Magnum, P.I. - The Complete First Season
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 04/12/2005 Run time: 1113 minutes Rating: Nr

A ratings hit for eight seasons on CBS, the action-mystery series Magnum, P.I. makes its DVD boxed set debut in an impressive five-disc package that offers not only the entire first season, but some rarely seen episodes. Positioned in the old Hawaii Five-O time slot (Thursdays at 9) in December of 1980, Magnum quickly became a hit, thanks to the combination of smart and witty scripting, gorgeous locations, and the considerable charm of lead Tom Selleck as former Naval Intelligence officer Thomas Magnum, who gives up his position to become a private investigator on Oahu with the help of fellow Vietnam vets T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti). Magnum also provided security for the lavish estate of wealthy (and never-seen) mystery writer Robin Masters, which gave him access to the author's expensive vehicles (including a prized Ferrari), much to the disapproval of Masters's manservant Higgins (Jonathan Hillerman).

A rare series that skillfully blended action, humor, drama, and suspense, Magnum, P.I.'s first season gets the boxed set treatment its fans have been hoping for, with all 18 first-season episodes (including the two-part pilot, "Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii") included on four discs. The fifth disc contains four rarely shown bonus episodes, including season 3's "Ki'ls Don't Lie," which featured a crossover plot with Simon and Simon, as well as its conclusion ("Emeralds Are Not a Girl's Best Friend"), which kicked off S&S's second season; the latter episode has never been aired as part of Magnum's syndicated package, which is another reason for fans to pick up and enjoy this long-awaited set. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Magnum dvd
    any idea how long it will take for season two to come out???...more info
  • A Long Time in Coming
    This is the long awaited DVD set of Magnum PI. If you're any sort of Magnum PI fan YOU NEED TO GET THIS. The set does not have any frill's. There are no commentary or interviews. It does have 4 additional episodes including the crossover with Simon and Simon and a two part episode starring Sharon Stone. The rest of set is the first season on three two-sided DVD. The first season really does a great job at building each of the main characters, Magnum, Higgins, Rick and TC. I'm hoping that other seasons will be forthcoming. ...more info
    If you get season 1 be sure to check the first disk side B to look for scratches. This will seriously interupt play for you miss 2-3 scenes. Perhaps the cheaper price is a hint for the poor quality....more info
  • Are you kidding me??
    Listen, Magnum, P.I. is one of the best shows ever, no doubt, but almost $40 a season, you have to be kidding me. Before I actually looked, I figured to myself, inside my own brain "Hey, I should buy all eight seasoons on DVD... can't be more than $10 -15/season" NOPE, almost $40/season. I love the show.. Magnum, T.C., Rick, and even Higgins... even loved the almost reunion on "Las Vegas", but this show is a quarter of a CENTURY old... give the real fans a break... because you probably aren't going to make a whole lot of new ones!! Drop the price by... well... drop most of the price already!!!!...more info
  • Magnum Force
    A quarter-century after its debut, MAGNUM, P.I. has finally been reborn on DVD. This collection features the eighteen first season episodes (including the two-part intro show) and four additional episodes, the SIMON AND SIMON crossovers and two episodes starring Sharon Stone. It's an around the clock Magnum fest, with enough papaya and poi to satisfy anyone (except us HAWAII FIVE-0 fans who are still waiting for that classic to be released).

    Tom Selleck is charming and roguish, Higgins is insufferable and witty, the writing is creative and never by rote, and the locations are incredible. Even at the full price this set is worth having.

    Widely considered never to have "jumped the shark," MAGNUM P.I. holds up well after all these years.

    The only drawback to this set is he double-sided DVDs,a cost-cutting factor which risks some damage to the discs, and the cheap DVD pop-out buttons. When I opened my set, one disc fell to the floor and rolled under the table, a high-tech version of "On Top of Old Smokey." Not what you want with a brand-new DVD. Hopefully Season Two will be packaged better.

    Classic Eighties TV entertainment honestly at it's best. ...more info
  • Magnum P.I. (A Classic TV Show Returns)
    I've been reading a lot of reviews about the dissatisfaction with this DVD set and after finally purchasing this set, I can honestly say that my fears were swept away.

    I grew up watching this classic TV show when it was originally broadcasted on network TV. From the very familiar theme song to Magnum's mysterious charm I'm glad I caved in and bought this set.

    While it's true that there were a lack of features, I didn't buy this set for them. Just to be able to sit down and watch these classic season one episodes brought a new sense of adoration to this show. I hadn't thought about buying this set but now I'm glad I did.

    This set, apart from the 18 episodes from season one, which also includes the 2-part series pilot episode, includes a bonus DVD which includes the two-part cross-over episode with Simono and Simon (another classic series) as well as the part episode from Magnumn's fifth season starring Sharon Stone.

