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The Ramones' April 1976 debut, recorded for little more than $6,000, long ago passed into legend. Its exalted status as the inspiration for thousands of punk bands worldwide, though, hasn't overshadowed its monolithic roar, the knowing hilarity of its lyrics ("Judy Is a Punk" crams the SLA, the Ice Capades, and a salute to Herman's Hermits into a 90-second frame), and the impulse to blast it for everyone within earshot: Hey, listen to this. Embracing and rewriting rock & roll history at once, Ramones speeded up heavy music, adding a pop patina to songs inspired by horror movies and glue sniffing, and claiming a great Chris Montez tune ("Let's Dance") from the supposedly fallow period that had fallen between Elvis and the Beatles. Absurdist, yeah (how could anything with Joey's super-affected Liverpool-via-Queens accent be otherwise?) and also smart: "Havana Affair" is the greatest song about the cold war this side of Dylan. This remastered edition complements the original LP with a slew of demos, including a Spectoresque "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," and the single version of "Blitzkrieg Bop," that, equally prophetically, puts Joey's vocal through a mixing trick that makes him sound like he's on the mic at a football game. --Rickey Wright

Customer Reviews:

  • The Perfect Punk Rock Collection Starts Here!
    This is a great album, its The Ramones debut, made on a extreamly low budget. The album clocks around at only 20 minutes, and it represents punk rock more than any other album at least until Never Mind The Bollocks, Heres The Sex Pistols. The songs are all great, mindless fun, everything from the famous Blitskrieg Bop to the cult favorite Judy Is A Punk to other greats like Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue, Havana Afair and Chainsaw. All great songs with the tight yet simple rhythm structures that The band became so well known for. Its sad that people can be so close minded against more simple forms of music, sure complexity is nice, im a big progressive rock fan myself, but what makes The Ramones great is the genious of their simplicity...I definitely recomend this album....more info
  • Mindless Fun
    People with brain damage would love this music. Only three chords, yah hoo. I guess some people like to have 16 beers and slam dance to this stuff. Ha ...more info
  • Ramones - self-titled (Rhino/WEA)
    Review no. 127. Essential 1976 body slammin' proto-punk debut record from Joey and crew. Blistering cuts that'll having you literally playing this CD over until you wear it out (possibly)are "Blitzkrieg Bop", "Judy Is A Punk", the in-your-face "I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement", the total *ss-kicking "Havana Affair" and "Let's Dance". Plus, you get six added bonus tracks of demos of the band's repertoire. One thing I'll give The Ramones is they DIDN'T just stay together for two or three lp's LIKE so many other punk bands did, like the Stooges, New York Dolls, Dead Boys, MC 5, etc. They remained intact for twenty years, plus they were active all if not most of that time. Too bad three out of four of them are no longer with us. Highly recommended....more info
  • I'm a first-time listener.
    These guys have a great sound. At first I thought punk was total garbage, but if this is what it sounds like, I love it! I especially like 'Blitzkreig Bop', which is their biggest hit. It's got a really nice beat, and just sounds good. I first heard it on some commercial and I did'nt really pay it much attention, nor did I know who the artist was, but that song is good. All their stuff is good....more info
  • ramones play heavy metal
    the ramones ain't a punk band, they are a hard rock heavy metal
    band. and all the songs on this album are heavy metal style.
    joey ramone still sings the same voice thogh jonny ramone plays
    electric heavy metal guitar. the ramones always were a rock and
    roll band. ...more info
  • pure
    the ramones are pure pop punk perfection. there really is no other way to state it. i could try to explain it any other way, but why? ...more info
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
    The Ramones -- just like the Sex Pistols and the Clash -- have made a huge impact on the punk rock scene, being a major influence on tons of bands since they began. They stripped typical rock n roll to the bare basics, focusing on three power chords and powerful guitar notes with catchy poppy vocals. Joey Ramone made a name for himself with his simple, yet mindlessly funny vocals about beating on brats with baseball bats, sniffing glue and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They were nothing the rock music world had seen in 1976.

