24 - Season One
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Twenty-four hours of a counter-terrorist agent's attempt to prevent the assassination of a presidential candidate.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 17-SEP-2002
Media Type: DVD

Such a simple idea--yet so fiendishly complex in the execution. 24, as surely everyone knows by now, is a thriller that takes places over 24 hours, midnight to midnight, in 24 one-hour episodes (well, 45-minute episodes if you subtract the commercials). Everything takes place in real time, which means no flashbacks, no flash-forwards, no handy time-dissolves. Every strand of the plot has to be dovetailed and interlocked so things happen just when they should, in the right amount of time. Not that easy.

Creator Robert Cochran and his team of writers and directors have done an impressive job of putting the jigsaw together and keeping the tension ratcheted up high, as federal agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) runs around L.A. trying to stall an assassination attempt on an African American presidential candidate and rescue his wife and daughter from the clutches of the Balkan baddies. Twists, turns, revelations, and cliffhangers are tossed at us with satisfying regularity. It's not perfect: we get some hokey plot devices (instant amnesia, anybody?); the final twist makes no sense whatsoever; there are altogether too many huggy family moments; and as for Dennis Hopper's "Serbian" accent....

Even so, this is undeniably mold-breaking TV. Sutherland, rescuing his career from the doldrums in one heroic leap, fully deserves his Golden Globe. Sets and locations are artfully deployed, and Sean Callery's score is a powerful, brooding presence. Like Murder One and The Sopranos, 24 is one of those series that future TV thrillers will be measured against. --Philip Kemp

Customer Reviews:

    When I first heard about idea of 24, i was pretty skeptical. An entire season happens in just a day, and each episode takes up an hour of that day. My first thought was, how can every hour of this guys day be interesting? So I decided I'd give it a try... THIS SHOW IS SO OVER RATED IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!!!!!!! what happens to Jack in this season could have actually been wrapped up in about a span of 6 to 9 hours. Don't get me wrong the show starts off good and then it starts to get ridiculous. It feels like after a while they're just throwing in non-sense just so they can take up a full 24 hours. When the camera's not on Jack Bauer, or David Palmer the quality of the show drops WAY DOWN.

    This is because no body else on this show can act! besides him and the president. That's the real reason Jack Bauer is so extreme, because 96% of the other characters are BLAND or ANNOYING!! Not to mention this show has so many GAPING PLOT HOLES it's not even funny! After a while I found myself fast forwarding past every scene that didn't have either Jack, or David in it.

    Jack should just buy a cape, and get his own show! I truly hope the rest of the seasons aren't this bad. So do yourself a favor and don't fall into the hype like I did. The only reason I'm even giving this 2 stars is because of Keifer Sutherland(who is easily the best actor on the show), and the fact that 24 was actually a pretty cool idea. It just wasn't executed properly. ...more info
  • You WILL be addicted. Not sure if that's a good thing.
    Okay, news flash: Jack Bauer is a bad agent. A very bad agent. I'm teasing, but seriously he leaves a body trail like you'd never believe. And heaven forbid he should interrogate you. This guy is a walking advertisement for why torture does NOT work. Need a human shield? Grab a civilian. Need to get some information critical to saving people you love? Kill the guy that can help you.

    THE GOOD: The episodes are more action packed than a Harry Potter novel. Then end so abruptly and unresolved (similar to LOST) that you just have to watch the next one. Dennis Haysbert as the Senator who we believe is about to become elected is wonderful and it's strangely erie to be watching this two days before Obama's inauguration. Almost prophetic. I give Fox credit for allowing a show about a black president-to-be. Keifer is better than I've ever seen him. I don't think that's brilliant but pretty darn good. The supporting cast are great although there are some characters you want to strangle they are so selfish/stupid/etc. I won't spoil anything but you'll see what I mean. This is good in a trashy novel kind of way. There are genuinely great twists along the way, a couple emotionally evocative moments but they are tempered somewhat by:

