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That Darn Cat!
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When a slightly cross-eyed Siamese cat named D.C. (Darn Cat) turns up with a wristwatch around his neck instead of a collar, it could be just the clue the FBI needs to crack a series of bank robberies in this lightweight comedy from Disney. The watch belongs to a bank teller who has been taken hostage. Dean Jones stars as the good-hearted FBI agent assigned to the case. Unfortunately, he is highly allergic to, you guessed it, cats. Hayley Mills is D.C.'s doting owner who hatches a hair-brained scheme to follow D.C.'s every move until he returns to the crooks' hideout where he got the wristwatch. After a lot of sneezing, slapstick, and comedic intrigue, the bank robbers are foiled, the hostage is safe, and everyone is happy. An impressive supporting cast of Frank Gorshin, Elsa Lanchester, Roddy McDowall, and Ed Wynn add to the zaniness. Released in 1965 (and remade in 1997), it is understandably dated, but the performances are fun nonetheless. Hayley Mills is delightful as the determined and unflappable wannabe sleuth, and Dean Jones proves he is adept at physical comedy. This is a movie of little consequence, just a clean, fun diversion that the whole family can watch. The theme song is sung by Bobby Darin. --Peggy Maltby-Etra

A cat leads a federal agent onto the trail of a band of thieves who kidnapped a bank teller. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 01/12/2007 Starring: Hayley Mills Run time: 116 minutes Rating: G Director: Robert Stevenson

Customer Reviews:

  • Pleasing a cat-crazy six year old
    Remembering how much I enjoyed this movie I rented it last year for my then 5 year old. She loved it so much we have since bought the DVD, not something we do often. What is amazing is not only how much she loves this movie but also how much she and her friends play with the storyline.They run around after pretending to be cats and FBI agents, searching for clues. It may not be glitzy but it certainly sparks their imagination....more info
  • Number 7 of all time by a whisker
    Personally, I think calling this movie "That Damn Cat" would've given the movie more edge and appealed to the kids of today, but we'll have to go with the title Disney gave this thing. The siamese cat playing that darn cat puts on a performance that would rival what Keanu Reeves or Chris Klein do on the big screen today. The cat is crosseyed so it can't see things on it's left. Anyway, craziness ensues and the cat saves China or something.

    I've got a cat named Hindenburg at home and the thing is freakin huge. She weighs 18 lbs and really doesn't do anything but sleep, eat and poop. It's really smelly poop too. I will taunt the cat at times. Sometimes when she is sleeping I dress up like a giant mouse or soft taco and run out of the kitchen screaming like a banshee. My cat usually leaps 5 feet in the air and then hisses at me. I'll just keep following her around making squeaking noises like a mouse or a sizzling noise if I'm the soft taco. The soft taco itself doesn't really make noise so I sub in the fajita sizzlin sound. It's mexican food, it's the same 6 ingredients cooked in different ways. If I want to take creative license to make a fajita noise instead of making up a noise for a soft taco, that's my right. As mentioned in earlier reviews, I like to play board games with my cat and almost always win. Hindy did beat me at Monopoly last week though because she got both boardwalk and park place. After the game I took her outside for a game of basketball in the driveway. I shut her out. A lot of that is due to the fact she doesn't have opposable thumbs and can't shoot a basketball, but even if she did she couldn't contain my post game.