    Although being a punk rock band these New York outcasts were influenced by all types of music, not just punk. They took the influences of surf music, '60's girl groups and pop, blended it together, speeding it up, creating something new and refreshing. They start with a simple "hey ho, let's go" chant and blast right on through the album. They were a breath of fresh air and added a new life to the music scene....more info
  • I don't like punk usually,but i like the ramones
    First, i hated most punk, (i don't consider RCHP punk- even BSSM- 'cause they're more funk and regular rock) because it promoted stupid politics by undergraduates and most fans hated u2 without even listening to their energetic debut "boy". When listening to this album, everything that i was used to listening to was missing. There was no skilled production, no expensive guitars, and no robert plant (led zeppelin). Instead there were simplistic, repetative beats, and a bunch of New Yorkers with Faux- English accents. I thought to myself after only picking it from the store shelf (i should have gotten "Stiucky Fingers"- Rolling Stones). However, when i listened to this, i was gald i got this instead. The simplicity did not kill the songs, but in fact, made the songs even better. The fake english accent helps when singing songs like the first two tracks i'm tooo lazy to mention, Chainsaw, and just every freakin' little original track on the album. In fact, the songs are meant to go together. Whats original with this group is that their not really that anarchist DESTROY stuff that i usually assiociate punk with, they're just low budget. They may have "Now I Want To Sniff Some Glue" or gang violence in "50 3rd and 3rd," and the drive by in Blitzreig Bop but they also have the love song "i wanna be your boyfriend" or "listen to my heart." However, I still have one more note on the fake english accent by joey. by listening to other songs on other albums it seemed ruined by overdubbing.this band is also an influence for u2, and i don't mean stereotypically u2, i mean early u2. This is an instant classic, and if you like rock in general, you're probably going to like this. This is not only "punk", but classic rock stripped of all its material excess. ...more info
  • a great punk rock album
    this is a great punk rock album from one of the greatest punk rock bands along with the clash and the sex pistols.most of their classics like blitzkreig bop are featured here.get this with london calling from clash.hugely recommended....more info


    ...more info
  • I can be real prude sometimes...
    Historically significant? Yeah, I guess. It did usher in the New Testament era of rock `n' roll (that metaphor goes a surprisingly long way), opening the floodgates for a thousand billion hungry freaks to chew away at the foundation of crusty old geezer rock and express themselves however they damn well pleased. It did make way for the Clash and the Sex Pistols and Black Flag and, aesthetically speaking, R.E.M. and the Replacements and just about every other musical underground (and, often, above ground) movement there is, while simultaneously fulfilling the prophecies of the Stooges and the Velvet Underground and the Monks and the Green Fuz. Yeah, the Ramones' first album is one of rock's greatest touchstones. Elvis and Chuck and Mick, recharged.

    But history is for books. I don't mean that disparagingly- it's really fun to read about- I'm just saying that when you're shopping for music, you want something that's fun to, you know, listen to. Something that sounds good, that you can dance to, or relax to, or play air guitar to, or drive to, or make out to, or write to, or whatever other sick things you do when you think that nobody's watching. Ultimately, by that standard, I think that the Ramones' first album deserves only four stars.

    Why? Well, here's the thing: It's a lot of fun, but it gets old. Even over the course of its compact running length, the sound gets monotonous. The best songs- "Blitzkrieg Bop," "Chainsaw," "Loudmouth," "Listen To My Heart," and "I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement," by my measure- are blistering classics that I'll be more than willing to blast every day `til I kick the bucket. But after a listen or two, it all starts sounding the freaking same! Same guitar chords, vocal inflection, same feel, same everything. Hating Peter Frampton is cool, but that doesn't net you five stars. Influence or not, future classics like Leave Home and Rocket To Russia were more fun, and therefore they pick up the five star ratings. Still, this is an incredibly fun record to listen to, and a great historical artifact for nerds such as myself. Rock out, friends....more info
  • By Far The Best Ramones Album Ever
    Most classic album ever of the ramones the first punk album of all time its one of those rock albums that go really good with albums like, Dark Side Of The Moon, Are You Expirenced, Tommy, Back In Black, Destroyer, Zoso etc.
    this is the album that came out with some of their biggest hits like blitzierg bop and beat on the brat this is the only kind of 'punk' rock thats worth buying lengthing at just 30 minutes long it maybe a short album but all the songs are fast and oh yeah LOUD so if you listen to rock and havent really heard anything of the ramones this ones for you or greatest hits etc. buy it today...more info
  • The record that launched a thousand bands
    This is the record that started the Ramones on their journey to the rock and roll hall of fame.