    THE BAD: There are HUGE gaps in believability. Characters make huge nonsensical mistakes after supposedly being so incredibly careful and smart to get where they are (whether they be the lead character or spies...I'm not giving anything away here). Also, the show is ultimately depressing. It makes you fear for your country that people so stupid, selfish and reckless are in charge of anything. Dennis Haysbert as Senator is the ONLY shred of decency in the whole program aside from Jack Bauer's family. The worst? The ultimate villain that is revealed (and the villains' family). I have to give a badge of shame to Rick/Debi and Peggy who did the casting because the two they cast have the WORST accents I've ever heard. Were you forced to hire them? Did you owe someone a favor? It made me laugh out loud. I sat there with my wife and mimicked their accents. It sounded like a bad Dracula impression and they are not supposed to be Travsylvanian terrorists if you get my drift. The end result is a huge let down in believability.

    SUMMARY: You decide. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere I might recommend that. It's not a full price show for me personally. It is absolutely addicting and there is some great writing but the problems that I spoke of are inherent in the format. You can't do a show about 24 hours and have each show only be an hour and then cram each episode with so much action that at the end of the 24 hours (the season) you really have a hard time believing what just happened. It's on the edge of laughable. Am I tempted to get season 2? Dang it, yes! You might consider not watching them back to back since when it originally aired I'm sure that if left you begging for more and the week in between episodes smoothed over the gaps in logic. ...more info
  • 24 = Hot
    Amazing. I didn't get to watch this on television, but was given this set as a gift. I don't think I could have stood waiting to see the resolution of the cliff hangers. All the plots tied back into the main one. MANY plot twists. Acting is believable if you assume that adrenaline keeps the characters up for over 24 hours....more info
  • Best TV show since the Origional Star Trek.
    I can only say WOW. This show is unbelieveable awesome!! I watched the first 4 hours without pause!! The multi panel screen, tek element, action, and tight plotting, with well cast characters are dynamite!!! Why didn't this show have mroe hype it ROCKZ! ...more info
  • best Show on TV
    This is by far the best show on tv. This is a must buy for all of those who have not seen 24. It is very difficult waiting from week to week. You cn watch as many episodes in a row as you want...you will keep on going !!...more info
  • A Great Companion To LOST
    A couple of weeks ago, I purchased Season One of "24" for one simple reason...I'd heard it was good, but mainly I just wanted some sort of TV drama (my favorite kind of drama!) to pass the time until LOST returns. Suffice it to say, though, that I will be MAKING time for 24 in the coming weeks and months!

    Essentially, the plot of "24" involves the United States Counter Terrorism Unit (headed by Jack Bauer) trying to prevent an assassination attempt on presidential hopeful Senator David Palmer. Many more layers area added on with each hour, but there are so many twists and turns that it would be impossible to explain them all.

    The plot is intriguing, but the main aspect of the show that kept my attention for, well, almost 24 hours, is the intensity of every single episode. While some shows (The X-Files immediately comes to mind) are able to "slack off" and film strange episodes every once in awhile only to get back in gear for sweeps months, 24's format requires that the action never let up. Each episode is just as important and exciting as the ones previous.

    Plus, to add to the complexity of the show, three different threads are going on during the show at once. Palmer's family struggles with what to do about a family tragedy, Jack Bauer puts the intelligence pieces together, while the terrorists kidnap Jack's family and use them as leverage. There is never a dull moment!

    Finally, the acting is very compelling as well. Kiefer Sutherland (much like Matthew Fox's Jack Shepherd on LOST) is fantastically intense, while Dennis Haysbert (Palmer) almost steals the show with the portrayal of his moral/ethical dilemmas.

    So, if you (like I was) are looking for a show to complement LOST (or any other TV program), 24 is a great series to get hooked on. Be warned, though, that it is very addicting and you will likely want to finish it sooner than later!...more info
  • Season One DVD - 24
    I missed the first few seasons of 24 and was delighted to be able to see what happened from the beginning! Exciting fun and a great price.

