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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Two-Disc Special Edition)
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Nearly 20 years after riding his last Crusade, Harrison Ford makes a welcome return as archaeologist/relic hunter Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, an action-packed fourth installment that's, in a nutshell, less memorable than the first three but great nostalgia for fans of the series. Producer George Lucas and screenwriter David Koepp (War of the Worlds) set the film during the cold war, as the Soviets--replacing Nazis as Indy's villains of choice and led by a sword-wielding Cate Blanchett with black bob and sunglasses--are in pursuit of a crystal skull, which has mystical powers related to a city of gold. After escaping from them in a spectacular opening action sequence, Indy is coerced to head to Peru at the behest of a young greaser (Shia LaBeouf) whose friend--and Indy's colleague--Professor Oxley (John Hurt) has been captured for his knowledge of the skull's whereabouts. Whatever secrets the skull holds are tertiary; its reveal is the weakest part of the movie, as the CGI effects that inevitably accompany it feel jarring next to the boulder-rolling world of Indy audiences knew and loved. There's plenty of comedy, delightful stunts--ants play a deadly role here--and the return of Raiders love interest Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood, once shrill but now softened, giving her ex-love bemused glances and eye-rolls as he huffs his way to save the day. Which brings us to Ford: bullwhip still in hand, he's a little creakier, a lot grayer, but still twice the action hero of anyone in film today. With all the anticipation and hype leading up to the film's release, perhaps no reunion is sweeter than that of Ford with the role that fits him as snugly as that fedora hat. --Ellen A. Kim

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Customer Reviews:

  • What is the problem?
    We have read only fair reviews of this movie but it is just as good as the previous Raiders movies in OHO....more info
  • If you like Indiana Jones...
    If you like Indiana Jones, you'll like this movie. It brings with it a bit of the history of the previous movies. It's as full of action as you would expect. The CGI is really obvious in parts though. ...more info
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    Merchandise arrived in good condition.
    Movie was typical Indiana Jones, very enjoyable....more info
  • Great ending to the Indian Jones Movies
    Bought this movie to complete my Indiana Jones trilogy. I loved all the movies and enjoyed this one as well. Great ending to a great movie epics....more info
  • A Really Weird Movie
    How in the world did aliens end up in an Indiana Jones movie I'll never understand. Hey, lets do another prequel of Star Wars and somehow the clones end up in Mexico fighting the Aztecs?

    This flick isn't even worth a long review....more info
  • My expectations were low, but even then.
    Indiana Jones movies are supposed to be a little silly. However, this plot with the aliens just drags. The big revelations are lame and the end is silly. Are the extra-dimensional beings good or evil? They help start civilization, but they seem pretty careless about all life when the ship took off.

    The stunts were a hit and miss. Harrison Ford was great as Indy again. The relationship between Jones and his son was ok. I thought the relationship with Jones and the old girl friend was pretty good. However, the plot itself became so silly that I didn't care after a while....more info
  • Makes Parrots Squawk
    Okay, so this is really only a 3.5 star movie, but still... In any case, it's twice the movie "Temple of Doom" was, but nobody seems to notice. Or maybe they don't want to admit that they just don't know how to enjoy mindless fun anymore. I mean, after all, you got great action sequences, fantastic sets, good acting, great directing, music, on and on. So it's got some sappy unrealistic romance in it - somehow everybody who expected our ears not to retreat into our skulls when we heard the fingernail-chalkboard dialog of "Juno" because "movies aren't real life" is now shouting to the film gods that somebody got mainstream pablum in their intellectual action flick. And of course, magic boxes, cups, and stones are fine and fun but work in aliens??? OMG - it's the R word. Just because the whole flying saucer motif fits perfectly with the time period and the time period fits perfectly with the actors' ages is no reason not to decry it. But wait - there was some unrealistic refrigerator thing. Seriously? You think that sitting through 2+ hours of Kate Capshaw screaming and hamming it up makes for a better movie than one humorous sight gag? I'll take the fridge any day over the not-quite-Bond boat chase of "Last Crusade". I mean, if only he'd jumped out of a plane in an inflatable raft - THAT I could believe. But aliens and refrigerators?