    All classic material!...more info
  • The Blueprint
    Some artists enter the recording studio for their first album in a sort of embryonic state; the subsequent debut disc usually bears little resemblance to the band they will later become. (I'm thinking of the likes of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, even U2.)Then there are those bands that seem to have been born fully developed; the acts for which virtually every sound or type of song that they would ever produce was present on the first album. The Ramones are a textbook example of this phenomenon. Though they would change producers a whole bunch and would occasionally turn down the amps and add some backing keyboards, strings, vocals, etc. they would never really venture far from the blueprint of the three chord blasts of overdriven noise pop that made up their self-titled first album.

    At a distance of more than thirty years from this release, it's hard to remember how utterly revolutionary this sounded back in 1976. Up to then, if you were using a distorted guitar in your rock, you were a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal act, or possibly an offshoot of this like Glam or Southern Rock, period. There was no "Punk Rock". You played plodding stuff at generally slow tempos. Fretboard prowess and extended lead guitar histrionics was a must; no self-respecting Rock act just slammed out power chords with no solos. Five to seven minute songs was the norm; two minutes was barely enough time to get through the first verse.

    The Ramones came up with something no one had thought of -- a 60's AM radio sensibility (tuneful melodies, songs lasting less than three minutes, fast tempos) applied to simple songs about teenage, New York or just "I Wanna/I Don't Wanna" topics thrashed out over the din of the hard-edged wall of cranked Marshall amps (featuring Johnny Ramone's all-downstroke, barre-chorded Mosrite guitar in one channel and Dee Dee Ramone's "root of the chord only" bass work in the other.) Though their approach was influenced by the likes of the Stooges, New York Dolls and even the Beach Boys, the Ramones created a strikingly original hybrid of sound and presentation. And they stuck with it. Even their earliest demos sound pretty much the same as the album...any of their albums.

    The wall of sound created by these four Forest Hills, Queens natives was like white noise from some distant galaxy to most ears in that Bicentennial year. It didn't seem to have originated on the same planet as "Frampton Comes Alive" or "Rumours", two of the biggest selling albums that were released within a year of this subversive little disc, which can be seen as the first shot in the battle against bloated corporate rock of the mid-70's. By the way, this album also predates every British punk album---the earliest, by the Damned, was released about 10 months after this. Given the Ramones live appearances in London in the summer of 1976, there is little doubt that the "brothers" from Queeens were a prime influence on British Punk.

    This album still sounds fresh and exiting after nearly a third of a century. The entire Ramones album (14 songs in its initial incarnation--22 songs here with some bonus demos and mixes) takes almost a half an hour to hear but usually requires much longer to digest completely. The first spin usually results in a puzzled look on the listener's face and questions like, "What's with that accent?" "Are there really only two lines of lyrics in that whole song?" "Is it supposed to sound like this?" "Doesn't the word 'Basement' have two syllables?" "Is this a joke?"

    Eventually though, most listeners get pulled in by the afore-mentioned wall of guitar sound driven by the propulsive beat provided by Tommy Ramone (it's amazing to focus on how gently he's actually hitting the drums to get those sounds--he is not a skin pounder of the Keith Moon/John Bonham school of rock drumming and stays away from elaborate fills or accents) and the Queens-by-way-of-a-phony-British-accent-sounding vocals of Joey, the tallest Ramone.