    ...more info
  • 24 Rocks!
    This is the one that started it all. Love 24!! The only problem with watching it this way is that I almost need the commercials to relax a minute before diving back into the intensity that is 24!...more info
  • Should be Rated "R" for sex (graphic enough),drugs, murder
    I was supprised this was on TV!! It portrayed too detailed sexual acts, drugs, and violent/graphic murder. I already knew that these things happen especially in relation to terrorism but I didn't need to have every detail shown to me!!!
    I don't need that in my home -tossed in trash.
    ~Family Man...more info
  • We're addicted to 24
    We started watching the broadcast episodes of 24 in season 5. We bought this title bundled with season 2 so that we could catch up. We became addicted. It's a real pleasure to watch this well-made action series without the commercials....more info
  • Non-stop one dvd after another...
    Yes it is that good. I put the first one in and I start watching and I cannot stop. Before I know it, its 3AM and I'm almost done....more info
  • An English Perspective
    Having been brought up on top quality homegrown BBC TV shows , I can honestly say this ranks up there with the best of them - period . A thrill ride from start to finish .

    Like other reviewers - I have a few pluses & minuses re the acting - our hero Jack Bauer , Sherrie palmer , Mr Mason , Millo from CTU ,- top marks . But thank god Teri Bauer ain't in series 2 . I also hope the daughter gets it soon .

    I should say I saw this on DVD - no adverts . If I'd seen it on US TV with breaks every 10mins then maybe would not have been so fab . Anyway top top marks from the British jury . ...more info
  • What a ride!
    Having not seen season 1, I bought it last week and watched 2 episodes on the bus while commuting to and from work. This weekend, I was glued to the TV; every episode's ending was a cliffhanger and I just couldn't keep from clicking on the next!

    I kind of wish they'd have used the alternate ending for the season finale - I'm an "and they all lived happily ever-after" person, but... oh well. What a great show! I've seen Kiefer Sutherland in other things and wasn't sure where his showbiz career would lead him in the years following; I'm thrilled to see him in this. He's so handsomely rugged for a blond, hard- soft- bloody- sweaty- clean-cut; well, just about everything kind of father, husband, man! He's just great!

    I can't wait to see the 2nd season. I haven't seen it, having only gotten into the show this past year. What was I watching when I should have been watching this?? I just ordered it :)...more info
  • Very good plot
    I bought 24 season 1, because i've seen 24 season 6 in TV, all the 24 episodes here in Iceland, it finished about two weeks ago. I've seen all the episode, and when you start watching you can't stop. It's so simple as that. These shows are very good and the plot keeps your attension on the screen at all times. It doesn't lose focus of your attension for once. Keifer is very convincing in this shows and he's also a very good actor.
    I recommend buying this season, but if you are a 24 fan, you should buy the complete set of 24, it includes season 1, 2, 3 and 4. And it keeps you busy watching it, but it is worth it....more info
  • Someone who is new to 24
    For the better part of the last six years I have heard people talking about "24" at work but had never watched it myself. Then two things happened, I got day 1 on DVD as a Christmas gift and I started watching day 7 on TV and was hooked almost immediately, which forced me to crack open my gift and dig in.

    First off the concept of telling the story in real time is magnificent. What an idea by the writers who created this series. The concept does lead to some moments of down time to allow for travel and so on and that leads to some plot threads that may not be exciting as the others...but as a whole it was gripping television.

    Kiefer Sutherland is brilliant as Jack Bauer. A patriotic man who had plenty of faults and is willing to do almost anything to accomplish his mission even if it skirts breaking the law himself. I found it compelling to think about, especially in this day and age...how far is too far? and when does the end not justify the means?

    The story was a rollercoaster! By the time the Drazens entered the scene, I felt as if I had been pulled through enough drama for three regular TV shows. People you think are important at the beginning suddenly are gone without explanation (the parachuting plane wrecker!) and nobody is quite what you expect them to be.

    The Nina Myers character and plot thread was magnificent! I almost fell off my chair when it was revealed that she was talking to Victor Drazen.

    The escapades of Terri and Kim started to wear a little thin as the day went on but it never got to be too distracting. Sherri Palmer is deliciouosly rotten.

    Dennis Hopper was great as Drazen, when he shoots the daughter of his friend in the head to get Jack under control I was speechless. The only problem I had was that the climax of the day seemed rushed. Victor was sure that Jack would come to him for revenge and the best plan that he had was to run out the back door and try to get away on an exposed dock with Jack on his tail...hardly a criminal mastermind.

