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The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Full Screen Edition)
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Prepare to enter another world when Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media present C.S. Lewis' timeless and beloved adventure. With the stunningly realistic special effects, you'll experience the exploits of Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter, four siblings who find the world of Narnia through a magical wardrobe while playing a game of "hide-and-seek" at the country estate of a mysterious professor. Once there, the children discover a charming, once peaceful land inhabited by talking beasts, dwarfs, fauns, centaurs, and giants that has been turned into a world of eternal winter by the evil White Witch, Jadis. Aided by the wise and magnificent lion Aslan, the children lead Narnia into a spectacular climactic battle to be free of the Witch's glacial powers forever! The Chronicles of Narnia, Narnia, and all other book titles, characters and locales original thereto are trademarks of C.S. Lewis Pte Ltd. and are used with permission. ? Disney/Walden

C.S. Lewis's classic novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe makes an ambitious and long-awaited leap to the screen in this modern adaptation. It's a CGI-created world laden with all the special effects and visual wizardry modern filmmaking technology can conjure, which is fine so long as the film stays true to the story that Lewis wrote. And while this film is not a literal translation--it really wants to be so much more than just a kids' movie--for the most part it is faithful enough to the story, and whatever faults it has are happily faults of overreaching, and not of holding back. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe tells the story of the four Pevensie children, Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan, and their adventures in the mystical world of Narnia. Sent to the British countryside for their own safety during the blitz of World War II, they discover an entryway into a mystical world through an old wardrobe. Narnia is inhabited by mythical, anthropomorphic creatures suffering under the hundred-year rule of the cruel White Witch (Tilda Swinton, in a standout role). The arrival of the children gives the creatures of Narnia hope for liberation, and all are dragged into the inevitable conflict between evil (the Witch) and good (Aslan the Lion, the Messiah figure, regally voiced by Liam Neeson).

Director (and co-screenwriter) Andrew Adamson, a veteran of the Shrek franchise, knows his way around a fantasy-based adventure story, and he wisely keeps the story moving when it could easily become bogged down and tiresome. Narnia is, of course, a Christian allegory and the symbology is definitely there (as it should be, otherwise it wouldn't be the story Lewis wrote), but audiences aren¡¯t knocked over the head with it, and in the hands of another director it could easily have become pedantic. The focus is squarely on the children and their adventures. The four young actors are respectable in their roles, especially considering the size of the project put on their shoulders, but it's the young Georgie Henley as the curious Lucy who stands out. This isn't a film that wildly succeeds, and in the long run it won't have the same impact as the Harry Potter franchise, but it is well done, and kids will get swept up in the adventure. Note: Narnia does contain battle scenes that some parents may consider too violent for younger children. --Dan Vancini

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Customer Reviews:

  • Narnia
    I always enjoyed the 7 books of the series. This version of LW&W makes good use of computer graphics effects - some of the best I'd seenwhen I first saw the film at the cinema. This is worth buying if you enjoy fantasy-sci-fi type films. Looking forward to Prince Caspian on DVD, and hoping they make the remaining 5 in the book series....more info
  • Chronicles of Narnia DVD
    The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Full Screen Edition)

    Very enjoyable movie with winsom characters and fine special effects. Nice family movie. Nice fantasy movie for people that are tired of having half dressed characters and expletives be a part of every movie. I enjoyed it and so did my family. Plan to get Narnia, Prince Caspian this week....more info
  • the chronicles of narni
    The picture was very funny and very exciting from beginning to end. I recommend it to everyone....more info
  • A great DVD
    I sent this DVD to my granddaughter for her birthday. She loved it. Thanks for the great service....more info
  • Christian entertainment
    As a biblical allegory, the movie works quite well, making it's points more entertainingly and artistically than a straightforward bible story would. If, however, one wants to know how it works as stand-alone entertainment for a non-Christian child, you would be well advised to look elsewhere.
    The Christian references are too obvious to be anything else, and the characters are created to be representative of a religious lesson instead of just a children's story, and it shows. The children are in many ways unlikeable and two-dimensional and the dialogue self-righteous. Tilda Swinton is riveting as a witch creepy and vicious enough to scare adults, let alone children. An older child will find both humor and adventure lacking, while a younger child will probably find all the violence frightening. ...more info
  • The Wackness
    Why watch Narnia when you can watch the Wizard Of Oz? They are basically the same movie, lost souls searching for themselves and a better world. The only difference is Wizard Of Oz is a timeless magical tale and there are flying monkies instead of Narnia's talking wolves. Narnia lumbers along with computer generated talking animals that look fake beyond belief. They talk like psycho adults bumbling around like fools on a mission. I'm sure it's great for children, this really is a children's film in the end. The enchantment is missing from this film. instead we get harsh winter scenes and a nasty war towards the end. I never finished the rest of the film, it had me dozing off so I shut it down before the war, I assume. If you want to see good fantasy films I would recommend The Wizard Of Oz, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or even The Others. Narnia just didn't hit me over the head. ...more info
  • Great movie - Good Blu-ray DVD
    I love the quality of Blu-ray DVDs in general, and this Blu-ray DVD was of the highest quality. The animals look so real and sound quality is amazing. I was slightly disappointed in the lack of a pop-up menu that most new Blu-ray DVDs have as a standard feature. In this one, the menu takes up the whole screen with a PIP (Picture in Picture) window showing the movie up in the corner. Overall, I am happy with this purchase and the online price was reasonable (and better than the price at Best Buy)....more info
  • Great Movie
    This was a great movie that my whole family enjoyed. I think its suitable for a mature 8 year old and up....more info
  • Great Extended Version - Discs 3 & 4 are welcome additions!
    Owning the two-disc version of "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe", I was curious to see what the four-disc extended version would add to my viewing experience. My family and I enjoyed watching the extended scenes (Disc 1), particularly the "Battle for Narnia". I was pleasantly surprised by both Disc 3 and Disc 4.