    Most listeners start to "get it" by the second or third listen, and once you're hooked, you realize how crafty the Ramones are to have come up with something that seems so dumb at first but sounds so brilliant in hindsight. Though they are serious about their art, don't overlook their sense of humor here. The "brothers" Ramone weren't going to crack their deadpan scowls to let you know about it, but let's face it: lines like "Sent to spy on a Cuban talent show, first stop, Havana Go Go" or "Texas Chainsaw Massa CREE, they took my baby away from me" are just plain funny. Though occasionally touching on some disturbing subject matter such as male prostitution, Nazism or the misuse and abuse of power tools, model cement, sports equipment, girlfriends and children, the Ramones debut album is mostly just cartoon violence and fun, and is performed with a manic energy and wit that had been sorely missing from Rock music for many years prior to this release.

    The Ramones consistency and stubborn resistance to evolution actually ended up working against them in the long run. What was startlingly new and different in the 70's eventually caused them to be viewed as a conservative anachronism by the mid-90's as other bands developed and refined what they started. Upstarts who were in diapers or elementary school when this record was first released went on to eclipse their idols in record sales and popularity while using virtually the same sonic blueprint as the Ramones by the 1990's.(I'm talking about you,Green Day, Offspring, Rancid, etc.)

    The Ramones disc is an impressive debut and though they produced several more fine albums over the next 20 years (the best ones are the ones released in the next few years from this one), the first album is nearly as good as it gets in the Ramones catalog. It is recommended highly for those with a love of loud, fast Rock-N-Roll. It's the kind of historical document that is also a heap of fun to listen to repeatedly. And it's great to hear what it sounds like when a full grown adult band with a snotty adolescent brain springs forth from the womb and assaults the planet with its own peculiar and influential brand of Rock-n-Roll. ...more info
  • Maybe they should have just one song
    Seriously, every song in this album sounds the same. They can't sing and have managed to figure out one way to express music. By droning out the same, tired guitar sequence while ushering in their strange half talk/half mumble singing style, with lyrics that no one can understand, or would want to. Absolute trash and over hyped garbage. ...more info
  • what can I say>>>>
    What can I say this is probably the best album ever. The Ramones are my beatles and this is an album I will listen to over and over....more info
  • The First and Best
    The 1976 first Ramones album is my favorite punk album, and the Rhino Remasters are great. The album starts with Blitzkrieg Bop, the most exploited song. If this is all you know by the Ramones, you might also like songs such as Loudmouth and Beat on the Brat. The Ramones made songs about things they really felt. They didn't get too trendy or faked anything. Their honesty and humbleness were great additions to the speed and high volume heard in the intense songs. My favorite songs are Havana Affair, which is an honest political satire song, and Chainsaw, an example of their enthusiasm for horror movies. Many fans of punk rock acknowledge the ramones without really getting into their albums. I believe that many people ignore the ramones because they stayed away from following punk scenes and stuck with their simple formula up until the final concert in 1996. I highly recommend the first album from one of the toughest bands, The Ramones. ...more info
  • Rated "CR" for Classic Ramones!
    No matter how much time passes by, this album will stand as a testament to true punk music, and quite possibly the epitome of it. It's quite shocking, honestly, to see how so many guys and gals of my generation (this current one) have no idea what the real "punk rock sound" is. Well, don't worry, I'm not doomed to the same fate.
    With a great production and lots of extra tracks, "Ramones" runs it at 22 song at over 44 minutes. This means that each song average out to about two minutes. While many bands can make great songs that last far longer, I still think The Ramones are awesome just the way they are. The songs are loud, hard, fast, and quite often funny. Between the energetic anthem "Blitzkrieg Bop", to the horror-themed "Chainsaw" and "I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement", and even the punk-ballad "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend", this album really delivers.
    Basically, "Ramones" is a fast-driving, ageless rock classic and shows you why so many bands inspired to be like them. If you wanna experience great music that doesn't give up, "Ramones" is gonna rock you! Thanks for the time, and peace....more info
  • Rock N' Roll At Its Core
    The cover says it all, the rebellion and anger that the Ramones had with rock music at the time. Many people like the Ramones back then had thought that Rock music became too complex and bands like the Ramones wanted to bring Rock back to its roots. The Ramones first album self titled, "Ramones", is probaly one of the greatest punk albums ever made and has remained a classic album to this day. 14 tracks in total each and every song on here has basic rock beats and loud guitars and british style singing make this album great.