    Then when you think it's over and you go to take a breath...Nina is not working for the Drazens but someone else entirely!

    The DVD edition I got as a gift had an alternate ending in which Teri lives. I for one like the original ending, not because I want to see a family ripped apart but rather because it seems a fitting climax gravity wise for the worst day in Jack's life. The happily ever after ending seemed too contrived and Teri's death gives Nina some weight as a villian.

    All in all a great thrill ride, I watched it all in three days. I look forward to day 2!...more info
  • The most over-rated show on TV!
    I don't like this show. It's very unrealistic and full of plot holes. The acting is sub par in spots and I really don't care what happens to the characters. The "Kim" storylines are dumb and distracting. The concept of "real-time" TV isn't that innovative if you ask me. There are a lot of cliff hangers and "suspense", but like I said, I don't care due to the aforementioned problems in the writing/logic and acting. On the up side, this DVD set is good quality. If you're a fan of the show, you'll be pleased to know that these sets look good, sound good, and have great extra features. That is, if you care. I bought seasons 1-5 at Costco last Christmas because they were on sale. I mean, who would want to miss out on the most intense, action packed show of all time? My girlfriend and I watched through season 4, but became totally burnt out with it. I never want to see another episode again, so I sold them on ebay and bought The Shield (a much better show...and that's a fact). 24 became stale because of the rigid subject matter, and repetitive situations. The show is about counter-terrorism, so there's no comedy (not that there should be) and no change in tone. 24 attempts to keep the same breakneck pace the entire season, which isn't dramatic (only superficial). It doesn't interest me and I don't buy it. At first we liked it but it quickly became apparent that 24 is fast on pacing, and sloooow on brains/logic. A lot of people disagree with me....hell, you're probably one of them. That's OK, because I've got better shows to watch like The X-Files, Millennium, The Sopranos, The Wire, Carnivale, Deadwood, Rome, The Shield, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Lost, House M.D., Brotherhood, etc., etc. Check those shows out if you want the best that TV on DVD has to offer. If the plot holes and ridiculous stories don't bother you, then I say go for it and buy this set.

    If you want specific examples of the plot holes, you either haven't been watching or are as naive as the writers. There are too many to list (5 seasons worth). If you've been watching for any length of time at all you'll remember Air Force One being taken out in mid air, extravagant plans to assassinate a "potential" US presidential candidate (all they had to do was snipe him out), being able to travel to anywhere in LA in a matter of 5 minutes or less, etc. I mean, the concept of the same man having to save the entire planet 5+ times in a row is absurd, and that's what the show is based on. Come on! But they try to come off so real and authentic. I don't know....maybe I just don't get it; if you do...good for you. Either way it's just not for me. If you want edgy, "intense" TV, I recommend The Shield.

