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Roseanne - The Complete First Season
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Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 03/14/2006

Roseanne burst onto the screen in 1988, when top-rated sitcom The Cosby Show exuded a smug Father Knows Best glossiness. In contrast, the blue-collar Conner family bickered with the offhand nastiness of real families, which didn't mean they loved each other any less. Front and center was Roseanne Barr (now known by the single name Roseanne), a former stand-up comedian who wasn't afraid to rock the boat (her fights with producers were legendary). When even the fat guys on sitcoms have svelte, hottie wives, it's hard to believe that this woman--overweight, abrasive, with a voice like a wood chipper--became top of the television heap. Roseanne spoke up for a kind of lower-class feminism; she didn't concern herself much with politics, but within the family she just as much in charge as her husband Dan (the ever-dependable John Goodman, Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski)--though in the final episode of the first season, she took a stand at her factory job that was half Norma Rae, half Cool Hand Luke. But most often the show turned the ordinary rituals of domestic life (putting the kids to bed, coping with visiting parents) into sharp comic scenarios. The stories were smartly hidden in a series of scenes that felt organic and unforced. The entire cast--one of the best ensembles ever, including theater veteran Laurie Metcalf (Scream 2) as Roseanne's sister Jackie; Lecy Goranson as eldest daughter Becky; Michael Fishman as youngest child D.J.; and especially Sara Gilbert (Poison Ivy, ER) as middle daughter Darlene--swiftly cultivated the mixture of comfort and tension that marks most family relationships. The result was a portrait of American family life that rang achingly, hilariously true.

Roseanne's first season was solid from the start; few shows have had such an immediate grasp of their ideal tone and rhythm. Roseanne may have been a little stiff in the first few episodes, but she developed her chops quickly. By only the third episode, in which Roseanne and Dan run into a divorced friend at a restaurant and do some impromptu evaluating of their own married life, Roseanne was already exploring the psychology behind the wisecracks. By episode 6, set in a bowling alley, Roseanne begins to truly inhabit her character, growing more physically and emotionally expansive (she herself singles out this episode as the one where she started to have fun). Roseanne was never afraid to share the spotlight; Goodman, Metcalf, and the kids all had central roles in one episode or another, and one of the most striking episodes focused on Roseanne's coworker Crystal (the underrated Natalie West), whose husband had been embedded in concrete while working on a bridge. This black comic premise gave way to surprisingly touching grief when old secrets emerged. Guest performers like George Clooney (a semi-regular in the first season), Ned Beatty (as Dan's father), Estelle Parsons (an insidious turn as Roseanne's mother), and Fred Thompson (as a domineering supervisor) always had meaty material to work with. Simply one of the best sitcoms of all time. Caveat: the set uses the episodes as they were shortened for syndication, not the originally broadcast versions that were 2-3 minutes longer.--Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Domestic Goddess comes to DVD
    FINALLY! I'VE WAITED SO LONG FOR ROSEANNE TO BE RELEASED ON DVD. IT'S GREAT! I'M ANTICIPATING SEASON 2. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. IT'S A MUST HAVE SITCOM DVD. How can you tell that there is one or two minutes missing. Who ever sat down and did calculations doesn't have much to do....more info
  • Finally I own it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got my DVD, well it got it twice, one for me, and one for my best friend, Mel. I like the dvd very very much. I don't know which episode to watch first lol. I like how the DVD is a bit more personal, like showing her thoughts of an episode ( certain ones ) right before it airs. I just think it's a very well thought DVD!

