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Renee Zellweger is back as everyone's favorite witty heroine in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Not that Bridget's counting, but it's been six wonderful weeks, four fabulous days, and seven precious hours with one flawless boyfriend, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). But when mischievous and devilishly charming Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) arrives on the scene claiming to be a reformed man, can Bridget find a way to make true love last forever? It's the "absolutely hilarious" (Jim Ferguson, ABC-TV) romantic comedy that proves there's nothing like love to send you over the edge.

Although it's been three years since we last saw Bridget (Ren¨¦e Zellweger), only a few weeks have passed in her world. She is, as you'll remember, no longer a "singleton," having snagged stuffy but gallant Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) at the end of the 2001 film. Now she's fallen deeply in love and out of her neurotic mind with paranoia: Is Mark cheating on her with that slim, bright young thing from the law office? Will the reappearance of dashing cad Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) further spell the end of her self-confidence when they're shoved off to Thailand together for a TV travel story? If such questions also seem pressing to you, this sequel will be fairly painless, but you shouldn't expect anything fresh. Director Beeban Kidron and her screenwriters--all four of them!--are content to sink matters into slapstick, with chunky Zellweger (who's unflatteringly photographed) the literal butt of all jokes. Though the star still has her charms, and some of Bridget's social gaffes are amusing, the film is mired in low comedy--a sequence in a Thai women's prison is more offensive than outrageous--with only Grant's rakish mischief to pull it out of the swamp. --Steve Wiecking

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice humour
    Good solid humour - not as funny as the first one, my wife only got one real laughing fit - from the ski-holiday scene....more info
  • Fun, Light Comedy
    It's really hard to find a good funny, not sleazy; comedy these days but this one makes the grade. Renee is funny, Hugh is his usual charming self, and Colin is one of the most under appreciated actors of this day. Here's one the whole family can watch and still not snooze.
    M. Endrizz...more info
  • Entertaining, but just okay
    I loved the first move and all of the performances in it, but the second one was just a little too slapstick and didn't have the same "magic" and "chemistry" as the first. The story is quite different from the book, which is fine, but I don't think it captured the essence of the book.

    It was entertaining and I might consier watching it again, but it's not what I would consider to be one of the top films.

    While I love Collin Firth and Renne Zellwegger, they just didnt seem to
    have that "chemistry", it just seemed a little stiff. Also, Bridget just didn't seem to be quite as "endearing" as she was in the first.

    There were humorous scenes and the ending was happy, but it just seemed like they tried to cram a bunch of stuff in the movie thinking it's what people wanted. Like they were trying to make everyone happy, which is impossible. Adding extra stuff or changing events is sometimes a great thing (like in John Grisham's "The Firm") but it didn't seem to work here.

    The movie's okay and is a nice light chick type of flick...and my opinion would be the same even without reading the book. If you are looking for more Bridget, check out the audiobook. I highly recommend as a 5 won't regret it and will find yourself laughing aloud and honestly, I think the book appeals to a wider audience....more info
  • not bad
    this was an okay movie, it was a little better than the first, but it wasn't bad. ...more info
  • Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason
    This is a must see if you enjoyed Bridgit Jones's Diary. It's the "rest of the story". Because I liked Bridgit Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones -The Edge of Reason so much, I ordered them for my DVD library to watch whenever I need some joy and a laugh....more info
  • "And nothing in the world can spoil it"
    Last time we saw her, Bridget Jones (Zellweger) was in love with Mark Darcy (Firth) and they were staying together for the movie's happy ending. Now, we find them again only a few weeks later, exactly one year after they first met in the buffet organized by Bridget's mother. And guess what, they are there again; another year, another buffet, another diary. This is how we jump into the sequel, and as usually happens, it is not as good as the original; but it still provides us with a fun time.

    Bridget is working in "Sit Up Britain" and is continuously finding herself in ridiculous situations, which do not portray her in a very flattering light, but boosts rating. As happened in the previous movie, we get to listen to her comments on the events that she is going through; comments that are usually pretty funny, but sometimes turn out to be a bit corny.