    P.S. - I realize I'm in the minority here. Go ahead and hit "not helpful". I expect most of you will.
    ...more info
  • Dave Fat T. MGM
    By far the best show ever! Well the first five seasons anyway. I don't understand how die hard 24 fans could not be disapointed with season six. It was as if they switched writers. Anyway, if you need your sleep, and you decide to buy this DVD. Do not watch it anywhere near your bedtime. I loaned this season to a buddy of mine, and his girlfreind was actually mad at me. Because she could not stop watching and had alot to do that day. They were suppost to watch it together, but she beat him 24 to 4. The one thing I don't like is it makes action movies that are actually probably pretty good seem bad to me. One example, "The Sentinal". I did not like it. I have an addictive personality. If you do too, and pop that first disk in. I suggest you have all your things in order, bills paid in advance. And plan on sleeping less. Try and buy one season at a time is also smart. ...more info
  • Incredible
    So many of my friends said they thought of me when they watched this series on tv, I felt compelled to buy it for a father's day gift one year. Needless to say, we were sucked in from the first hour and literally watched this season in 24 hours--stopping only when absolutely necessary!! This show is really for anyone--the huge cliff hangers at the end of EVERY single hour are unbelievable--the writing is genius!!!...more info
  • 24 Season 1
    You can trust what the seller says about a product he has for sale. I didn't have to wait three weeks to get this product. I will continue to buy from this seller. 5 STARS!!!!!...more info
  • Wonderful
    Whats better when your laid up in bed sick or after surgery that watching your favorite season of something... LIKE 24???...more info
  • Crazy...but addictive...*Spoilers*
    I've avoided 24 because frankly it was asking too much of a committment from me to watch every week. If you miss a week you'd be lost to what's going on. (The reason I had to let Heroes go) Anyhoot, now that we live in the world where you can watch full seasons of television show I can see what the hype is all about. Frankly, I don't know how people could stand to wait a week to see what happens next in this series. 24 has mastered the art of great hooks. The overall story of season one? Amazingly unbelievable, but was still highly entertaining. My irritations: How every agent felt like they were entitled to question EVERY order from their superiors. Teri Bauer's bad acting (especially during the amnesia sequences. Kim Bauer's running off to her kidnapper. Does this girl not have other friends? Keith Palmer's storyline and constant flip-flopping. Dennis Hopper's bad bad accent. Good things: Kiefer Sutherland. This show has made his career. Sherry Palmer-television hasn't had such an evil diva since Alexis in Dynasty. Definitely a woman you love to hate....more info
  • Totally satisfied
    Came within the allotted time & in the condition specified -- brand new, still in factory packaging....more info
  • Dumas for the 21st Century
    The first season of 24 is unlike anything that has come before it.
    The show revolves around a single day in the life of Jack Bauer with each episode covering one hour as his job in an anti-terrorism task force pulls him and his family into one gigantic mess of a Friday.
    And yes, I made jokes too when I first heard about the premise that it was nothing more than a gimmick, that a story couldn't be sustained in such a format, that it would grow very old very fast. And yes, there are holes and yes, an occasional plot line during the late afternoon hours passes over into the ridiculous, and yes, absolutely nobody could ever have a day like this. But so what?
    On the whole this show managed to take the standard 24 episode television season and turn it into one giant continuously running storyline. This is a concept that is so prevalent now that it seems commonplace and it's easy to forget that this is where it all started. There were some shows before it that certainly came close, a number of the classic HBO series for example, but even those would break for one-off episodes before continuing on with three or four episode arcs.
    I can remember the first time I watched Season One of 24 and how stunned I was when the sun rose in the world of these characters and how impressed I was that they were pulling off this concept so well.
    But, again, just making each episode an hour doesn't a great show make.
    In the end I found 24 to be enjoyable because it's enjoyable. Great story, if not a bit over the top, interesting characters, even the annoying ones are fun because you get to talk about how annoying they are with the people you're watching with, and action that pulls you in.
    The last time I came across such unabashedly in-your-face non-stop action with such a deliberately interwoven storyline was when I read The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin Classics).
    All Dumas was trying to do was tell a gripping yarn, and all 24 is trying to do is the same.
    In my opinion they both succeed....more info
  • Enter Jack Bauer...
    I'm undergoing a self-inflicted 24 marathon. I have the first 4 seasons on DVD and if things go as planned I'll have Seasons 5 and 6 on my DVD shelf by the end of the month. I did not pick up "24" when it originally aired in 2001, although I had very much wanted to. In fact I didn't get to regularly watching it until Season 5 and after a few episodes was hooked. The shows' premise, that of watching a plot to assassinate a black Presidential candidate on the day of the California primary is most definitely ambitious, and somehow the producers of the show managed to make it work spectacularly.

    To attempt an in-depth review of the whole of Season 1 of "24" would take up several pages of Amazon's review board, so I'll condense. Jack Bauer(Kiefer Sutherland) is in charge of the LA branch of a government anti-terrorist outfit called CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit). His unit receives word from an outside source that an unnamed group has hired assassins to make an attempt on the life of Senator David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert, whom anyone who hasn't watched "24" will immediately recognize as the guy on the Allstate Insurance commercials) who is a leading candidate in the Democratic Presidental Primary to be held that day. Jack, along with the help of coworkers who may or may not be working against him, must race against time to reveal the plot against Palmer's life, as well as find and protect his wife and daughter, whom the assassins are using as bargaining chips to make Bauer do much of their dirty work for them.