    The truth is people wanted to hate this movie before they even saw it. Their memories of the previous 2 Indy movies were unrealistically tinged with an undeserving glow. They hate Lucas for not making the Star Wars movies they wanted. So they couldn't wait to take a juicy bite out of this flick before switching theaters to whatever Ebert told them was good that week then rushing off to dinner parties where they could squawk, "Oh we saw the new Raiders movie and it was sooooo baaaad, but then we saw Sad Indians Get Rich and it was sooooo gooood!" Squawk squawk squawk.

    What would have made the movie good is if Indy had become embittered and crusty and instead of Shia they had had Jennifer Lopez as his daughter who wanted to box but he didn't train girls (and they could use that very line "I don't train girls") but then he becomes all less crusty and bitter thanks to her determination and wins like some championship or some stuff while giving away her baby so she can rock like 1977 Punk Volume One before watching Suspiria and debating its greatness with her friend who is actually only an illusion caused by her debilitating psychosis but just when she realizes the truth her homophobic gun crazy wife beating neighbor shoots her in the head which doesn't prevent her giving some sort of lofty monologue that really Makes You Think (TM). But no refrigerators or aliens....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I've always loved the biblical story of Joseph. This adaptation was very well written, masterfully acted and intriguing. Well done!...more info
  • It's Indy
    Follows the storyline of the Indy movies and compliments
    the series. Great for all ages. helps to have seen the
    previous Indy movies, but not a must.
    I reserve a five star movie for one that, makes me sob,
    laugh till I cry, or can't blink in amazement.
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is
    worth the $17.00 Amazon want for it.
    ...more info
  • aliens!??.....come on.
    This movie was entertaining for me. I couldn't see it as an Indiana Jones movie though. The writing was lame and very predictable and the whole "aliens answer all questions" thing just didn't work for me. I remember a time when movies (not just Indiana Jones) were well written. Now it seems that if the writers get stumped they just throw aliens at you. I think its very upsetting when you are expecting an explanation that you couldn't see coming from a mile away. I wouldn't be surprised if the writers of the T.V. show lost gets stumped and throws aliens in as a cop out....more info
  • Retire George Lucas!!
    I thought this was okay...not the revised updated character like Sly Stallone did with Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. I think the problem here is George Lucas. This guy has not been relevant since the Empire Strikes Back!! Keep George out of the next one...and get some new "eyes" for the next time. Yes, there needs to be another try. I don't want the bad taste of this latest one to linger in my memory!!...more info
  • a fun adventure movie.
    indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull is a real fun adventure movie.i know a lot of people for some reason cry and complain about the movie but i still dont get those people the ones who cry about nuke the fridge go text message and pick out the next movie you want to hype up then complain about as soon as you go see it along with what ever else you whiny children do to waste your time.let us indiana jones fans enjoy are fun action movies.the first part of the movie is better thatn the 2nd half but as i said earler it is a fun action movie for the whole family.harrison ford as indiana jones is awesome as usual,it was nice to see karen allen back as marion and shia labeouf was great as mutt was also nice the mention of henry jones sr. and marcus brody in the film.the bonus disc was good but i would have liked to have seen more but it was a great movie with a good bonus disc so if you enjoy adventure movies i highly recomend this film.also the book adaptation is better than the movie and i highly recomend it and it is now available in papebak and has some back story on indys and macs world war 2 adventures....more info
  • Great Movie
    This is a Great Movie and I would recommend this if you are into Indiana Jones movies....more info
  • WHY NO ZERO STARS??... This "movie" (???) deserves it !!!!!!
    As a Peruvian, I have felt deeply insulted by Steven Spielberg. I admire him as a great moviemaker, but this film sinks irremediably in the ocean of the Great Mediocrity. If he ever visited my country, at least he should have made the script previosuly reviewed, by somebody who had visited Peru!!!!

    George Lucas, David Koepp and Jeff Nathanson were also the great collaborators for making this movie, one of the greatests BLUNDERS of Cinema history... Where did they get the foolish ideas for the script and the locations? From those old Carl Banks' 'Disney Ducks' comic collection???... From Belgian cartoonist Herge', the great maker of 'The Adventures of Tintin'???... I cannot imagine how these supposedly "greatly reputated" film makers (Spielberg & Lucas) got associated on making a disastrous film like this!!!

    Imagine... A typical town of Peru, Nasca (where the magnificent Lines of Nasca are drawn in the middle of desertic soil), located pretty close to Cusco??? Hey you, there are some hundred miles from one place to the other!!!! And... Mexican music played in a Peruvian town market???...

