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The Incredibles (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
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Fifteen years after ex-superhero Bob Par is forced to assume a civilian identity with his family, he takes an assignment from a mysterious agency that turns out to be a trap, leaving it up to his family to save him and the world.
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Media Type: DVD
Artist: DISNEY
Street Release Date: 05/22/2007

After creating the last great traditionally animated film of the 20th century, The Iron Giant, filmmaker Brad Bird joined top-drawer studio Pixar to create this exciting, completely entertaining computer-animated film. Bird gives us a family of "supers," a brood of five with special powers desperately trying to fit in with the 9-to-5 suburban lifestyle. Of course, in a more innocent world, Bob and Helen Parr were superheroes, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. But blasted lawsuits and public disapproval forced them and other supers to go incognito, making it even tougher for their school-age kids, the shy Violet and the aptly named Dash. When a stranger named Mirage (voiced by Elizabeth Pena) secretly recruits Bob for a potential mission, the old glory days spin in his head, even if his body is a bit too plump for his old super suit.

Bird has his cake and eats it, too. He and the Pixar wizards send up superhero and James Bond movies while delivering a thrilling, supercool action movie that rivals Spider-Man 2 for 2004's best onscreen thrills. While it's just as funny as the previous Pixar films, The Incredibles has a far wider-ranging emotional palette (it's Pixar's first PG film). Bird takes several jabs, including some juicy commentary on domestic life ("It's not graduation, he's moving from the fourth to fifth grade!").

The animated Parrs look and act a bit like the actors portraying them, Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter. Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Lee also have a grand old time as, respectively, superhero Frozone and bad guy Syndrome. Nearly stealing the show is Bird himself, voicing the eccentric designer of superhero outfits ("No capes!"), Edna Mode.

Nominated for four Oscars, The Incredibles won for Best Animated Film and, in an unprecedented win for non-live-action films, Sound Editing.

The Presentation
This two-disc set is (shall we say it?), incredible. The digital-to-digital transfer pops off the screen and the 5.1 Dolby sound will knock the socks off most systems. But like any superhero, it has an Achilles heel. This marks the first Pixar release that doesn't include both the widescreen and full-screen versions in the same DVD set, which was a great bargaining chip for those cinephiles who still want a full-frame presentation for other family members. With a 2.39:1 widescreen ratio (that's big black bars, folks, la Dr. Zhivago), a few more viewers may decide to go with the full-frame presentation. Fortunately, Pixar reformats their full-frame presentation so the action remains in frame.

The Extras
The most-repeated segments will be the two animated shorts. Newly created for this DVD is the hilarious "Jack-Jack Attack," filling the gap in the film during which the Parr baby is left with the talkative babysitter, Kari. "Boundin'," which played in front of the film theatrically, was created by Pixar character designer Bud Luckey. This easygoing take on a dancing sheep gets better with multiple viewings (be sure to watch the featurette on the short).

Brad Bird still sounds like a bit of an outsider in his commentary track, recorded before the movie opened. Pixar captain John Lasseter brought him in to shake things up, to make sure the wildly successful studio would not get complacent. And while Bird is certainly likable, he does not exude Lasseter's teddy-bear persona. As one animator states, "He's like strong coffee; I happen to like strong coffee." Besides a resilient stance to be the best, Bird threw in an amazing number of challenges, most of which go unnoticed unless you delve into the 70 minutes of making-of features plus two commentary tracks (Bird with producer John Walker, the other from a dozen animators). We hear about the numerous sets, why you go to "the Spaniards" if you're dealing with animation physics, costume problems (there's a reason why previous Pixar films dealt with single- or uncostumed characters), and horror stories about all that animated hair. Bird's commentary throws out too many names of the animators even after he warns himself not to do so, but it's a lively enough time. The animator commentary is of greatest interest to those interested in the occupation.