    This is a very adrenaline packed program and the show is arranged so that each episode ends on the cusp of some cliffhanger type moment. That said, I think if the average person had a day anywhere near as convoluted as Jack or his family has they'd be ready for a lifetime supply of lithium and instant membership to their local mental health institute. The particulars of the plot change without warning and characters you thought were good turn out to be bad...and sometimes good again.

    There are some particular things I learned from watching this season of "24", some of which hold true for following seasons.

    -When Jack Bauer says "I give you my word" to anyone, that person is going to die a painful death, albeit probably not at Jack's hand
    -Jack is very proficient at making suspects talk
    -Kim Bauer, Jack's daughter, makes a great hostage. Easy on the eyes, probably smells nice, and manages to look good even when she hasn't showered in 24 hours. And she has a real knack for becoming a hostage multiple times just in a single season!
    -If you're nice to Kim Bauer and can make her laugh, even a little bit, she'll date you.
    -Ryan Chappelle, Director of CTU, is a perpetual dork.
    -Short term amnesia is a serious life-threatening issue for any good TV character. It would sure come in handy for days when I want to call in sick to work but can't. "Sorry boss, I have amnesia. I can't remember how to do my job"
    -CTU field agents are like the red shirts from "Star Trek". There are an endless supply of them and they always die.
    -No matter how far away a target is the CTU Tactical Team on their helicopter has an ETA of 15 minutes. And they will always appear *after* Jack has already neutralized all the hostiles.
    -Dennis Hopper does a great impression of Christopher Walken doing an impression of Boris Badenov doing an impression of a Serbian accent.
    -Dennis Hopper is amazingly buoyant.
    -CTU has more moles than a fallow farm field
    -Shooting a tranq dart in your bosses' leg is always a great idea when you're looking to get ahead on an investigation. I'll remember this next time I'm bucking for promotion at my job.
    -Jack Bauer is like an updated Dirty Harry. Love him or hate him, he gets the job done and very efficiently.

    All kidding aside this is a real action-packed, adrenaline pumping series to watch and you'll find yourself unable to stop watching the next episode, even when you know it'll cost you a couple of hours of good sleep you need for work the next day. I heartily recommend "24" Season 1 as a great start to a fantastic continuing series!

    ...more info
  • Excellent Show; Light on the Extras
    My wife and I were looking for a series to watch after finishing "Alias" and I'm glad to announce that '24' met our needs, and then some. The taut pacing, staggering betrayals, and excellent acting had us captivated from episode one and kept us hooked throughout the whole season's worth of episodes. We'd often intend to only watch one episode a night, but then 'force' ourselves to watch another. There are a couple of ludicrous moments and some characters are forgotten about (the Palmer children, Carl), but I'm sure they'll reappear in future seasons that we've already ordered.

    This set comes with fewer extras than a two-person performance of 'Who's on First!'...more info
  • Satisfied again
    Good price, received in timely fashion, and set was in very good condition. I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • Regular network fare with a built in flaw.
    Never having seen an episode I bought these dvds to watch while recovering from surgery. I barely made it through.

    The handful of negative reviews here seem to hit the nail on the head. Here are some problems with this show:

    Beyond implausible and terribly inconsistent. This is simply regular network tv fare with writing on the level of a prime time soap opera. The bad guys are capable of everything but accomplishing the few things that would let them reach their many many goals. The good guys are awful at everything except the implausible breaks that make them win in the end. When it helps create fake tension, there is real time satellite surveillance available. Otherwise it's completely absent. The 24 hour real time thing does nothing as this is nothing more than weekly network fare. It assumes a gullible, not too smart viewer. It milks every stereotype. Foreigners are bad guys. Women are not trustworthy. Government agencies always have to get approval from above to do anything right but can do the wrong thing immediately. Cell coverage exists and goes away as convenient. Amnesia happens all the time. People park cars on the edge of cliffs. Bad parts of town are mazes from which there is no escape and in which it is impossible to get help. Teenagers are idiots and can't make a single good decision. OK well maybe that last one is on target.....

