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A young stock car named Lightning on his way to a big race is kept in town to repair damage he caused and he begins to see the townsfolk, various motor vehicles, as family and friends.
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Media Type: DVD
Artist: DISNEY
Title: CARS
Street Release Date: 11/07/2006

There's an extra coat of hot wax on Pixar's vibrant, NASCAR-influenced comedy about a world populated entirely by cars. Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) is the slick rookie taking the Piston Cup series by storm when the last race of the season (the film's high-octane opening) ends in a three-way tie. On the way to the tie-breaker race in California, Lightning loses his way off Route 66 in the Southwest desert and is taught to stop and smell the roses by the forgotten citizens of Radiator Springs. It's odd to have such a slim story from the whizzes of Pixar, and the film pales a bit from their other films (though can that be a fair comparison?). Nonetheless, Cars is another gleaming ride with Pixar founder John Lasseter, who's directing for the first time since Toy Story 2. There's the usual spectrum of excellent characters teamed with appropriate voice talent, loads of smooth humor for kids and parents alike, knockout visuals, and a colorful array of sidekicks, including a scene-stealing baby blue forklift named Guido. Lightning's plight is changed with the help of former big-city lawyer Sally Carrera (Pixar veteran Bonnie Hunt), the town's patriarch Doc Hudson (Paul Newman), and kooky tow truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy). The Incredibles was the first Pixar film to break the 100-minute barrier, but had enough story not to suffer; Cars, at 116 minutes (including some must-see end credit footage), is not as fortunate, plus it never pierces the heart. Trivia fans should have bonanza with the frame-by-frame DVD function; the movie is stuffed with in-jokes, some appearing only for an instant. Ages 5 and up. --Doug Thomas

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  • Movie: 5/5 Picture Quality: 5/5 Sound Quality: 4.75/5 Extras: 4/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region Free
    Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50
    Running time: 1:56:35
    Movie size: 29,21 GB
    Disc size: 41,37 GB
    Average Video Bit Rate: 23.20 Mbps
    LPCM 5.1 6912Kbps 24-bit English
    DD AC3 5.1-EX 640Kbps English
    Subtitles: English SDH
    Number of chapters: 32

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    #Radiator Springs Featurette
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    #Animated Shorts: Mater & the Ghostlight * One Man Band
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  • Cars
    My Son simply adores this movie!! It is a lot of fun for the whole family!!...more info
  • Good Movie, Bad Disc
    The movie is wonderful, great, fantastic. I bought this copy to replace a scratched one, and this one won't play in my DVD player. ...more info
  • Popular for years to come!
    This movie is action-packed, bright, fast, and fun. It's no wonder why it is still popular after two years of being released. I have a 16-month old son, and a son going on three years old. They love this movie! Great music... I plan to purchase the soundtrack (if available) for Christmas for listening in our car. Enjoy! ...more info
  • DVD does not seem original
    Very slow delivery compared to other DVD I purchased at same time. Asian copy, have to select English from the language list. No booklet inside like other NEW DVD's. Plays ok so far....more info
  • cars movie
    probably the best animated movie I have seen. my son would watch it twice a day if I let him....more info
  • Great movie; awesome picture, effects & sound!
    Don't hesitate to buy this one; you'll like it almost as much as Chuck "I'm a private pilot myself" Spratt loves a sheep on a saturday night...

    ...hATCh - "You can trust me, I'm an air traffic controller"... ...more info
  • Best Blu demo
    Let me echo what others have said: this is the best blu-ray I've seen yet. The picture is brilliant of course, but the PCM sound at 24 bits will also rock your speakers. The special in-movie features are the best implementation so far of what blu-ray can offer us. You can feel the dedication and love when watching them - so removed from some of the tacked on 10 'making of' bits we get even on most blu-ray today.
    This disk should be held as a standard to other studios when they whine about people not buying enough blu ray. If every disk were like this I'd be broke buying them....more info
  • Cars
    I'm very impressed by this company. I recieved my DVD in 3 days and in perfect condition as promised. I will definetly order from them again....more info
  • Great Shopping Experience
    Product arrived on time and as described. Will definitely do business with this company again. Thank you. ...more info
    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER **** I received a used, scratched DVD, that was advertised as "NEW". When I tried to contact the seller I received no response. I have now had to claim my money back through Amazon....more info
  • Stolen Movie
    The video that I recieved from this seller was not an original copy. It was either a pirated copy or one that came out over seas before we got it here. Either way, the copy has issues. Granted, I only paid $10 plus shipping, but I didn't think it was that hones....more info
  • Spanish?????
    It's unbelievable. The package says that it is in Spanish, but it is completely in English. It does't have even Spanish subtitles. ...more info
  • Cars Used DVD
    The DVD was scratched and skips a lot - almost to the point where we can't use it. However, my son is only 22 months old, so he doesn't care if we just skip over it. I was disappointed that it was labeled 'Excellent Condition' - when clearly it wasn't ...more info
  • Beautiful in BluRay
    Pixar has always made great films and Cars is no exception. The pure digital transfer looks beautiful in HiDef with a BluRay player and 1080p HDTV (Sony PS3 and Samsung 40" in my case). Colors are spectactular. I love the music and voice acting Pixar put together as well. Click and Clack, the Tapert brothers from NPR as the Rusteeze owners was an especially nice touch. The plot of the film is kid friendly but also takes adults back to the time when people drove cars to drive cars and meet people, not get somewhere. Now the occasional car meet at the local drive in diner (if any are left in your town) is about all that is left of this culture. Cars reminds us all of that time not long ago. ...more info
  • Greate Movie, Poor Blue Ray
    While I liked this movie, I can say that even it`s greate, the Blue Ray lacks a lot of options. For example, it has no spanish audio or subtitles. The menu doesen't help much if you want to find something fast and the options are not intuitive.