There is a 30-minute segment on deleted scenes with temporary vocals and crude drawings, including a new opening (thankfully dropped). The "secret files" contain a "lost" animated short from the superheroes' glory days. This fake cartoon (Frozone and Mr. Incredible are teamed with a pink bunny) wears thin, but play it with the commentary track by the two superheroes and it's another sharp comedy sketch. There are also NSA "files" on the other superheroes alluded to in the film with dossiers and curiously fun sound bits. "Vowellet" is the only footage about the well-known cast (there aren't even any obligatory shots of the cast recording their lines). Author/cast member Sarah Vowell (NPR's This American Life) talks about her first foray into movie voice-overs--daughter Violet--and the unlikelihood of her being a superhero. The feature is unlike anything we've seen on a Disney or Pixar DVD extra, but who else would consider Abe Lincoln an action figure? --Doug Thomas

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Customer Reviews:

  • great service
    this movie was delivered quickly and in great condition. I am very happy with it....more info
  • REALLY read the lousy reviews...
    To understand why there are lousy reviews for this film, you have to read a few of them. For one thing, anyone that has chronic spelling problems may not be suited to review a movie with a sense of humor. Some of the material might be a little too much for their intellects. For another, the complaints that this isn't exactly a children's film come from the reviewers that must have missed the fact that it is rated PG not G. Big difference, don't you think? Finally, I would like these same boors to name me one 'wholesome' Disney picture that did NOT contain any frightening images. From the evil queen in the first Disney classic asking the huntsman to bring back Snow White's heart in a box, to Nemo and Marlin barely escaping their respective undersea terrors there are scary life lessons in all Disney films. Nothing my children had seen prepared them for the horrors they saw on the news on September 11th. This stuff pales by comparison. For the record, I am replacing my children's copy of The Incredibles as it is scratched from wear....more info
  • Great film for all
    This is well worth getting, especially if you can pick it up cheap.
    The film itself is great for people of all ages. However, as it says on the DVD case if the kids are very small you might wish to watch it with them the first time.

    Theres much for adults to enjoy here, including some perceptive stuff about work place frustration, which Mr Incredible fails to keep under control! The family scenes will also remind adults of the joys and the difficulties of running a family household. Like a lot of modern digital animations this film works on different levels for different people. The kids on the other-hand will love the superhero fights and the exciting set-piece battles.

    I haven't watched the extras yet but they look interesting and combined with the main film will give you hours and hours of entertainment.
    ...more info
  • unintentionally(i hope) elitist?
    Art, animation, voice acting, characterizations are all first rate. Why the two stars? Because the plot is, I hope unintentionally, elitist. The 'villain' of the story is an awkward, nerdy young boy who is harshly rejected by the 'hero' of the story Mr. Incredible By his own efforts and genius he makes himself equal to or superior to the 'supers'. But the oddball, misfit, geek is the evil villain who must be destroyed by the naturally superior handsome/beautiful 'good guys'(and girls) . At the end of the movie Dash must hold back during a race so he gets second place rather than an easy win over the not so incredible normal people. The whole thing smacks too much of Friedrich Nietzsche's ubermensch or the blond, blue eyed supermen beloved of E. E. (doc) Smith or Edmond Hamilton for my taste. The theme seems to be that some people are born 'super' and that if you try to join the in crowd, you're evil and doomed to failure. NOT a message I want sent to children.

    I also found the casual, wholesale murder rampant throughout the movie to be appalling. I expected that sort of thing in Die Hard or Alien (both of which I liked) but this? IMO it made the movie somewhat schizophrenic in that it could not decide whether it was comedy or drama. Perhaps they simply did not have time to fully develop the ideas and plot line fully. A nice idea and brilliant CGI work. I think it might have worked better it they'd simply decided to make a fully steampunk noir movie or gone entirely for the children's market. Trying to do both, IMO, simply did not work. ...more info
  • WARNING: movie is insurance company propaganda!
    It used to only be insurance companies that propagated the myth that the the court system was rife with frivolous law suits. Now they have a cute cuddly front man in the form of Brad Bird.
    But that is not the only problem with this unbelievably over-hyped movie.
    The "Hero" is basically a metaphor for a member of the royal family or ruling class. He is born with his powers. The "villian" is an Abraham Lincoln, born with only his brains and determination. After the royalty casts off the classic scrappy underdog, solely because he was not born with his powers, I was amazed that the audience still stuck it out and rooted for the big dumb blonde. The fact that EVERYONE loves this movie just proves that the staus quo remains because the people demand it. That or I happen to have some awesome and rare genetic mutation that gives me, and me alone, immunity to mind control. ...more info
  • Pixar Makes Another Hit!
    The Incredibles is a fun story about a family of super heroes and how they try to integrate back into society once super heroes are outlawed due to lawsuits. (Some people just don't want to be saved!) A funny concept! Great characters, a great villian, a great family movie!...more info
  • Well Done, Pixar!
    The Incredibles (2004)