    The may plot twists exist only as constant contrivances to create fake tension and fill up the 24 hours. All the cliches are here and season one is essentially one long 'false rescue' scene after another from a mailorder screen writer's school. The 24 hour contrivance ruined the show for me more than anything. Nothing could really be resolved - nor is it until the absolute end. As a result the pacing suffers horribly. Because there is soooo much time to fill, and because there are so many implausibilities and inconsistencies, the writers end up with one of the major failings of network shows - explaining everything even though so many things make no sense whatsoever. Watching the DVDs was a grind to get to any kind of resolution whatsoever, when this could have been a 2 hour episode of an excellent series. This seems to have worked well as weekly pulp fare, but falls down completely as good tv on DVD.

    There are a few bright spots.

    The performances are (excepting the entire Palmer plotline) quite good given what the actors are given to work with. Sutherland is excellent considering. The transfer and sound are both OK for the most part with the exception of a few obvious compression hitches during high motion scenes. Also this set is pretty inexpensive now.

    I had hoped that this highly touted network show would rise above network drama fare as Lost has. Instead it was an average TV drama with a decent cast that was hamstrung by it's 24 hour realtime framework and usual network sensibilities.

    I'll stick with the cable networks for most of my dramas. ...more info
  • Love 24
    We love 24 in our house. We finally bought the seasons. It is intense and some parts are definitely not suitable for the younger viewer. But heck, who wouldn't love Jack Bauer?...more info
  • Overrated series
    The series looses at the end, seems a lot but It's nothing special. I's all hype, hype and more hype, nothing more. It's a very overrated series like everything FOX does....more info
  • Product was as described! Delighted!
    Received product, watched it and everything played without any problems. Shipping was a little slow. Other than that, I will use this Seller again....more info
  • Disappointing overall
    While this series started out with much promise, I can't help but think it would have been more enjoyable if watched once a week instead of over a couple of days. Then perhaps the plot holes and continuity errors wouldn't have been so blatantly obvious. As it was, by the end of the series my husband and I were laughing hysterically over the utter improbability of the whole thing. God help us all if those who are actually tasked with fighting terrorism were so easy to infiltrate, so incompetent over all and utterly dependent on one man (who was fooled through the entire season by a mole in his own department), to save the day.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing
    Having missed this on TV, I had assumed that any series which could survive to the fifth season would be OK.
    While the real time concept is a novelty, the number of events which are packed into this day are beyond belief. Maybe the characters get the rest of the year off to recover?
    More worrying is the fact that CTU can be so easily infiltrated by moles and that CTU's "best agent" is easily manipulated and goes along with terrorist plans, waiting for some miracle to save the day and justify his actions. Too bad for all the innocent victims along the way.
    By about half way through the "day", we didn't really care too much about who won or survived in the end....
    Needless to say, we won't be buying any further seasons....more info
  • The Clock Is Ticking
    "WOW" that is what I said when i finished watching all 24 episodes of this exhilarating show. I must admit that this is one of the most unpredictable TV shows out there, every line; every minute is felt like a real life situation.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the setting of the program worry, it's not complicated at all. The show begins at 12:00AM and the last episode end at 12:00am and through the course of 24 hours you go through the events of 3 different stories; all of which take place in real time, at the exact same time. the first story is that of the head of CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) Jack Bauer. Jack is in search of his missing teenage daughter, who might be kidnapped. The two other stories center on a presidential candidate David Palmer, who is having troubles with his family about an incident that occur 7 yrs ago. The third story is primarily the CTU center helping Bauer on his investigation. it is very difficult to explain the TV show in a couple of paragraphs with out ruining details; but one thing is for certain that this is probably the most original, effective and realistic show on TV. It left me glued to the TV set until the last episode.

    so if you are a fan of shows like Prison Break, C.S.I, The Shield and Law And Order or any action movie than this is definitely gona make your day, your best 24 hours of your life sitting in front of T.V. so don't hesitate, BUY IT NOW!!.