    All in all, this is a very excellent DVD set to own and every fan needs to own this DVD set.

    One final note: The DVD set I bought? I had no problem with the pop-up tabs breaking. As long as you're careful with retrieving the DVD's from the slipcase slots they won't break. They're just a manufacturing defect....more info
  • thanks for the nightmares....
    Lone star for being one of the worst TV series EVER. Horribly bad! The stupid 'staches, lame rainbow-bright helicopters, magnum's gay appeal, his ugly lame ferrari, the constant arguments w/ Higgins.
    Can I have part of my childhood back now please? What a waste. Believe it! P.I. is weak ...more info
  • Magnum P I, a series worth watching.
    Magnum P.I. is a very well made series that provides action, drama, humor and great location scenes. The scripts are very good as is the directing. Guest stars add a great deal to a very good regular cast. I rank this series right up with the best....more info
  • No Problems
    I purchased all four season on July 17th. There has been no problems with the discs. I hope others will purchase these so that all eight seasons will be available for fans....more info
  • Magnum PI Complete First Season
    Fantastic! Like bringing home an old friend. Thank You for you for your fast service....more info
  • Magnum PI is the best !
    Magunum PI was a wonderful series, with one of the best casts ever: Tom Selleck .... Thomas Sullivan Magnum III
    John Hillerman .... Jonathan Quayle Higgins III; Roger E. Mosley .... Theodore 'TC' Calvin; and Larry Manetti .... Orville 'Rick' Wright

    It was worth the wait for this DVD set of Magnum's first season. Now that we have the first season I hope that we do not have to wait long for the remaining seasons, especially the "Did you see the sunrise" 2-part episode.

    This is a wonderful DVD set.

    Definitely a must buy!
    ...more info
  • excellent product
    I bought this for an anniversary present for my husband and he was absolutely thrilled with it. It arrived in plenty of time and the quality and ease of finding the product was excellent....more info
  • Magnum PI - Aventure and fun
    This show was a favorite of ours and it is a delight to own the
    complete first season. Episodes filled with adventure and fun,
    dangerous encounters and stories of daring and bravery,
    we look forward to seeing one... each and every night!
    Will highly recommend for anyone looking for a family type
    show, which is clean and endures, the test of time! ...more info
  • Show is great, but the DVD's are AWEFUL!!!!!! Is there a ZERO Stars?
    WARNING ... Watch these discs as soon as you get them so you can return them if they are bad. Don't trust that they have no visible scratches, I have discs that look perfect but when played have about 15 minutes that are unviewable on BOTH sides of the disc. Double sided discs are terrible quality, I don't think we have the technology to do this yet properly. The policy of a time limit at AMAZON.COM means you need to watch ALL the discs before I got a chance to watch more than the pilot episode, so when you order be sure you have about 22 hours to kill....more info
  • The Season That Made Tom Selleck Famous
    Finally, Magnum's 1980-81 Season was put on DVD with each and every episode complete and uncut like it originally was during it's 8-year run on CBS with the exception of each episode on this DVD being commercial-free, which is wonderful and even better than having to worry and wait about all the commercials we'd have to watch in between even on CBS, plus all these episodes of Magnum on WGN, USA, and A&E don't even compare to how they're all shown on this DVD, since every episode had too many deleted scenes with too many commericals added in between to allot for time on both cable TV and synidication.

    In addition, each episode also includes a brief summary along with it's original air date of this 1980-81 Season of Magnum, PI and includes closed captioning on them too, but it's just too bad they couldn't make Magnum's 6th, 7th, and 8th Season DVD box set like this one, because it would've made them even better.

    Additionally, the First Season shows you how the often agitated private investigator Magnum(Tom Selleck) got started along with this estranged relationship with the grouchy hard-nosed Higgins(John Hillerman), TC(Roger Mosley), Rick(Larry Manetti), and of course Higgins dogs(Zeus & Apollo) and explains the estragned relationship and situation that Magnum and Higgins had with the so-called famous Robin Masters, even though Robin was never shown on the series, even though the snazzy red Ferrari Magnum always drove was Robin's, which even said "Robin 1" on the license plate throughout Magnum's whole 1980-88 run on CBS.

    This 1980-81 Season was also one of the funniest seasons of the show as well and was my second favorite season of Magnum, P.I. as well as the season that made Magnum(Tom Selleck) the sexiest detective on TV in the early 1980's.

    This is also the season that made Tom Selleck a superstar and a sex symbol along with the fact that MAGNUM came out a year later from playing his role as fellow gumshoe(Lance White) on THE ROCKFORD FILES, which was an inspiration to MAGNUM, P.I.