    PS. did anyone notice that in the Episode where Darlene gets her Period she has the nightmare but there is a window in her room and it's daylight outside. Funny....more info
  • Great DVD for Roseanne Fans
    This DVD is great. Good for anytime you need a "Roseanne" fix and Nick@Nite isn't on:) Can't wait for the second season and all the other seasons. ...more info
  • Don't Pass This Up!
    To be honest I didn't even notice that some of the episodes had been cut down and I've seen every episode at least 50+ times! Although Roseanne runs in repeats constantly I'm thrilled to FINALLY have this show on dvd. Now I can watch it anytime. Hopefully it won't take so long to release season 2. Now with my review...The first season was never my favorite but since watching the episodes I've realized how many of them I truly love. After all the times I've seen these shows I still find myself laughing and enjoying every minute. Also the picture is so clear and crisp it's much better than what you see on regular t.v. Roseanne is one of the most honest looks at American family life in sitcom history and is a true television treasure. This dvd is a must have for anyone who ever enjoyed the show so be happy and enjoy I am!...more info
  • Good, but packaging is kind of flimsy
    The discs were in good condition even though the prongs on the plastic circle that holds one of the discs in was broken when it arrived so I had to use tape to hold it into the case. This has happened with other Roseanne boxed sets that I have purchased. The distributer should look into making the packaging more durable so that it isn't so inconvenient to find a way to keep the discs in the package and so that the discs do not get damaged....more info
  • 2nd Season On Without Editing
    The members of the cast of Roseanne were on Larry King last night (10-7-05). Roseanne was asked about the editing done on the Season One DVD set. She remarked she heard from the company producing the set(s) yesterday, and they have assured her that all seasons, beginning with Season 2, will have the full, originial airing episodes included on the DVD's. She said she had been unaware they were not going to do that with Season One. It does not seem, at this time, they will be re-issuing Season One with the deleted footage though. ...more info
  • Edited? It doesn't show!
    Quite frankly this edited episodes thing mystifies me,I've watched the show since it's 1988 network premiere and saw every show on the network and I can't tell these shows are edited or can recall any 'lost' scenes! Of course I'd like to see whatever it was that was cut but I have to go along with the others that this boycotting of the DVD's just because they're edited is a little childish and could backfire! Someone has yet to come forward and mention just what it was that the synicators supposedly cut out....more info
  • proof that season one was edited!!!!!
    And if you STILL don't believe that season one was edited, had cut epsiodes? The cast of ROSEANNE was on Larry King Live last week and she admitted it!!!! Roseanne herself!

    The cast appeared on Larry King Live and someone called the show asking about the DVDS
    Heres a transcript from the LarrykingLive website

    CALLER: I bought the season one DVD of "Roseanne." And I noticed that you guys used the edited syndicated version.

    BARR: I know everybody is so mad. You guys, I don't know if you guys have heard.

    GOODMAN: I wouldn't know.

    CALLER: How come? And are you going to fix that for season two?

    BARR: Yes, we ...

    KING: Explain what he means.

    BARR: Well, they, I don't know, they -- for season one for some reason they accidentally put out the syndicated, edited ...

    GOODMAN: OK. Yes. So ...

    BARR: But they have assured me today that from season two on, it will be the regular network.

    GOODMAN: I'm sorry, I thought all that stuff was at the, like the bumpers at the end and stuff like that. Remember we'd go to -- I'm sorry ...

    BARR: We didn't start that until third season.


    KING: What did they edit out for syndication?

    BARR: They always take out two minutes when they syndicate, for more commercials. But, so they went ahead and put that in, but people are mad, the fans. So we're making sure, you know, that from the second season on, it's the original run.

    So there! You heard the truth from ROSEANNE herself! Still don't believe it? It's because of the REAL fans of this show complaining that we will get the real UNCUT episodes from now on!

    :) d...more info
  • The Studio is ripping you off on this product
    I buy DVDs for the value they bring. When studios cut back on quality, I refuse to purchase the item. Cutting back on this great sitcom can only hurt sales. I can't begin to comprehend those young morons running their marketing departments. What the hell are they thinking? Refuse to buy this DVD and demand quality. Write the studio. Who know's maybe someone might get FIRED! Your dollar counts....more info
  • Beware! Edited versions of the show from syndication
    As American reviews on were nice enough to point out before I purchased this DVD, this release contains not the original versions of the show, but those aired in syndication. The difference is that, while Canadian networks are usually nice enough to air original versions of shows, often American networks edit them down by a few minutes to be able to greedily make more money from more advertizing time. This is a huge disservice to fans of this great show. I read on about this same travesty occurring with The Cosby Show Season 1

    I don't know about you, but I resent it when companies do this sort of thing. In order to force companies to reissue this season in a proper way, I'm going to do my part in not buying it. If there are enough of us, they'll be forced to make a financially-interested decision to do so. Maybe the real Rosanne Barr could help out, too!...more info

