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Mikhail Pletnev ~ Domenico Scarlatti - Keyboard Sonatas
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  • Overdone
    Pletnev's pianism is certainly impressive, but his obsession with contrasting textures frequently goes perversely against the natural grain of the music, rendering each sonata a schizophrenic patchwork. This music is so much more convincing heard on a good harpsichord -- try Leonhardt's 14 Sonatas instead....more info
  • Scarlatti chock-full of color and fantasy
    I admit I prefer my Scarlatti played on the piano, and I have always been fond of my recordings by Horowitz, Tipo, de Larrocha, Schiff, etc. This wonderful recording by Pletnev might just be my favorite though, there is so much beauty, fantasy, color and sheer imagination in his playing. He takes some chances in his interpretations, and I don't think he ever misses his mark. A lovely recording, and I am glad to see that it has been re-released. Get yourself a copy!...more info
  • Insipid and boring Scarlatti performances
    I bought this two-CD album after reading many of the glowing reviews
    here. Boy, was I in for an unhappy surprise. These performances are
    in general joyless and sound like Mr. Pletnev was sight-reading them
    after a few disinterested practice sessions, eager to finish his contractual obligation, collect, and move on. The recorded sound is
    very blah. In no way can these performances be compared with those
    of pianists like Horowitz or Sudbin or Browning, who bring life-
    enriching insight, technical polish and a sense of mission to their
    work. Do yourselves a favor and stay away. Oh, and BTW, don't forget
    the old saw, "If the bargain is too good to be true.." You get what you
    pay for....more info
  • Not Since Gould
    Some of us old folks remember the first release of Gould's "Goldberg Variations" in 1957. This recording should, in my opinion, be of equal impact on the world of classical pianism. It is, quite simply, astounding!
    Basta! Genug! Assez! Enough! Just listen....more info
  • Fine Scarlatti !
    If you like Scarlatti on the piano versus the harpsichord, Pletnev is really worth considering.

    l. Great technique: wonderfully clear, good use of contrast and dynamics; very musical;

    2. Carefully thought out and well varied program (over thirty Scarlatti sonatas);

    3. Excellent sound;

    4. Very inexpensive (2 CDs for the less than the price of a regular CD);

    He doesn't make me forget Horowitz -I haven't heard Pogorelich or Perahia in Scarlatti - but wonderful playing and broader exposure to Scarlatti, who has a style all his own, trumps everything else for me.

    ...more info
  • about as good as music gets
    This music is for piano lovers -- 20th century Scarlatti. For me, these are amazing pieces of timeless music. If you loved Kempf's piano version of Bach's Goldberg variations, you are likely to also love this collection....more info
  • Superb Scarlatti
    Another favorite disc which prompted me to purchase both Horowitz and Schiff recordings. I can't find fault with Pletnev's playing and he certainly does not suffer by comparison with any other pianists I've heard performing Scarlatti. There's a very good chance you will love these performances too. The music is dazzling....more info
  • Scarlatti at Everyone's Best
    If anything can ever convince the purist that Scarlatti on the Piano is no sin, it would be this marvel of a disc. Mikhail Pletnev, no stranger to controversy (as in his recent Schumann account), takes a delightfully fresh approach to these pieces and won me over in no time - even though I grew up on vinyls of my Uncle playing Scarlatti on the Harpsichord. Even Horowitz's famous recording cannot compare to this 2-CD-set, now re-issued at a ridiculously low price. Music that sparkles like this is not often found - and once you stop missing the harpsichord in these works, you will find yourself listening to this performance over and over, without getting tired of it. Do not be fooled into thinking that - as baroque music - this might make suitable background music for a day in the office: You will not get any work dnoe as you listen with delight.

    P.S. A word to Pogorelich's performance: When Ivo Pogorelich is described as a "unique" pianist, it isn't always laude that carries with that description. But he's always got something to say - and I, for one, rather like his Chopin Pr¨¦ludes op.28 and his Liszt Sonata in b-minor. What a surprise then, to hear him in these Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas, recorded over a decade ago, where Pogorelich is one of the least indulgent players in the slow sonatas. Scarlatti's 555 (!) keyboard sonatas, written for the harpsichord and clavicembalo, work marvelously on the modern grand piano (although it took me some time to get used to it) and sound eerily modern at times. One of Vladimir Horowitz's best recordings is one with Scarlatti sonatas and Mikhail Pletnev's two-disc recording of Scarlatti Sonatas was just re-issued at budget price. Pogorelich's one-hour recording seems to overlap more with Pletnev's than it actually does, and he is every bit as good as his compatriot. Unlike Pletnev, he doesn't exaggerate every contrast in the sonatas - and he has funny ideas about the meaning of Allegro in Sonata K 8, but all in all, his playing is more like Pletnev's than it is different. I find both superb - and am tempted to give a slight edge to Pletnev over Pogorelich. It is a great Scarlatti CD to have, but at twice the price with half the music of the Pletnev re-issue, it can't be a first choice.

    There are others well worth having, too. Christian Zacharias on EMI or MDG, Maria Tipo for on the EMI "Encore" budget label, the crazy Landowska on her Pleyel (including anti-aircraft guns going off over paris in K499 - EMI)... but with Pletnev (or, yes, Pogorelich) you'll be set for a while....more info
  • Not a bad price....
    If you're looking for perfection, keep looking. Technically shoddy to the point of distraction. However, for $3/CD, it will make a good gift for your mother-in-law....more info
  • Master Pletnev
    One complains about the low-price (admitt that is strange!) and another is frustrated that Pletnev has been prefered to Ivo Pogorelich by some people I don't know and I don't want to know.
    So when I come on Amazon to see how my favourite cd is rated I see four stars. I will listen to Ivo Pogorelich but don't say it this way!

    If you don't have Pletnev playing Scarlatti and C.P.E. Bach, you buy it, that's all....more info

  • Brilliant and Crazy
    This should probably not be your first encounter with Scarlatti (try instead Zacharias, Horowitz, Pogorelich, Perahia, Tomsic, Meyer, Leonhardt or Landowska) but if you are ready to be dazzled rather than shocked, to hear Scarlatti played full blast with huge pianistic means and risk-taking yet rigor (unlike Joanna McGregor), rush to buy it! You will be taken to visit a new musical country partly Spain, partly Russia, potentially the ideal home of passion and generosity ... Quite a trip believe me!...more info