    You probably are asking yourself by now, what about Daniel (Grant)? Well, he has a TV show in the same network as Bridget, and even though she does not even want to hear about him anymore, their paths cross when they have to work together on one of the shows. And this happens right when she is thinking about marriage with Mark, but the encounter situation things a bit. And the fact that Mark is working with a very attractive woman does not help in the least.

    The movie keeps the main characteristics of the winning formula used for the first one, and will get to see another fight between Daniel and Mark, so do not worry. But some things are funnier the first time around, and that is true in this case too. The creators did add a little variety though, with a little travel that allows for a change of settings, but it is still not enough to compensate for the repeated humor.

    The cast does a very good job, especially Zellweger, who is perfect for the role and shows a clear ability for portraying a character that constantly makes a fool of herself. The soundtrack is eclectic and fits the movie well, including songs ranging from Barry White to Madonna. Finally, I need to comment on the option of watching the movie with the quiz option, since it is an annoying feature that keeps stopping the film to ask the questions. And on top of that, it has such silly options as answers that my wife decided to quit it and stick with the "normal" version of the movie. - 3.5 stars...more info
  • Over the Precipice
    The Edge of Reason was painful to watch for me, as I enjoyed the first Bridget Jones film quite a bit. But here there were so many requirements lacking that I nearly nodded off. A plot would've been nice (instead of wandering around from a skydiving incident to a jail in Thailand); I don't consider a "misunderstanding" about a woman a viable plot device. Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth, whom I thought had a sparky relationship in the first film, have been turned into screenplay robots, reading their lines as if directly from the page.

    The only saving grace in the story was Hugh Grant (and believe me, I'm not a huge Hugh Grant fan). When he finally showed up in the picture he immediately added some much needed dialogue-infused comedy to the story. And he delivered his lines as if he MEANT them.

    The sad part for me, too, is that I really like Mrs. Zellweger and Mr. Firth as actors. Renee was excellent in the musical "Chicago"; and Mr. Firth's crowning achievement ("Pride and Prejudice") has yet to be rivaled for a period piece in my humble opinion.

    I feel that this film was simply a money-grab by the movie studio, trying to benefit off of the success of its predecessor ...and failing miserably. ...more info
  • The sequel surpasses the original.
    I've seen several movies that were sequels but they were never better than the first movie. But for the first time with this movie I found the second better than the first one. If you have seen "THE DIARY OF BRIDGET JONES", you must see this one and if you haven't seen it. I would recommend you to start with that one so you can follow better the story.
    This time the picture starts with a very happy Bridget (Ren¨¦e Zellweger) who is deeply in love with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and that love is mutual. Everything goes perfect until Bridget and Mark have a fight that ends with the relationship because Bridget is jealous of Natasha (Mark's friend who is beautiful and rich) and because Mark is still very arrogant with her. After this appears once again Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) who is called to work with Bridget. The story goes to several places from this point and you can laugh very much and have a great time with this movie that also has a wonderful soundtrack featuring songs by Joss Stone, Mary J. Blige and Robbie Williams along others.
    With the speacial features you can find a hilarious interview from "serious journalist" Bridget Jones and actor Colin Firth and alternative beginnings, deleted scenes plus others....more info
  • Hey Hugh, Colin called you a big sissy!
    There's really only one reason to see this movie: a recap of the great girly-man fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. It's almost as funny as the first time around, with some great hair-pulling, body-slamming interludes. The rest of the movie left my mind almost at the same time I watching it, except some painful memories of cheesy looking sets and politically correct third-world prisons. Any movie set in Thailand with no filth and squalor goes way beyond comedy to a kind of propagandistic obscenity. Don't be fooled, tourists of the world, "Edge of Reason" is to the real Thailand what Woody Allen films are to the real New York. ...more info
  • Mildly amusing, but ultimately pointless sequel
    The first Bridget Jones movie was a perfect little human comedy. Although absurdly unlucky, Bridget remained a consistent and logical (in her own way) centre to the film. The humour grew organically from her "logical" reactions to the absurdity happening around her. And we had a nice, romantic happy ending. The same praise cannot be given to this sequel, "Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason." Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the film in a superficial way, at least while I was watching it. Unfortunately, it's entirely unecessary, except as a money-making grab by the studio.

