Get Smart - Season 1 (The Original TV Series)
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Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 08/05/2008 Run time: 750 minutes Rating: G

The feature film may have missed it by that much, but Get Smart, the TV series, still hits the target with deadly funny accuracy. The right show at the right time, Get Smart brilliantly spoofed the spy genre that was all the rage in 1965, with James Bond on the big screen, and such series as Danger Man, The Avengers, The Saint, < I>The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and I Spy more or less playing it straight on the small screen. Get Smart, on the other hand, had a license to kill&#133;with laughter. Mel Brooks and Buck Henry created one of TV's all-time greatest characters, Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 of CONTROL, the super-secret agency vigilantly on alert against the forces of KAOS. Smart (Don Adams in his iconic, Emmy-winning role), an American Clouseau, was not stupid. Though all evidence to the contrary, he was, in his own mind, a suave and sophisticated spy, albeit one who would inadvertently lean against a freshly painted wall while shadowing an enemy agent. Get Smart hilariously deglamorized the business of espionage. Agents punch a time clock and dispute vacation time. Cool spy gadgets, such as the infamous Cone of Silence, are prone to malfunction. One running joke throughout the first season finds Agent 44 (Victor French) perched in a variety of unlikely and uncomfortable hiding places, among them a grandfather clock. Although the series would only get smarter and funnier in subsequent seasons (Bernie Kopell's KAOS mastermind Siegfried would be introduced in season two), the first season contains several essential episodes, including the Emmy-winning two-parter, "Ship of Spies," "Aboard the Orient Express," featuring a cameo by Johnny Carson as an unflappable conductor, "Diplomat's Daughter" with the arch --and decidedly non-PC-- villain, the Craw, and "Back to the Drawing Board," featuring Dick Gautier as Hymie the robot. From "Sorry about that" to "Would you believe," no show before Get Smart introduced so many catchphrases into the national language, while Smart and his partner, Agent 99 (the ravishing Barbara Feldon), were perhaps TV's first "will they or won't they" couple. Brooks and Henry contribute separate commentaries for the black and white pilot episode, while Feldon provides commentary for another, and purrs introductions to each episode (beware plot spoilers). With Get Smart, you will be witness to some of TV's funniest moments, sharpest writing, and expertly-executed physical comedy. And&#133; loving it. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Would you believe 4 stars?
    Get smart was a great comedy that influences even todays tv. Don Adams created a beloved cross of James Bond And jaqcues Cleseau (spelled wrong om sure). This inept spy always got the job done making us laugh the whole time. Paired with 99 and always on the chiefs last nerve Special agent 86 is a gem. Bernie Kopel As Sigfried is a classic comic villan guarenteeing laughs. They made this into a movie but nothing can touch this classic comedy. ...more info
  • Get Smart
    This is an excellent TV show that is funny and overwhelmingly entertaining. It can basically be described as a spoof on James Bond. The episodes are well written and run between twenty-one and twenty-three minutes....more info
  • You know it, You love it!
    I was deliriously happy to see this finally released on DVD. (Aside from Time-Life.)

    Great set. Loved it! I bought this to watch the first series. Extras are unimportant to me. One very nice extra, is an optional verbal introduction to each episode by Barbara Feldon.

    At the time of this writing, 48 out of 50 reviews, are 5 stars. That is a strong, positive statement.

    There are a few nice cameos in the series too. ( No spoilers! )

    Take your head out of the Cone of Silence and buy this! When you do, you will be loving it! If you do not buy this, you will have missed it by that much! LOL ;)...more info
  • Get Smart's classic season 1 now on DVD!!! It's Spy-O-Riffic!!!
    Before there was Austin Powers there was Maxwell Smart and Agent 99,this great set collect's the show's first season!!! Totally groovy baby!!! Get this great set now while it's cheap before it goes out of print and the price tag skyrockets!!! A+...more info
  • Get Smart-Season 1
    Get Smart-Season 1 is a four-disc complete collection of the thirty epiodes of the show's first season. The basic primis of the show follows secret Agent 86 Maxwell Smart, played by Don Adams, and his attempts to help CONTROL foil the evil plans of KHAOS. To assist him in this mission Smart has is partner Agent 99, played by the beautiful Barbara Feldon, and the Chief. The show is truely a comedic masterpiece from the minds of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, but is taken to another level by the wonderful cast. While a great deal of the comedy does come from the slapstick antics that Smart finds himself in, the show also contains a great deal of intelligent humor in the writing as well. The DVD set itself is put together in a manner fitting such a wonderful show and features a 1960's feel and design. The only problem with this set is a lack of a great deal of special features, but the comentary tracks by Brooks, Henry, and Feldon are wonderful. Get Smart is one of the greatest television shows of all time and this first season collection would a grand addition to any DVD libaray. ...more info
  • Classic TV
    In light of all the new great tv shows (i.e. Lost, Friends, the Office Heroes..) there is something about the old classics that keep you grinning. A truly hilarious spy spoof! A fabulous buy!...more info
  • No Subtitle nor closed caption neither for this TV series!
    What?! No closed caption nor subtitle for Get Smart! That is notorious discrimination to poor English readers and hearing impaired, especially for senior citizens who lost their sense of hearing. Don't buy those DVD without subtitle/CC because wicked corrupted companies want your money for their lucrative profits without people needs. ...more info
  • On DVD!! FINALLY!!! :-)
    So FINALLY 'Get Smart' is released on DVD on Amazon. I have bee waiting YEARS for this moment.