    Cats are pretty cool and don't smell as bad as other pets like Dogs or Wombats. If you want a fun family movie to watch before bedtime, this film at #7 all time would be a good call. Let's face it, if I recommend something you should probably just do it. When you take where your life is at in comparison to mine, if I said to spread jelly on your face and skateboard behind an 18 wheeler you should go to the store and gets you some jelly....more info
  • Classic Disney Movies are the BEST!
    We Just Love This movie, It is very refreshing to just put in a movie and know that there is nothing bad in it.
    Classic Disney Movies are the best! ...more info
  • Also disappointed
    I completely agree with the other reviewers here. I also was planning to purchase the dvd of That Darn Cat as it was one of my childhood favorites. However, it is available in full screen only. Why does Disney bother to put out dvds that are nothing but vhs copies on a disk? I guess I will wait until they get wise and put this in a wide-screen version on dvd....more info
  • That Darn Cat strikes again!
    It's a very good family movie even me, a kid likes it.And you'll like it if you like cats!...more info
    It may be possible that children in 1965 had longer attention spans. THAT DARN CAT was a huge Disney hit, and with its almost two hours in length and it's by today's standards slow pacing, it's a wonder kids could sit through the whole movie without getting antsy. But, hey, I did back then and now as an adult, I still find the movie a charming family film. Disney ingenue Hayley Mills had one of her first "mature" roles in this film and she is delightful as always. Disney mainstay Dean Jones played the allergy-ridden FBI agent to the tee, and lovely Dorothy Provine was sharp as Hayley's older sister. Add a supporting cast of such stalwarts as Ed Wynn, Elsa Lanchester, William Demarest, Tom Lowell, and Roddy McDowall, and you have a highly entertaining fluffy entertainment. It was good seeing Dark Shadows Julia Hoffman (the late Grayson Hall) in the role of the kidnapped banker, and baddies Frank Gorshin and Neville Brand as the somewhat inept kidnappers. And of course, DC that darn cat, was perfect---no superhero abilities or talking cat, just a persnickety and sharp feline hero!...more info
  • Not much on extras, but at least it's a DVD!
    I waited patiently for this to come out on DVD, refusing to buy the new remake or the old version in VHS. There isn't much but the movies itself, which is fine by my kids since that's all they want anyway. This version, in my opinion, is just more entertaining to watch than the remake and I hope the DVD holds up to long use!...more info
  • Another Disney Pan & Scan DVD!
    Well as a person who likes both dogs and cats and I have always liked movies about dogs and movies about cats so I absolutely loved the original That Darn Cat (1965) and I was waiting for years for a DVD to become available and now that the DVD is finally a reality I'm disappointed that it is just pan & scan and that they didn't even bother to go for a widescreen format. They could have very easily put out a seperate widescreen DVD as well as a pan & scan DVD or they could have had one DVD with widescreen on the A side of the disc and pan & scan on the B side. ...more info
  • Still funny after all of these years!
    I remember seeing this movie as a kid and it is still just as funny now as it was then. Dean Jones and the cat, "DC" are the stars! You will love the part at the drive-in movie while he is chasing "DC". The nosey neighbor and her husband are very funny characters! The beginning is a little slow for kids, but the story has to be brought out. Once it is, away you go! This is a movie that is wholesome and is great family entertainment of which you don't find anymore. My 10 year old daughter loves it! If you are looking for a movie that your whole family can enjoy, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Classical Disnet
    I grew up with these classics from Disney. Great family entertainment at it's best! - especially for cat lovers. TC really shows his lovable, yet independent and curious personality. Teenagers and young adults may find the special effects outdated, but if they can get beyond that, they will still find the story entertaining and fun to watch.
    ...more info
  • That Darn Cat - with Haley Mills
    This movie is a classic. Unfortunately Disney did not
    treat it as such when they released it on dvd. It has
    none of the extras that other Disney classics have.
    There should have been interviews with the stars and
    insight into the making of the movie. Fans would have
    paid extra for this. It is still good to have it in
    dvd vice vhs....more info
  • hilarious family flick
    Haley Mills shines as always in That Darn Cat. I disagree with some of the other reviewers who said she and her sister came across as being very flaky. Haley stars as Patti, a girl on the brink of womanhood who lives with her older sister and parents. She is known for having an overactive imagination, but that proves to be a good thing when she solves a bank robber mystery with the help of her Siamese Cat "D.C." The cat definitely is the most humorous character in this film. He constantly outwits humans, especially the jerks. The second funniest character in my opinion is Patti's semi boyfriend Canoe who is always hanging around her house generally being a nuesence. My favorite scene is when he is spying on Patti and gets caught on a garage door and then the people who own it open the garage, and he flys up into it and injures his neck. This movie is obviously dated and a bit dorky, but it is great slapstick comedy and safe for the whole family. I recommend watching this late at night when you are a bit tired and slap happy. I am surprised this movie isn't more popular and on DVD. It is almost as good as her previous films Pollyanna and the Parent Trap. Those two movies I give 5 stars. I wouldn't recommend anyone watching the 1997 version of That Darn cat. It was so bad I stopped watching it about a third of the way through it. The acting and writing were both terrible. ...more info
  • That Darn Cat
    This is a very funny movie with great acting by both Dean Jones and Hayley Mills....more info
  • Disappointed
    This is one of Disney's finest non-animated movies, yet I could only give the DVD one star as the aspect is full-screen. It would have been nice if they had made the DVD 2-sided & included the original wide-screen presentation. They did such a superior job with the earlier movie, "Pollyanna". It is a 2-disc set presented in 1:75. I don't understand why Disney so carefully presents one classic & treats another with complete disdain. The "Absent-Minded Professor" was put out on DVD in full-screen but within six months Disney released the wide-screen version too. I can only hope that they will do that with "That Darn Cat", "In Search of the Castaways", & "The Moon-Spinners". I was so looking forward to the release of all three of these movies, & now I won't be purchasing any of them until the widescreen version comes out....more info
  • Wonderful Cat
    It is a nice comedy and the smart Siamese cat is a wonderful actor. This first version is similar to Bob Spiers`s film but I prefer the first one because I find it more elegant....more info
  • Meowww !
    These movies are so fun and bring back the memories of popcorn, soda in a glass bottle and PJs at the drive in....more info
  • "He's a sly old codger, an artful dodger, a scrounger unsurpassed..." (referring to the cat, of course, and not Ed Wynn)
    Forty years plus later, THAT DARN CAT! still holds up very well as a live action Disney movie. I saw it again recently, after not having seen it for many years, and it's just as entertaining and silly, although for the most part not so dumbed-down silly that it becomes aggravating. Based on the book UNDERCOVER CAT by the Gordons (That Darn Cat AKA Undercover Cat) and with the theme song sung by Bobby Darin, several things work to make this a fun flick. First and prominently, there's Hayley Mills, who spent a huge chunk of her teenhood making Disney movies (Pollyanna (Vault Disney Collection), the classic PARENT TRAP (The Parent Trap (1961) and The Parent Trap II (1986): 2-Movie Collection (2-Disc Set)), In Search of the Castaways, Summer Magic, The Moon-Spinners). THAT DARN CAT! marks the end of 19-year-old Hayley Mills's Disney run, but she exits on a high note. To make up for her departure, lanky everyman Dean Jones makes his Disney debut and would go on to be the featured star in ensuing Disney pictures. In this movie Hayley is as warm and plucky as ever, and Dean brings his likeability and his talent for physical comedy. Both are terrific, someone in charge being wise enough to ensure enough screentime for these two to do their thing.