    The plot: Mark Darcy is seen in the presence of another woman. Bridget assumes he is cheating on her and is then assigned a job in Thailand with Daniel Cleaver (the "ex"). Therein lies the main problem I had with the film: the entire story is built on misunderstandings that could be cleared up with the tiniest application of logic on any one of the characters' parts. Similarly, actions are not driven by the nature of the characters, but rather the requirements of the plot. For example, almost immediately after starting the relationship with Mark Darcy, Bridget's friends are advising her to dump him. Why? I have no idea - I guess because the screenplay told them to! Similarly, if Bridget is thrown in a Thai jail while on assignment for her TV network, wouldn't someone at that network notice that she had gone missing?

    Am I applying logic where none is required? Probably. But a sequel should be able to build on the characters rather than making them more two-dimensional (or making their actions arbitrary). I should be asking is the film funny? Are the actors good? The answer to both questions is undeniably "yes!" I applaud the idea of building a comedy around the question, "what happens after happily ever after?" Unfortunately, the film bails and gives us a series of silly little scenes that work on their own, but never add up to anything worthwhile.

    On the plus side, Mirimax has deigned to give us at least a few extras on the DVD. There are some deleted scenes, the most welcome being the infamous "Bridget interviews Colin Firth" scene from the novel. Obviously, it became impossible to put this in the movie with Firth playing Mark Darcy, but they filmed it anyway at the end of a day's shooting and stuck it on the DVD as a treat to those who have read the book. There are also some scene breakdowns and a director's commentary....more info
  • Wonderful Experience For Me!
    Having sat through the movie with a female friend, I now know that life will only get better, since seeing this movie was the absolute worst two hours of my life. I would rather have stomach cramps for two hours than watch this horrible tripe again.

    I am a male - not the intended audience. I believe that the intended audience must be people with dementia. They would be spared the pain of possibly remembering even one second of this unbelievably bad movie. This movie deserves a rating of zero, plus, everyone involved with this film should be sentenced to prison.

    Never has there been a more insulting movie passed on as entertainment. I seriously worry about those who enjoyed it.

    Rating: negative infinity, the worst movie ever made.
    ...more info
  • Nice, but not great
    Even though Renee Zellwegger always looks as though she is saying the word, "oops" even when she isn't speaking, she is undeniably cute and a fine actress to boot. This film is nice. Not wonderful, not a brilliant piece of film-making and certainly not an unfamiliar theme. Just nice.

    Zellwegger is her usual self; pouty, cute, irresistable even when deliberately overweight. But the plot has worn thin and her almost-virginal innocence is getting old. Clumsy girl meets boy, girl gets engaged, girl goofs up, girl gets sidetracked, girl gets boy back....