    Special Features

    Disc 6: Alternate Ending
    Alternate Ending with Commentary By Producer & Creator Joel Surnow
    Season One Introduction by Keifer Sutherland
    Widescreen 1:77:1
    Dolby 5.1 Surround
    ...more info
  • Great Suspense
    Loved the excitement and the series always puts me on the edge of my seat. I hope there are many more seasons....more info
  • The Show You Love Despite the Implausabilities
    This show had the bad luck of premiering two months after 9-11. Because of the subject matter, it almost did not premiere at all!

    As we all know, the show is about the CTU - counter terrorist unit. Day 1 deals with the premise of an asassination of Presidential contender on the day of the California Primary.

    Well that is the premise we are told. What it actually is about is a revenge plot against two people involved in murder of a Bosnian politico and his family.

    Now this show is real time. Each 41 minute episode, including credits, represents one hour of the day. 24 hours = 24 episodes.

    This show is very innovative in its approach but very contrived in its execution. The best example is Jack's wife and daughter. They get kidnapped, they escape. They get taken to a safe house, the safe house is attacked but they escape and get seperated. The wife gets amnesia but somehow gets to restaurant were she is know but with a boyfriend, not Jack. The boyfriend takes her home and then they get attacked by the terrorists at her home but are rescued by CTU. The daughter flees to he kidnapper's home - don't ask - and then gets involved with a drug buy and is arrested. When she is finally released, the police take her to CTU but she is abducted on the way by the terrorist. And this is a subplot.

    The weird thing is that this show is totally laughable but you cannot wait for the next episode to air. You have to credit great directing, fantastic acting and taught and imaginative editing.

    Now the following issues with the DVD set:

    The episodes do not have chapter marks. I was having problens with the picture and took the disc to wipe. When I went back to the episode, I had to scan through the entire episode until I got back to where I stopped.

    Also, there is a special feature on disc 6 that introduces the entire season. So why is this not on disc 1 at the start????

    This is a fun show - probably reminiscent to the old movie serials of the 30's and 40's but updated to the current century. Enjoy this show and forgive the shows short comings....more info
  • 24: gripping!
    "24" hit the scene as one of the most gripping, addictive new shows ever. I never watched it on TV, but later purchased the DVD sets (all of them, by now) and therefore had the luxury of watching them on my own schedule, in order, with no commercials. Devotees and critics of the show will point out problems and discontinuities, etc. I say: just go with it. My sister got me hooked on 24, saying "Jack Bauer is The Man!" ...more info
  • Great Show!!
    Now I see why the show is so popular. My wife and I could not wait to start watching the next season. It must have been terrible to have to wait for each episode to air weekly. I love the fact that I could pop in the next disk and keep going. This has got to be one of my highest rated tv shows ever. It is better than most full length motion pictures I seen lately. No CGI needed for this suspenseful show. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. It's on to season two now. My hopes are high....more info
  • Great
    Recently started watching the current season of 24--enjoyed it so much went back and purchased Season1....Couldn't break away from watching it''it was as exciting as I expected...more info
  • Great First Season
    I thought this was a great kickoff 1st season show (I thought Seasons 3 and 4 were best. This was just below them.). Just like any action show some things are unbelievable but the story is just amazing fun and action. If you are a fan of non-stop action and surprise twists then I recommend this show. I think what makes these shows is not only Jack Bauer but all the other secondary characters. Great special appearance from "bad guy/villain" Dennis Hopper. ...more info
  • Good Intro to all seasons, but not amazing
    Good acting as alaways
    Good plot (believable)
    Great suspense, especially the first 12 hours and last 6 hours
    Great ending

    Many boring seens (to me) from 1-6 PM
    Very poor special features

    I would reccommend this season to anyone who has never seen 24 at all. The reason why I gave this season three stars is because I saw some of season 5, which was intense, before season 1. I also saw a good amount of season 6 (also intense) before season 1. This threw me away because these seasons are nothing like the first. Also, if you see season 1 first you'll have no problem understanding the others because some events in past seasons are mentioned in recent ones. Don't start in the middle of any season because you may get confused with the plot as I did.
    ...more info