    Disc 3 " C.S. Lewis - Dreamer of Narnia" is a movie that educates the viewer about the man behind the "Narnia" series. Lewis' story is told in a very creative way. It opens with footage of a real lion steadily moving through a wilderness allowing us to visualize what it must have been like before and as Aslan created Narnia. We meet various literary and religious scholars who comment on C.S. ("Jack") Lewis and themes found in his writings in a clear, respectful, and warm-hearted fashion. We hear from a former student, a taxi driver (who gives tours of significant places in C.S. Lewis' life and tells of Lewis' impact on his life), a close friend of his wife, and Douglas Gresham (C.S. Lewis's stepson and a producer of the current theatrical movies) who shares quite personal insights about "Jack" and his mother. Interspersed throughout are voiceovers of "Jack" reading his letters aloud, giving this movie a solid narrative. Also included are brief scenes of children as they describe what Narnia means to them (in single sentences) and read excerpts from the books. I truly enjoyed this movie and found it quite educational. Parental discretion is advised since footage of WWI (actual footage is not gory but includes frank descriptions of war), suicide, death from cancer, and alcoholism are topics that are mentioned.

    Disc 4 - "Visualizing The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe: The Complete Production Experience" is fascinating to watch as it shows the movie (theatrical version) with inserts of various members of the production team telling (and often showing) how they approached a particular element of the scene. The producers, director, costume designer, director of photography, set designer, special effects designers & directors, cast (live and voice actors), make-up & prosthetics designer, composer, and editor are all well-represented. Disc 4 will probably be of particular interest to anyone who loves this film and has an interest in filmmaking....more info
  • Incredible
    To tell you the truth I became a fan of this movie after interviewing Anna and William here in Mexico, this version of the movie I find more interesting than the regular one because there are so many more details that people that like looking close to details will completely enjoy.

    Other than that the extra features are amazing for people who are either curious or like me that work or study in things to do with movies, its completely amazing.

