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Deja Vu
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An atf agent travels back in time to save a woman from being murdered falling in love with her during the process. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 12/26/2008 Starring: Denzel Washington Jim Caviezel Run time: 126 minutes Rating: Pg13

In his most effective thriller since Enemy of the State, Tony Scott makes time travel seem plausible. It helps that his New Orleans hero, ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington in his third go-round with the director), spends more time in the present than the past. In order to catch a terrorist, FBI Agent Pryzwarra (Val Kilmer) invites Carlin to join forces. They have the technology to see the past. He has the expertise to interpret the data. Unfortunately, the bomb has already gone off and hundreds of ferry passengers have died. Then there's the body of a beautiful woman, Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton, Idlewild), that turns up in the vicinity of the blast. Evidence indicates she was killed beforehand. Since the FBI enables him to observe Claire prior to her murder, Carlin gets to know what she was like and finds himself falling in love. He becomes convinced that the only way to solve the case--and prove her innocence--is to travel to the past. But as Pryzwarra's colleague, Denny (Adam Goldberg), argues, "You cannot go back in time. It's physically impossible." Or so he says. Dj Vu is constructed around a clever script and executed by a top-notch cast, notably Washington, Patton, and an eerie Jim Caviezel (miles away from Passion of the Christ). In shedding the excesses of recent years--the sadism of Man on Fire and weirdness of Tarantino favorite Domino--Scott re-affirms his rep as one of the action movie's finest practitioners. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth watching again and again and again and again and again
    Deja Vu is a movie that shouldn't have worked. This genre of movie was tried before in movies like TimeCop and 12 Monkeys and failed. It is a sci-fi time travel/crime drama, two types of movies that mix about as well as oil and water. It is possible that this movie would not have worked with a lesser actor in the lead role, that the silliness of the concept - that the U.S. government accidently develops a time machine that can see only only a few hours into the past and is fatal to anybody who tries to use it to travel and, by the way, only works within a radius of a few miles, and, by the way, also fits into the back of a semi-truck so it can be hauled around - would have killed the movie. However, Denzel Washington approaches the whole concept with, at first, the contempt and ridicule it deserves. Then he decides, if this junk is real, why should he accept the rules that he must only watch and do nothing to change the past - or future - and prevent another 911 style attack. The movie skillfully unfolds with tantelizing hints that Denzel has done just that - has been tampering with the time-stream all along, only he just hasn't done it yet. The director throws in an interesting and unnecessary cross-time car chase just to get the action rolling at one point. The movie has a satisfying ending. It's worth watching to see a sci-fi movie closer to home, with Chevys instead of space ships, and cell phones instead of phaser pistols....more info
  • Good movie, interesting premise
    I enjoy movies with interesting subject matter, believeable or not. I like to be entertained and this movie did just that. Thought provoking. The blu-ray video was good quality but not the best. Audio is PCM with use of surrounds but most of the sound does seem to come from the front speakers. Good LFE. ...more info
  • Deja Vu
    Terrific movie, One you can watch 2 or 3 times and still see something new....more info
  • Love the movie
    This is an example of a great movie on HD but I didn't notice so much of a change in Blue ray version. If you already have the HD you don't really need to get blue ray. This movie is a five. I gave it four stars because if you already have it in HD then you could save the money. On the other hand if you have no version at all and are looking to buy for the first time the movie is a five and I would get blue ray....more info
  • DeJavu
    Denzel Washington! What can I say. Is there any movie He cannot do justice to his character? NO
    It's a movie you need to fully concentrate on.A good addition to any library....more info
  • Deja Vu
    Deja Vu is a good Movie. I recomend it, if you like stuff about time travel, a good ending, and Denzel Washington you 'll like this movie. I only gave it three stars because it's not the kind of movie I would like to see over and over again....more info
  • Excellent Story
    Denzel Washington is his usual excellent self in this suspenseful movie of whether or not he can change the events of the recent past. Through super-technological advances, Washington is able to view the recent past to try to determine who was responsible for blowing up a ferry.

    While viewing the past, Washington begins to get very interesting in a woman that seems to be connected to the bomber. As he views her in the past, he realizes that he is able to affect what she is doing so he gets the idea that maybe he can go back to the past and prevent the bombing from happening.