    A clever and fast paced script & good dialoge propel this brilliantly animated feature about a family of superheros under cover posing as normal sedate suburbanites.

    Mom & Dad (voiced by Craig T. Nelson & Holly Hunter) have passed their superpowers on to their kids - a girl who can make herself invisible & can create force fields and a son who has super speed and is pissed that he has to keep his power a secret. As you can probably guess, the ruse eventually crumbles and the family must leap into action to save the day. This winner from Pixar is their first to deal with humanoid characters as past efforts have been about toys, fish and avuncular monsters.
    ...more info
  • The Incredibles DVD
    Fastly shipped, excellent condition. This movie is enjoyable for all ages, and for several viewings. I have seen it before, and I am happy to own it! I would order from this seller again....more info
  • "Things Exploding, People Hugging"
    "Things exploding, people hugging." That's what composer Michael Ciacchino said the score was about for "The Incredibles". Director Brad Bird echoed that, saying it was aimed at being a balance of the mundane and the fantastic. It did a fantastic job at that.

    This was the first Pixar picture I watched, and I can see why people rave about their animation. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I will admit that I found it interesting the similarity between the foursome and the Fantastic Four (one stretches, one is super-strong, and one is invisible with force fields in both quartets). I also think it stretched reality a little -- I can imagine the son of a superman type inheriting super-speed, but there is no explanation why a super strong parent and an elastic parent could produce a daughter who turns invisible and throws force fields. Likewise, if superheroes were out-lawed, what could keep evil supers from running wild? But when did facts stand in the way of a good story?

    The story was very entertaining. It dealt with adult themes in a way that children wouldn't be bored or question something inappropriate. The writing was great to show human people who just happened to have powers. It made a great jab at bureauracy being no better than criminals.

    Also, I enjoyed the James Bond-ish music. The characters were great as well.

    Spoiler alert!!! The rest of this review may ruin some surprises -- read at your own risk! Also, some of this is my opinion of life in general.

    The villain, Syndrome, when he was younger, had wanted to be the sidekick for Mr. Incredible, who told him to get lost, that he could handle things on his own. So Syndrome's plan was to sell superpowers to everyone, and commented "When everybody is super, nobody is super." Actually, that is the reality. In a sense, each of us are super, so nobody is better than anyone else. (My thoughts here.)

    There is a theme that we are not meant to go about it alone. If Mr. Incredible has decided to work with "Indrediboy", maybe there would never have been a Syndrome. In the end, Mr. Incredible learned he was meant to be part of a team, and that team was his family. We need to realize that this is true of us as well.

    The alternate beginning drove home the family point. I think they did the better opening, but I wish they were able to do as the alternate beginning did, and have Helen tell some career woman who looked down on home mothers the fact that one is no less important than the other.