    ...more info
  • Influential Punk album
    One of the Most influential rock albums of the 70s. All filled with great songs, like "Beat on the Brat" "Blitzkrieg Bop" "Now I wanna Sniff Some Glue" are all great classic songs. Add this classic album to your collection, simply a masterpiece....more info
  • Headbangers Forever
    The Ramones.If Judy wasn't a punk then where would they be now?(And why the hell shouldn't Judy be a punk?) I get a lot of criticism because i am a 12 year old punk, but this album does us proud. Pure rock & roll. Has anyone who hates punks actually listened to decent rock (and not the fakers the Darkness?)No? I rest my case....more info
  • This Album is Great!
    "Reviewer: In Flames 666 "Death metal pioneers" (Sweden) - See all my reviews

    Punk is weak. It all sounds the same. It's over rated.
    Metal is better."

    Excuse Me? Is your English off? You decide that because you don't like punk that you are going to bad mouth a cd you probably have never heard? This cd is great and I love it. These guys brought a new sound to America that has rocked the nation. People have said it before and I'll say it again without the Ramones, no Green Day, no Blink-182, no Simple Plan, no Good Charllotte. So if you have an open mind unlike In Flames 666 "Death metal pioneers" get this cd and try it out....more info
  • Great noise..
    One problem with remixing and re mastering is that it takes out all the crappy technical flaws that made albums like this so damn good. "Ramones" wasn't Abbey Road or Dark side of the Moon. No way. It was.....Ramones. Bad and nasty. Loud and awful but fun as it gets.. 3 minute cuts that tore like a bat out of hell through your speakers leaving you sweating, picking your nose, chugging bad liqueur and throwing up. Just the way they wanted it. This is one of those "can't go wrong" albums all these years later. You'll never play it just once for nostalgia sake. It will go into your regular stack to play and play again. There was never another Ramones. Listen to this album and a couple of their later ones and you'll remember why..Not just noise. Great noise. The original tough boys. ...more info
    This album is amazing the thought just 3 chords could produce the most amazing punK WOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED WITHOUT IT!!!! A message to all you scene kids: i am sick of you walking around with the Ramones logo shirt and either only knowing the song blitzkrieg bop seriously wearing a band t shirt is showing love for the band not a fashion show!!!! JOEY IS GOD!!!!!...more info
  • Eponymous debut from the most influential punk band in the world!
    Amazing album! This album shows everything that's good about punk. There is amazing songs galore on this album. The bonus tracks are cool too. Here's a runthrough:
    Blitzkrieg Bop-This used to be my favorite Ramones song before I owned this album. Then, all I knew was LEAVE HOME (another great album) and some singles. But now I realize that songs like '53rd & 3rd' and 'Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World' surpass this song. Still great though.
    Beat on the Brat-Another good one. True rockin' Ramones.
    Judy is a Punk-GREAT!! One of the lines goes 'perhaps they'll die' ironically Judy and Jackie who were real-life fans of the Ramones did actually die young in a plane crash.
    I Wanna be Your Boyfriend-This is a bit bubble-gummy for my taste but it turns out to be an alright song.
    Chain Saw-Was written after the band saw THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. This is really good.
    Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue-The first of a long line of drug songs. Not as good as the infamous one 'Chinese Rock' from END OF THE CENTURY but still good.
    I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement-This one's an ode to B horror movies.
    Loudmouth-Surprisingly mean for the Ramones. The whole song is only four lines: You're a loud mouth baby, You better shut it up, I'm gonna beat you up, 'Cause you're a loudmouth babe.
    Havana Affair-Great! Nothing but pure rock 'n' roll!
    Listen to My Heart-Is another classic Ramones song.
    53rd & 3rd-This one is the first in a 4-track line of the best Ramones songs I've ever heard so far. (I only know this one, LEAVE HOME, and END OF THE CENTURY)
    Let's Dance-A great cover song. Definately better than 'California Sun' the cover from LEAVE HOME.
    I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You-Great!!!! Nothin else to say.
    Today Your Love Tomorrow the World-HOLY !#%&(_+)*^$@ THIS IS AN AMAZING SONG!!! THIS IS MY CURRENT NUMBER ONE SONG EVER!
    Of the bonus tracks only four of the eight aren't on the original RAMONES. Here they are:
    I Don't Care-Uggh. C'mon boys u can do better!
    I Can't Be-Thankyou! Very much better. A true punk classic.
    I Don't Wanna be Learned, I Don't Wanna be Tamed-Very short. Very good.
    You Should Never Have Opened That Door-Great song. This will appear on LEAVE HOME the next album so I don't know why they put this on. But hey, I think it's great.
    Dee Dee-Bass
    Tommy-Drums...more info
  • One, Two, Free, Four!
    Number of tracks: 14. Running time: 28:52. Recording time: 17 days. Total cost: $6,400. Endless hours of mindless enjoyment and life-affirming redemption: priceless.