    I just dont know what else to say other that i loved it...more info
  • A classic story transferred from page to screen!
    "THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE" is a glorious example of exceptional production design, excellent cinematography, wonderful special effects and CGI-created characters, incredible fight choreography, swordplay, stunts, great music, dazzling costumes, fantastic characterizations, and, most important of all, the film (for the most part) stays close to the book written by C.S. Lewis. The film is set during World War II. It is the epic story of the four Pevensie children - Peter (William Moseley), Susan (Anna Popplewell), Edmund (Skandar Keynes), and Lucy (Georgie Henley). They enter the land of Narnia through a mysterious wardrobe. There they do battle with the evil White Witch (Tilda Swinton), become friends with a faun named Mr. Tumnus (James McAvoy), and have dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver (Ray Winstone and Dawn French). To the fans of the books, such as my own humble self, the movie will leave you in complete awe and amazement. To the ones who have not yet read the books, it may confuse you, but it will soon transfix you to the seat. All the acting is magnificent, especially with Georgie Henley, James McAvoy, Tilda Swinton, and the voice talent of Liam Neeson. Each of their characters resonate with such power and personality that it is impossible for you not to be amazed. Henley plays Lucy with a great sense of innocence and courage, having the best performance in the entire film. To me, having read all the books, Lucy is the central character. In my opinion, she is really the only character the audience can totally identify with throughout the series. Director Andrew Adamson seems to notice this, and being one of the script-writers, he uses the other characters, dialogue, and situations to be mainly formed around her role in the film. Maybe that is why Henley is perfect for the part. Let's hope everything stays this way (with her character at least) through the remaining films. McAvoy portrays Mr. Tumnus as a true patriot, fighting for his Narnia. He is ordered to turn in Lucy to the Witch, but Lucy is probably his only friend, and he has high hopes for a peaceful and just Narnia. His character's feelings and beliefs are just a few examples of those of every Narnian exhibited in the film. McAvoy's performance is amazing in its brilliance. Tilda Swinton is magnificently evil, a trait that can only be found in the White Witch, like something chiseled out of ice (pun intended). Her performance is simply perfect. Neeson's voice as Aslan fills the theater with booming presence and deep resonance, yet its own calm and quiet assurance. I never knew that just a voice from such an accomplished actor could inhabit a CGI-created character so well, not to mention the superior animation of the character itself. However, the entire cast is sensational. Keynes, Popplewell, Moseley, Winstone, French, and others are almost as incredible as the film's best performances. The kids are not confused or disoriented about what they must do, they just do it because they know it's inevitable. The Witch just oozes with so much evil that even the words I am using in this review cannot describe it. Another cast member that I must mention specifically is Jim Broadbent as Professor Digory Kirke. He is the only character on this side of the wardrobe (besides the kids) that has truly great acting talent. I see the Professor as their Earthly guidance, while Aslan is the perfect counterpart as their Narnian guidance. Both of the characters are the symbol of strength for the children - what binds them together and keeps them true to each other. It is really Peter and Susan's discussion with Professor Kirke that shows them that you do not have to do anything but believe. Listen for Rupert Everett in a small but heroic role as the Fox, watch for James Cosmo as Father Christmas. One last comment on the acting - I am always floored by how well the mannerisms, dialogue, and characters of the four main cast members matches up with their older counterparts. Also surprising is how fantastic the acting talents of the actors and actresses that played the older versions of the children are, even though they do not have much screen time. Definitely one of the greatest sequences in the film is the battle between the Narnians and the forces of the Witch. I adore the action sequences, especially the ones in this final confrontation. And, if you believe in the allegories between the Chronicles of Narnia and the Holy Word of God (like myself), the scene where Aslan is one-on-one with the Witch will have particular meaning for you. A wonderful film.

    Discover Narnia Fun Facts (Optional trivia pop-ups throughout film)
    Audio Commentary with director Andrew Adamson, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes, and Georgie Henley
    Audio Commentary with director Andrew Adamson, producer Mark Johnson, and production designer Roger Ford


    ...more info
  • It can not be better..
    Just imagine the fantastic Narnia with the best sound and screen resolution available today.
    Perfect!If you have a full high definition equipment, an envolving surround and HD monitor you'll have the sensation you are living in Narnia's land. ...more info
  • Cool Fantasy Story, Bad Cutting and Length
    The Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
    When this movie originally came out is theaters I was euphoric. I was overjoyed and I had never read the book. The previews portrayed this as a more vibrant version of Lord of the Rings. Luckily, my church took a group of us to see the movie in a nearby theater. After a full, undivided view of the film, I felt disappointed with what I had seen. The movie compared in no way to Lord of the Rings. However, I have now watched it on DVD without the expectations of it being anything other than The Chronicles of Narnia. I enjoyed it much more without the strong comparison to Lord of the Rings.

    "Spectacular epic film-making fills the screen and your heart," says John Siegel of Good Morning America. He must have put on rose goggles before watching this one to make that kind of an overstatement. Narnia is a great fantasy story that is unfortunately hurt by length and bizarre cutting. I did walk away from this one wanting more though. If you are into the fantasy genre, you will want to add this to your collection.

    Four young children: Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter are sent away from a German blitzkrieg. Many children at this time were sent away from battle zones to ensure their safety. They are sent to live with a mysterious professor in a country estate. While playing a game of hide-and-go seek, Lucy enters a spare room with nothing but a wardrobe in it. Lucy attempts to hide in the Wardrobe and finds the gate to Narnia inside of it. Soon the other children enter the world. A Narnia prophecy says that when two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve enter Narnia, the world will be safe again. Safe from what you may be asking yourself. Narnia has been controls by a tyrant known the White Witch. She can manipulate ice. Narnia is now completely frozen by her. All that stood in her way have fallen.

    The children's only hope is to find the former ruler of Narnia, Asland. Asland has magically reappeared after thousands of years due to the humans entering Narnia. There is a war brewing between Asland and the White Witch. The four human children are the key to who will win this war.

    There are almost a million film devices in this movie. Symbolism reigns supreme with many symbols that relate to the bible. Asland represents God or Jesus Christ. One of the children will have to make the choice between good and evil. Asland forgives those who betray him. It is obvious to anyone who has knowledge of biblical events. No one else will notice it. There is also a lot of foreshadowing in this film. The talk about "always winter, no Christmas" foreshadows later events in the movie, and those events foreshadow later events. I like all these devices in a movie. Considering this came from a book, I understand where all these devices came from.