    I enjoyed the extra features. I would have moved the Incrediblunders up on the menu, because a lot of them were shown in the making of the Incredibles. I was disappointed there was little shown about the voice-actors. I did find the "essay" by Sarah Vowell (who provided the voice for Violet) intersting, since Vowell and I share interest in the Garfield and McKinley administrations, though I think she would benefit from Toastmasters....more info
  • Incredible Feature Movie
    This is certainly one of Disney and Pixar's most entertaining animated features to date. Interesting characters and storyline backed by beautifully rendered animation. Highly recommended for both children and adults....more info
  • Great for the whole family
    We love this movie, my kids love the pixar movies and this one lives up to the disney name. ...more info
  • Expect the Incredible...
    Imagine we lived in a world where superheroes actually existed. What would that world be like? It would probably be pretty nice. But what if something happened, an accident of some sort that was inadvertently caused by these same heroes that put many in jeopardy, and maybe even cost innocent lives. Would we shun these heroes who had saved our lives countless other times over one incident when fate didn't go our way? Well, that's probably what would happen given the state of our society, and is exactly what happens in Disney/Pixar's computer animated hit movie "The Incredibles".

    "The Incredibles" is about a family of heroes who find themselves trying to fit into normal everyday life, after the government was forced to put them into a sort of witness protection program designed for those with extraordinary abilities. Bob Parr (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) and his wife Helen (Holly Hunter) are doing their best to raise their anything but normal family and stay out of the media spotlight. Their oldest child Violet, is a somewhat depressed, introverted young girl who possesses the ability to become invisible, which she does whenever a cute boy is around. The middle child, Dash, is the exact opposite of his sister, as he is a hyperactive kid who definitely lives up to his name with his ability of super-speed. Then there's Jack-Jack, the baby, his power is to drool on everything and look cute. Living the life of a normal person doesn't set too well with Bob though, as he is constantly drawn to the glory days, when heroes were honored by the people and depended upon to right the wrongs. So when a mysterious offer is made that could give Bob the excuse he needs to use his powers again, he of course leaps at the opportunity, but what he soon discovers is that often times if the offer is too good to be true, then it probably is. Now, Bob finds himself in a fight for not only his life, but also that of his family and friends in the hidden superhero community.

    Just when I thought that Pixar couldn't possibly do any better than their classics, "Finding Nemo" and "Toy Story", those creative gurus go and deliver what is quite possibly their best film to date. Now, I'll admit I may be a bit more biased towards this movie since it is a superhero themed movie, a subject matter that I enjoy due to my interest in comic books and their movie adaptations, but aside from that I believe that this is a truly well put together piece of cinema that the entire family can sit back and enjoy on multiple levels. That's the glorious thing about Pixar films, is that they actually strive to contain a little something for everyone to enjoy. For instance, in this movie their is thrilling action sequences (for the action buffs), family drama (for the dramatic types), a little romance (for you mushy people out there), and of course, comedy (which is where the movie truly shines by having comedy that hits all sorts of age ranges).

    The story for "The Incredibles" is a perfect superhero tale that is so well-developed that it can easily go toe-to-toe with it's live action counterparts, even besting some of them. It was an interesting approach to take by having the world go from essentially worshiping these heroes to shunning them the instant things didn't go smoothly, to turning back around and needing them again. Even though it was an animated movie full of comedy and adventure, the story is actually one that would probably be fairly true to life if this was to all take place in the real world. Which shows the depth that the creative teams at Pixar are willing to take their movies to in order to achieve the most entertaining experience possible for audiences. One final note regarding the story for "The Incredibles" is that this is the type of storytelling that I wish Marvel and 20th Century Fox would have taken with their film "Fantastic Four". Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed that movie as well, as my review stated, but I would have preferred a little more serious tone in the film. Which is why "The Incredibles" was a little bit better of a movie, in my opinion.

    Another outstanding feature for most Pixar movies is their terrific vocal performances from all of their actors. A key component to making any successful animated movie is to have the best actors possible to bring these 2-D or 3-D characters to life. It's something that Disney has always strived for, and it's nice to see that Pixar is carrying on the tradition in order to continue making excellent family-friendly films. The voice actors gathered together for this film all turn in fun, engaging performances bringing each of their characters to life, in such a realistic way that balances perfectly with the beautifully rendered computer generated imagery. Which brings me to my final praise of the movie, the animation. As always the folks at Pixar deliver another awesome looking 3-D animated film that features CGI that rivals even the biggest live action blockbuster film.