    C'mon messrs. Spielberg and Lucas!!! Don't you ever keep thinking that we Peruvians and Mexicans, are the same thing!!!

    Spend your valuable money in any other of the great items sold by Amazon, not on purchasing this movie! IT SUCKS!!!! ...more info
  • Excellent Movie
    Great movie, done in yet the same style as all of the rest of the Jones movies, well worth getting on blue-ray....more info
  • dont listen to those idiot so called indiana jones fans this movie is a classic
    buy this movie its a true classic the best of the best buy it you wont be sorry...more info
  • Crystal Skull OK but not great.
    I am a huge Indiana Jones fan and really looked forward to seeing this movie. It was a bit of a disappointment but probably because I am comparing it to the original trilogy movies(which were all much better). It was entertaining.... just don't expect too much....more info
  • Terrible Movie
    I have never had the desire to actually leave the theater while watching a movie until this one. Horrible acting, plot and special effects. Very disappointing....more info
  • Nice ride for the old Indy
    Harrison Ford might be old, but he keeps charming the audience. I can't imagine someone else impersonating Indy! Even if this film doesn't match the previous ones, it stands by itself making us enjoy what is suppose to be the last adventure for the old professor.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Single Disc)...more info
  • Watch the South Park episode "The China Probrem"
    All anyone ever needs to do to know what this movie is like, watch the episode of South Park called "The China Probrem" (episode number 175).

    To sum it up. "He was raped!"

    Poor Indiana Jones. We will never be able to look at him the same!...more info
  • Meh
    I was honestly really looking forward to this movie, and don't mind the prequel trilogy of Star Wars and thought that it was looked a little too harshly upon. So I went into this with open arms, and within the first 10 minutes I could tell this wouldn't be anywhere near the quality of the other Indiana Jones movies.

    To give you some background, my personal favorite was The Last Crusade. My least favorite was the Temple of Doom, and it still is. So if you are ok with this movie better better than Temple, but not as good as the other two, then go for it.

    Otherwise, there are some major logic jumps that you have to just take and some wooden acting done my Shia Lebof as well as his mother (forgot her real name).

    This series they should have just left alone!...more info
  • OK. Nothing Special
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is set in the 1950s, as opposed to the 1930s, as in the previous movies in this series. In this one Indy is on the trail of a Crystal Skull, which is believed to have magical powers. As it is now the 1950s, the Soviets have replaced the Nazis, as Indiana's main adverseries.

    I felt the movie captured the era very well, the clothes, the politics and peoples attitudes at the time etc. There is a lot of action going on also, and found it enjoyable for the most part. Where I felt the movie fell apart was towards the end. It all started getting a bit too far fetched for my liking, and I can't help but feel, that this movie has somewhat tarnished what was an excellent series....more info
  • Where else could we have gone?
    I have been a life-long fan of the Indiana Jones films (I first saw "Raiders" when I was ten).

    I really don't understand all the negative reviews heaped upon this flick. So many people balked at the "aliens" factor, but they seem to forget that the Indy movies (as well as the novels) always dealt with the occult and/or supernatural. Where else could the Indy saga go? How could the creators take it one step further? Well, how about the mystery of the so-called Roswell incident?

    I thought the aliens mystery was the next logical step for Indy to try and tackle. Why not? When you consider the "ancient astronauts" theories that have been circulating for the past 40 years or so and how these theories tie in with archeology around the world, I found the latest Indy premise to make sense and found it interesting and exciting.

    Another bone of contention seems to be the now-infamous "nuke the fridge" scene. Why do so many people have a problem with this? No one seemed to scream and holler when, in "Temple of Doom" during the mine car chase scene, the car that Indy and company were racing around in managed to jump a 100 foot gap in the track and still land safely and accurately on the other side just because they "ducked"?

    That's what Indiana Jones films have always been about; escaping the inescapable. The original 3 films all had certain scenes that were kind of hard to swallow, but so what? It's an action/adventure film! You've got to suspend disbelief for the sake of a good story!

    I found "Kingdom" to be everything that an Indy film should be; a great leading man, plenty of action, a healthy dose of comedy, exciting chases, great fight scenes and a terrific mystery to unravel. What else do you look for in an Indiana Jones film? "Kingdom" delivers all of that.

