies and young children around the globe to learn about their favorite wild animals! Hosted by Jane, an adorable monkey puppet, Baby Dolittle captures children's natural delight in learning about animals. Baby Dolittle features Baby Einstein's signature child-friendly classical music arrangements, delightful puppetry and beautiful natural-world animal footage that children will love watching again and again. Recommended for ages 1-4 years of age.

Since early on, the Baby Einstein Company's mission has been to expose young children to the "greatest forms of human expression"--language, poetry, art, and music. Since receiving widespread acclaim for such solid programs as Baby Bach and Baby Mozart, the company has made a natural progression into another expressive realm--the animal kingdom--with its Baby Dolittle series. Neighborhood Animals was the first foray into critter country followed by this exquisite sequel, World Animals, introducing youngsters, ages 1 to 4 years old, to the wonder, beauty, and hilarity of earth's creatures. In this 30-minute program, viewers journey to three natural animal habitats--jungle, ocean, and savannah--to watch tigers prowl, elephants romp, and giraffes glide with grace. They'll meet zebras, lemurs, starfish, and squirrels, toucans, pandas, and bears in footage both stunning and whimsical. Catering to the short attention span of its viewers, the video seamlessly flows from live action footage to colorful puppet segments (starring Jane the monkey) using engaging stage props (like a giant bubble blower) and kids' drawings. Animal paw prints morph into words and finally photos so that children learn to recognize the various animals while laughing out loud at their antics--monkeys swinging, dolphins diving, and sea turtles swimming. Requisite classical music accompanies the action, including symphonies by Dvor¨˘k and Mendelssohn, along with an assortment of kid-friendly songs. Expect repeat play of this lovely, captivating video from a production company that continues to outdo itself. --Lynn Gibson

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent choice
    My one year old son is stimulated not only by the real life images;but by the music. He has all of the Baby Einstein videos and we are in love with the series. We also like the So Smart videos....more info
  • My daughter's favorite video
    This was my daughter's 1st video. We received it as a gift from my mother when Ryder was 6 months old and she was hooked. She wanted to watch it everyday and she asked for it by name. At 8 months, She learned how to say "Jane" (after the monkey puppet's name)when she wanted to watch the video. at 9 months, she said "bird," and now at 12 months, she can recognze and say all the animals featured on this video. her language has greatly improved through Baby Shakespeare as well. I love these videos!!!...more info
  • My 9 month old really enjoys this video.
    I've purchased several of the Baby Einstein vidoes for my son. He began watching them at 6 months and this is one of his favorites....more info
  • Daughter loved the puppets
    My daughter loved Baby Dolittle Neighborhood Animals and World Animals from the time she was 14 months to about 22 months. She loved the puppets and the real life pictures really held her attention. Learned a lot about animals and these videos really helped her to recognize a lot of different animals.

    She didn't seem as interested in this video as much as the Baby Bach and Baby Mozart videos before 14 months. She would get bored with the real life video parts until she was a little older. But as she got closer to 1 and 1/2 she started to lose interest in the Baby Bach and Baby Mozart videos and started to like the Baby Dolittle ones the most....more info