    All of these factors combined together are the prime examples for why Pixar remains the best of the best in animated films of any kind, and their hit film "The Incredibles" is no exception.

    "The Incredibles" is rated PG for violence....more info
    I must confess i loved this movie, it is very well conceived. The computer animation is amazing and the dialogue is very funny. I laughed my a** off at the Edith Head character, it was genius to channel her for this movie, she was the beginning and the end for movie fashion in her time. This movie represents one of the rare instances when adults will enjoy a kids movie at least as much if not more than the children it is intended for. Highly recommended on so many levels....more info
  • Really really good
    These Pixar films just get better and better. The Incredibles was recommended to me by so many people that I had to watch it if only to stop people frmo hounding me about it. And it's brilliant. As well as being funny and action packed, it appeals to all ages and it's really moving in places too! How did that happen? Well done to the folks that keep churning out these high quality animated flicks. keep up the good work....more info
  • kid at heart
    my nephew got me to watch this movie about a year ago and i loved it.thanks for the great service....more info
  • Fun Animation
    The Incredibles will make you laugh and laugh for days. I truly enjoyed it....more info
  • Pixar bats another one out of the park.
    The Incredibles (Brad Bird, 2004)

    The Incredibles is a fun little film when you watch it; interesting, kind of engaging, but nothing terribly special; it's doesn't reach out and grab hold of your throat and slap you around the room with its greatness the way Monsters, Inc. does. It's only later, when you've reflected on the little details for a while, that you come to realize how much of this film is simply, as the kids say these days, made of awesome.

    Bird, one of the better directors in the Pixar stable, filled this sucker chock-full of fun in-jokes for the adults whilst keeping the action coming for the kiddies. In this installment of the great Pixar dynasty, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) has been forced into retirement after a rescue gone terribly wrong in the opening scenes. Mundane life is, shall we say, not treating him terribly well. He and his wife, the former Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), have moved to the suburbs and are trying to raise their family-- all of whom, as it turns out, seem to have inherited superpowers from their parents-- in relative obscurity. The most superhero-like thing Mr. Incredible does is get together with his old pal Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and talk over old times. Until, that is, he receives a secret message saying that his powers are needed...

    It's a fun movie, the kind of thing you expect from Pixar-- lots of action, witty dialogue, visual gags, a good time to be had by all. You'll enjoy it. But then, go and read the trivia page over at IMDB and marvel at the number of in-jokes in this movie. There are homages to what seems like every superhero comic, every movie any of these actors has ever worked in, every member of the crew. And none of them interferes with the movie's plot or pacing. That's brilliant. Either Bird is the world's biggest geek and had this entire thing cast before he started writing, or his eye for detail is unparalleled. (Or both.) It's the technical equivalent of the emotional punch of Monsters, Inc., and what makes it great is trying to think of another studio that could have cranked those two movies out back-to-back-- and not being able to come up with one. ****...more info
  • A little long
    but we all love it. The characters are good, and there is lots of funny stuff going on. It is one of our favorite movies! Between this one, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and Cars my kids are happy campers...more info
  • DVD Release has different ending than the cinema version
    It is unfortunately that Pixar changed the ending of the movie to a more scarier version for the DVD release. We found that it's too dark and zany to watch with very young kids and the new ending spoils the experience for them. I don't understand that they didn't at least include the original ending as well so that you could choose which version to watch.

    Still the best Pixar movie. I hope they release a HD version which also has the original ending as an option....more info
  • The Incredibles are awesome.
    The Incredibles is the best kid's movie ever. My boys watch it every day and it is such a great movie that I don't mind....more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    Anybody who enjoys Pixar movies will enjoy this one. It has everything... action, suspense, comedy and a good story. I love the whole retro look of everything in the movie, it's great. The movie would not be complete without "Edna" the clothing designer. The character inter-action is outstanding. This is one of my all-time favorites from the Pixar files.

    Lee...more info
  • Great Movie
    Another great movie that we have watched with our 3 yr old over and over....more info