    That said, if you're in the mood for a pleasant evening, this is the ticket. If you're in the mood for a great, innovative story with exceptional delivery, choose another movie....more info
  • The Edge of Sequels
    Oh how we love to cry "not as good as the first movie", but in truth very few movie sequels capture the freshness, or spirit of an often inventive and new idea like an original. Sadly, that is also the case here when comparing the first and infinitely better Bridget Jones Diary, but there are a few saving graces to make this at least mildy entertaining. The story picks up 4 weeks after the end of the first movie (although 3 years have elapsed in real time) and we find ALL the main characters reprising their roles. Bridget is still oozing the giddy romance and, likeably bumbling naivety of a 30 something schoolgirl, alongside Colin Firth's stoic, but gentlemanly romantic lawyer Darcy, and all seems well despite some nagging incompatibility issues between the two. The clash of class cultures between them continues (albeit in some very contrived scenarios) until doubt, envy and the adjustment of two single lifers suddenly sharing, looks set to send things off the rails. Enter at this point dashing bad boy Hugh Grant as Daniel, stirring up old memories, and mixed emotions, and conveniently now working for the same TV company as Bridget and we are set hopefully for some light entertainment. Problem however, is that none of the engaging aspects of Bridgets character from the first movie, or the concern or sympathy that were previously generated is here, and most of the original cast (nice to see as they are) are just minimally sprinkled in the plot for the purpose of continuity without any real inclusion. I kept asking myself why a sequel was necessary (as I often do, despite the obvious money spinning aspect) when the first picture was so complete, making this a reheating of old material to a large extent. There is enough charm to keep the picture moving, and the characters are all played excellently, but the script is limp overall, some parts being often less than funny completely (especially the Thai prison scenes). The occasional nice dialogue and one-liners try but fail to lift this picture out of the doldrums, and the cringe aspect of most of the embarassing situations Bridget falls into is painful at times. If you liked the first movie, chances are this will amuse you, but it's not in the same league unfortunately. There are some nice extras on the DVD including some funny interviews with the leading characters, deleted scenes, and the usual director comments etc. My best advice? rent before you buy. Enjoy!...more info
  • A Man For All Reasons.
    Was it too late to make a sequel to the adorable Bridget Jones'Diary after more than 3 years? That's what I wanted to ask when this one came out in theaters. Some movies are better if no sequels were made. This one obviously wanted to make more money when the script is really not as interesting and funny as the first one. Apparently, Renee Zellwegger got paid like twenty times more money for this film than the first. The hundreds of donuts, cheese cakes and pizzas she had to eat to gain the 30lbs really showed in this film. She's very "striking" in one scene when she wore a tight fitting gold colour evening gown. Talk about the waistline of BJ. Well, we got to give the American Texan the credit for the stunning transformation, and the British accent is still right on.

    So we know that she found the love of her life in BJ Diary. Colin Firth reprises the role of Mark Darcy, the future husband of BJ,since they have moved in together. Their relationship looks picture perfect at first, but jealousy and insecurity took over BJ's mind when she mistaken him for cheating with a tall and beautiful assistant. Bridget gets pregnant, and Darcy was very happy and decided to propose to her. Then Daniel(Hugh Grant) reappeared in BJ's life, and they spent some time together in a journalism partnership in Thailand. Bridget's life is at a chaotic state when she was mistaken by the customs for carrying drugs in her luggage, and who will bail her out before she faces possible imprisonment.....

    There's many attempts on jokes in this movie. They did Madonna's Like A Virgin and Material Girl in the prison scenes, but it didn't provoke much laughters like BJ did when she did All By Myself in the first film. Darcy and Daniel also get to have a man-to-man fight over BJ again, but we know Daniel is not the man for Bridget, because her heart belongs Darcy.

    Hugh Grant had limited screentime here, and didn't have much chemistry with Zellwegger. Colin Firth is good as a calm and sophisticated high class gentleman/lawyer(a true ladies man). As for Renee Zellwegger, she's tried her best at being funny, and touching while maintaining her British persona, but the role has lost it's zest compared to the first BJ. Hopefully we won't have to see her playing overweight and English again for a while....more info
  • A disappointing sequel to a delightful original
    The essential problem with the second Bridget Jones film is that the best parts remind the viewer of parts of the first film that were done a whole lot better. It is a pleasant enough movie, but not so pleasant that I would recommend it over taking a risk on any other film or doing something safe like rewatching an episode of BUFFY. I haven't read the book upon which the second film is based, so perhaps it is to blame for the relative blandness of the sequel, but something is to blame for the fact that while the original was charming and entertaining, the sequel feels tired and derivative. But even if the book is to blame, it is incumbent upon anyone making a sequel to try to find some way of making the second film in some way new, instead of merely recycling the first. In this regard, the movie fails.