    Though I'm 24, I have loved this show FOR-EV-ER since I was 8. I got the much-coveted gem in the mail the day before yesterday and have watched the first three episodes already.

    Don Adams plays Maxwell Smart-Agent 86 of the fictitious Cold-War Era CONTROL, a top-secret Washington-based spy organization whose mission it is to eliminate threats to U.S. society. Maxwell Smart does not come across as very bright, which makes up the comedy of the show as he makes the most comediac of mistakes (For instance, in the second episode of Season #1, he burns up a secret code BEFORE he is to memorize it) and the Chief, played by Edward Platt, tolerates him. Barbara Feldon plays 99, the beautiful brunette who tries to amend Smart's mistakes and adds to the comediac atmosphere.

    900 minutes (aka 15 hours) of entertainment with spectacular introductions by Barbara Feldon herself. Completely recommended....more info
  • great service
    I love this show, and I bought two copies as a gift for my father-in-law and my mother, both of whom are fans as well. I remebered Get Smart as a kid, and then the recent re-make reminded me of the classic for Christmas gifts. Great service from as always....more info
  • A fine DVD
    Smooth transaction. It's a gift so I haven't opened it but everything seems in order....more info
  • for budget minded...INCLUDES bonus features not noted...enjoy!
    As others have written, this is an abbreviated version of the season 1 and full series being offered by but some have not properly noted the EXTRAS on this set. I have both the full set and just picked up this handy season 1 version which surprisingly enough doesn't mention all the BONUS FEATURES on its packaging. This version DOES have the pilot episode in Black and White with both Buck Henry AND Mel Brooks commentaries! Its a great episode and features Michael Dunn (the diminutive star from the Wild Wild West!)...this set also features the wonderful episode introductions by Barbara it appears to be exactly the same as the more expensive versions from TimeLife. The ONLY difference is the bonus DVD..which each season on the timelife version has...and they are chock full of amazing goodies...from new featurettes, to bloopers, and rare tv appearances from other shows to Emmy Award telecasts..and for me are a MUST.
    Super fans ( I loved this show as a child) will want the TimeLife full set..and its stunning packaging...casual fans will be thrilled with this more inexpensive version and may even become super fans...

    I'm only reviewing the DVD and not the series...that's been done very well by was and is a classic and the failure of the big screen version recently only reinforces that fact!!! I will also add that the episodes look stunningly sharp and colorful...very well presented.

    Don Adams was a comic genius and Barbara Feldon played her part with equal parts deadpan humor and adoration...brilliant stuff from a childhood to be cherished..I'm not sure if you didn't experience it the first time how it will hit you but I forgot how much I loved this show until watching these again...and the classic lines we all said in school...'missed it by that much' ..." and loving it" .."I told you not to tell me that" fun to revisit childhood.
    ...more info
  • Who's Crazy enough to pay over $20 more for "extras"
    I must admit, sure I'd love to have the extras that Time-Life has for this series, but for the price they are selling Season 1 for I can purchase the next season (assuming the price remains the same) and then some! If you bought "Get Smart Season 1" during the first week of release it is $16.99, the Time Life series sells for $39.99 a season. To pay that amount for bloopers, behind the scenes, show promos and reunion footage seems a little absurd to me. But I'm sure I've paid too much for things I've liked before. Anyway, the quality of the show is great, and there are audio commentaries by Barbara Feldon, Buck Henry and Mel Brooks if you like them....more info
  • So Mr. Claw! craw? Claw! Craw? CLAW! is finally out of time-lifes clutches!!!
    well, it sure is about time for this classic to be regularly released on dvd and away from the CLAWS of time-life! next they need to get the man from U.N.C.L.E free! i was stupid, yet desparate enough to buy the first season of man from uncle on dvd through time-life, its a cheap piece of cardboard with poorly glued together plastic dvd holders. i mean for a regular full $40.00 that stunk! they usually do a much better, NORMAL packaging job on regular releases! But it sure was nice seeing the classic first season of UNCLE again, HEAPS and HEAPS of the greatest guest stars in that first season alone! but yeah, time life SUCKS! and for BAT-FANS out there, its a HOLY BATMANIA! as far as the classic beautiful bat-mobile being released in several great scales! ! ! but... watch, BATMAN will be the next victim to fall into the clutches of time-life! then it will take a year and a half to see that ever regularly - released! CAN THE DYNAMIC DUO AVOID THE DEADLY CLAWS OF TIMELIFE THE TERRIBLE?!? :( ...more info
  • No subtitles of any kind.
    This is unbelievable. Most of the folks who would be potential buyers for this tv show are over 50 years old and no consideration for them at all. There are no subtitles, not even English subtitles. What a shame. I am returning this thing....more info
  • "Would you believe?"
    The brainchild of Buck Henry (HEVEN CAN WAIT) and Mel Brooks (BLAZING SADLES, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, SPACE BALLS, yadda, yadda, yadda), the funniest take on the James Bond craze starring Don Adams as the bumbling and incompetent Control agent 86 Maxwell Smart, Barbara Feldon as his sidekick Agent 99 and Ed Platt as the Chief. The show had all kinds of goofy devices: a phone entrance to Control Headquarters, a shoe phone communicator, the "Cone of Silence", etc. Clever catch phrases like, "Would you believe?" "Missed by that much." The first season is a hoot as every thing is brand new. Later seasons would start to falter. ...more info
  • The Old Bare Bones Relase In The Boxset Trick...
    "Would you believe Get Smart Season One hits stores the first week of August?"