    Narnia is horribly cut up though. The film seems to jump from one scene to a future scene instantly. There is no explanation as to what happened between the two times. At one scene, Peter kills a wolf and Asland tells him to clean his sword. Suddenly they jump to him being knighted in the same place. It looks like a horrible cut from one scene to another. I usually would never say this, but this movie needed more fluff. It feels like the movie could have been at least twice as long for a complete presentation.

    The acting in this movie is mixed. I really liked Lucy, Susan, and a few other characters. Peter and Edmund are not the best actors though. They just seem generic and do not respond correctly to certain scenes. They seem to keep a straight face the entire movie or respond incorrectly.

    The extras are decent, but nothing special. There is a blooper reel that lasts a few seconds. You can turn on fun facts during the movie. There are also two separate commentary tracks. One is with the kids and director, and the other is a filmmakers' commentary. At the end of the movie, you are sick of the kids' voices though. They are interesting, but do not bring this movie up.

    If you are into the fantasy genre, or have read the books, check this one out. Everyone else should find some other movie. The awkward cuts and mixed acting will keep you annoyed, but the story will keep you wanting more....more info
  • Wonderful movie!
    This blue ray disc is a must buy! Not only is the movie amazing, the quality that the blue ray adds is astounding! ...more info
  • a nice transfer, good blu-ray and an ok movie
    I didn't enjoy this movie as much as I did the first time I saw it. However the Blu-ray is a very nice transfer and if you're a fan of the film, it won't disappoint. It's a very nice upgrade from the dvd....more info
  • Narnia: Not My Cup of Tea
    What can I say, I just don't care for this movie. I thought that it would be very entertaining and fun. But I was wrong. Sadly, this film falls short from the stories of its creator.

    Narnia is not a film that I can watch oer and over again. I'm sorry but this film only gets * star from me....more info
  • Wonderful movie
    This movie was a joy to watch. The cinematography was gorgeous. The children were great picks for the parts they played-especially little Lucy. I am really anticipating the others in the series. The mythical beasts were also very well done-from the lion to the unicorn to the satyrs. This movie is beautifully done and should be equally enjoyed by adults as well as children of all ages....more info
  • Sure To Be a Classic
    This remake is much better than the original. A must have for the dvd library....more info
  • C.S. Lewis' Novel Finally on Film
    Even though it doesn't do justice to the children's book it's still very entertaining and the visual effects are great. Regardless of the bad publicity C.S. Lewis got it is the telling of the story as the animals see it. Aslan is the image of Jesus Christ who must sacrifice his own life to save the prophecy and Narnia from the evil of the White Witch.
    The children were delightful especially Georgie Henley who played the role of Lucy. There are many references in the film regarding to Biblical theology and the way C.S. Lewis wrote the story through the imaginary interpetation of the four Pevensie children, Lucy, Peter, Edmund, and Susan, the animals suffering under a hundred year bondage, Aslan the Messiah (Christ), and the evil White Witch (Satan).

    There is a word of caution to parents before letting children views certain scenes like the White Witch's castle, the sacrifice of Aslan (scary looking creatures), and the battle coulde be a little to much for very young children. But I've seen worse in others. Other than that I enjoyed the storyline and that all things came to a good ending when Narnia is restored to it rightful glory of freedom and peace in the land. I recommend this to those who like something a little different that tells it in a theological view, fantastic mythical beasts, talking animals, and great visual effects.
    ...more info
  • Enough to make C.S. Lewis proud!
    This first installment in the "Narnia" series may be the best action/adventure movie ever made. Aside from some minor changes, the movie stays remarkably close to C.S. Lewis's original novel. The only real differences are that the movie goes into more detail than the book in places, but it always works. (For example, the climactic battle in the movie is a huge, major scene, where as the book only devotes a couple paragraphs of retrospect to it.) Even book purists should love this movie....more info
  • All I Really Need to Know About Murder I Learned in Narnia
    I have never read the Narnia books, so I only have this film to go on. Although mostly well-made, I don't see how something like this or its sequel can qualify as children's movies. The essential story of the Narnia films is one of glorifying a male-dominated system and hierarchy in which the most evil person involved is a woman. The films, like most American films, carry the message that some people are so bad they must be murdered--and murdered they are in climaxes that amount to bloodsport. The Christian symbology only confuses things further. The idea seems to be that "We're allied with the the righteous male power figure, so our killing is good killing." This sort of muddle-headed thinking should have died off with Cro-Magnon man, but instead appears on our screens as stories that Disney marks suitable for children....more info
  • No place like Narnia
    Great story of a far away place in another dimension with time warp factor.Great scenery and great acting. Fell in love with Lucy Pevensie. A most see for everyone af all ages. Can't wait to see Prince Caspian, 1300 years later. ...more info