    An additional problem I had with this movie is that it took some of the weaker aspects of the original even further than it had done. For instance, one of the sources of the original was Bridget's penchant for making a bit of an ass out of herself. Despite this, she constantly manages to come across as cute and adorable, but in the second film she merely looks ridiculous. The first film presented Bridget as a sympathetic character, but she was much harder to love in the second. Again, the fault may lie with the source material, but it is important for any filmmakers, when confronted with a weak source, to make it stronger in the rewrite.

    As with the original, Renee Zellweger is delightful as Bridget, and she remains the main reason for watching the film. She is one of my favorite contemporary actresses, and someone who hasn't done the range of performances that I would have liked to see her take on. I miss the days when she did small, independent films like THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. She looks a bit plumper in this one than in the original, and it is interesting that one of the more celebrated non-anorexic characters of reason years would be played twice by one of the thinnest actresses in the movies. On the other hand, I didn't like either Colin Firth or Hugh Grant as much in this film as in the former. The interesting thing about Mark Darcy (just as with his namesake from the BBC production of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE-not a slip on my part, because Ms Fielding acknowledges that the model for Darcy was Colin Firth's performance in the six-hour BBC production of the Jane Austen classic) in the first film was in gradually learning about his true feelings about Bridget. There was no such mystery in this one. Likewise, knowing from the original that Daniel Cleaver was a deceptive, manipulative creep made him a pretty uninteresting character in the sequel. The guys too as good a job as is possible given the limited possibilities of character development, but their roles are too circumvented to allow of much interest.

    So, do I recommend this or not? I really am on the fence. I guess I'm glad I saw it, but if I hadn't I would have been able to preserve more fully my respect for the original. Sequels can often mar excellent originals (think of the MATRIX movies), but still leave an overall surplus of enjoyment. I guess I liked seeing this one OK, but I can't say now that I would have regretted never having seen it at all. I suppose that there is no harm in seeing this one, but I would warn anyone who really liked (as I did) the original, that this one falls far short of that superb film....more info
  • Entertaining and funny, but very, very flawed...
    What I loved about the Bridget Jones books and the movie most was the fact that we got to see a heroine who was far from perfect in every possible aspect. She was someone women could relate to and perhaps laugh at her flightiness and in turn make the rest of us feel better that we are not in her shoes. However, watching the film version of Bridget Jones: The Edge or Reason was like watching a parody of the aforementioned anti-heroine. Almost every scene in the sequel centers on Bridget Jones going through humiliating moments that are too over the top at times. There were some poignant and sweet moments with Bridget and Mark Darcy, but they were few and far in between. The plot also seems bloated, like the editors tried to add as many elements of the book as possible in 110 minutes. And the solution regarding relationship interloper Rebecca is too contrived and simplified for my taste. Also, the elements of Jane Austen's Persuasion that were in the book are missing here. What happened? The first book had been inspired by Austen's Pride and Prejudice and said inspiration was also apparent in the movie. This is yet another major flaw in this film. But despite the aforementioned things, the movie was indeed funny and entertaining and Renee Zellwegger (who gained more weight to do this film than she did in the first one) and gorgeous Colin Firth had great chemistry. Hugh Grant is always fun to watch whenever he plays a bad boy. Grant is more believable in the aforementioned roles than he is when he plays the boy next door type of characters he played in Notting Hill and Love Actually. All in all, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is not as good as the Helen Fielding novels or as good as the first movie and I'd advise you to rent the DVD before you buy it....more info
  • Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
    I've never written a review before, but I felt the need after watching this movie. I absolutely adored the first installation and found the whole Pride and Prejudice thing cute. I was told that the second book, The Edge of Reason, was not as good, but still good for laughs. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was laugh-out-loud funny with wonderful characters. I really felt the ties between Bridget and her friends, as well as Bridget and her parents. I really enjoyed "seeing" into the whacky lives of her friends who were written quite well. You really got a sense that they were individual people. I also loved the whole Austen's Persuasion thing with Rebecca and Benwick. Being a bit slow, I didn't catch on until the party with the accident, but when I got there I was delighted.