    "I find that very hard to believe"

    "Would you believe all the bonus features have been removed from the Time Life set?"

    "I don't think so."

    "How about a cheap version of Season One with all of the great episodes and no extras for $24.99!"

    Yup, that's what the dim bulbs at HBO are doing. Season One, bonus feature free, comes out August 5th. Now the episodes are priceless. I know from the Time Life collection that the picture quality is nothing short of stunning. But the bonus features for this series are what really set it head and shoulders above other vintage TV releases.

    Here's what's NOT in the retail release of Season One:

    1.Buck Henry interview
    2."The Secret History of Get Smart"
    3.Adams TV appearances (6 of these)
    5.Excerpts from the Get Smart Reunion Seminar (2003) with Adams and Feldon plus producers, directors and Bernie Kopell talking about the show.
    and, probably, no commentaries. And there are 2 on this set.

    This is hours of content not included. Wouldn't surprise me if they are saving all this stuff for the big series collection after all the single seasons have been released.

    It's a shame they have to remove all this great stuff.

    But the show is fantastic and finally on DVD. Completely remastered. I know from having watched all of Season One (I just finished Season Three) that the picture is stunningly clear and sharp. They went to town on the episodes. And Season One has the original pilot that is not shown in syndication because it was done in black and white.

    Great show! Better than the lame "re-imagining" that's coming on Friday.

    Get Smart hitting stores should be joyous news, but with this bare bones edition, it's a bit of a downer. I can't recommend the show highly enough though. And the Time Life version is a darn near perfect DVD release.

    ...more info
  • Missed It By That Much
    Get Smart was one of the funniest spy spoofs ever produced. There's no doubt about that. This set includes every episode of the first season, and they're all beautifully presented. But no spy is complete without his extra gadgets, and that's what's missing from this set.

    TimeLife has exclusively offered a FIVE-DISC set packed with bonus features for some time now (users are selling it used & new here), but this FOUR-DISC set is the stripped version.

    The 4-disc edition does have episode introductions by Barbara Feldon and commentaries on two episodes; but in addition to these, the 5-disc version includes a FULL DISC of extras that includes a featurette, long lost TV appearances by the stars of the show, and excerpts from a Get Smart seminar with several cast members (including Don Adams, himself), to name a few.

    If all you want are the regular episodes - which are fantastic, to say the least! - then you'll be happy with the financial savings from buying this set. But if you really enjoy your bonus features, it's definitely worth the extra cost to splurge a little and buy the 5-disc version directly from TimeLife....more info
  • Extras, Smextras..It's Affordable:
    Get Smart - Season 1
    I just received my copy of Get Smart Season 1. Hurrah... Sure it's devoid of extras, but it's AFFORDABLE! The Time-Life version is outrageously priced. Can't everyone just enjoy a, GREAT TV CLASSIC, restored to pristine condition? Is that not enough? Well, I can and am very glad to have it at last! Why not STOP WHINING about some SUPERFLUOUS extras. My only whine is: When will Season 2 be released. I'll buy it (sans extras) and be glad. THANK YOU HBO and AMAZON!!!!!...more info
  • Secret Agent Smart
    This set is great! I saw these when I was a kid and the program was in syndication. This had one of my favorite episodes, the one about the Orient Express that had cameos by Johnny Carson. Produced by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry this is great comedy and classic television. If you've never had a chance to see Get Smart before the first season is a great place to start. In this series Smart is a bumbling but well-meaning agent of Control, which fights an international organization of evil. Made in the 1960s this was one of many programs which looked at secret agents, elaborate plots and sophisticated spy gizmos. ...more info