    Additionally; it was also interesting seeing
    -Gretchen Corbett in "The Curse Of The Kameumeau Club" episode after her co-starring days as Rockford's sexy attorney girlfriend(Beth Davenport) on THE ROCKFORD FILES
    -Rebecca Holden in the "Missing In Action" episode before her co-starring days as technician(April Curtis) on KNIGHT RIDER
    -Erin Gray in the "J. Digger Doyle" episode before her co-starring days as Kate Summers on SILVER SPOONS and during her co-starring days as Buck Rogers side kick(Col. Wilma Deering)on BUCK ROGERS
    -Lance LeGault in the "Missing In Action" episode before his co-starring days as the rugged Col. Decker on THE A-TEAM and before his co-starring days as Col. Green on MAGNUM
    -Noah Beery, Jr. in the "All Roads Lead To Floyd" episode after his co-starring days as Rockford's persistent father(Joseph "Rocky" Rockford) on THE ROCKFORD FILES
    -Ted Danson in the "Don't Say Goodbye" episode before his Sam Malone days on CHEERS and before doing the sitcom BECKER
    -Judy Chapman in "The Black Orchid" episode before her co-starring days on YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and DAYS OF OUR LIVES
    -Laurie Hendler in the "Thank Heaven For Little Girls & Big Ones Too" episode before her co-starring days on GIMME A BREAK
    -Anne Lockhart in the "Lest We Forget" episode after her co-starring days as Sheba on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

    The 1980-1981 Season of Magnum was also the season that became almost a spin-off of HAWAII 5-0 and THE ROCKFORD FILES.

    This season takes me all the way back to memory lane to the recession we had going on back in 1981-1982 when we had all those budget cuts going on during Ronald Reagan's presidency after winning the presidential election in November of 1980.

    So now that Universal has all 8 seasons of MAGNUM, PI out on DVD, I can hardly wait till Warner Bros. finally puts the detective drama MATT HOUSTON out on DVD, since I liked that show too along with the fact that MATT HOUSTON was a very popular TV show in competition with MAGNUM during MATT HOUSTON's 3-year run on ABC, not to mention the intriguing slight resemblence between Magnum(Tom Selleck) and Houston(Lee Horseley). ...more info
  • As good as I expected
    Nothing else to say except if you are a fan of the show, you will enjoy. Double sided discs are cheap....more info
  • Magnum 1st Season
    I am such a die-hard Tom Selleck fan so of course this season one of Magnum is great. Now I can free up space on my recorder for more Selleck!!! Video arrived quickly and in perfect condition so far put I'm pacing myself on viewing individual episodes....more info
  • just great
    can you believe i watched the entire season one without break?
    believe me boys this is the no one.

    and somebody please tell me english subtitels are available in season two....more info
  • Magnum PI Review
    This was just what my husband wanted to Father's Day and it made the perfect gift....more info
  • Great fun entertainment
    Surprised how well the first series stacks up after all these years. There's hardly a dud episode in here. We very much enjoy watching these DVDs, but the dobermans are tops! Plenty of them in this series....more info
  • Awesome
    The product arrived promptly and we have enjoyed it very much.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Magnum is Awesome
    I love Magnum PI, the first season is great. The set doesn't come with much for extras and the discs are dual sided, which is annoying, but its worth it for the show....more info
  • Oh. My. Gawd!
    The first season of Magnum has so many treasures, even how on my television how old and grainy the picture looks during early eps/openings, like when the plane is flying in in the first episode. Brings back alot of memories really.

    My favorite parts of the eps (besides the pairs of "Stews" that seem to be in alot of the early eps staying at the estate), is the relationship between Higgins and Magnum. There's in early eps how a thug refers to Higgins as "Braduh" to which Higgins' reply is "I'm not your brother" or something along those lines, so you get a glimpse of Hawaiian lingo back in the day. Also T.C. and Rick getting dragged into each case, Rick is more of a in the know type person who can track down leads, but T.C. is always lamenting being involved in Magnum's crazy cases. Then there is Magnum's ever expanding tab at Rick's place too.

    I get involved with the early history of the show, how the plates changed from ep 1 to ep 2 on the Ferrari, and when Magnum first starting wearing the Detroit Tigers cap. Robin Masters private phone number is in there, along with the number to the bedroom at the guest house as you watch them push the numbers (I just geek out and pause and play it over to write it down). There's also Rick's real name which I thought might be difficult to catch, but early on they do mention it 3 or 4 times, so it's not that difficult to obtain.

    So many great eps in season one, getting to know the "lads" in Higgins' Doberman's Zeus and Apollo, and all of Higgins (loved the little girls calling him "Huggins" throughout one Christmas ep btw), all of his nuances and seeing him laugh out loud as well as scowl is just priceless really.