    Unfortunately, the movie cut all of this out. The crazy story with her mom and the African dude..GONE. Everything about her friends and their lives...GONE. The whole Austen's Persuasion thing...GONE. And Rebecca's scheming ways..GONE AND TRANSFORMED! The Thai thing was there, but the sadness of it, the desparation of it, Bridget's time of reflection...GONE. Its like the movie makers robbed the story of everything that made it "real". All we were left with was a bit of fluff. Granted, Colin was looking yummy in the fluff, but still, it was just souless, meaningless fluff. I was so disappointed....more info
  • This Bridget Jones Passes, but Barely
    What is a young woman supposed to do when she is torn between two lovers? That is the question posed by this movie, "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason". Renee Zellweger is back in the main role as Bridget Jones in this continuation of the original Bridget Jones from 2001. And this time around, she is forced to choose between her new lover, Mark, and her former lover, Daniel.

    This movie is the type that most will find agreeable enough to give it a chance, but it isn't as loaded with laughs as some viewers will hope. I found only a couple of scenes funny, and I started to wonder why the movie was billed as a romantic comedy. It is really more dramatic than humorous, and many of the attempts at humor are tired and worn out- the type of humor you hear over and over again in movies.

    I didn't care much for the storyline of this movie, mainly because it is so ordinary. How many times have we seen a movie like this- one that portrays a woman who is torn between two men, feels jealous about the new guy, but is still attracted in a strange way to the former lover, even though he has betrayed her trust in the past? It is the same old formula from Hollywood that we have grown to expect, but would like to see changed.

    I like the performances of the three main characters; Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant. They all bring a certain degree of charm to their respective roles and they all seem believable, although it is difficult to look at Hugh Grant as a bad guy. He just doesn't have a nasty- enough look to fulfill this role, even if his bad reputation is because of dishonesty in relationships.

    Overall, this is a decent flick, and those who enjoyed the first Bridget Jones will probably like this one too. There isn't anything particularly memorable about it, but there is enough entertainment overall to make it worthy of seeing just once.
    ...more info
  • Love, Love, Love this movie
    This movie was so great! It was so much better than the first Bridget movie. Maybe I feel this way because I love Colin Firth, but there were so many things that I really liked in this movie. If you like love stories that have great endings and make sense they you will love this movie! Watch this movie you will love it too!!!...more info
  • Not As Good As First, But Still Funny Second Time Around
    Some of this movie does feel like a re-hash. But that's okay, since the movie was great the first time around, I don't mind seeing some of the same stuff again. This time around, we join Bridget, as she's right in the middle of her relationship with sexy lawyer Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). She's still at her TV job, making a fool of herself (remember the hilarious fireman's pole thing from the first??!! Similar situation in this one...).

    Bridget is getting worried because it seems that Mark might have a love interest at work. Of course, Bridget is just jumping to all the wrong conclusions. She gets pretty low, then gets a job to go to Thailand and film a sort of tourist guide. Guess who is working there too? And at the same job and company because her boss told her that they needed a male personality? That's right. Daniel (Hugh Grant). Unlike Mark, Daniel really is a skeez. Will she go back with Daniel, who feeds her compliments and tells her what a fool he's been? Or will she get back with Mark? Obvious answer. The movie got a little weird for me (I actually thought she had to be dreaming at first because I couldn't believe it) when Bridget is sent to a Thai prison. Yeah.

    Overall, though, this is a funny movie. It'd be fun just to take a Saturday night with your girlfriends and watch both movies in a row, feeling bad, then happy, bad, then happy right along with Bridget. I don't care if I've seen some of this movie before in the first. It was funny the first time. Why wouldn't it be the second time?? RECOMMMENDED!!...more info
  • Even bad Bridget is still pretty good
    Sure, there's tons better about the first "Bridget" movie, but this one still sufficiently entertains. Bear in mind, though, you'll have to turn your "willing suspension of disbelief" powers to turbo.

    Men the likes of the tall, handsome, forthright Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and the rakish, shag-happy Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) are still fighting over the bloated, awkward Bridget (Renee Zellweger), who, besides the extra weight, sports an ugly flush of rosacea for most of the film.