    It's not my favorite Indy movie (that distinction is awarded to "Last Crusade" with "Raiders" only a hair's length behind it), but it IS an Indiana Jones film! My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed it and were glad to own it on DVD. I loved being able to share it with my kids who, since "Kingdom"'s release, have shown a tremendous interest in the original 3 films as well (which we have all watched an enjoyed together).

    I especially loved the scene where the Russians' car crashes into the statue of Marcus Brody in the courtyard of Marshall College and the statue's head breaks off only to crash right into a Ruskie's stomach effectively removing him from the chase. What a wonderful, nostalgic touch and a wonderful homage to the late Denholm Elliot.

    Relax and enjoy this movie. It's not meant to be anything more than it's predecessor films; high adventure escapism!

    "It's not the years, honey. It's the mileage." ...more info
  • It Works, or doesn't Work, depending on your expectations
    How would you follow a movie such as Raiders of the Lost Ark? Its huge success seemed to suggest people loved the escape from humdrum lives, routines, etc, evidenced by embracing a movie in which you had to suspend disbelief a mere few moments into the story; a movie which abandoned itself to cartoonery before the first thirty minutes was would indeed be faced with a dilemma: if we introduce the same swashbuckling stunts, the new movie will be slammed as replete with banal recreations of the original; yet if we exercise restraint with the death-defying scenes, another demographic will bemoan the fact that all the elements of Indiana Jones are painfully missing from the new outing! Crystal Skull did a pretty good job of revisiting what made the first movie so memorable, while saddled with baggage Raiders didn't have: In 1981, nobody had made a movie with such unbelievable feats, bombastic music and incredibly fast pacing. I remember just a couple of moments in Raiders where you had the chance to catch your breath! We have all long since become accustomed to fast-paced, violent movies, to the extent that attempting to resurrect the "magic" of the first movie ( PLUS the fact that, for a lot of us, Raiders has had 28 years to 'mellow' like fine wine ) is a daunting, if not impossible task. There was nothing more unbelievable in Crystal Skull than in Raiders of the Lost Ark...Crystal just had the unenviable position of attempting to at least recreate, if not surpass, the allure and swashbuckling flair of the original. A swordfight conducted between two people standing on a couple of vehicles sauntering through the jungle at 50 mph is no more ridiculous that a guy, having been shot in the arm and thrown through the windshield of a truck, dragging himself underneath it at 50 mph...folks, this is all Stupid Stuff, but it's also Fun Stuff. Don't take it too seriously, and be grateful that Harrison Ford actually had the grit to do another one!...more info
  • pretty dang good if you ask me
    "Fans are clinging, complaining dip***** who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrilled tremulous voices the happier you'll be for it."
    -A saying from Yahtzee the video game reviewer (who I think actually hated this movie too)

    This is true for the unfortunate who actually think that this movie is so terrible that it should have never been made. These same fans were the ones who hated the prequel star wars trilogy.

    I'll admit that when I first saw this movie in theaters I had the same feeling of dissatisfaction that I felt when I watched the star wars prequels, which I thought had horrible acting. However I never hated any of these movies but was grateful that the same people who made the originals were willing to put out the hard work to make more of what I liked.

    Although, I recently watched the entire star wars saga with my girlfriend (who hasn't seen any of them) and found that I enjoyed watching the prequel trilogy a lot more than I did the first time around. When watching these films together for the first time, I was extremely shocked to find that the original trilogy had just as horrible acting as the prequel trilogy did, which is something I couldn't notice as a kid. My girlfriend actually liked the prequel trilogy the most (which still drives me crazy).

    When I watched Indy 4 for the second time along with the first three in the series, it was a similar feeling. I realized that Indy 4 is just as ridiculous, unrealistic, and fun as the first 3 in the series. It really isn't that much different. The story is the same, in that Indy tries to find an ancient artifact before its power falls in the hands of evil-doers. The only disappointment is that it seems as though Lucas has been adding more and more cartoony elements in his films over time. While they existed in his previous films (R2D2, C3P0) its gotten worse (Jar Jar Binks, the stupid prairie dog in the beginning of this movie, and the dumb vine swinging scene). This film has a lot of those elements but it doesn't ruin the movie. The best part about this movie is how good Harrison Ford still is and I was surprised to see that.