  • one of the best tv shows
    I absolutely love this show. This is basically a lower middle working class family. Also, you know when tv shows get released on dvd, they usually change some background music or cut out a little bit of the show. Not this case. I watched the shows on Nick At Nite, and after I watched this on dvd, on each episode, I noticed they had a little bit more on the show. Also, usually on the last disc, you have a couple of the cast members talk about the show. George Clooney has a guest staring role on the majority of the shows...more info
  • Long live Roseanne
    nice to see this show again and this time on dvd. It always brought a smile and laugh to me...this dvd is worth the purchase as all future seasons of Roseanne.....more info
  • Roseanne - Season 1.
    Well, I picked it up, and it was great! None of the episodes were edited, far as I can tell, so why's everyone complaining?!! Anchor Bay also released the series Titus on DVD, and it was completely unedited. What makes everyone think that these episodes for Roseanne are? Looks to me like everyone's making a giant assumption, and you know what happens when you assume. You make an a$$ of U and ME.

    The episodes themselves are as funny as I remember, with guest appearances by a freakishly young George Clooney, Ned Beatty (Homicide: Life on the Street) as Dan's father, and former Tennessee Senator Fred Dalton Thompson, now playing District Attorney Arthur Branch on "Law and Order".

    The performances from Roseanne and John Goodman are so plain-spoken you can almost see your own parents talking this way, when they're in a good mood. The kids are so young here that they're kinda hard to recognize. Take a look at the pilot episode, and you'll see it's a different kid playing D.J. Why he was recast, I don't know. Rounding out the cast was Laurie Metcalf as Roseanne's sister Jackie. After nine years on the show, I wasn't sure Laurie would be able to break out of Jackie, but then she appeared in "Scream 2" and proved me wrong!

    I'm pleased to add this DVD set to my collection, and don't intend to miss any of them! I'll be spending time watching a good show like Roseanne, instead of those trashy reality shows that are polluting the airways now. Hopefully, you'll follow my example, and boycott Hollywood's idea of what's good now.


    PS - New info - Okay, the first season set was edited. Hopefully, the outcry over it will lead to the release of Season 1 in its entirety. In the meantime, would you rather have it edited, or not at all? ...more info
  • Domestic goddess.
    Roseanne - The Complete First Season isn't really complete, these episodes are edited! I hate that, people pay money and don't want to regret it later. Roseanne was the ultimate show and the first season was good but not as great as season two. John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are spectacular, great comic actors. Roseanne was such a delightful, groundbreaking show, just wish they were "complete"....more info
  • Roseanne tops TV list of recent DVD releases.
    Of all the TV shows in recent years to deserve a season DVD release, Roseanne tops my list of personal favorites. Not only is Roseanne Barr iconic for the 80's, but her TV show chronicling the white collar antics of the Conner family and their friends earned a place in many an american living room. Set in Lanford Illinois, Roseanne became a show many of us could identify with. Her brash reality is something that the TV mothers of the 50's, 60's and 70's were never truly allowed to be shown on network TV and was much closer to the lives of middle America than the June Cleavers of the world. For me, I think Roseanne is one of the bravest and most well written of the 80's sitcoms, tackling topics that were taboo until Roseanne dealt with them. Spousal abuse, alcoholism, homosexuality, sexual harrassment in the workplace are just a few of the topics that earned network respect among the shows peers. Definately worth a second look and always guaranteed a laugh - I recommend this DVD set whole heartedly. I actually took mine to a performance that Roseanne Barr was giving, and she graciously signed it for me! Check it out - season two is due to be released in December of 2005....more info
  • Beware: edited episodes, otherwise it's cool
    Pay regular price for a season of edited, not uncut episodes of a popular series? I don't know; I'd rather get uncut versions if I can, so I'd been holding out for either when it's on sale at a very low price or when it's re-released in an uncut edition. I found out unexpectedly that it's on sale with a price so low I decided to order it. This set arrived within days, all ready to play. I enjoyed the episodes, all under 22 minutes each, especially one I don't ever remember seeing before: 'Father's Day' (ep. 14 on disc 2).