  • Loved this and Neighborhood Animals!
    Both my son (10 months) and my niece (14 months) both love this DVD. My son loves the monkeys and lions, and my niece always laughs at the giraffes. The puppet shows are great, and my husband even has his favorite one! Overall, these two DVDs are my (and the kids') favorites of the Baby Einstein series....more info
  • Excellent
    She is still watching this at 2. Was very instrumental in teaching the names of animals. She even dances to the music....more info
  • Baby Dolittle - World Animals
    My 2-year-old daughter was mesmerized by this video. It is a wonderful combination of puppetry and footage of real animals, and was extremely well done. We very much enjoyed some of the other Baby Einstein videos when she was younger (Baby Bach, Baby Mozart, Baby Einstein), and this was a wonderful addition to our collection as she is getting a little bit older. This will definitely be a video that we watch over and over and over again....more info
  • Great
    The photography coupled with the music was very well done. Baby is still watching it at 2. Very realistic portrayals of animals and was very instrumental in teaching the animal names. I even enjoy watching it....more info
  • Dolittle review
    My son at age of 5, still loves to watch this movie and play along with his toy animals...more info
  • Not as good as other Baby Einstein Movies
    World Animals is not as good as their other movies. We also own Baby Mozart and Baby Santa and those are excellent! It seems that creators decided not to put lots of effort to make the World Animals movie. Most of the movie is just short footages of different animals. Basically, when you watch this movie, you get a feeling that you are watching either Discovery or National Geographic channels! ...more info
  • The Best Baby Einstein
    My daughter (and me too!) LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! The music and the sing-along song keep her attention the entire time it's on and I can keep it on repeat and she doesn't get bored. She loves all the Baby Einstein's with animals in it but this is her obvious favorite. I highly recommend this one....more info
  • My son's favorite
    I think we've seen every Baby Einstein video out there (most were checked out from the public library) and this is my son's favorite. When he was younger, he loved Baby Bach, but now that he's 20 months old, he is absolutely crazy about World Animals. This DVD includes great live action of animals playing that make my son laugh like crazy, accompanied by classical music that is typical of other Baby Einstein products. There is also a focus on learing the names of the animals and where they live (savannah, jungle and tropics, etc.) which I can tell my son is starting to remember. Of all the Baby Einstein videos, this one, along with "Baby Noah" and "On the Go" are my son's top 3....more info
  • Baby Einstein-World Animals
    Dear Amazon:
    I am having a big problem with this order!!!!!!!!!
    I have never received either one of my Baby Einstein DVD's!!!
    I have also not received Baby Einstein- Baby Noah!!!!
    Please help me to get my DVD's. I can not afford to not receive the items I have already paid for almost 2 months ago!
    Please help or please send me my items I have already paid for. The post office has never delivered these items to me!
    Karin Comstock
    ...more info
  • Less than happy, here's better ones
    This video just doesn'nt seem to cut it. The images are nice,
    but the puppetry is a bit scary and uninviting. It just seems like a waste of energy to watch.
    I really like Baby Animals, both in the Wild and on the Farm from DK products. Also try Baby KnowItAll for 2 and under.
    they are all better than this....more info
  • on baby einstein series and world animals dvd
    I personally love the baby einstein series and more so the Neighborhood Animals because it's one of the few my 10 month old son loved since he was 4 months old and he prefers it, now me as an adult I'm not "annoyed" I actually enjoy watching it with my son because It gives us time together and it's one of the few baby series thats taylored to babies as opposed to "sponge bob" and "Dora" which I will not Allow my son to watch anytime soon if ever.
    My son loves the series and therefor my opinion doesn't count if it keeps him happy for 30 mins(tops if not any less) and occupied with the awesome pictures and animals and puppets which every baby whose seen this so far has liked in my house.
    So I will Gladly buy other einstein series and def World animals because (looking foward to it!)already he's reconizing animals so I say kudos and a def must have if not for your childs happiness but also for a Structured Learning System for your child.I'd rather him know more about animals and classical music then some sponge that doesn't exist.I'd rather him learn signs to communicate(myfirst signs)Rather then Spanish(dora) Since he is in a english speaking country and has a cousin who is hearing impaired.It's not like I plop him in front of the t.v for hour on end I sit with him and verbally talk with him throughout the show and he seems to enjoy this time with me,Critics may slam these series and the effects of t.v,others may make up their own opinion on how the "telly" affects them,Yet if my 10 month old son gets excited when the crdits start rolling and gets estatic when he hears the music on classical c.d I say right on and can try to say dog and sign food then I'm all for it to each his own,I can't hold him all day because a child needs to explore and at 10 months he's already walking and most times trys to get down and explore,He wants to be held when he want to be held which is most times at nap,bed time and during these baby einstein moments.Trust me we bond and play most of the day he's a happy baby and watching this hasn't made him less average,in fact he enjoys it.We are in an a day and age where technolgy is a part of our youngsters lives we're not in the 50's where television is evil.Better me bonding with him with this dvd then him in a day care enviroment or in a crib all day.It's an awesome dvd and I highly recommend!...more info
  • Learning and Fun
    My 2 year old loves this video. We also have the neighborhood animals. He has learned all of the animals and their sounds! It has been very educational and entertaining. Our 7 month old will watch it also but he is more interested in the language nursery video (which is great too)!!! My 2 year old loves these videos and wants to watch them over and over again. I highly recomend them for parents looking to teach animals to their child. More appropriate for toddlers than babies. Go Einstein!!...more info
  • really can't recommend this one
    normally i love the baby einstein videos--we have all of them. this one is particularly bad. it is not as good as any of the other ones and it is a real step backwards from the baby dolittle neghborhood animals. it is too slick for one (meaning it doesn't have some of the cuteness of the previous videos), the monkey isn't particularly enticing or interesting enough to hold my son's attention, the dolphin song is really bad and annoying, the computer animated drawings introducing the animals are pointless, and it has clearly lost some of the magic that made the other videos so popular....more info
  • Content Good / Quality VERY Bad!
    First, I have to say that I never expected to be putting on TV for my 2 year old. That said, this is decent programming for little eyes. The content is excellent, with good word association with the pictures and video on screen. My son is totally captivated and loves to make animal noises while watching.
    Now to the down side: The manufacturing quality of the Baby Einstein DVD's seems to have serious issues. Our first copy of this DVD played to 24 min (out of about 26) then stops. Dead! can't fast forward, rewind, anything, without starting over (and watching the included advertisement for other Baby Einstein products which they will NOT let you FF through). We sent the disk back to Amazon, and their return process is better than I have seen to date, yet the new disk does the same thing at 22 min. This happens on several DVD players so I do not believe it is related to the player. I have subsequently heard from other owners that they have similar problems with this disk and others from Baby Einstein. The problem is not always at the end like on my copy, but disks that skip, stop or otherwise do not play correctly are inexcusable in a product that carries such a premium price.
    Bottom Line: Amazon will replace but is the inconvenience worth it?...more info
  • Realistic animals.
    My daughter loves this DVD. She loves the sounds that it makes. For me as a parent. I like the fact that it's real animals and it shows them in their natural habitat. Shows them running and such. It's great...more info
  • Nice Images
    My husband and I like to watch this video as well as our 22-month old son. The images of the animals are nice, but unless we constantly repeat to our son what the animals are, he won't remember. I also think the segments are too short. And the trumpeting giraffe...he looks stoned and scares us all. The music is good, and we all like the "animals in the ocean" segment....more info
  • My grandson learned so much
    My grandson knew every animal on this video and the sounds they made before he was 2!! These videos are amazing!! Try them, they keep your little one entertained while they are learning....more info
  • Another hit!
    I absolutely LOVE all of these video's! They are the ONLY ones that work with my daughter. She is now 14 months old, and has watched them since she was 2 months old. I couldn't live without them! In I type this she is glued to the TV now!...more info
  • boring
    purchased Vol. 1 which is a series of 6 Baby Einstein DVDs (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Neptune, World Animals, Neighborhood Animals)for my baby when she was a newborn. She is now 17 months old, and she has never cared for any of them EXCEPT for the Neighborhood Animals DVD which depicts scenes of familiar animals like cows, horses, cats, dogs, etc. She really loves the part when they sing "Old MacDonald". On the other hand, World Animals is downright boring. It feels like you're watching one of those terrible nature videos that they showed in grade school. I think overall the Baby Einstein series is over-rated. I could put on a better puppet show myself using the toys in my living room. I think a lot of folks, including myself, were intrigued by the catchy "Baby Einstein" name, because we all want to raise little Einsteins. I'm sure the folks at Baby Einstein are laughing all the way to the bank! I haven't seen some of the other titles like Van Gogh, Numbers Nursery, Shakespeare, etc., so I don't know if these are any better, but with all the money i'm out on Vol.1, I won't be giving Baby Einstein another chance. We much prefer the Brainy Baby and Baby's First Impressions (predecessor of the Brainy Baby series) series of products. But, to each his own.