    But it's also about the cat. At exactly 9pm the always ravenous blue-eyed Siamese cat D.C. (for Darn Cat!) goes on the prowl and makes his rounds, scavenging for food, getting into messes, getting the neighbors all ornery. But when D.C. comes home one evening wearing an expandable wristwatch with part of the word "Help" scratched on it, her teenaged owner Patti Randall (Mills) makes an improbable leap of logic: that the watch is somehow linked to the daring bank robberies and kidnapping so featured in all the newspapers. I guess back in the '60s one can just stroll into the FBI offices and walk out with an FBI guy, because this is exactly what Patti does. Except that the agent assigned, Zeke Kelso (Jones), happens to be highly allergic to cats.

    There's a bit of anthropomorphism thrown in, with D.C. seemingly able to understand most of the conversations going on around him. And certainly D.C. is a clever cat, and there's almost a cartoon feel in how he outsmarts the local backyard mutt. We also get absurd shenanigans with Agent Kelso attempting to take the cat's pawprints and the FBI guys tasked with surveillance detail on D.C. But thankfully the cat doesn't monopolize the movie. And, except for Kelso's attempts to fingerprint D.C. (a scene which feels really contrived), the frankly farfetched plot developments generate the humor. The funniest sequence takes place in a drive-in theater as manager Mel Cooley chases down Kelso and the cat and has ungodly amounts of icky concession stand foods dumped on him. There's also a very vague stab at romance but that gives way in favor of getting the plot moving.

    Incidental characters also provide comedy support and generally liven up the place, particularly Elsa Manchester and William Demarest as, respectively, the snoopy neighbor and her hearing-impaired husband. And, yes, the snoop gets her just desserts. Roddy McDowall plays a stuffed shirt who courts Patti's older sister; Ed Wynn shows up in one scene as a nervous jeweler; and Frank Gorshin (later, the Riddler in the Batman show) is interesting as a fidgety bank robber. A dichotomy regarding Gorshin's character is that while he's the one pushing to kill off the hostage bank teller, he's a big softie for cats. By the way, another element which elevates the film is that the bad guys aren't portrayed as bumbling types but rather as fairly smart ne-er-do-wells. They probably would've gotten away with their crimes... if not for That. Darn. Cat! And who plans for cats?

    So I cut my teeth on Disney flicks and grew up on Hayley Mills and Dean Jones, Fred MacMurray and Kurt Russell. Hayley Mills was excellent in all of her Disney pictures, so I'm not too surprised that, although not as timeless as THE PARENT TRAP, THAT DARN CAT! decades later has managed to retain its magic and its watchability. Even the more sophisticated, more savvy kids of today will giggle themeselves silly at THAT DARN CAT! The only down side to this, really, is that we're still waiting for a dvd release with the original theatrical wide screen format. Why dole out the skimpy, Disney?...more info