    The suspense towards the end of the film is unreal. A top-notch thriller!...more info
  • Denzel Delivers
    I don't recall the hype usually associated with a Denzel Washington film, when Deja Vu was released in theaters. It's possible that this film was a huge box office success and won an Academy Award, but then some secret government agency changed the past and made it appear as if Deja Vu is just a DVD hit. That's what Deja Vu is about--time travel and manipulating realities. Denzel's stellar performance made it all believable. I just can't it took two years for me to get around to viewing such a fantastic film. Or did it? ...more info
  • Wish I could go back in time and rent some other movie
    Now, I have never given one star to a movie before. But this movie is _that_ bad. It's so absurd that it insults the viewer's intelligence. Denzel is decent, but then the movie started getting so ridiculous at one point that I gave up.. right when Denzel went back in time by four days and started chasing the bomber... go figure! Oh, it also seemed like he was falling in love with the girl who is already dead (or is she?) by watching videos of her taking shower and changing clothes. I guess by the end of the movie, she will get back to life again and fall in love with Denzel.

    This movie is plain stupid. I'm surprised it has a 4 stars rating on amazon. If you want to watch a good time-travel, sci-fi movie, I recommend 12 Monkeys (Special Edition)...more info
  • Best Blu-Ray in my Library
    The Blu-ray release of Deja Vu has become my favorite DVD in my collection. I won't discuss the movie itself, but the "Surveillance Window" in the Special Features. This is combination director's/writer's commentary combined with seamless "how we did this" vignettes. I would get this before any other Blu-ray purchase....more info
  • He killed her four days ago! You were at the funeral, what's wrong with you?
    An ATF agent, Doug Carlin, is called in to investigate a ferry explosion.
    During his investigation he stumbles upon the body of a murdered girl. He knows she is somehow connected to the bombing. With the help of some very high-tech, Einstein inspired, government equipment, he is able to watch the last four days of her life.
    As he watches her last moments, he cannot stop himself from falling in love with her and becomes determined to recover her life. Carlin needs to travel back in time, save the girl and stop the terrorist, but has to be quick for the clock is ticking....
    A Tony Scott/Denzel Washington collaboration is always worth watching as they usually deliver a movie with an intricate plot, thrilling action sequences, and characters that are driven by their emotions. These are rare qualities in action movies to-day. Dj vu is no exception for it has all these qualities and more. The supporting cast is fantastic, a sublime Adam Goldberg makes a great super intelligent and witty side kick to Washington and Jim Caviezel is unnerving as the psychopath who believes his actions are for a greater good. Be warned; if you are a Val Kilmer fan, you will be a little bit disappointed as he seems to be a bystander in most events and not a participant. I have the impression that most of his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Like all time travel stories it will leave you with questions e.g. if this event did not take place how come Carlin knew to go back and stop it happening. Unfortunately as with all time travel tales I don't think this can be avoided but don't get too hung up about it; just let it wash over you and enjoy the film. The ending is slightly weak and leans towards the saccharin but you can forgive Dj Vu these few flaws. This is the thinking person's action movie and after you have watched it you will probably be compelled to watch it all over again.
    ...more info
  • Getting THE Science Fiction Right
    *Dj Vu* is the perfect blend of science fiction and action film for the average movie watcher as well as the science fiction fan. At its core, it is a thrilling, well paced action adventure story about an ATF agent, Doug Carlin, investigating a terrorist bombing on a ferry full of US Navy sailors in New Orleans. 540 people are killed in the massive explosion, but one young woman's body washes up and doesn't seem to fit with the other victims; though it looks like a victim of the explosion, the body was discovered 8 minutes before the bomb went off. Other pieces of evidence regarding this victim quickly lead Carlin to roughly piece together where she fits in the puzzle; unfortunately, none of it is enough to provide leads to the perpetrator.

    When Carlin presents his information to the FBI agents in charge, they are quickly impressed by his keen ability to size up a crime scene and filter out the noise from the pertinent details. They invite him to join a new test project that uses the latest technology to analyze a crime scene. Though the FBI and scientists involved try to hide the true nature of the technology, it doesn't take agent Carlin long to realize that there is more to it than advanced surveillance camera processing. This is where the science fiction weaves itself into the crime action drama film. While testing a new high-powered telescope technology, a way to bend the fabric of space/time is discovered, allowing the ability to watch the past in "real time" exactly 4+ days before.