    Yeah yeah they probably could have made this film better but whoopty-freakin-do. Just take it for what it is and enjoy it. When I watched it the second time, I realized that it I changed more than the indy or star wars films have. I think that its the same for everyone. If you hate this film as much as the people who rate it one star then that just means that you are missing out on the fun and its your loss. I would give this four stars, but I'm giving it five to try and cancel out the ridiculously low ratings that this film doesn't deserve....more info
  • A for Effort
    Like so....SO many others, i wish that there were still only 3 Indiana Jones movies. This one was made way to late, and with no imagination whatsoever.

    Its more typical Hollywood drivel born to capitalize on this once proud franchise. They tried their best to live up to the first 3, but came nowhere near it.

    So i gave a 3 for that effort, an effort that would have been better spent on a new franchise or a new idea....more info
  • Can't wait!! LOVE INDY!!
    I thought this was a review for the entire set of Indiana Jones movies , But I see everyone is reviewing the latest and last Indiana jones Movie disaster. I LOVE the Indiana Jones trilogy and Want it on Blu-ray! That last movie, I won't watch. But, I love the other three!!! ...more info
  • A fun return of a cinema icon...
    Despite the fact that there are many, many moments in the movie that will have you saying, "Yeah, right", "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is still a fun movie.

    The action is great and sometimes comical. The story is solid. And the cinematography is top notch.

    True fans of the franchise will enjoy the story, the time period, and the adventure. The finish is a bit of a suprise, but still works.

    In truth, it might not be the best in the series, but it sill holds up for fun, action, and adventure....more info
  • Feeling Blu About Indy
    I will start off by saying that I was disappointed in this film when I first saw it in the theater. Although I was still bothered by a lot of the same things - the sets, that awful snake - I found that I enjoyed the movie much more the second time around, watching it a home. It was a high standard to match after such a long time had passed. There is everything that I loved about the previous Indiana Jones films. Some fans may be bothered by the passing of the hat - figuratively, thank goodness and others may find the science fiction nature of the plot to be a bit off kilter. Still and all, its a fun ride if you just let yourself go and enjoy it. The Blu Ray version has a stunning picture and sound, no complaints there....more info
  • not impressed
    Well, I guess this is the last of the Indiana Jones that I will watch. In the past the locations were real and so was the action. Oh well, so much for computer generated movies,need I say more?...more info
  • Fourth installment can't live up to hype, but hey, it's Indiana Jones!
    I saw "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in the theater when I was 10.

    That's probably the best disclaimer I can issue regarding my reaction to the worst-titled movie in this series, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Indy has been a part of me for as long as I can remember and no movie hero will ever mean as much to me. How many tedious days did I sit in fourth grade, gazing wistfully out the window as John Williams' perfect theme music played through my head? I'd imagine myself battling Nazis and searching for fortune and glory, and life was good. I'd do the same thing in high school, college, grad school . . . I'm half-amazed I didn't become an archeologist.

    And so it is that I cannot be objective about this movie - I simultaneously love it and regret it. I love it because it's Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford may a bit long in the tooth and a a trifle thicker around the waist, but he's still the perfect action hero. I see his shadow wearily don his trademark fedora, and I feel 10 years old again.

    I'm not entirely sure what happens in this movie - there's something about the Russians, Cate Blanchett, a punk greaser (Shia Lebouef), John Hurt, and the welcome return of Marion. There are thrilling chases. There are eye-popping visual effects. There are carnivorous ants - hooray! And there is Indy, swashbuckling through it all.

    And yet it is so much less than could possibly be expected - we waited 20 years for this? If Tolkein came back from the dead and wrote another "Lord of the Rings" novel, it wouldn't be as eagerly anticipated as Indy's return. While that may be unfair, that's the price you pay for creating a defining character in film history.

    If you love Indiana Jones, get this movie. You will love it and hate it, and you'll probably watch it again and again....more info
  • Indiana Jones and the crystal skull...
    Never saw this in the theaters, so I waited to buy the blu-ray. Awesome movie and in highdef.

    The end of the movie is pretty much a "no way in hell" and some of the action scenes follow that same logic... but come on.. it's INDY and it's been 18yrs or so since the last movie when that was supposed to be the last crusade. This movie does have that feel of the old movies in it, which I was glad it did. It was nicely filmed and the plot was nicely done.

    I'm not a huge fan of Shia, and the crystal skull logic was a tad off.. The myth about the skulls wasn't about aliens and it being their actual heads, the real crystal skulls in the world are that of human shapes.

    But.. rumor has it an Indy 5 is coming and will be the actual final movie of the series. Just hope it has some of the nostalgia of the series as this one did....more info