    Me gusta mucho la pel¨ªcula, y aunque es muy buena, para ser un blue ray es bastante pobre. Hay poco material adicional, no tiene audio en espa?ol o subt¨ªtulos. El men¨² es complicado y no te ayuda a encontrar las cosas. M¨¢s que eso, no es intuitivo....more info
  • Best kids movie
    Bought this for my 3 year odl son who LOVES it. It arrived very quickly in excellent condition. We watch it a lot especially when he refuses to take a nap but he will lay on the couch to rest and watch this movie. Awesome movie....more info
  • 5 stars
    My boys love this movie so much, even after watching it for over 2 years. I've bought it 5 times because they keep scratching it, but hey, what's not to love?...more info
  • Great colors, visuals
    I enjoy Disney movies and I really liked Cars on Blu-ray for color & sound. I watch this movie again & again...more info
  • Cars, the Disney Movie

    This was purchased for a two-year old who loves trucks and cars. He never sat still before but he did for this movie!!! Amazing....more info
  • Excellent product
    This dvd was in excellent condition and we have had it running daily for 2 little boys. Excellent service.
    Thanks....more info
  • Not Up to par
    As is usual with a Pixar film, Cars has excellent visuals, and they really shine in the Blu-Ray version of the film. The movie is sure to be a hit with the kids, but falls short in one area that other Pixar films have excelled -- appeal to adults. I viewed this one once, and will probably leave it on the shelf for the sake of completeness, but I can't see watching it again, like I have with Monsters, Inc., or the exceptional WALL-E. If you're looking for something to entertain the kids, save some money and get it on DVD instead of Blu-Ray. If you're looking to build a complete collection of Pixar on Blu-Ray, it's worth the money....more info
  • Charming. Heartwarming. Innocent.
    Pixar is really at the top of their game. Cars is a unique animated film that highlights how the negative emotions such as greed and lust will ultimately lead to displeasure and misery in life. It's a bit ironic that the film's main message is to avoid being materialistic, yet Disney is probably the most commercialized company on the planet. Never mind that though, because this truly is a great movie.

    The film has a wide range of celebrity voices. It centers around a hot-rod race car that stumbles into a quaint suburban town on the verge of extinction. Lightning McQueen condemns the residents and believes the town has nothing to offer him. Of course, he learns the value of friendship, cooperation, and geniality in the end as they help him win his final big race. The plot is predictable but it doesn't matter; it's the journey along the way that is excellent. The film is dripping with oddball characters. The film has a lot of humor that is appropriate for all ages.

    It's a sensational, albeit predictable, film that inevitably charms and dazzles everyone in the audience....more info
  • Good!
    Great movie for your kids... Too bad the person I bought it from sent it 1 week after the date it was supposed to arrive!...more info
  • Great movie!
    My grandson truely enjoyed this movie! The first purchase became lost, so it was necessary to order again! Thanks for providing the need & also in very good condition! I enjoyed also!...more info
  • Great Movie for Kids
    My 22 month old son LOVED this movie (and so did I!) The characters are great for both kids and adults, and it is a good all around movie for any age. I would definitely recommend the blu-ray version if you have a player as this animated movie looks incredible in high-resolution. ...more info
  • Great movie, great picture & sound
    This is a very well made movie. The animation is excellent and the picture quality on this Blu-ray disc was fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing all the detail....more info
  • great family movie
    Great family movie! You can watch it over and over and not get tired of watching it....more info
  • cars
    great movies for children-my grandson has gone through 2 discs of this movie, he loves it so much...more info
  • Isn't this the same plot as "Doc Hollywood"?
    Doc Hollywood
    Don't get me wrong - I loved the movie! Animation was great, characters were lovable, etc. I just couldn't help thinking that it was a re-vamped version of "Doc Hollywood". In "Doc Hollywood", the big-shot doctor(Michael J. Fox) on his way to Beverly Hills to be a plastic surgeon and has a car accident which destroys a fence in a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. He's stuck in this town while his Porche is being fixed, and to make up for the damage to the fence, he must help out the town's only physician (an aging guy about to retire) as community service. In short, he ends up falling in love with the town, the townspeople, and a certain lady. He ends up going to Beverly Hills to do the plastic surgeon thing, but ultimately misses the town and the girl so much, that he returns to be the town's physician. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's what I thought too....more info