    Released at a time when most kids in my senior class were getting their college, military or auto plant applications in order, the first Ramones album - never mind their very existence - left many of them reared on the grand notion of The Epic Twiddly Guitar Solo, Motown, dumbed-down, lowest-common-denominator blues rock, and mini prog epics based on Tolkien, the legend of King Arthur, or Mussorgsky, slack jawed and very confused. Familiarity with proto-punk touchstones like The Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, Dictators, and a legion of 60's garage rodents immortalized on countless 7-inch singles on countless fly-by-night indie labels may not have been mandatory for "getting" The Ramones, but it sure as hell didn't hurt.

    And while it's become de rigueur to lament rock and roll of the mid-70's as overblown, detached, and elitist, even by those who weren't even born when it all went down, it really wasn't as dire as some may lead you to believe. Unless you were too lazy to overturn a stone or two (alright, maybe a few more), there was plenty of great music to be found. Just don't ask me to name any of it. OK, howzabout Mott the Hoople, Sparks, Kiss, Roxy Music, Sweet, Aerosmith, Slade, Blue Oyster Cult, Be Bop Deluxe, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Faces, David Bowie, and Skyhooks fer starters?

    Although "Ramones'" lyric sheet often reads like something out of a stroke survivors' language recovery therapy group, it's nice not to have to wade through tried-and-true chaff like wizards, the cosmos, lovin' your baby, and the lonely life of a touring musician just to get to the meaty bits. Opening salvo "Blitzkrieg Bop" just may be the greatest first song on ANY album, the band absolutely nailing their attempt to write a chant song ala the Bay City Rollers' "Saturday Night." "Hey ho, let's go" - marching orders for an army of America's disaffected youth.

    Whether the band was making a conscious effort to veer away from lyrical content trampled underfoot by those who came before them or simply writing about what they knew hardly matters. The songs, all of them credited to the gang er, band collectively, are masterful manipulations of monotony, melody, and momentum, mantra-like for the most part, making their mark through a lean, buzzing fusion of bubblegum and well, I'm not sure. I'd say punk, if not for the fact that punk didn't yet exist, at least not in name. The wall of noise here is in part thanks to Craig Leon and drummer Tommy's production decision to funnel guitar and drums into one channel and bass and vocals into another.

    Despite their unsure footing as musos in both the studio and on stage, The Ramones certainly seemed to know what they DID want (to be your boyfriend, sniff some glue, your love, the world) and DIDN'T (to go down to the basement, to walk around with you) and how to articulate it in two-minute bursts of pent-up, downstroked fury. There was no hedging or beating around the bush with these guys. They got in, got out, and changed some lives along the way, offering up child care tips ("Beat on the Brat"), lamenting a lost love ("Chain Saw"), and talking shop ("Havana Affair" and "53rd & 3rd"). The closest they come to a ballad is "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" which really isn't much different from the rest of track list here, just played at a slightly slower tilt. And they start a grand Ramones tradition of great covers with Chris Montez's "Let's Dance" from 1962.