    Great introduction to the series which began in December 1980, nice scenery, and you get to see the seedy nightlife of downtown along with the beaches and pretty girls of course. Alot of humour and suspense, nice scenery adds up to an entertaining series throughout, and season one is a great place to start to see how it all began....more info
  • Living a Champagne Existence on a Beer Budget

    I'm a huge Magnum PI fans and I got so happy when I heard that the complete first season of this great TV show was about to be released on DVD. The whole package is really nice and impressive, and they have really put in an effort to catch the "-80s atmosphere", which they succeed with. The price is also very reasonable considering you get all together 26 full-length episodes ($1.60 per episode).

    You get all the 22 episodes from the first season, and then you get both the episodes from the Simon & Simon crossover and a double episode from Season 5 starring Sharon Stone. The interesting with the first season of MPI, and most other TV shows, is that you see how the characters develop during the season.

    I can definitively recommend this package to anyone who appreciate the coolest TV show of the -80s.

    Best aloha
    ...more info
  • Good then, good now
    I agree with some of the complaints about packaging, the two sided discs and the annoying release tab. Compared to Stargate SG-1 season one this was pretty crappy packaging.

    But the shows themselves are great and I'm really enjoying watching them, in some cases for the first time since I missed the early years. In some ways they are corny but no more so then today's fair. Overall if you were a fan then you'll still be a fan now. So where's season 2?...more info
  • Excellent entertainment - spotty transfer
    This is one of my two all-time favorite TV series. Despite some changes in costume and hair style, the series has stood the test of time surprisingly well. The ensemble cast each bring a well-developed character to the screen from episode 1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the episodes in order and fully intend to buy the rest of the seasons. I would have given this 4 1/2 stars if possible. The only ding is that the transfer quality was poor in places. This series definitely merits remastering. I had hoped that this would be done for the DVD, having noticed that this poor resolution occurs occasionally in the re-runs broadcast on television as well. It isn't terrible, but not as good as the show deserves either....more info
  • Magnum, P.I.-Comes to DVD.
    For any person that grew up during the 1980's, this is a must have, especially if you are a Magnum, P.I. fan. I enjoy watching the reruns but if you are like me, the commerical interuptions disrupts the viewing. I realized the show is as old as I am but hasn't lost its edge or effect.

    I was very excited to see the orignal opening for each episode were in the correct sequence. There is over 18 hours of Magnum, P.I. entertainment and I enjoyed watching each episode over again.

    On a sad note, I was a bit disappointed in the way Universal packaged the boxset. In order to save costs, Universal made each disc double sided, which makes it a bit problematic if you are concerned about smudges on the dvd. The plastic casing was also made cheap and pressing too firmly to release the disc will crack the plastic. I was hoping for the digital transfer would also be better. The sound skips often, but isn't a constant problem. Hopefully if Univeral decides to release Season II, they won't act as hastely with the digital tranfer.

    In conclusion, if you enjoyed Magnum, P.I., the boxset is worth having. I am not disappointed at all but I hope in the future Universal packages the future boxsets with more care and pays closer attention to the digital transfer. I would also like to view some deleted scenes and possibly some interviews with the creators, as well as the cast and crew.

    ...more info
  • I know what you're thinking...
    ...should I buy this collection, or not? If you're a fan of the Magnum PI series, you NEED to get this set!

    Yes, there is a lack of special features, like other sets. Most notably a lack of the "artist's" commentary. Each episode does have its own "menu" with the original airdate listed and a short synopsis.

    No, there is no booklet or documentation included.

    No, you will not miss that.

    What you WILL enjoy, are the ORIGINAL "opening trailer" sequences and title montages which are beautifully intact, despite the fact that the title sequences in the first season continously evolved from episode to episode back in the day. Ending credits are also intact showing choice snipets from that episode (sometimes with hilarious effect). When I saw them in the early eighties for the first time, I thought every show should duplicate this technique. If you have ever attempted to watch the series on cable reruns, you will see that the title sequence has been made "generic" and/or standardized no matter the episode or season. Forget about the ending credit sequences, since those are usually overtaken by the station's advertising. It may seem unimportant to most, but to diehard fans it's little features like that make shelling out $40 worth it. ...more info
  • Funny as ever and better without commercials!
    This is a great show and worth having the first year to explain how all the characters came together. ...more info
    A dvd release for the best tv series of all time.Yes Magnum PI this dvd has every episode from season 1 including a bonus four disc with episodes from a different season.Including that crossover from simon and simon but theirs one thing i half to complain about it is the poor package of the dvd it can be difficult to get the dvd out.Its easy to scratch it by mistake

    Also magnum pi has been recently on hallmark channel.But sadly it doesnt come on there no more maybe it'll return soon.

    Anyway Buy this dvd you wont regret it :)...more info