    What makes this film work so well is that the action mostly takes place in the present, but the technology leads to some very good storytelling and the most interesting car chase ever conceived. I had read in some positive reviews that as good as it was it didn't fully make sense...well they are wrong - it complete sense - just pay attention to the details along the way and the story comes together nicely. Yes, there are a few inconsistencies - whose explanations probably were left on the cutting room floor to keep the film well paced - but they are small. If you have a basic understanding of the physics and space/time you can piece them together yourselves; if you are not, don't worry and ignore them because they don't take away from this very film. ...more info
  • this movie is AWFUL!!!
    this movie is terrible. I imagine this will be the new form of torture, being forced to watch really stupid movies. Yet a lot of people actually like this film. HAHAHA sheep....more info
  • Didn't you just ask me that?
    I love movies about Time-Travel. This one was done fairly well with a plausible explanation. I had seen the trailer for this one but didn't find it alluring enough to fork over the $7 to see it at the movies or $5 to rent. I was fortunate enough to watch it for free on a STARZ free preview weekend. So for a free flick I give it 3 stars. Definitely worth it. Enjoy....more info
  • Deja-Crap
    This movie had me going right up until the final act, and then I watched it spiral out of control, as story and acting took a terrible u-turn and crashed on landing.
    Now I'm not a big Denzel fan, but for the first 2/3rd of the film, he actually did a pretty good job. But whether it was the writer or the director(horrid want-to-be as good as my brother, Tony Scott), the last 30 minutes left me and my girlfriend shouting at the screen, "Move your butt, aren't there people to save!".
    It's been awhile since I've viewed a movie where you can actually pinpoint the moment where everything derails, and all concept of time and logic is lost in the ashes.
    Avoid this one....more info
  • My A** is Numb, and My Heart is Broken
    I was remarkably let down by this sneaky little beast of a film. I am unsure if I am the only one who found it to be the epitomy of subversive govermental propaganda, but the duelling themes of "patriotic unity in the face of a bloodthirsty onslaught from the 'home-grown terrorist' sector", coupled with the usual improbable reaches made by the "science as God" camp, left me cringing at the likely probability of a nieve American public gobbling up this slop.
    One point in particular, was the unashamed manner in which this film was supposedly filmed in New Orleans, yet not once did they show the devastation the aftermath of Katrina has had, and is continuing to have, on the region and its' people. Instead we see a sign on the military ship which was subsequently destroyed, saying, "Katrina only made us stronger." Who is this "us"? You mean the U.S. military, who holds overt blame, under a multitude of evidence pointing to weak, poorly structured, and purposefully destroyed levees, for the majority of the destruction to the region? Nice "foot-to-the-throat" of the poor citizens of a once grand, and culturally rich sector of our country.
    Other little flag-sucking messages are sprinkled throughout, viewable to the alert and observant, such as the "Support Our Troops" sticker clearly visible in one scene. Yes, "support your troops", the thin line between caring for the poor misguided or desperate grunts (of which I was one, before realizing the sham I was involved in) who signed up out of economic despair, illusions of grandeur, or Unca Sam's college money, (treacherous bait to lure the desperate to the front lines, i.e the multitude of "National Guard" and "Reserves" deployed OVERSEAS in the war zone)and supporting the heinous attrocities of one's government.
    Then there is the subject of the whole time travel debacle, where large leaps of faith and stretches in reason are depicted as a scientific and technological possibility, instead of the pure egg-headed, jerk-fest, fantasy they represent. Large leaps of reason go unquestioned, when we're on the journey we predestined, viewed purely as entertainment, it was a success, a meal for the mind, lacking the soul's substance.
    Ohh whoa whoa its magiccc! An approach to time-tavel as a realistic, technological probability, that rings as true to me, as an evolutionary theory that states as fact, our arrival here as 'modern man', in a complex and intricate universe, which we as humans still know so little about, as a miracle of chance. Res Ipsa Loquitur, as Hunter would say.
    The ending, in particular, attempted to tear credible rationale from my brains, which were already cowering in the wake of such a vicious beating. K, he was transported, by the souped-up zapper, back in time. Which eliminates his "present-self", correct? So, during the rescue, his "time-travelling-self" drowns, yet he reappears later on shore, re-united with his love-interest. That point in the timeline is still in the past people! So WTF? What of his "present-self"? Is it dead? Is he now doomed to live out his days, three days or so in the past? F*** me. My cranium erupts and out sputters a warm goo. I lap it up greedily because it tastes like chicken. Amen.
    Also of note to my fellow "free-thinking radicals", the cliched lines muttered by the traiterous Jim Cavietzel, in defense of his treachery. Only a flag-sucking ignorant could set up such weak-minded dialogue from a character who suredly would have had much more, or far less to say, on the subject of tyrants and kings. Another wet-dream, patriotic jerk-fest, tackled with an O'Reillian passion, how enforcer Denzel, "The Protector" shuts him down with pre-formed government lines, intent on making the "insurgent" Cavietzel look like an ill-informed goon, self-righteous and self-centered. Something about the tree of freedom being watered by the blood of the innocents. Crap propaganda. Spoken as a freely admitting insurgent against our corrupt and oppressive regime, I would state, at best, that the tree of freedom be watered by the blood of tyrants and kings, but, in fact, most of us would agree that blood-shed on either side will in the end solve nothing, as one beast would simply replace another.
    I had high hopes for this movie, as I was surprised at how much I liked, "Enemy of the State" (Even under the torturous scenario of it starring the Prince of Bel-Air)from this director. If I had one gripe, I would like to switch Denzel, whom I generally like and respect as an actor, although I realize him to be not particularly enlightened, and Will Smith, who could then rank this film right up there with "The Pursuit of Happyness" as all-time great American propagandist films for the un-assuming masses.