    There are eight bonus tracks wedged into this expanded edition from Rhino, including three demos ("I Don't Care," "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue," and "You Should Never Have Opened That Door") previously unavailable anywhere, two only available on "All The Stuff (And More), Volume One," two previously available on a Norton vinyl single, and the single version of "Blitzkrieg Bop." The overall sound of the original album is cleaned up a little, but is still raw enough to satisfy purists and should be required listening in junior high schools nation-wide....more info
  • Ramones 1st album
    This is the greatest punk album ever made. Defined the era. Saw them in June 1976 in NYC at Max's Kansas City. Changed my life, had never seen or heard anything like them before, blew my mind....more info
  • The Mother of all Punk Music
    The Ramones debut is a timeless record that has much further reaching influences in modern music than most people are aware of! ...more info
  • Punk Rock
    Great CD. I wish I grew up when the Ramones were getting big, but I was about a generation too late. Today's music is total crap with a few exceptions. There are too many labels and genres. Feels like people are trying to pretend they've got everything figured out by now. Or maybe that's how it's always been in music. Lot's of crap with a few beautiful exceptions....more info
  • When someone says "punk"...
    This is the first thing that pops in my head. Every ounce of praise this album receives is deserved. It's minimalistic, raw, fast, and perfect. Melodies and progressions that are painfully simple and hard to forget. Lyrics that fit perfectly delivered. With DeeDee pounding his bass in your left ear, and Johnny buzzing in the right, this is the punk sound and format that will be emulated forever....more info
  • hey ho let's go !! hey ho let's go to and buy it
    hey !!!!!!! this is one of the greatest cd ever and the best punk cd,it has a lot of great songs it's so much better than blink 182 ,good charlote or stupid music like that,the ramones can be described in one word :punk , buy it,is a great cd the blitzkrieg bop is a classic but there is so much more classics in this cd

    ...more info
  • Rock and Roll's last - and maybe greatest - Stand
    God Bless You, Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy, Marky, et al...You guys saw what was happening to "rock music," and you actually jump-started it back to its original glory. I mean, @#$%!: disco - and groups like "Gallery" or ELP? NAH......and ANY album with songs like "Beat On The Brat," and "I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement" deserves to be put on the shelf alongside "Let It Bleed," "Abbey Road," "Grand Hotel," "Dark Side Of The Moon," etc. And Rest In Peace, Joey, Dee Dee, & Johnny. You guys are sorely missed, and I'm glad you weren't around to have to deal with stuff the "new millenium" has inflicted on the rest of us....more info
    I bought this back in the 1970's when I stood alone as the only person I knew who understood what the forerunners of punk were about. The Ramones and the Pistols were it, that's the whole package, two sides of one nasty, yet, great idea.
    Don't try to compare this to anyone,you just can't.
    The Ramones played by their own rules, but no-one elses rules applied here.
    They'll be missed....more info
  • The Start
    The Ramones *****

    Hey Ho Lets Go...and so it began that start of something so amazing nothing will ever come close again. The Ramones single handedly created one of the greatest albums ever, along with one of the greatest musical movements in the history of rock n' roll. The bands debut has gone down in history as one of the most criticly aclaimed albums of all time. It is teh album that gave the New York punk movement the notoriaty it desereved.

    Joeys slurred lyrics and vocal delivery are classic and signature only to him. He sings with his Brooklyn accent. Dee Dee las down some killer bass lines, Tommy plays the original punk drum beat, and Johnny plays the prototypical punk guitar. While many of the songs do sound the same they are all excellent. The three chord format works just as good for The Ramones as it does for AC/DC. The thing about The Ramones that blows my mind is how they managed not to become the biggest band of all time. Their songs were a hell of a lot catchier then even The Beatles' and The Beachboys together. They dont sound bad or play bad so how they managed to stay under the radar for so long and never really truly make it big until after they broke up is beyond me.

    The album is fantastic from the first guitar chug of the imortal 'Blitzkrieg Bop' to the ringing of the amps at the end of 'Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World.' Every song is catchy and easy to relate to for any teenager. 'Blitzkrieg Bop' 'Beat On The Brat' and 'Judy Is A Punk' all went on to become Ramones and punk music classics. Songs like 'Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue' went on to have countless polls, magazines, and lists named after it. 'Havana Affair' inspired many a band to get together and while it may not have done that for the Red Hot Chili Peppers the band did cover the song as a tribute to the late Joey Ramone, and I might add they did an amazing cover of the song.