    It's true that all episodes here are edited similar to what's been shown in syndication. There's a scene I remember in the one with Darlene finding her newspaper job more than she can handle that was omitted ('The Monday Thru Friday Show', ep. 12 on disc 2): if I remember right, after the commercial fadeout midway through, Darlene reports to her boss for not delivering all the newspapers. The boss goes into lecture mode, but before he's finished Darlene interrupts him and asks him point-blank if she's fired. The boss says yes... Anyway, I don't remember everything from this season as I wasn't into back then. Nonetheless, I got to see everything and enjoyed it.

    Box art dressed in McDonald's colors look nice. I like the trivia questions listed inside the cases. Ditto for the extras included. Not just that but the extras as well as the commentaries are closed-captioned (no subtitles). Most other shows on DVD can't claim this fact. Thank you, Roseanne and everyone responsible for putting it together.

    Would I recommend this product? Yes, but considering the edited content you might want to wait until it's on sale or when it's re-released in uncut form. Don't know about the latter, but at least it's an idea. Enjoy......more info
  • They still need to do a few more things.
    I think it's great that the first season of Roseanne on DVD contains the syndicated episodes (which are missing two minutes from each episode), because it helps to recreate the TV watching experience. So if my rating was based just on that, I'd give it five stars.

    However, there are some problems with this DVD set, which reduce my final rating.

    For one thing, there are no commercials on here. So I'm subtracting a star for that.

    Then, there's no network logo on the screen. So there goes another star.

    Also, the closing credits are not compressed to a tiny section of the screen, so dock one more star.

    And finally, there is no announcer talking over the closing credits. So subtract one more star.

    So when all is said and done, my final rating for this product is one star.

    I'm really glad that they used the syndicated episodes for this. But they need to reissue this with commercials, an on screen network logo, compressed closing credits, and an announcer talking over those compressed closing credits. Only then will this DVD allow me to fully recreate the TV watching experience. And only then will it be worthy of the five star rating....more info
  • An American treasure
    "Roseanne" had a lot going for it besides being wildly was probably the most accurate portrayal of an average American family. Roseanne gave us REAL people with REAL problems instead of too-cute and precocious kids, a mom vacuuming in pearls, and a father who never takes off his tie. We saw real issues presented with humor, and parents who did their best and never stopped loving their kids even when life got messy. We could all relate. When "Roseanne" went off the air, its fans felt they'd lost a family member. Relive the memories, and share them with a new generation. Highly recommend this DVD, and I don't see anything missing as some other critics claim. If there's anything missing, it's having the wonderful Halloween episodes back to back! ...more info
  • One of the Best Shows to have been on TV
    I love Roseanne. I'm 24 years old and grew up with this show. It was so fun to see a family on TV I could relate to. The Conners did not have a perfect cookie cutter home or kids or clothes. It was great to just see a typical family. Granted, they were a bit more crude than my family, but that's why they were a funny sitcom family and my family was not, hehe. Anyway, I definitely recommend this show. However, if you want to hold out and wait until they rerelease the first season completely uncut, then I think that's fine. I couldn't wait, but based on Roseanne's comments on Larry King, I know they will never release an cut season again and will most likely rerelease an uncut version of the first season in the future. Also, if you want to join a group for Roseanne fans, check out http : // groups. /roseannefans (take out the spaces)...more info
  • Note To Those Who Say We Shouldn't Complain
    To those who say we shouldn't boycott this DVD, shouldn't complain, should just take what they give us:

    The Cosby Show will not have an edited release ever again. Because of all the complaints, and sales that weren't as great as expected, they will use the ORIGINAL, UNCUT NETWORK PRINTS for seasons 2-8.

    I want the same for Roseanne, and buying this DVD, and saying "Who cares" about the edits, is not going to get us what we want.

    ...more info
  • Roseanne
    love watching the conner's family
    it's cool.

    I like all the people that made a
    good sitcom and made me laugh

    thank's again...more info
  • Good news!
    Hey people, don't panic. This season may be edited, but as I've said, so what, that's completely how I saw them. I also heard future releases of the show will be uncut. I'm still going to buy this, just so I have at least some of the show. I'm PRAYING for Season 6 though. That's where my fave episode comes in. John Goodman is so HOT! Sorry, just had to say that. Anyway, for all those who "refuse" to buy this because of the syndication thing, don't. Believe me, at least now you can enjoy most of the show without commercials, etc. I bought some commercial free taped set and let me say that really sucked. This won't be bad at all, I promise you, I watched the whole entire series....more info