    ...more info
  • Thought baby would love it--did not.
    I thought my baby girl, Tyler, would just love this. I was wrong.
    She did love Baby Mozart, but she was a baby and basically it helped me get her to sleep. This one is just too slow, and doesn't teach much. Maybe its good for the infant stage, but doesn't work with toddlers. I was disappointed with it, and wish that they would change their format even more. It's too similar to all the others, and who needs 10 of the same thing....more info
  • Harmful video series
    Your child would love watching this video, but she'd also love eating cotton candy and drinking grape soda. Many pediatric and psychological studies have shown that young children know FEWER words for every hour they spend watching videos like this one. Why? Because they aren't spending time with YOU, practicing their language and social skills. There's also evidence that young children who watch TV have a greater risk of developing ADHD. Last, toddlers who grow up in homes with the TV always on in the background literally seem to have more trouble hearing themselves think. This hurts their developing linguistic abilities and consequently their abilities to engage silent reasoning.

    Please protect your child -- don't let her watch any TV during her early, crucial, developmental years. We only watch TV when our little girl is asleep....more info
  • Disappointed
    We have 2 other Baby Eistein DVD's (Wordsworth and Animals on the Farm) and my 16 month old loves them, so I decided to get her another one. I was very disappointed with the World Animals DVD. My daughter doesn't care for it, will only watch a little at a time, nothing like the other 2 I have. There doesn't seem to be much educational purposes to this one, doesn't do animals sounds or anything. It just says the animals name, shows wildlife footage of it w/ classical music in the background - that is it!!
    Again, disppointed.
    ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    Not my favorite or my 6 mos old's either thus far from the BE collection but I think that's because he likes seeing kids being kids not dressed up and recognizable animals to his world (i.e. domestic cats). We're going to take him to the Wild Animal Park this weekend so maybe that'll help peek his interest further in this video. We both like the fish part the best in this video. The footage of the animals is great...however, I doubt most of the animals (especially the lions) were actually filmed in the wild thus making them appear prettier than they really are but that's fine. Overall this is a good video and can give a child more exposure to wild animals than some people have recieved in a lifetime....more info