    The Ramones will not only go down in history as one of punks great bands but as one of all musics greatest bands ever, and this is one of if not the greatest debut albums ever, sure to be on any list of the 100 greatest albums of all time. 100 albums may not seem like that big of a deal to some but when you think of all the albums ever made in rock n' roll history that is a monsterous acheivement. This is recomended to everyone from Billy Joel and Beachboy fans to fans of hardcore punk like Bad Brains, and The Casualties....more info
  • Garbage
    This is wack. How can this noise be considered "Music"?? Dont buy this garbage....more info
  • great listen....
    i loved it...especially liked blitzkreig bop; check it out if you dont own it already....more info
  • Rock has been forgiven and has been saved
    Look at the year '76. Lame artists such as Peter Frampton, Boston, and Emerson, Lake, & Palmer. Now you get the idea of how much we needed to be saved. Than, God, the Devil, and man combined forces to create the Ramones' debut album. Rock 'n' roll was alive again and thriving thanks to these four goofballs. Deep topics such as horror films, unbearable children, and dancing were discussed with the needed sensativity to the subjects. God bless the Ramones and everything they stand for....more info
  • Dumb fun, but fun nonetheless
    From the opening notes of punk classic Blitzkrieg Bop, you should know that this was the start of a rock 'n' roll revolution. Among the first punk records ever made, Ramones is a pretty strong effort.
    The whole thing kicks off quite well with Blitzkrieg Bop, Judy Is a Punk and Beat On the Brat. While their critics may argue all these songs are totally pointless, these are all classics, although they are simple. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend is a bit stupid, but Chain Saw is great and Sniff Some Glue is dumbly funny. (the entire song is, "Now I wanna sniff some glue/now I wanna have something to do/All the kids wanna sniff some glue/all the kids want something to do" if you needed any proof.) I Don't Wanna Go to the Basement...yeah. Loudmouth is a perfect example of the dumb fun displayed on this record, as is most the second side in fact (Especially I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You). But Havanah Affair and 53rd and 3rd actually make statements, no matter how small they may be. The next two tunes are mindless filler, but acceptable. It closes with the awesomely-titled Today Your Love Tomorrow the World...I love that title!
    Perfect for any punk fan....more info
  • Bubblegum Pop Music
    I first heard this back in 1985, and everyone kept telling me how great this album is. So when I listened to it, I thought: "This is it?"

    This is nothing special. This is pop music hidden in the name of punk. In fact, if it wasn't for the Ramones, pop punk bands like Green Day would not exist. Not to mention the stupid songs. Nothing like the catchy hooks of "Blitzkreig Bop", "Beat on the Brat", and "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue".

    Punk rock is supposed to be angst ridden, violent, and rebellious. It is not a bunch of harmonious songs that you sing along to, and that's what this album is (along with the entire Ramones catalog). Thanks a lot guys. I hold you responsible for Good Charlotte, the Misfits, and the other bands like them. See you at the Billy Joel concert! NOT! ...more info
  • Ramones inspired great punk band Screeching Weasel
    If you like The Ramones tracks on this album, you should check out Screeching Weasel's album "Kill the Musicians". They do some rad covers of the Ramones including Chain Saw, Sniff Some Glue, Havana Affair, etc.

    Screeching Weasel, The Queers, and Green Day (well, early pre-Dookie Green day) developed their sound in part due to the genius of the Ramones.

    Lookout Records has some good bands if you like this sound....more info
  • The Godz of R&B Revival...end of story!!!
    Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, if it were'nt for the Ramones the whole concept of Indie
    RAWK would'nt even exist...the one band who were comprised totally of degenerate losers who had the balls to construct the
    most lo-fi down-tuned bop-punk ever laid to vinyl deserve only the utmost of respect...In fact, while mainstream sindication TV
    was spittin' out retro-50's nostalgia the Ramones were the only band beyond the shadow of a doubt to explore a path beyond ELP
    or freakin' Boston...nuff said for now!!!...more info