    ...more info
  • A few annoyances take this movie from great to just good
    This is a mostly enjoyable movie from start to finish, and having Denzel Washington in the lead is almost never a bad thing.

    I've always loved well-done time travel movies (or books, or games) dealing with cause and effect. Sadly, this movie breaks one of the biggest rules of time-travel movies: it leaves some plot holes big enough to blindly drive a hummer through. Or, if you want to give the director a little more faith: merely some big loose ends he forgot to tie up. It's a shame, because this movie otherwise seems very clever, so those gaffes are all the more jarring in comparison.

    That coupled with a much-touted car chase that I found a bit ridiculous (the way it was executed in the movie, not the premise behind it) take this from being a great movie to merely an entertaining one.

    So, while the plot isn't quite as tight as some others in the genre (like 12 Monkeys (Special Edition), it's still an enjoyable movie that I recommend watching if not purchasing....more info
  • Great Movie/Great Picture
    Can't go wrong with Blu-Ray. Love the movie and was waiting to purchase it on Blu-Ray. Good price and great service made the decision of buying easy! is a great place to get good quality for good prices....more info
  • Great Movie
    Denzel rarely disappoints and this is no exception. The movie has some interesting technology in it that makes you think about what is really out there. Also the lead actress is beautiful. Not quite as good as training day to me but still one of the best movies I have seen recently. ...more info
  • A Bit Too Far Fetched
    When a New Orleans ferryboat is destroyed by a terrorist bomb, killing most of the people onboard, ATF agent Doug Carling (played by Denzil Washington), is sent to investigate. The mystery deepens when a young womans body is found, near the scene of the crime, yet the evidence indicates she died a few hours before the explosion.

    I thought this movie started off quite interesting, as Carling gets his teeth into the investigation, but once the technological parts of film 'kicked in', it got a bit too far fetched for my liking. As the movie progressed it got more and more ridiculous, and I feel the 'technology' bits would have worked better, if it had of been set a few years into the future. Not even Denzil can save this one!...more info
  • grabs you and keeps on going
    The start to this movie is a little rough, but it grabs you by the seat of your pants and really doesn't let go until the end. Well writtten and well acted....more info
  • Interesting concepts, holes in plot, satisfactory PQ/AQ
    Denzel Washington is one of the finest actors of our time. This film did not reflect those talents and unfortunately the rest of the cast is not developed adequately.

    The storyline of going back to prevent the future has been done many times before. The concept was a bit confusing, due to the numerous flashbacks and flashforwards, but it was also not consistent as some other reviewers point out. For instance, why was it that some things stayed the same, when Denzel traveled back, and some were different. You could argue that "you can't change fate", but it just was a bit ambiguous. And why was there no reasonable explanation of how this would be applied. Sure, the viewer could speculate, but concrete examples could have added to the story.

    Since this is a review for the Blu-Ray it is worth mentioning that the picture and sound quality was excellent. Colors were rich and detail impressive. Amazon, please add a space where we can separately rate the film, and the quality of picture and sound. Sometimes the movie is less than exciting, while the picture is.

    Enjoyable action/drama sequences, and suspenseful in parts. Give it a rent!...more info