    We forgive this, though, as we forgive the farfetched Thai prison storyline and the lesbian kiss because scenes like the trivia quiz at the barrister's dinner make it all worthwhile. Bridget is pop-culture's thirtysomething Everywoman, and she's just so damn likeable and yes, most women see parts of themselves in her.

    The soundtrack, including Barry White with "The First, The Last, My Everything" at the climax of the film, and Sting's "We'll be Together" at the credits, doesn't disappoint.

    Bridget still says the wrong thing, smokes and drinks and eats too much, and embarrasses herself, with charm. If you're not already a Bridget fan, this movie will probably not convert you, but if you are a fan, buy it and don't miss the bonus features.

    ...more info
  • Insanely Stupid - but BONUS is great!
    I LOVE the first BJD. It was brilliant. Great music, great writing, directing - all that.

    This one? Not so much. The above "" review is 100% accurate. Colin is sexy as always, but Bridget is MOST unpleasant on the eyes. They made her all shiny and bulbous - hard to believe someone could look THAT BAD after only "6 weeks" since we last saw her. Especially someone who has found the love of her life and, if any difference, should only look better after only 6 weeks.

    The quirky dialogue and social blunders so amusing in the first movie have been reduced to mere slapstick. Painful to watch.

    Redeeming factors: Half-naked Colin! Also, and worth the price of the DVD, is the BONUS FEATURE where "Bridget" interviews Colin Firth. HILARIOUS! Seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen! A VERY accurate portrayal of Colin being interviewed by a breathing female anywhere, at any point in time. Makes me feel sorry for him, actually. Giggly, bothered things that we are. Always bringing up P&P and imagining him all wet...he's such a good sport. ...more info
  • Great movie
    If you loved the first movie - you'll love this movie, too! As my husband would say - it's a "chic flick"! Great buy!...more info
  • The Reason is to insult the Bridget Jones' Fan!
    Don't Buy this DVD if you are a Smart Bridget Jones Fan!

    I love the first Bridget Jones' movie. I'm deeply saddened by Bridget Jones' character made into "The Edge of Reason." I found this second Bridget Jones' movie very offensive and the intentions behind its making are just plainly mean.

    Most people who love Bridget Jones' Diary are women with "silly romantic notions." We image that the lovely Old Bridget is our reflections or someone we can relate to. I feel that the filmmakers of "The Edge of Reason" were not only intended to spoil our fun but also to make fools out of us all. They make a biggest idiot out of Bridget's character and "The Edge of Reason" becomes a movie of ridicules! Bridget became very fat, profoundly foolish, extremely in secure, and therefore she is a completely unlikable character and a laughing stock. And so were those who wanted to relate to the character!

    When it comes to watch your beloved character got sabotaged, it becomes a very personal matter. I won't spend my money on people who killed and spoiled my fun! Don't buy this DVD, read the book instead!
    ...more info

    We had the impression, based on the well-played characterizations of the first film, that Bridget Jones' life was settled after the original film, "Bridget Jones' Diary". Were we that far off? After all, Mark Darcy just did not seem the type to be suddenly hemming and hawing over whether he was going to make Bridget a permanent fixture in his life. Wasn't that supposed to be settled after he gave up his fiancee in the first film for Bridget?


    Bridget Jones in supersize mode, literally and figuratively. Everything that worked well in the first film seems to be repeated just for the sake of cheap comedy, but at the expense of the plot and the main characters' believability. If there is a difference, it is that Bridget has been changed into a caricature and in the process has lost a great deal of her charm which, of course, is the heart of the film.


    With a different Director and four Screenwriters, this sequel seemed bound for failure.

    Ren¨¦e Zellweger - Bridget Jones [nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy]

    Hugh Grant - Daniel Cleaver [scene stealing cad]

    Colin Firth - Mark Darcy [good guy but too stiff]


    Excellent transfer of both video and audio. Loads of features, but who cares if the film isn't that compelling?


    Worth seeing, but hardly the classic comedy that the original "Bridget Jones' Diary" has become....more info